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    Dating Asian Women
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    Dating Asian Women


    Many Western men secretly dream of Asian women. These exotic beauties turn out to be wonderful wives and mothers. Holding the traditional views on marriage and family, they have become the focus of affection for foreigners. Single Asian women often decide to seek love opportunities abroad because they don’t see bright life perspectives with local men.

    While Asia encompasses many countries, China, Thailand, and the Philippines have become the most popular destinations for foreigners who look for Asian partners. So, if you decide to start your love search there, make sure you know more details about the local ladies.

    Are Asian Women the Best Wives?

    Asian women

    You have definitely heard that Asian women make the best wives. Where does it come from? To find it out, you need to dig deep into the cultural peculiarities of Asian countries. While you can write a huge thesis on what makes Asian women so attractive, you can also focus on three main points. Here they are:

    • They are devoted mothers and wives. Asian women demonstrate utter devotion to family and children, so it’s absolutely normal for them to let you build a career while they take care of the household. Even if they want to work, they won’t let their career ambitions affect their family.
    • They give you as much support as they can. The best thing about a relationship with Asian women is their absolute support. In their culture, a woman should protect her man by providing him with love and care. For her, the well-being of her boyfriend or husband is extremely important. So, she will come to your defense whatever you have to go through. This is the kind of woman that the Western world admittedly lacks these days.
    • They are hard-working. Asian women work equally with men. They don’t put financial matters as the top priority for a successful relationship. Thus, you don’t have to worry that your Asian woman will be with you for financial benefits. In fact, she will most likely decide to work even if she has children from you.

    Do You Really Buy an Asian Wife?

    The short answer is “No.” In the 21st century, you cannot buy people. But you can pay for an opportunity to meet some Asian women online. Mail-order bride services take money for letting you date someone from a different country or even a different continent. Asian girls who register at such dating platforms are doing this by their own choice. So, if you are one of those men who like girls from China, Korea, or any other Asian country and if you are not afraid of a long-distance relationship, you should not feel uncomfortable about paying for online dating services. For some people, this is the only way to make their Eastern dream come true!

    Asian Dating Culture

    When thinking of Asian women, you should know that they’re among the most committed, loyal, and charming women in the world. More and more, people are attracted to them, as they have a lot to offer. The absence of feminism in many Asian countries makes them even more appealing to Western men. If you’re planning to date Asian ladies, here are things you’ll find useful to know:

    • Traditional values. In many Asian countries, families remain conservative that’s reflected in the mentalities of ladies. Thus, you won’t expect Asian women to date casually. Serious intentions are what you need to have.
    • Taboos. Every Asian culture has its taboos. For example, in some countries, it’s not proper to discuss politics. Others aren’t willing to open the topic of intimacy. So, you should know what taboos they might have before you start dating them.
    • Problems with intimacy. While premarital sex is getting more popular, there are some countries where such a thing is considered to be inappropriate. Thus, some Asian countries are quite strict when it comes to sex.

    The Most Common Myths about Asian Women

    hot Asian women

    Every nation has certain stereotypes. Asian countries don’t make an exception. Some features attributed to China, Japan, or Korea are often associated with ridiculous negative stereotypes that misrepresent local people. Asian women also have not managed to avoid such an honor.

    Myth 1: Asian women don’t know foreign languages. There is a common belief that Asian beauties know only their mother tongue due to the lack of language skills. It is not really the case. Most Asian countries are popular tourist destinations, which makes local people learn English, as well as other foreign languages. Of course, local people have a strong Asian accent, which may sound very unclear to foreigners, but it doesn’t deny the presence of language competence in them. Instead of hearing “Sorry, I don’t understand,” Asian girls make attempts to talk to you in your language, despite numerous mistakes.

    Myth 2: Asian women are submissive and obeying. If you expect to find a servant in Asia, you will be disappointed. Asian ladies are not that weak as they may seem. They know how to work hard and how to protect their rights and interests. Moreover, every woman should be viewed as a unique personality. Even though some Asian women look quite helpless and overly sensitive, it doesn’t mean that all of them are the same.

    Myth 3: Asian women are only interested in money. They are more interested in a man’s earning capacity rather than the size of his wallet. After all, what kind of woman wants to see a poor man without any ambitions next to her? So, it doesn’t make Asian women deceitful and insidious creatures.

    What is so special about the appearance of Asian women?

    The appearance of women from different Asian regions might have some differences. But they have one common feature — they’re beautiful. Let’s try to be more specific here!

    They Have Exotic and Unique Facial Features

    Asian women have natural beauty formed by a unique combination of various nationalities living on the continent. Hot Asian women have skin looking like porcelain that is also very soft and gentle. They always look young, thanks to their delicate facial features: a small nose, magnificent eyes, smooth dark hair, and graceful cheekbones. They are not interested in changing something in their face or body through surgery. Time has no power over Asian girls. Even at the age of 40, they look like young 20-year-old ladies.

    They Have Hot and Fit Bodies

    Asian roots determine the natural charm of Asian ladies. Their unique genetics, along with a healthy lifestyle, let them stay in excellent shape throughout their life. So, if you worry that your girlfriend or wife from Asia will change in a couple of years, it is not going to happen. They are never overweight but always slim and fit. Having an average height up to 160 cm, they manage to be very feminine. If you like skinny women who look like cute dolls, Chinese ladies can be the right choice for you.

    They Are Natural and Casual

    Foreigners like the soft-spoken, elegant nature that has become synonymous with Asian women. They know how to stay fit and look nice without spending much time and effort on it. Moreover, they don’t need bright clothes and makeup to prove their sexuality to men. Through a natural look, they express their individuality. They think that casual style and natural beauty suit them best. This fact can be really important for men looking for Asian brides online. They can be sure that the beauty in the photos will look more or less the same in real life. An average Asian girl is looking for a man who would like her with or without tons of makeup. By the way, you don’t need to worry about the long-term effects of body changes. Asian women age well, so manage to keep a fresh look even when they get older!


    Tips for Dating Asian Women

    Are you looking for an Asian woman to start a serious relationship with her? Then, you will be able to achieve your goal by following the best tips.

    • Show interest in her country. Before you start dating an Asian woman, you should remember one thing – you two come from different worlds. Thus, it is good if you demonstrate the mutual interest in the local cultures. To impress her, you could find a couple of facts about China or learn some Chinese phrases. In other words, it’s in your very best interest to dive into a foreign culture as much as possible. You can be sure that she will appreciate your curiosity.
    • Respect her and her family. Every woman wants to be respected by her man. When looking for Asian ladies, do not expect them to like you or become your partner just because you choose them. No matter what, do not use abusive language or shout at them. Otherwise, it can be your last conversation.
    • Get familiar with the beauty trends in her country. Every country has some beauty standards. Women usually want to have something they cannot have. Most Asian women want to look tall. They also dream about big eyes and plump lips. If you want to earn extra points, make sure that you say something nice about some of these features. Don’t exaggerate too much, though.
    • Be careful with the standard dating tactics. While you have different mentalities, you might have some difficulties understanding each other. What sounds sweet to you may sound vulgar to her. Thus, you should learn how far you can go in flirting step by step before making nasty compliments and dirty jokes.
    • Avoid talking about your previous partners. Most Asian women are not looking for a one-night stand or fast fling. On the very first date, they try to estimate your potential. Asian beauties don’t give a second chance to those men who fail the first test. They simply don’t want to waste their time on you.
    • Forget about popular stereotypes. Stereotyping can be a dangerous thing when it starts affecting your opinion about other people. If you follow the popular myths about Asian women, you will never achieve success with them. Instead, you should respect their uniqueness and individuality without categorizing them into particular types.
    • Make your intentions clear to her. Asian beauties are quite sensitive creatures that are inclined to trust other people. If they find out that you lie, they will break up a relationship with you once and for all. Don’t try to play a game with them. If you have serious intentions, make them clear to your Asian girl as soon as possible.
    • Focus on her personality rather than appearance. No matter how hot she is, you should pay attention to her personality first. At least, make sure that she thinks so. By asking her about her family, education, work, and hobbies, you will demonstrate your interest in her.

    Generally, Asian women are not that complicated as they might look. They look for a man to settle down with. If your intentions are serious, dating Asian ladies will be a great adventure of your life. All you need to do is treat them with respect, do not stereotype, show interest in their backgrounds, and be honest to them. As simple as it can be!

    Advantages of Beautiful Asian Women

    Asian women turn out to be a great option for marriage. Developing a harmonious relationship with them, based on love and mutual respect, is not difficult. Thanks to a great list of important benefits, these ladies can make your life better.

    Asian Girls Are Sophisticated and Graceful

    Asian beauties can win men’s hearts at first sight. How do they manage to do it? They have a small stature and a charming slim figure. They also have an inborn sense of style, which allows them to always look good. In fact, they don’t need fancy clothes to feel sexy. Their weapon hides in their natural beauty. Their delicate skin, long hair, and dark eyes are nothing but an embodiment of sophistication and grace. What’s good is that time has no power over these women. After spending many years in marriage with a Chinese or Japanese woman, you will still be able to admire her beauty. So, marrying an Asian woman is the best investment you can think of!

    They are Tender and Patient

    Asian women are well-known for their pleasant and peaceful nature. This makes them so charming and magnificent in the eyes of Western men. The very idea of having a wife that doesn’t make quarrels or scandals on every occasion makes them feel excited. Indeed, how delightful it can be to find a true soulmate who respects your interests and shares your values! Moreover, Asian women know the importance of providing their boyfriend or husband with personal freedom and supporting him in good and bad times. With this kind of woman, every man will find it easier to live, work, and achieve new goals.

    They Are Full of Optimism and Have a Good Sense of Humor

    If you consider dating Asian women, then you should know how to have fun with these beauties. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Although most Asian beauties come from poor families, they still know how to laugh sincerely. If you are the one who likes jokes, you can be sure that your girl will listen to you, respect your opinion, and share her piece of mind with you. Asian girls often look shy and reserved, but they are actually very sociable and open-minded people. Sometimes they may seem a bit passive, but they just try to take all the life challenges carefully. Thanks to their optimism and sense of humor, they manage to take even the most difficult trials with ease. If you are in trouble, they will help you keep yourself under control. If an Asian bride is your true soulmate, she will obviously make your life brighter and more peaceful at the same time.

    They Can Be Your Second Half

    Despite all the stereotypes, Asian brides are not obsessed with money. Of course, they want their man to have a good income and support them financially. But this is not on their list of priorities when it comes to family and children. They just need a safe home where they can be happy. They don’t dream of meeting a sponsor. They want to find a soulmate with whom they can build a harmonious relationship that is based on trust and mutual understanding. Furthermore, your girlfriend or wife from Asia will most likely want to find a job in order to bring extra money to your family. By planning your expenses, they will make your family budget as good as possible.

    They Show Fidelity and Tenderness

    Most women from China, Japan, Thailand, or the Philippines attract the attention of men with their appearance and behavior. But, this is not something to be jealous of. Local girls are brought up with respect to traditional family values. The local religion also affects their attitudes to life. At the same time, they don’t need to worry about being forced to abide by their faith. Asian women follow traditional beliefs in their everyday life, which has a direct impact on what they say and do. Thus, they know how important it is to show love to their man and care for their children. They are ready to give all their tenderness and warmth to you. Moreover, they will surprise you with their energy by turning all your fantasies Into a reality.

    They Have a High Level of Education

    While the old tradition of arranged marriages is still widely practiced in some Asian countries, more and more women are trying to leave it behind. A new generation wants to marry for love. Moreover, they want to become well-educated and build a successful career. As you can guess, the value of Asian women is not limited to a beautiful appearance. These beauties are also smart. Most of them try to obtain an academic degree at the local university, although it is less prestigious than Western institutions. Many Asian girls are fluent in English, so you will most likely have no language barrier with them. They are good interlocutors who listen, understand a partner, and express their point of view. They always find a good topic for conversation, from something simple to something more difficult. Thus, spending time together will always be exciting and enjoyable.

    They Provide Family Comfort

    Asian women grow up in a conservative environment where they learned how to be wives and mothers. This is a kind of old tradition that will be there for a long time. Even though women obtain academic degrees and build up successful careers, they still have to deal with household duties. Thus, your Asian girlfriend or wife will most likely see you as a breadwinner, and herself — as the keeper of the house. This doesn’t mean, though, that she will not go to work. An average Asian girl knows how to juggle several tasks at once. When you come home every evening, your loving and caring wife will be waiting for you. She knows how to cook well and how to create comfort at home. Your children will be growing up in an atmosphere of love. And this is the reason why Asian ladies are great options for marriage.


    Make an Asian Brides Date Perfectly

    Asian brides

    While finding a nice and attractive Asian bride online is not a challenge anymore, winning her heart can be a hard thing to do. They are not among the most demanding girls in the world, but they know what they want from life. If they see that you are not serious about dating and marriage, they eliminate you from the list of candidates immediately. Thus, you will need to get their affection and to prove that you are the husband they dream of at the very beginning of your acquaintance. To make this possible, you need to follow some general tips. Of course, they are not universal, but they can work for the majority of Asian women.

    • Make compliments to her and surprise her with little gifts. Her positive reaction is a sign that you can start a conversation with her.
    • Be yourself when you talk to your Asian girl, and she will definitely appreciate your ability to act naturally.
    • Ask her some personal questions by showing your interest in her. When you want to date someone, you surely need to know something about her life, homeland, family, interests, and dreams. At the same time, make sure that you are not too intrusive.
    • Avoid painful topics where you have to argue about her religion, culture, and politics. Asian women respect their background, so they also want their partner to respect who they are and where they come from.
    • Get along with her family as it will become your family too. The very first time you meet her parents, you should make a good impression on them. Their opinion is very important to her.
    • Do not overwhelm her with your problems, as it shows your weak side. Instead of talking about your problems, you should focus on the possible solutions. This is a kind of attitude she will expect from you.

    And remember that your initial goal is to build a happy relationship. It means that you should make an accent on trust and loyalty. If you are insincere, she will smell it straight away.

    Why Do Men Prefer Asian Women for Marriage over Others?

    It has already been mentioned that Asian women are beautiful, smart, hard-working, and hot. The world has started following fashion trends of Asian cultures because they hide lots of valuable secrets. No wonder that Western men often fall under the charms of local beauties. But what else do men like in Asian women?

    • They are exotic. Thanks to an unusual appearance, they look like aliens to Western men. Once you see one of them, you seriously consider marrying her without having second thoughts. After all, this is a man’s nature to want to have something that few have. When it comes to finding an Asian wife, it is viewed as having a very beautiful and sexy trophy.
    • They are sensitive. Asian girls are often so innocent like little angels. It won’t be difficult for you to touch her feelings. It doesn’t mean, though, that she is weak or silly. They are just too gentle. They really want to please their man which is a trait found in very few nationalities. Oftentimes, sensitivity is what makes Asian women so attractive to foreigners.
    • They age slowly. When it comes to marriage, you won’t mind having a wife who is forever young. Asian women are lucky enough to age slowly. They look magnificent even in their late 50s. Instead of having plastic surgeries, they just enjoy their amazing genes that keep them young for so long. Of course, this won’t be possible without sport and a healthy diet.
    • They have integrity. An Asian woman won’t sleep with you after the first date. In fact, this won’t happen after the second and third date either. They do it not for plying, but for getting things right in your relationship. They want you to get them through fair means, such as compliments, honesty, respect, and so on.
    • They love whole-heartedly. If an Asian girl loves you, she will give you all love and care on this planet. By combining her exotic, unusual, and charming characteristics, you will get a full package that matches your vision of an ideal woman.

    How Does Marriage Influence Your Life In Asia?

    Asian girls

    Visiting one of the Asian countries can be a real challenge, especially if you come from the Western world. It also depends on the country that you are about to visit. While China and Japan are well-developed countries, Mongolia and Vietnam are still in the process of development. At the same time, all of them are among the favorite tourist destinations worldwide. So, when you start dating one of the sexy Asian women, you will be introduced to a new community with a totally different social life. This will broaden your outlook. By gaining a better understanding of different cultures, you will deepen the knowledge of your own traditions. So, while it may seem unimportance for romantic relationships, it’s the way more important than you have expected.

    How Do Asian Women Solve Matrimonial Problems?

    When it comes to a specific attitude towards life, Asian women try to act wisely. They know their place in the family where they are supposed to love and care for their husband and children. If something goes wrong, they will never start arguing with their partner. Instead, they will try to have a peaceful conversation and find a reasonable solution to the problem.

    Interestingly, even the simplest girls of Asia have the sophisticated, yet shining spirit which many well-educated girls from the Western countries don’t have. Faith in God is a strong aspect of their optimistic attitude towards life. Asian women accept themselves and other people the way God created them. So, you will surely love a streak of confidence in them, which determines their easy-going and open-minded personality.

    Summing up: Bosnian brides VS Asian Brides

    More and more men have started turning their heads to Asian women. Having a local girlfriend or bride is an exciting experience that might change your entire life once and for all. But it requires some planning and studying on the way to a harmonious relationship. Asian women have exotic beauty, charisma, and many other nice qualities to admire. Compared to self-centered American women, Asian beauties know how to create a cozy nest for a couple. With them, you will have a fulfilled life full of positive emotions and unforgettable moments.

    It won’t be an exaggeration to say that American women are self-centered and career-oriented. They don’t always see a husband and kids as their major priority in life. Also, they often put their personal interests above the well-being of their family. American women know how to earn money and build a successful career at the same level as their men. Well, we are not going to frown upon women who prioritize family over career. This is their choice, and there is nothing bad about it. 

    But if it is not what you are looking for, Asian women will give you a good alternative. Asian beauties happen to be more reliable candidates for starting a happy family life. Instead of selfish relationships where both partners are fighting for leadership, they are ready to offer you a peaceful partnership that is based on mutual respect. They are not going to take a lead. They actually want you to do it. If this is a kind of responsibility that you are ready for, then follow your heart in order to meet your love. By keeping in mind the above-mentioned information, you have all the chances of meeting her on your way very soon.

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