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    How do you get a mail order bride

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    Many men are looking for a girlfriend in bars and nightclubs and end up frustrated since nothing serious emerges from such an acquaintance. Others prefer meeting women only at the working place or in college. But what to do if you are shy or just can’t find a partner in your social circle? Should you give up your idea of meeting that special one for you? Of course, not. We suggest that you try another way to meet women: online dating. ‘Where can I get a mail order bride then?’, you will ask. To answer your question, we created this guide and gathered the most effective dating tips in 2023. 

    1. Choose your mail order brides site carefully 

    First of all, to get a mail order bride, you need to find a company that does business in this field. Thanks to quarantine restrictions all over the world, such services are provided entirely online now. What you need to do is just find a reliable website for dating and contact them. 

    But how to recognize a proper mail order bride website and detect a scam platform or app? There are a few things you have to pay attention to: 

    • Overall website quality. Does a mail order bride website look like a decent place to meet people? Is it well-designed and does it work properly? You can evaluate it after scrolling it for a few minutes;
    • Customer reviews. If you google the website name, you should get numerous reviews and opinions regarding the service. If you get none, it’s a bad sign; 
    • Prices and services. The price list and a list of services and features should be posted openly on a dating website. If you need to spend a few hours trying to guess what the website offers exactly and how much it costs, such a website isn’t worth your attention and money;
    • Success stories. People who found their love on the other side of the globe are happy to share their experience, so try to find them online or on a mail order bride website. 

    2. Choose a mail order bride type

    Once you find a mail order bride website that fits your needs and financial abilities, think about the type of woman you want to meet. This step is quite important in the long run since it can help you boost your chances of meeting your dream woman. 

    How to get a mail order bride you’ll be happy with? Take your time, sit down for a few minutes, and let your imagination work. Fantasize about her looks (hair color, eye color, facial features, body type, shape, height, etc.), character (shy or funny, open-minded or conservative, religious or self-believing, tough or easy to get, humorous or serious), skills (proficient in English or in other languages, able to cook and tidy up the house, earn money like a boss, or be a housewife, etc.), and so on. You may even want to write down all those features to not forget them once you begin the matchmaking process on the website. 

    3. Create a truthful profile 

    The next thing you need to do is sign up for a free account on a mail order bride website and work on your profile. You need to do it to get noticed by women and grab their attention: there are many single mail order brides who are ready to initiate the first contact with men they like. 

    To create a profile that will do all the job for you, you need: 

    • to choose a quality picture of yourself. It is the first thing mail order brides will pay attention to when they browse your profile. Therefore, choose a photo that reflects your personality the best; 
    • to create an interesting bio. This is a short field about yourself where you can tell a few facts that should intrigue potential brides. They may be fun, unusual, or shocking, but make sure they are impressive and make you look interesting to women before posting them; 
    • to update your status often. This is to appear in the updates section on a mail order brides website and get popular faster; 
    • to make your interests and hobbies clear. When mail order brides view your profile, they try to guess what kind of man you are, so help them by adding as many hobbies and interests to your profile; 
    • to mention your preferences and expectations of the woman you want to date. Finally, don’t forget to make the mail order bride type clear on a dating website: you can type it in free form or answer the questions in a specific matchmaking questionnaire offered by a dating website. Your answers are important since the website will automatically choose mail order brides’ profiles that fit your answers. 

    4. Contact mail order brides

    how do you get a mail order bride

    Once your profile is completed, you are ready for dating. Now, you need to explore a mail order bride website and make contact with women. 

    Most likely, you will have a recommended users tab on your dating profile. We suggest that you start your dating experience from there. Look through the profiles of ladies, and choose a few of them you like the most. At this point, you can save or press the ‘like’ or ‘favorite’ button on their pages to save their profiles for later. Then, start texting women from the list of those you’ve chosen as your favorite ones. You can start with ‘hello’ or an elegant compliment to grab the mail order brides’ attention: it is up to you to decide what your communication will be. 

    Also, you can use specific signs of interest accepted on a dating site. They are often called ‘pokes’, ‘winks’, or ‘woofs’. By clicking on the respective button, you don’t text a message to a mail order bride but let her know that you are interested in her. Thus, if she likes your profile too, she will be the first to text you. 

    5. Be straightforward

    This is a universal tip for everyone who wants to get the most out of online dating and avoid frustration. Although many people love flirting and hiding their intentions from other people, such a strategy may play a bad role in the long run. For instance, you may look for serious relationships but your partner may want the opposite. In case some of you lie about your true goals, the other person will be heartbroken in the end. 

    Also, you are likely to have many conflicts during your relationships if your dating goals are different. You may want to get married and be serious about your girlfriend while she can just have fun and hurt your feelings, so you will fight with her quite often over your insulted ego. 

    6. Show self-confidence

    The next feature you have to develop for a successful mail order bride dating is healthy self-esteem and confidence. No woman should feel like you are doubting your actions or words. Your conduct should be consistent and confident whatever the stage of your dating is: the first contact, the first offline date, etc. 

    To develop self-confidence, you can read a few guides like ours to understand how do you get a mail order bride, how to conquer them, and what to do if you are rejected. Success comes to those who don’t give up, not those who are lucky to get what they want from the first attempt. 

    7. Ask her about the culture of her country 

    During your first conversations, get ready to listen more than talk. In particular, you have to express interest in your mail order bride’s background (career, education, childhood, origin, culture, etc.). At the same time, you shouldn’t turn your date into a job interview where you ask tricky questions and your mail order bride feels like she is under pressure to get rejected. 

    When talking about your bride’s culture, show genuine interest and don’t concentrate on differences but try to find similarities in both of you. It will help your girlfriend feel more comfortable in your company and not worry about whether you like her. 

    8. Bring gifts 

    Another thing you should remember about is bringing gifts and flowers to your girlfriend. This practice is relevant when you start going on real dates and meet often. 

    To make your girlfriend happy, feel free to ask her occasionally about things she’d like to get as a present. Listen attentively but don’t promise to bring them next time you see each other. Instead, you can hand her them once you have a certain anniversary of dating. 

    9. Make her laugh 

    Believe it or not, but women fall in love with men who can make them laugh easier than those who are too serious and moody. Therefore, learn to be positive every time you come on a date and leave in a good mood. Tell jokes and stories that happened to you and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself. A person who is open and hilarious wins many more hearts than the one who prefers to be reserved and silent. 

    10. Don’t talk about your old relationships

    Only a few women would like to know who your last girlfriend was and why you broke up. Therefore, there is no need to start your first and even second date with talk about your exes. The same is true for your girlfriend: she may not be eager to share the details of her last romance, so don’t force her to open up and speak on this topic. You never know what a woman went through in the last relationship and how much she was insulted by her last partner. 

    11. Be positive

    This is another thing you should remember to impress a mail order bride, especially during your first dates. Do your best to have a positive attitude when you arrive to communicate with a new person, but don’t overact: if you had a really hard day or some problems at work, there is no need to put a fake smile on and try to play the happiest man on Earth. Remember that you should be not only positive but sincere if you want them to trust you. 

    12. Show respect

    Being a man of moral and respectful character can take you far. This is true for dating purposes as well: women love men who act with dignity and take only well-thought-out actions. Therefore, be sure to show respect everywhere you come with your mail order bride: a cafe, a restaurant, a hotel, etc. Be tolerant not only to your lady but also polite with waiters, taxi drivers, hotel workers, and, of course, her family. It doesn’t matter whether you like her parents or not, showing respect to them is a must. 

    13. Be honest 

    Last but not least is sincerity and honesty in your relationships. Women appreciate men who don’t lie or hide their true thoughts from them. It is impossible to be comfortable around the person who says things that differ from their actions. Also, don’t think that your mail order bride won’t notice your insincerity: women are highly intuitive creatures, so they notice changes in their men’s conduct easily. 

    Final thoughts 

    Now you know how to order a mail order bride and how to keep her interested in you. What you need to do now is find a reliable mail order bride website according to our tips, sign up for a free account there, and take action. Create a profile that will reflect your personality and goals, and don’t be shy to start communicating with ladies. Keep in mind that women who register on mail order bride websites are looking for partners for long-term relationships, so you have high chances of finding your love there. 

    James Preece
    Dating Coach
    James is an expert in international dating and helps many men navigate through the best choice, be it for dating or marriage. He conveys the real sense of how you can approach choosing the best match. He consistently helps our site get the best and up-to-date content to shed light on dating online and its perks. Besides, he’s a talented writer who makes it easy to understand the peculiarities of international women for dating and marriage.
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