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    Home to an estimated 10 million people as of 2019, its capital is  Lisbon- known for its embellished architecture, spectacular hilltop vistas, and beach fronts. It is a tourist’s delight. The country borders the North Atlantic, making up a part of southwest Europe, to the west of Spain. The weather is pleasant and the people are friendly. You can expect the women to be as friendly as well. The language is predominantly Portuguese, but there a few other languages like Galician spoken by some around the border with Spain. The Portuguese are very formal in their interactions with people. They are polite and like to use honorific titles like ‘Senhor’ for men and ‘Senhora’ for women. You should take note of this during your first interaction with their women. But do not worry, once they get more familiar with you, they can relate with you more informally. The women are quite beautiful, no doubt about it. Portuguese mail order brides exude energy. There is no dull moment when you are with them.

    So what makes Portuguese girls interesting? Can you find a perfect mail-order bride? This guide was created especially to help you with the necessary information you need. Do Keep reading.

    Why Are Portuguese Women So Popular?

    They are beautiful.

    Little wonder you are reading this article. You must have been captivated by the looks of one pretty ‘Senhora’. The majority of them have a Mediterranean appearance, slender and tall, having brown or dark hair and a pointed nose. Their eyes can vary in color- blue, dark brown, and even green. Skin color ranges from light-skinned to a dark tan, due to descent and warmer climate. You might also find non-native Portuguese mail order brides with features that differ. These are women of black African ancestry whose families migrated to Portugal.

    Thus, Portuguese women offer a lot of variety. If you prefer a woman with a thick and curvy body, there are lots of them to choose from, but they mostly have chiseled athletic looks. The advantage here is that they age gracefully. It is easier for them to retain their body sculpture- nature’s gift to them, you might say. You can be sure that there are a plethora of beauties in Portugal. This doesn’t pose a problem at all. That is a guarantee. 

    They love to have a nice time.

    Due to the nice landscape- especially in Lisbon, sunny beaches, restaurants, and very nice places to be at, Portuguese girls love to enjoy themselves. They love sports too. You won’t have a hard time convincing one to have a date with you but be careful! Not so fast. As mentioned earlier, they act very formally until they get comfortable with you. They are outgoing and full of glee. If you are an outgoing person as well, you won’t have any challenge having them enjoy your company. That is not to say that reserved men don’t have a chance. Far from it. Portuguese women make for good complementarity in relationships since they are mostly outgoing and friendly. So, if you are reserved you have little to worry about. They are multilingual In urban areas especially, you can find girls who can speak Portuguese and Spanish. If you are fortunate, you may come across one who speaks English as well. It is worthy to note that Portuguese women can Spanish much more than Spanish women could speak Portuguese.

    Portuguese Dating Culture

    Ladies from Portugal are known for their sexy looks and perfect bodies. When browsing their profiles on dating sites, it can be hard to resist them. But what do you know about their dating culture? Here’s what you need to know:

    • Much attention. Ladies in Portugal are obsessed with their love. Much attention is given and required when dating them. You’ll be showered with their affection, and it’s quite normal to receive lots of messages within a day. The same will be expected from you.
    • Passionate dating. Sex is a main part of dating and having a relationship with a Portuguese woman. She’ll be amazing in bed. This is what makes dating in Portugal one of the best experiences in your life.
    • Rings of love. You’ll be her lord of the ring. It seems like a joke, but giving a ring is quite common when dating Portuguese women. It’s a sign of commitment, but it doesn’t mean it’s a marriage proposal.
    • Lots of trips. Did you know that the Portuguese can offer a trip instead of giving presents? When you have a birthday party, don’t get surprised if your lady from Portugal offers you to travel somewhere.

    What Traits Are Portuguese Brides Known For?

    They are industrious.

    Portuguese brides are very skilled at home due to their upbringing. The typical Portuguese family places top priority on being able to work at home. Housekeeping skills are a must and you should not be surprised if you find a Portuguese woman who can effect simple repairs at home. Those who live in the city are also very hardworking. They take success seriously and

    are ready to put in the work required to achieve success, no matter the hurdles they have to jump. They work hard to support their families They are mostly religious. The Portuguese are predominantly catholic and this affects how they act, make decisions, and maintain relationships. This also accounts for their modest nature and balanced view of life. 

    They value intimate relationships. 

    Portuguese girls take relationships very seriously, and they expect a lot out of them. They are attracted to honest and genuine men who are not just going to take advantage of them. They do not shy away from sex, as they are open to talk about it quite early. However, they are not quickly open to a one-night stand. You can only find a few of them who would consider it. So if you are just looking for fun, it’s best to make it clear at the beginning. They like to get married early, and so, they are open to well defined intimate relationships. Growing up in close-knit family settings, the Portuguese woman values family a lot and would want you to meet her family. She also likes to consider family opinion when deciding if she wants to be in a marital relationship with anyone. 

    They are emotional and expressive

     Being the affectionate and charming beauties they are, Portuguese brides like attention a lot. They like to express their feelings, passion, and love more readily as compared to other European women. Also, they do love sex as a way of expressing love and passion though they may not be very vocal about it at first. It all boils down to their one attribute of modesty, rather than shyness. They love to keep things simple. You don’t need the most expensive gift to convince a Portuguese woman. She values romantic gestures more than exotic gifts. The old-fashioned romantic acts like opening doors, offering her your coat on cold days, getting her nice flowers to fascinate her much more than the most exotic gifts. She’s more about genuineness and assurance of your love, than trying to impress her with expensive gifts. This does not mean that she does not appreciate receiving gifts, but the little things matter too. 

    They are good cooks

    Of course, Portuguese brides love to and know how to cook. Due to their homegrown skills, they can cook many dishes and always love to try something new. The dishes a Portuguese woman will prepare may be quite different from what you are used to because of varying cultures.

    As you can see Portuguese women are very interesting. They are very beautiful, energetic women who love to be happy and spread real love around. They are just right for you if you need a vibrant woman in your life. They are quite classy yet conservative and value family. They take their relationships very seriously and love to a fault.

    How To Date A Portuguese Woman?

    To successfully date a Portuguese woman, there are tidbits you need to know. There are general interests when it comes to dating both locally and internationally. Every ideal woman wants a man who can make her feel loved, wanted, and appreciated, and in return, she will shower him with genuine love and affection. Here are a few pointers: 

    Portuguese women are independent and like to have a say in the relationship.

    They do not like to be sidelined or seen as only lovers, rather, they want to be able to make decisions and contributions that will help the relationship thrive. They have been brought up as strong, independent women and these traits stay a long time, so it is advised you use the dating period to observe and know how best to handle your relationship with a Portuguese woman. It is safe to say that if you are the type to always control, be possessive, and lord it over your partner, you might consider becoming more accommodating or steer clear completely! 

    Good food sits well with every woman and the popular saying that goes “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, may not be applied to only men anymore. In dating a Portuguese woman, think of both exotic and simple restaurants to take her to especially on days when she’s exhausted and the kitchen is the last place she wants to visit. 

    A simple gesture like making her favorite meal may be key in showing her that she’s special to you. Listen and observe the names of her favorite restaurants or the ones she’s been itching to visit, surprise her with dates to any of these places, occasionally. More to food, if she’s the type to cook a lot, you can offer to join her in the kitchen. While she stirs the soup, you pick out the vegetables or even chop the lettuce. These are gestures you might take for granted, but she sees them as romantic.

    Get with the menu! She may have a very different taste from you when it comes to\food. Typically, you find a lot of garlic, onions, and other spices in a Portuguese dish, so be open to trying new dishes as this will help you get acquainted with her culture and bring you two closer.

    How To Seduce Portuguese Women?

    No textbook measure should be applied to getting a Portuguese woman to fall for you. When you hear “seduction”, you might think “sex”. Although sex is not completely ruled out, seduction simply covers ways to make her fall in love with you! So how do you achieve this great feat? 

    Try honesty at all times.

    It may be difficult to say the truth sometimes, but an honest man is a priceless gem. The truth may sometimes hurt, but the Portuguese woman, strong as she is, can handle it. Be clear about your intentions, be deliberate and unwavering. Stand your ground on issues and show that you are confident. When you are honest both with your words and actions, you will be appreciated more.

    Understand her sexual side

    She may not walk up to you and tell you she is interested in having sex with you, but she can be coy about it while giving you clear signs that she wants to get intimate. That is not the time to act strange, show that you appreciate how straightforward she is. Remember she is a religious person and may have been brought up to abstain from sex, so if you make her feel uncomfortable, you might ruin your chances with her forever. 

    Be supportive of her

    Seeing that the Portuguese woman is ambitious and probably has a career path, a supportive man is all she needs. Find ways to contribute to her growth financially and proffer possible solutions to her work-related issues. If she has a business, think of ways to help her expand. Simple business ideas or checking on her during work hours, telling her how much you appreciate her can make her feel loved and cared for.

    Why Do Portuguese Women Become Mail Order Brides?

    It may interest you to know that some women enjoy dating foreigners and will pick a foreign partner over men from their countries. In some cases, the ladies may have tried dating men from their countries and have repeatedly failed to achieve their lifelong desires. The success of mail-order bridal services in bringing people together and helping them find love is one of the reasons Portuguese women sign up to become mail order brides. They are naturally adventurous and bring the much-needed spark to their relationships. 

    Portuguese women are naturally beautiful and appeal to foreign men. They do not need to try too much to look good which is a trait that invites men from other countries. The constant interest indicated by foreign men in getting Portuguese brides has made Portuguese women consider dating online. 

    Your ideal Portuguese bride may be one click away, you get to see firsthand what the rave about Portuguese mail order brides is.

    How Can One Find Reliable Portuguese Women Dating Sites?

    There are numerous dating sites tailored to meet people but finding a genuine site with the best security can be difficult. A good dating site should have the best security, keep all user information private, and have an easy to use interface. Avoid sites that are shady with their payment system. An online dating site is either free of charge or upfront about any fees that need to be paid. 

    Finding a reliable site might take a while but it is worth the time spent. Once you find a site, you will be shown a list of Portuguese women and potential brides for you to meet. If you have had trouble in the past finding love, online dating may just be the solution to your dating problems. Keep your options open and maintain an open heart, remember you have nothing to lose.

    How Are Portuguese Women Different From Other Women?

    Portuguese women are sophisticated but simple and welcoming. They are naturally endowed with beauty and are curvaceous. They can be reserved but know when to turn up and there are no dull moments with them. Portuguese women are proud of their national heritage and will not hesitate to identify as Portuguese, even sharing bits about their country and why they are proud to be citizens. They have rich black hair which adds to their good looks and is open to marrying very young. They are goal-getters and stay focused when they intend to achieve a new goal or lifelong goals. They make great wives and mothers and know the intricacies of running a home and how to treat family. 

    How do Portuguese women compare to American women?

    The world is evolving and times are changing. Women now have a strong pull in the labor market and fill the roles that men do. This is typical of both Portuguese and American women.

    The Portuguese woman is a strong, resilient, and independent woman who has mastered the art of combining work and taking care of a family. She likes to be heard when she has her opinion and will not be pushed to the corner. She wants to have a job too, get married, have kids, and still be able to contribute physically, emotionally, and financially to the family. The potential Portuguese bride does not mind dating a foreigner. The goal is to find satisfying love and happiness in her partner despite his origins or family background. This is the reason you will find a lot of beautiful Portuguese women on online dating sites and open to be mail order brides. 

    Cultures differ in America and Portugal, but with the pointers in this article, you can meet the woman of your dreams. Have you considered taking a short trip to the beautiful city of Lisbon? 

    Dating a Portuguese woman might just be your opportunity to visit Portugal, ticking it off your must-do list.

    James Preece
    Dating Coach
    James is an expert in international dating and helps many men navigate through the best choice, be it for dating or marriage. He conveys the real sense of how you can approach choosing the best match. He consistently helps our site get the best and up-to-date content to shed light on dating online and its perks. Besides, he’s a talented writer who makes it easy to understand the peculiarities of international women for dating and marriage.
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