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    Dating Croatian Women
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    Dating Croatian Women

    Beautiful Croatian Women women is what you need!
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    Croatia is one of the sunniest countries in the world with beautiful nature and architecture. It hosts ten World Heritage Sites. Besides, many Game of Thrones episodes were filmed in the beautiful Croatian sceneries.

    This country is definitely worth visiting, but not only due to the breathtaking views. Once you arrive in Croatia, you will instantly fall in love with its stunning women. Check this article if you dream of dating Croatian brides. Learn all about their character and get useful dating tips.

    Why Croatian Women are so Popular?

    Caring Nature

    If you catch a cold, a Croatian girl will switch on her maternal instincts to bring you as much care as possible. Croatian brides are so popular among Western men due to their supportive and caring nature. Your wife will make sure you are full-bellied, pleased, and happy.

    She will always pay maximum attention to detail. While dating you, she will know your food tastes, interests, hobbies, etc. Croatian brides are affectionate in relationships and often sacrifice their needs to help their partners. With a Croatian bride, you will not need to hide your concerns and troubles because she will do her best to help you overcome the difficulties.

    The Mixture of Traditional Upbringing and Trends

    Historically, Croatia was a patriarchal country, which involved the traditional understanding of female and male roles. Women were perceived as submissive, obedient mothers. On the contrary, men were responsible for the family’s prosperity, being breadwinners and protectors. They were perceived as assertive, persistent, and ambitious.

    A Croatian family initially consisted of a husband, wife, and children. Today, women are more independent and generally equal to men. They benefit from the same rights. Also, women comprise around 46% of Croatia’s total labor force, which is a 1% difference compared to the US. Therefore, Croatian brides are entirely equal to men. At the same time, they still follow the traditional norms in relationships. It means that a Croatian woman will consider you a family leader. She will likely prioritize your opinions and try to avoid conflicts.

    Besides, Croatian women (even working ones) tend to do most domestic chores, considering that men should not cook, iron, or clean the house in this country. At the same time, Croatian brides expect their husbands to do the “men’s” part of the housework, such as repairing home appliances.


    Croatian brides have become so desirable due to their loyal nature. Croatia has one of the lowest divorce rates among all European countries. Only 30% of couples get divorced in the long run. To put things into perspective, more than 57% of marriages split up in Spain. In Russia, the divorce rate is one of the highest in the world.

    You may say that 30% is not that small, but in India, the number of divorces is less than 1%. In many cases, such impressive Indian statistics are caused by gender inequality (women are not allowed to divorce) or arranged marriages, when parents select partners for their children. Assuming that women in Croatia are equal to men, one of Europe’s lowest divorce rates speaks of Croatians’ loyalty. Croatian brides do their best to strengthen the relationship. While dating a particular man, a Croatian woman fiercely defends her love, rejecting anyone approaching her on the street or in the club. “Sorry, I’m married/I have a boyfriend” will become the most common words she says to other guys. It is because most Croatian brides aim at healthy and long-lasting relationships.

    Besides, casual dating is not the case in Croatia. That is why if you think of seducing a Croatian woman for a one-night-stand, you will fail most of the time (even if you are a Brad Pitt’s clone and a millionaire at once).


    Stunning Beauty

    Croats tend to spend much time on the sunny beaches. For many Croatian brides, it brings motivation to stay fit. Besides, Croats tend to be more physically active than Americans. They tend to walk more, especially when shopping. Instead of driving to the local shop, a typical Croat prefers to shop and carry bags home on foot. On top of that, Croatian eating habits differ much from American ones.

    Croatians are used to cooking at home, which involves mostly spicy yet healthy dishes. Also, they don’t eat as much junk food as other nations do. Due to this, only about 24.4% of Croatian people have weight problems. It is 11.8% lower compared to the US. While 12% does not seem a lot at first sight, it is a big difference in reality. As a result, you will have a much higher chance of meeting a beautiful, curvy, tall girl in Croatia.

    Exceptional Domestic Skills

    Women of Croatia appreciate family values and are used to taking responsibility for domestic work. Statistically, 80% of Croatian brides clean the house, cook, do laundry, and iron the clothes even after a working day. Although women don’t ask their men to do some chores, it is better to share them if both of you work full time.


    Croatia cannot compete with Western Europe when it comes to the number of university students. Yet, Croatian girls outnumber guys in universities. Almost 60% of university students are females in Croatia.

    The girls receive Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, which allows them to start a successful career in well-paid niches. Most Croatian women have a very sharp mind and think outside the box, which helps them dodge slings and arrows of life pretty successfully.

    Due to good manners, these women are excellent listeners and can become storytellers to support a conversation. What about English then? In general, you will have no trouble communicating with Croatian brides.

    Most of the population speaks English on an advanced level or even fluently. Thus, you have a high chance of finding an English-speaking Croatian bride. Moreover, she may even give you some French or German lessons. Almost 40% of the population speaks German.


    Once getting to Croatia, you will notice that the local people are much more direct. Croatian girls don’t seem to hide their real feelings and may sound a bit rude for the first time. But in fact, it is a significant advantage, since your woman will always tell you the truth. Instead of holding grudges, she will discuss issues and suggest the solution beneficial for both of you.

    Croatian Dating Culture

    Dating Croatian women is a great experience, as these women are skillful when it comes to enchanting men. They’re adorable, cute, and interesting ladies to talk to. They come from a European country that’s a member of the EU, but at the same time, they’re quite conservative regarding dating. When considering these women for dating, you should also know the following:

    • Long-term bonds. It’s hard to deny that marriages continue to decline in European countries, and Croatia isn’t an exception. Still, it doesn’t mean that casual dating is on the rise. Croatian ladies are more interested in long-term bonds with a chance for marriage. This is quite common in the dating culture of Croatia.
    • Passion about everything. Croatian ladies are indeed passionate women. But it’s not only when they’re in bed. They’re quite passionate about everything, be it their careers or relationships. Thus, much attention is given to finding men who can share their passion. You better have the passion for impressing these women.
    • Pomelo culture in Croatia. Take it easy. This is what Pomelo culture means. They don’t rush; if anything bad happens, there’s Pomelo for that. This is what makes dating Croatian women interesting and exciting, but at the same time, it requires patience.

    How to Meet Croatian Brides?

    Now, you know that dating Croatian brides is worth trying. But where can you meet them? Registering on an online dating platform can become the easiest and the fastest way to meet a girl from Croatia.

    The dating statistics show that only 2% of men meet their significant others in clubs, bars, and restaurants. As for online dating, you have ten times more chances to start a relationship. Thus, searching for a Croatian woman online will be much more efficient.

    You can register on a dating site and browse thousands of Croatian mail order brides, literally. Besides, the girls who want to relocate or date a foreigner use dating apps and websites more often. Meeting a partner from another country online is much easier and more affordable for them too. Thus, online dating can become an efficient option if you aim at international marriage.

    In the US

    Do you really need to visit Croatia to meet Croatian brides? In fact, you don’t, since more than 1.2 million Croatians currently reside in the US. Most of them live in New York and California. Thus, if you go online and filter Croatian brides living in the US, you have a high chance of meeting a girl living a couple of miles away from your house.

    In Croatia

    Croatia shares the same Visa rules with the Schengen Area. Thus, citizens of the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are allowed to stay in the country for three months Visa-free. Croatia is a popular destination with plenty of resorts due to the developed tourist infrastructure. Nevertheless, it is quite costly, and you need to spend around $500 per week if you travel alone. Assuming you will meet a woman there, you need to double the budget.

    Top Cities to Meet Croatian Ladies

    Croatia is quite a small country with about 4 million people. It is four times smaller than the state of Colorado. At first sight, it seems pointless to search for girls in specific cities. However, it is still better to aim at the largest cities to avoid women with a “gold digger” mentality. It does not mean that all girls from rural areas are after your money. But if you want to meet a girl of your dream faster, you need to aim at the following cities:

    Zagreb – the capital of Croatia

    Approximately 800,000 people live there, and it is a major tourist destination, attracting over a million tourists yearly. It is worth visiting at any time due to numerous festivals and cultural sites. Besides, you will have a high chance of meeting a girl with advanced or even fluent English knowledge there.

    Split – the Second most Populated City in Croatia

    Over 178,000 people live there. However, this data is outdated (2011), and no census has been made so far. Still, Split is a popular tourist destination and one of the Croatian cultural centers.

    It is one of the UNESCO heritage sites due to an immense number of museums, historical buildings, art galleries, as well as sports and cultural events taking place year-round. In this city, you will never get bored. Moreover, it gives you countless entertainment opportunities and sites to spend time with your significant other.

    Dubrovnik – a UNESCO Heritage Place

    Located on Croatia’s southern coast, this city is a must-have destination if you plan to date hot Croatian brides. It is the most recognizable city in Croatia, with over a million tourists arriving there yearly. It is so popular due to the summer festival held annually, starting on the 10th of June and ending on the 25th of August. Thus, it is over a month of celebration with countless exhibitions, music, and ballet events.

    Croatian Dating Culture and Tips

    From a cultural perspective, Croats are much closer to Slavic people. Due to this, you should not treat Croatian brides like Western European or American girls. At the same time, the Croatian mentality has unique traits you need to be aware of. If you learn a bit about Croatian dating culture, you will make your relationship with a Croatian girl much stronger.

    Public Affection is Okay

    Wandering along the Croatian streets, you will notice many couples hold hands, hug, and kiss, and it is okay. The locals don’t seem to feel shy about showing love publicly. Even old couples often do this. As for flirting, it is entirely acceptable too. However, you should not squish your girl’s breasts or butt in the park. It is considered rude.

    What is Personal Space?

    Croats are direct but also don’t respect personal space. You will notice that people get literally too close to each other, shake their hands, touch each other, hug, kiss in cheeks, etc. Kissing in cheeks is especially common among Croatian brides.

    After knowing you for half an hour, many Croats will start tapping on your shoulder, shaking your hand, and hugging. They show friendliness in this way, so there is nothing you should worry about (no pickpocketing).

    Women often do the same, so you should not hesitate to touch your woman since she will expect you to hug, caress, and kiss her.


    Don’t Mention Serbia

    Croatia and Serbia were once parts of Yugoslavia. Croatia and other constituent republics of Yugoslavia started declaring independence in 1991, which led to several ethnic conflicts, resulting in the breakup of Yugoslavia.

    Serbs tried to get advantages from the dissolving state and engaged in a military confrontation with Croatia. In short, Croats don’t have the best associations with Serbians. Because of this, you should avoid speaking about Croatia’s past and relations with Serbs.

    Croats are very proud of their country, so your praising claims about Serbia may insult them. Thus, try to be neutral or agree with your girl while discussing politics.

    Dress Well

    As mentioned before, Croats pay much attention to their appearance and fashion. Keeping up with fashion trends might be one of the primary concerns for many women, especially those living in the capital. Also, Croatians judge others by their look.

    If you visit a museum, restaurant, or church in shorts, sandals, and a sleeveless t-shirt, others may not treat you seriously. Following the dress code is a way to show respect. Therefore, you need to spend some time picking an appropriate outfit for your date. If you meet in the restaurant, your Croatian woman will show up in a stunning evening dress. She will be unpleasantly surprised if you put on something ordinary.

    No Separate Bills

    You will hardly ever see someone asking the waiter to separate the restaurant bill. A man always pays the bill. While American or Norwegian women insist on paying for themselves because they are so independent, Croatian brides consider their men protectors. It involves covering dating expenses. Sure, you may meet a woman who does not mind splitting the bill, which is, however, very rare.

    If you believe a couple has to share everything 50/50, you can discuss it with your girl before going anywhere. It is way better than spoiling the date.

    Online Dating Profile Tips

    While online dating is super-efficient, many guys wonder why nobody replies to their messages. They may spend a couple of months searching for relationships fruitlessly. Very often, it is because of poorly completed dating profiles. In fact, an engaging dating profile makes up to 70% of your success. Check these tips on creating an attractive dating profile:

    • Take a nice picture. Upload a well-lit photo where you irradiate friendliness. Don’t post pained black-and-white images of drunken club selfies. It is a huge turn off for mentally mature ladies.
    • Complete profile information and questionnaires. Many people ignore including profile information, which makes them look like fakes. To sound real and natural, you should write a short paragraph about yourself and your ideal match.
    • Craft a positive profile description. For this, avoid complaining about a past relationship or job or anything else. Accept the fact that strangers don’t care about your problems, so don’t sound pity.
    • Be a good listener. While chatting with Croatian brides, memorize things they tell you, show interest in their life and try to find something in common.

    Why do Croatian Women Become Mail Order Brides?

    First of all, it is worth saying that you should not think that all Croatian brides are dreaming of an American passport or dating Western guys because of their origin. Still, many women want to bond with foreign guys, just like in any country across the globe. Here are the reasons why Croatian women might want to date foreigners on online dating sites:

    Online Dating is Easy

    Many Croatian brides use online dating as the most accessible way of meeting a partner. In fact, dating statistics show very similar figures for both men and women. It means that girls also have much more chances of meeting a foreign guy online rather than on the street. Also, a study of 2017 shows that couples tend to marry faster and preserve feelings for a much longer time after meeting online. Therefore, statistically, online dating leads to healthier relationships.

    Personal Tastes

    Just like many men prefer different types of women, such as brunettes, blondes, etc., many Croatian brides prefer Western guys and Americans in particular for many reasons. Some girls fall in love with an American accent, appearance, and mentality.

    Some women consider the pros and cons of international marriage and conclude that marrying a foreigner is fantastic. They dream of immersing themselves into a different culture, learning new customs, travel to new places, etc.

    New Experience

    Some Croatian brides might have been in an unhappy relationship or marriage. They lost hope that they would ever meet love in their country (there might be thousands of reasons for such extreme conclusions). Because of this, these women hope for happiness with a guy from another cultural environment.

    How are they Different from Russian Brides?

    Croats and Russians have lots of things in common. After all, these are both Slavic nationalities and share views on family relations and gender roles. Croatian and Russian women are both loyal and feminine. Nevertheless, Croatian brides differ from Russian ones significantly:

    • Directness. As mentioned before, Croatian women may seem less polite since they are used to telling the truth and expressing their feelings more directly. On the contrary, Russian girls tend to be shyer and more measured in expressing their feelings.
    • Croatian brides don’t rush in the relationship. They develop sympathy much slower than Russian girls. While a Russian woman may marry you after half a year of dating, a Croatian one will not be ready to put on a wedding dress that fast. “Why should we hurry?” she might ask.
    • Croatian girls are more relaxed due to living by the sea. People living on the coastline treat life challenges easier.


    If you dream of a beautiful, smart, and understanding wife, you should definitely aim at Croatian women from marriage. Croatian brides are so popular among Western men due to their loyalty, exceptional beauty, caring nature, and traditional upbringing. Croatian women are not that easy to take, but life will reward your efforts to the fullest when you marry a Croatian woman. As for meeting these girls, you can register an account on a dating platform right now to take one step further to a happy marriage. You can also find other Croatian brides reviews on our website, get additional info on online dating specifics, and check dating website reviews.

    James Preece
    Dating Coach
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