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    Hottest Italian Women
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    Hottest Italian Women


    The idea of having a foreign woman as a wife is always tempting. Even though some men consider dating girls from abroad a Pandora box, others realize that taking the leap into the unknown is worth it. This is especially the case when we think and talk about Italian women. Winning an Italian woman’s heart is like winning the lottery. 

    Italian women are adorable, attractive, and they vibrate with energy and passion. They usually become best partners because they never let their beloved ones be upset for a while. Have you ever heard of a stereotype admitting that hot Italian women tend to get really loud sometimes? It turns out this isn’t a stereotype: when they are in a good mood, they aren’t afraid of expressing emotions and making everyone around them catch the joyful vibe. Moreover, the way they carry themselves, the sense of humor, supportiveness, and reliability – all these things make the hottest Italian girls outstanding wives. 

    Why Are italian Girls Considered to Look So Hot?

    When we think of the top most beautiful women in the world, hot Italian girls come to mind. They possess all the most likable physical characteristics as well as have the sweetest behavioral features that knock ‘em dead. 


    Most of us know that Italy is the heart of fashion. As soon as you come to Rome or Milan and take a walk in the main street, you immediately acknowledge that. The center of the city is literally a runway where sexy Italian girls demonstrate their style and beauty. It is no surprise since Italy is home to many famous brands and fashion houses, so local women perfectly reflect this fact. Hot Italian women always look exceptionally well-groomed, their clothes are looking good, and they literally make this world a better place! 

    Physical features

    There is no unified Italian brides type, so it is challenging to say what a typical Italian woman looks like. All women in Italy are distinguished and particular: some have curly brown hair and dark eyes, others have smooth straight blond hair and blue eyes. When we think of Italian female facial features, it is all about full lips, pointed chin, big eyes, high cheekbones, and smooth skin. 

    Hot Italian women know how to maintain perfect body shape. They are pretty into working out and eating healthy. The latter is evident judging by the beneficial location of the country: they have easy access to a nutritious, healthy Mediterranean diet. 


    Italian culture varies according to the region: While the industrialized north is relatively young, individualistic, and business-minded, the south is somewhat rural and associated with a slow pace of life. Nonetheless, there is one cultural peculiarity that each Italian community representative shares: the importance of honor and reputation. The latter is usually determined by the reputation they leave and the image they convey. That is why hot Italian brides always do their best in any conversation and hold themselves in a great way. Additionally, Italian culture puts a huge emphasis on socialization, which explains why they have such a friendly attitude and are so into loud chatting. 

    Popularity among men

    Sexy Italian women are popular among both local men and foreigners. On the one hand, Italian girls are quite into Italian men and vice versa; on the other hand, marriages with foreigners are quite an ordinary thing in the country. Indeed, most men from abroad are into the idea of Italian dating. If you want to approach an Italian girl and secure yourself a date, you might find yourself in the center of competition! But despite their popularity among Italian and European males, these women are kind and open to Wester and Eastern men. 

    Top 5 Hottest Italian Girls

    Carla Bruni

    Carla Bruni

    Carla Bruni is perhaps one of the most famous and hottest Italian women whose name is recognized worldwide. Born in Torino in a family of a pianist and composer, Carla started her modeling career at the age of 19. After her modeling debut, she became one of the best-paid models in the world and an inspiration to a multitude of fashion houses.

    After Carla quit her modeling career about a bit more than ten years ago, she began to pave her career as a singer, which turned out to be a big success. One of the things that make Carla Bruni popular is her marriage to Nicolas Sarkozy, with whom she is raising two kids. 

    Sophia Loren

    Sophia Loren is the treasure of Italian cinematography. She began her acting career at the beginning of the 1960s and proved to be one of the best Italian actresses ever. She gained ultimate fame when she won an Academy Award for foreign movies. The latter was the first case in history when a female received such an award. Sophia has always been an ideal of a woman – both in the previous century and today. Her gracious body, passionate looks, and stunning features make a lot of women strive to reach Sophia’s perfection. 

    Monica Belucci 

    Monica Belucci 

    Monica Belucci is a famous Italian actress and model. Like all successful Italian models, she has long been an inspiration for Dolce&Gabbana and Dior. These days, her face can often be noticed in movies and commercials. Some of the most famous movies she starred in are The Matrix, 007: Spectre, and The Brothers Grimm.

    Monica Belucci is another Italian woman that has coined the female beauty standards. It seems like she does not age, and that is why many men and women are astonished by her appearance these days. All we can say is that Monica is absolutely gorgeous! 

    Melissa Satta

    Melissa Satta is another extremely popular Italian model. Born in picturesque Sardinia, Melissa started her modeling career at the age of sixteen. Shortly after, she became a runway dweller in Milano and took part in many fashion shows. Afterward, her face started to appear on TW.

    Apart from being a stunning model, Melissa is also quite into sports. She is interested in soccer; she even played in a team in Italy. What is more, she married Kevin Boateng – a professional German soccer player. Besides, she is quite good at karate! Today, Melissa lives in Milan together with her beloved one. 


    Nicole Minetti

    Nicole Minetti

    Nicole is a famous Italian model and a popular Instagram figure, born to an English mother and Italian father. Before trivia, she worked as a dental hygienist and was hardly looking forward to establishing a career in show business. Her fame came as soon as she started appearing on TV shows such as Colorado Cafe. Later on, she became pretty recognized after she met Silvio Berlusconi – Italian Prime Minister. She later became a member of Berlusconi’s party and thus an important political figure. 

    Apart from her political engagement, Nicole is one of the most well-paid Instagram stars. Indeed, her net worth is expected to be at least $1.5 million. 

    Top 5 sexy Italian Girls

    Raffaella Fico

    Rafaella is a Cercola-born Italian showgirl. Most people recognize her as a Big Brother star. The truth is, the famous TV show gave this girl ultimate fame overnight and gave her recognition worldwide. She turned out to be one of the richest Italian actresses. We also know that Raffaella is quite popular for her romances with football stars such as Mario Balotelli and Christiano Ronaldo. Although her relationship with Ronaldo didn’t work out, her affair with Marion Balotelli ended up in an engagement and marriage. 

    Claudia Romani

    Claudia Romani is an Italian-born beauty queen and a model. As a kid, she moved to Denmark together with her parents and later relocated to the US. She has appeared on the covers of Maxim and GQ and ranked among the top 100 sexiest women. 

    Apart from the model career, she appeared in Toyota, Ford, and Samsung commercials and multiple TV shows. In 2015, Claudia was featured in a Secret Story 9 reality TV show which also brought her some extra fame. These days, Claudia is quite a popular Instagram star whose breezy personality attracts over 1.3 million subscribers. 

    Federica Ridolfi

    Federica is an Italian TV presenter and a dancer. Born in a family of a famous Italian actor, she decided to follow her own way. As she turned 17, she began her ballet career. Her debut was in 1991 when she appeared in Bagaglino. Later on, she started to appear in several Italian Talk shows. Afterward, Federica came into acting and decided to follow her father’s steps finally. Gradually, after featuring in several shows, she managed to make it to a real movie.

    Despite her age, Federica is quite active in the field of modeling today.

    Elisabetta Canalis

    Elisabetta gained recognition as an outstanding Italian actress. Apart from her incredible acting career, she proved to be an excellent model who represented multiple fashion brands, one of which is Roberto Cavalli. 

    Elisabetta Canalis’ talent goes beyond acting and modeling. In fact, she is also a distinguished dancer! She took part in Dancing with the stars, where she successfully charmed the viewers with her skills and introduced her entirely new dancer personality.

    Isabella Rossellini

    When we think of the most famous and meaningful Italian female figures, it is impossible not to mention the glorious Isabella Rossellini. Isabella Rossellini is an Italian actress and former model, born to a Swedish actress Ingrid Bergmann and an Italian movie director. Before trivia, she worked as a TV reporter and translator. After some years, she managed to establish an excellent modeling career as well as to star in several famous movies (Blue Velvet, Death Becomes Her, The Innocent with Anthony Hopkins). Today, Isabella makes a considerable contribution as an activist and Wildlife Conservation Network member. 

    Top 5 hot Italian women

    Martina Stella 

    Martina Stella is an Italian screenwriter and movie actress. What can we say about this woman? She is nothing but exceptionally talented! She made her first cinematic attempt when she was only sixteen. Despite the debut and very tender age, Martina’s movie was nominated for several movie awards. Stella did not stop at screenwriting and decided to try her chances as a theatre actress in 2002. She is famous for having the main role in many Italian TV projects. According to the news, Martina Stella has a kid but no longer is married to the father of her kid. Thus, millions of men are fighting for this beautiful single lady’s heart!  

    Giorgia Palmas

    Giorgia is reasonably the most famous Italian model and tv personality. It all began with her taking part in Miss World in the year 2000. She won second place at the beauty contest and decided to pursue a modeling career afterward. At the same pageant, she lost to another beauty queen – Priyanka Chopra, so the competition was intense! As a result, she later appeared on multiple magazine covers; on some of them, she even appeared topless. Like almost every successful model, she made it to Italian television and featured in popular shows, one of which was Isola Dei Famosi

    Elena Santarelli

    Elena Santarelli is a famous tv host and model. Thanks to her exceptional facial features, sun-kissed skin tone, blonde hair, and longest legs ever, she became one of the best paid Italian models. It is no surprise that she worked for Giorgio Armani. As for Elena’s career on the TV, she debuted as an assistant at the quiz show L’eredità. These days, Elena is actively hosting tv shows and starring in series. One can often see Elena on stage. 

    Cristina Chiabotto

    Cristina Chiabotto is one of the sexiest Moncalieri-born Italian models and TV presenters. This hottie won the Miss Italy beauty contest in 2004, but her beauty does not seem to fade away after seventeen years. Being gifted with 182 centimeters of height, Cristina sets a high plank in the Italian modeling world. 

    These days, Cristina sometimes appears in TV commercials and supports the Juventus football club. She also has a blog where she describes herself and sometimes talks about her life. 

    Giusy Buscemi 

    Giusy Buscemi is one of the hottest female celebrities in Italy. Thanks to her unearthly beauty, she easily managed to win Miss Italia nine years ago, where she represented Sicily. However, this isn’t the only award that Giusy was granted. Namely, she is also A Girl For Cinema Award holder. Giusy Buscemi is especially famous for her role in the movies Medici and Die Berg Polizei. 

    Top 5 sexy Italian women

    Carolina Crescentini

    Carolina is an Italian actress. At a young age, she had no intention of becoming an actress since her dream was to become a movie critic. However, after she started to attend acting schools, her interest in acting grew exponentially. Carolina appeared in multiple TV commercials, short films, and music videos before her ultimate breakthrough. Her breakthrough was in a teen comedy and followed by a thriller that gave her the best actress nomination. In the meantime, Carolina is on the list of the most promising young actresses in Italy.

    Francesca Inaudi

    Francesca is a charming Tuscany-born actress who was once occasionally noticed by an Italian theatre director and offered to study his acting course. Franceska completed her studies and made her debut in 2004 in After Midnight. She subsequently won the best actress award for this movie and decided to proceed with her acting career. Later on, Francesca appeared as part of the cast of the most prominent Italian TV shows and programs. 

    Cristiana Capotondi

    Born in the year 1980 in Rome, Cristina made her acting debut in 1995 with her first comedy at the tender age of 15. Even though she had already appeared in a TV commercial, Cristina gained special recognition after her first appearance on the theatre stage. She later became one of the most famous faces on TV, where she worked for 13 years.

    Maria Grazia Cucinotta

    Maria was born in 1968 in Messina. She started featuring in TV series and shows at the beginning of the ’90s. Today, it is still possible to see this Italian hottie on the screen. She gained worldwide recognition thanks to her roles in the famous The World Is Not Enough James Bond movie and HBO’s The Sopranos. Throughout her career, Maria received an Italian Walk of Fame star in Canada and the America Award in 2010. 

    Alyssa Milano

    Born in the US, Alyssa grew up in an Italian-American family or a film music editor and a fashion designer. As one of the hottest female celebrities and most attractive women in the world, Alyssa is best known as an Italian actress. She is best known for her roles in Charmed as Phoebe Halliwell, Fear as Margo Masse, and Commando as Jenny Matrix. Moreover, she is widely known as Samantha from Who’s the boss?. As for Alyssa’s social engagement, she advocates vegetarianism and raises fundraising campaigns to contribute to AIDS treatment and fight against wars and violence.

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