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    Having a relationship with a person from another side of the globe can be a fantastic experience. Exploring your partner’s culture and introducing yours to them gives plenty of chances to spend quality time together. It can be traveling, cooking, learning languages, celebrating national holidays, watching movies and the most popular national TV shows together, etc. But where and how to find a girlfriend who will support all your cray aspirations and share her brightest moments with you? 

    To make the right choice and spend your life with that special one, you have to understand what you are looking for at the moment. And if you are dreaming of meeting a hot lady from some tiny country in the Mediterranean region, this guide is for you. Here, we will tell you about Macedonian women, their features and expectations, and, of course, ways to make them fall for you. Excited? Let’s get started. 

    Why Macedonian Women Are So Popular?

    Macedonian Women

    There are a lot of reasons why men from Western countries choose Macedonian brides over local girls, but below we describe the most distinctive ones. If they match things you want to see in the girl of your dreams, you definitely have to try dating a Macedonia girl. 

    First, Macedonia women have traditional views on family. From a young age, they see their mothers taking care of the house and kids, while their fathers are the main providers for the family. Such a gender roles’ division has shifted slightly to equal sharing of responsibilities, but still, Macedonian women are considered to be rather housewives than well-rounded partners who build careers along with raising children. Men still earn money to support their families on their own, and rarely engage in housework. Such a lifestyle is comfortable for Macedonians, and only ambitious women seek to get paid as much as men and share their family responsibilities equally. 

    Second, Macedonian girls are spiritual individuals. Although Macedonia has two contrasting religions spread between its people, women here are very devoted and humble despite the affiliation. All of them consider unfaithfulness unacceptable and stick to their men for their whole life. They also are not used to dating a lot of men even when they are young, so it is highly likely that your date would not have had any previous affairs before you. As you can see, it does not matter whether you choose a Christian or Muslim girl in Macedonia: both will be loyal, supportive, and dedicated to you. 

    Finally, Macedonian brides are extremely beautiful. Their appearance will impress you for sure once you see these girls on the street or online since they look perfect without any makeup and trendy clothes. These women are mostly tall, slim, and sexy. They have thin facial features, evocative eyes, and smooth tanned skin. Their hair comprises all shades of brown from honey to dark chocolate tones. The other thing that makes Macedonian women so tempting is that they are aware of their beauty and the impression they make on men, so there is no surprise if you feel charmed at the moment of meeting a Macedonian girl on the street or online. 

    What Are Macedonian Brides Like

    They are sporty

    As you have guessed from the previous section, women from Macedonia pay a lot of attention to the way they look. Although they do not use heavy makeup or revealing clothes to demonstrate their sex appeal, they dedicate much time to their daily self-care routine: they work out regularly, eat healthy food, and walk a lot. They love doing outdoor sports to keep themselves not only fit but also positive and happy and prefer active leisure to passive sunbathing on the beach. Perfect women, aren’t they? 

    They are strong

    Macedonian women are not only strong physically, but also powerful spiritually. They are very disciplined and careful when it comes to sports, job, and housework. Probably, that is their affiliation with God that makes them so unbreakable women of spirit. Anyway, having such a Wonder Woman by your side is a true blessing. 

    They are loyal

    Partying with alcohol and random men, hooking up, and practicing one-night stands are not the things that Macedonian women are likely to join. Such kind of spending time in Macedonia is unpopular throughout the nation, so it’s not worth looking for easy girls in this country. Traditional values here are highly appreciated here and people who breach them get abruptly criticized by public opinion.  

    They are perfect at cooking

    The passion and talent for cooking seem to be transmitted from generation to generation among women in Macedonia. Little girls help their mothers and grannies from a young age and thus get used to cooking for the whole family. Their family recipes are preserved carefully and that’s why the home-cooked dishes are the most delicious in Macedonia. No more words, you just need to come and taste it on your own!

    They are adventurous

    Macedonian women love traveling and exploring new places, be they in the neighboring countries or on the other side of the globe. They also are eager to try out new sports and activities, so if you were thinking about teaching your Macedonian bride fishing or skating, don’t hesitate to propose it. She will agree with enthusiasm. 

    Macedonian Dating Culture

    Macedonian women are quite reserved and shy, but at the same time, they’re charming. When it comes to dating them, you should start by gaining their trust; that’s an essential part of dating. Trust, respect and proper treatment are among the main pillars of a healthy relationship for Macedonian ladies. But that’s not all. Here’s what you need to know about Macedonian dating culture:

    • Traditional dating. When dating a Macedonian lady, it’s hard to say that she will be experienced in dating. In general, it’s common for Macedonians to marry people they date. So, you can be the first partner in their lives. So, you better be serious about your relationship.
    • Conservative background. Macedonian ladies are quite religious, explaining their conservative approach to dating. But they’re ideal partners for the men interested in finding ladies for marriage rather than something casual. Hookup culture isn’t common in the Macedonian dating culture.
    • Premarital intimacy in Macedonia. It’s not so common, but it’s not true to claim that premarital sex is getting more popular. So, you can become physically close to each other. Still, this is only achieved if you can gain the trust and respect of your Macedonian lady.

    How To Date A Macedonian Online?

    Macedonian Women

    Below you can find a few principles of behaving with Macedonian brides to get the most out of online dating:

    1. Consistency 

    First of all, you need to create a dating strategy. To do that, you need to understand your goal. Are you looking for a serious relationship online or just having fun? Do you want to meet as many girls as possible or only a few? Are you ready to conquer a girl that you like or do you expect her to take the first step? Once you answer these questions, you will see how you should act to attract Macedonian girls;

    1. Active usage of the dating app 

    Whatever is your goal, you have to use the app every day to achieve it. Also, your profile should look reliable and tempting so that girls would think “Wow, he is too hot to pass by!”. Hence, take care of your profile picture, bio, status, and other features to create the perfect man image; 

    1. Honesty

    Even if you are not looking for anything serious, tell that openly to the girls you meet. Do not waste your time and the time of another person who could find their best fit if they knew you were just having fun. Making girls fool is neither sexy nor smart;

    1. Positive attitude

    When a man is moody and boring, it’s seen even from their profile photo. Don’t be such a person if you want Macedonian girls to like your profile, text you, and long for seeing you offline. Spreading negativity in crazy 2020 is beyond common sense; 

    1. Determination to meet offline

    Finally, show Macedonian girls that you are ready to meet offline. They need to see that dating you online is not just texting and swiping but also a true will to find a lover. When it’s time, pack your things and travel to Macedonia to see your date. 

    What Is One Of The Simplest Ways To Satisfy Beautiful Macedonian Women?

    The easiest way to make a Macedonia woman feel like you are Mr. Right for her is to listen to her a lot. You do not have to talk about yourself much on your first dates. In fact, it will be alright if you only introduce yourself and say a few words about your job and interests, and then give all your attention to your Macedonian date. Leading a conversation about her will make her feel important and desired immediately; however, you have to express genuine interest in her. Leave your phone somewhere in your pocket, don’t look at your watch when on a date, and give all your attention to a Macedonian girl. She will not forget such a gallant man. 


    Where Can You Meet Single Macedonian Ladies?

    There are a few ways to meet a Macedonian bride; however, only some of them are possible to use in 2020. Since we cannot travel as actively as we used to before the coronavirus pandemic, all you can do to meet a Macedonian woman today is to start searching for her online (unless you live in the EU in a country bordering Macedonia or can travel there due to business). 

    So, to find a single Macedonian bride, you need to search for Macedonian dating websites or use world-known apps like Tinder. Once you are registered there, make sure you filter your search results to only single ladies and start communicating with the most attractive ones. 

    Yet, if you never tried dating online, we advise you to look through the next section of this guide to avoid becoming a scammers’ victim. 

    How To Find A Reliable Macedonian mail order Website?

    When looking for an online dating spot, consider the following things to evaluate the website quality: 

    1. The number of positive reviews. First of all, if there are no testimonials on websites other than a dating website itself, cross it out from the list of possible dating options. A proper dating platform should be present at least 10 years on the market and have numerous reviews. A bit of positive ones should be around 90% to conclude that the website is reliable;
    2. Customer Support feedback. You can check it either by contacting the Support team directly or by reading reviews. The first option will let you see how they handle your requests. The second will help you to find out how they deal with other people’s issues: spam messaging, aggressive money demanding, refunds, and claims;
    3. Presence of guarantees. Every successful dating agency or app has a set of guarantees to secure its users from fraud and dissatisfaction. Thus, you can have your money back at any time without the need to explain your will. Also, your requests are always handled quickly if the website values its users and states that in their guarantees;
    4. Quality of profiles. The thing that you can hardly evaluate until you start using any app is the quality of registered profiles. Consequently, we advise you to look for specific reviews where recent app users share their experience with other people they met there. This point is crucial since the dating platform hosting only fraudulent profiles will not help you in your search for love, so don’t overlook this issue;
    5. Price to quality ratio. To evaluate it, compare a few similar websites, their services, extra features, and monthly rates. Then, check the bit of positive reviews again, and select the optimal offer;
    6. Overall usability of a dating app. You can notice right after you download an app from the App Store: if it constantly crashes or contains too many ads, probably, you will not like using it even if it offers the cheapest monthly membership plans. 

    6 Tips On Dating A Macedonian Girl 

    There are a few more tips for you if you want to know how to keep a Macedonia woman for a long time. Be sure to implement them in your daily life to achieve the best results and maintain a strong bond with Macedonia women: 

    • Never lie. The worst thing that you can do to Macedonian girls is being insincere with them. The scale of lies does not matter: once she catches you lying about anything, your relationship will be irreversibly ruined. Are you sure you need to hide anything from her now?
    • Respect her parents. Another thing that you have to manage to do is to keep good relations with her family. Parents are sacred to Macedonian women so do not even think of being rude to them, neglecting their role in the life of your girlfriend, or refusing to visit them from time to time; 
    • Open up to her. A lot of men think that they should resolve their problems on their own and protect their wives and girlfriends from them. It’s a wrong approach when you are dating a Macedonia woman. As we mentioned earlier, these women have strong faith and spirit, so they are ready to stand by your side for better or for worse; 
    • Trust her. In fact, you have no reason to suspect your woman from Macedonia in being fake or infidel. So if she says that she is going to meet with her friends, you should not expect her to flirt with other men or even meet them. Most likely that she is just going to hang out with her girls at their home watching movies or doing nails;
    • Keep your promises. When a man cannot fulfill what he said, it’s awful for Macedonian girls. They expect their men to be reliable and protective and do more than talk. At least, if you are not sure about anything, it’s better to not promise anything: such an approach will keep her trust for a longer time;
    • Make her a priority. Surely, you have a job, parents, friends, and hobbies in your life. However, if you want to be in happy relationships with Macedonian women, it is worth making them some of the most important things in your life. Do not cancel dates for no reason, do not choose your friends over your girlfriend if you have already promised to see her, and always weigh your words – these simple actions will ensure your stable and joyful personal life. 

    Summing up: Macedonian VS American Women

    At this stage, you know a lot more about Macedonian girls, but we’d like to help you process all we told you earlier with the following comparison. Below, you can see how Macedonian brides differ from American ones and decide whether they are what you need: 

    1. Macedonian girls are more into the family than American women. The latter prefer making a career first and getting married in their 30s or 40s, while Macedonian girls are eager to get married and have kids. They also have jobs but they would never prioritize them over family;
    2. American girls are more emancipated than Macedonian brides. In Macedonia, women are comfortable staying home for a long time to care about their kids and husband. In the USA, women hardly stay a few months on maternity leave after giving birth;
    3. Macedonian women almost hardly date a lot of men before they find a husband. American women are more liberal and free, so they easily can be friends with benefits or hook up with guys they met in nightclubs;
    4. Macedonian brides cook better than American girls. The latter prefer having dinner at some restaurant instead of standing for hours in the kitchen inventing meat dishes and mixing sauces. In Macedonia, women are used to cooking daily, so if you get married to a Macedonian bride, you will never be hungry at home and at work;
    5. Macedonian girls are more sporty than American women due to their national love for sports and active rest. They also do not like eating junk food, so their bodies stay fit and young for a long time. 

    As you can see, Macedonian women dating is a lot more beneficial than getting into an affair with American girls. Yet, you have to put much effort into conquering their hearts, so make sure you are ready to do that. We believe the game is worth the candle as women from Macedonia are the real treasure. 

    James Preece
    Dating Coach
    James is an expert in international dating and helps many men navigate through the best choice, be it for dating or marriage. He conveys the real sense of how you can approach choosing the best match. He consistently helps our site get the best and up-to-date content to shed light on dating online and its perks. Besides, he’s a talented writer who makes it easy to understand the peculiarities of international women for dating and marriage.
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