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    Dating Irish Women
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    Dating Irish Women


    The most famous symbols of Ireland are St. Patrick’s Day, green hats, leprechauns, clover leaves, and smiling sheep. This country is also called the Emerald Isle, and it has a rich cultural heritage and exciting traditions. The Irish are the most numerous Celtic people. About five million ethnic Irish are residents of the Republic of Ireland, and seventy million people with an Irish origin live in other countries of the world. Of course, Irish women have always played a significant role in society due to their unique qualities.

    Advantages of Irish Mail Order Brides

    Irish women

    When it comes to Irish brides, often the image arises of tall, red-haired, light-eyed, and white-skinned girls with cute freckles. Their hair color ranges from very light and strawberry blond to flaming red. Of course, there are more red-haired beauties in this country than anywhere else. In any case, the original and unique appearance of Irish girls always attracts the men’s eyes. Their appearance can be called memorable and far from established standards.

    The more attractive and unusual this or that girl looks, the more interest this person arouses. Often, Irish women change their appearance to stand out from other mail order brides. A healthy lifestyle, organic products, and vegan food are trendy in Ireland as in many other European countries. So, you may notice that Irish brides watch their figures. They are very flexible and athletic. Contemporary Irish girls, like women from other countries, also love shopping, Hollywood movies, and various TV shows.

    Irish Girls Do Not Make a Mountain Out of a Molehill

    Mostly, Irish girls are honest and straightforward. Therefore, they are not inclined to make a big deal out of nothing. They do not feature ostentatious theatrical behavior when a person pays too much attention to a minor problem. However, many Irish women are childishly naive and need support. Although they are responsible regarding serious matters, they can experience stress from time to time. Hence, they start to overeat, talk with girlfriends for hours, or spend a lot on clothes.

    Irish girls are known as amiable persons. They need to discuss all events, regularly exchange messages with friends, express their opinions, and share vivid emotions. Maybe this Irish girl needs you to feel cared for, supported, and loved? You can win her heart by calming her down and reassuring that everything will be okay. She needs to believe that her personal life, career, and everything else will be fine with time. If you become the one who makes her believe in it, she will reward you with gratitude and love.

    Irish Brides Love Kids

    Irish girls are very family-oriented. If you gather the whole family of your Irish bride, you will get a small village. In Ireland, having many children is the greatest happiness. Mothers are fully responsible for children’s home education. Irish women try to pass on to their children all family values and traditions. In recent years, fathers are more and more involved in this process. When Irish people are getting older, they expect their children and grandchildren will take care of them. So, your Irish wife will take care of her parents as well.

    No Disappointment with Irish Women

    If you want to win the Irish girl’s affections, you need to have sufficient knowledge of her personality. You should know what to expect from her, and she has to understand what to expect from you. Irish girls are very sociable and energetic. Women in Ireland are self-assured and quite perceptive. Hence, you can easily find a topic to talk to with them. Irish women have a spark that many women from other countries lack. An Irish bride can bring excitement into your life, as well as become your best friend and life companion. You will not regret having such a girl by your side.

    Irish Dating Culture

    Irish people are quite different from the rest of Europe. Although modern, it’s a country where traditions still persist. This, of course, affects the culture of dating significantly. Here’s what you need to know about Irish dating culture:

    • Meeting in public places. It’s common for Irish people to meet in pubs or bars. They meet their future soulmates in such places. What’s more, the initial dates may also be in such public places until a couple decides to meet in other places.
    • Crowded dating. When dating an Irish girl, you’ll be dating her friends as well. How’s that possible? In Ireland, you may start dating a lady who’ll rarely come on her own. She’ll be escorted by her social circle. It takes time before she agrees to meet with you in private.
    • Irish culture. You should understand that Irish culture is different from yours. First of all, families still play an important role. Religion is still significant. Much attention is given to how you treat your lady before she starts trusting you.
    • Long-term bonds. In Irish dating culture, not much attention is given to casual flings. It’s not that common for Irish ladies to seek casual bonds. Instead, Irish ladies are known for their commitment.

    Typical Irish Character Traits

    Irish women

    Irish women are undeniably great personalities. The characteristic traits of a typical Irish woman are honesty, directness, friendliness, and strong devotion to her man and family. They are not afraid of any life trouble, and they even like to cope with various challenges. Many of them are extroverts, and this allows them to take life as it is. Gorgeous Irish brides have a strong character, and all their traits are ideally balanced to build strong relationships.

    At the same time, young Irish girls enthusiastically celebrate all the traditional Irish holidays and participate in national festivals. You might have heard many legends about Irish folklore. In this country, you can see Irish dances and listen to traditional music everywhere. Just like other contemporary girls, Irish brides can visit nightclubs, cafes, restaurants, and different shows. Irish pubs are known throughout the world as places primarily for socializing and having a good time.

    Tips for Dating Irish Women

    Despite all the merits, it cannot be said that all Irish girls are flawless angels. They have certain disadvantages, and men should take this into consideration when meeting and communicating with them. For example, these girls are very sensual, so they are a little slow and unstable in communication with the opposite gender. If you are looking for just such a mail order bride, you can try to use the following helpful and not labor-intensive approaches.

    First, you need to draw your Irish girlfriend’s attention. Any man who seems attractive, smart enough, and promising can easily do it. Let her know from the start that you are the best option possible. If you met a girl on a dating site, carefully read her profile. You can find some points in common. This information can also give you suggestions on how to joke kindly and compliment her meaningfully.

    Second, be honest with your Irish bride. These young women are incredibly intuitive, so in most cases, they can understand whether you are telling the truth or lying. It will not hurt to show your sense of humor and self-irony. Irish girls can be funny, cheerful, and even careless, but they can be earnest when needed. Therefore, you can describe your current situation as it is. Do not worry about discussing serious issues at the very beginning of your relationships.

    Third, Irish brides have both childish and mature sides. You should consider this when you start communicating with them. Make your girlfriend laugh like a happy child, but also do not forget about serious things. Ask her about her cherished dreams and life goals, and let her feel your support. Your Irish girl is unlikely looking for an artist and clown. She needs an understanding man and a reliable friend. Thus, be considerate, polite, and courteous, and then, you will win her heart.

    Fourth, Irish women are not accustomed to accepting gifts and courtship in general. They often do not know how to take it. Chances are your girlfriend will be looking to share the restaurant bill or give you money back. If not, she will probably want to present you something in return. Therefore, it depends on you to turn her step by step into a real lady who will accept gifts and courtship gracefully and elegantly.

    Fifth, you may have a little problem with her Irish accent. Sometimes it can be challenging not to laugh or understand what she wants to say. But do not worry, you will get used to her way of speaking, and she will most likely adapt to yours. Communicate with her more, and perhaps invite her to travel to your country. She will quickly master the pronunciation you are used to, and you both will have no language barrier over time.

    Irish Brides Are Equal to Their Men

    Do not be surprised if your Irish bride shows her strong and independent nature. Probably, she will not be afraid to express her opinion and be frank with you. Such women want to be equal to men, and therefore they are aimed at achieving common life goals. At the same time, they try not only for themselves but also their closest people. You do not need to support your Irish woman financially because she will be willing to work with you for improving relationships and building a healthy family.

    Loyalty is a key feature for all Irish brides. Perhaps this is the result of Catholic education and a manifestation of national character traits. Your girlfriend may turn out to be a little more religious than you expected. So, Irish women always stay with their husbands no matter what troubles happen. Either way, you can rest assured that your Irish bride will stay with you in joy and sorrow. In return, she expects you to love and take care of her.

    Irish Singles Appreciate a Good Time

    Irish people, both men and women, often come across as funny guys and women. An Irish pub is a well-known place for togetherness, communication, and cheerful entertainment. People say that Irish pubs have three rules to observe. All the people in the pub should act like old acquaintances, but outside the pub, no one remembers what happened during the drunken party. Besides, the bartender is like a priest to whom every customer can confess.

    In this country, you can hear a saying: if you cannot get the Lord to talk, then you are not Irish. Here, short talks are art and lifestyle at the same time. The Irish are not accustomed to keeping silent in public places. They talk about everything and everywhere, even in restrooms. Talking about the weather is a common way of making contact. In addition, they try not to use the word “no” and replace it with other less harsh figures of speech.

    Foreigners in the pub are of particular interest. Many of those present will want to talk to you and have a drink. If you find it challenging to cope with drinking a lot of alcohol, just join people singing and dancing. Irony and caustic jokes are honored in Ireland, and the locals do not even think to take offence for this. Disputes can last for several hours, and interlocutors tend to jump from topic to topic and change the tone of the conversation. Even the most serious discussion can turn into a funny joke.

    Be Respectful

    Irish brides are polite and well mannered. They tend to be nice to all people because of their culture. In this country, it is not customary to judge people and express deprecation toward anybody. Irish people are cautious in their statements and assessments. At the same time, politeness in Ireland is not fake. Local people are used to greeting each other, wishing a nice day and smiling. Even a few banal phrases about the weather are pleasant to everyone.

    So, a local girl will appreciate such behavior from you. Some sincere compliments will break the ice. However, you should not clearly flatter her. In this way, you risk incurring her anger. Also, there is no need to use dirty words, kidding around, and speaking ill of her country. Most Irish women hate it when men start to behave this way. Try to show respect for your Irish girl, her life, religion, and the country in general.

    A Special First Date With an Irish Woman

    Irish girls

    Suppose you have managed to meet a lovely Irish girl on a dating website and you came to this country to see her. To make your first date successful, you need to understand the mindset of Irish women for marriage. For instance, people in most countries meet in the evening, but the situation is different in Ireland. In this country, you are free to have breakfast or brunch together. 

    You might also think that there are only pubs in Ireland and no other places to visit, but that is not true. You can walk and talk while enjoying the fantastic nature and landscapes of Ireland. Do not plan anything glamorous like you probably would do with girls from America or Western Europe. Most likely, your Irish girl will prefer a quiet and romantic meeting because your essential goal is knowing each other better. 

    If she likes you, she will introduce you to her girlfriends or maybe even invite you to her home. This is a sign that she is serious about your relationships. Keep in mind that you must please her mother first of all. Demonstrate your deep feelings and respect toward your Irish bride. The mother wants to be sure that you will never hurt her daughter. It is even more crucial than pleasing her father and drinking several glasses of beer with him.

    How Does an Irish Woman Solve Matrimonial Problems?

    It so happens that currently much more women than men live in Ireland. The gender ratio is approximately one to seven in favor of women. It explains the fact that all Irish women take marriage and family with particular trepidation. Strong Irish women are always busy. They have their own social circle, different duties, and they always have something to do.

    In Ireland, every married woman has a wooden spoon, which is presented to the bride at her wedding. In local families, it is a real symbol of the woman’s power. Everyone is afraid of this spoon: husbands, children, and even dogs. If a woman appears with this weapon in her hand, this is a sure sign for her husband to hurry home and wait for the storm to pass. Of course, this is a joke, but some truth is in it.

    Why Marry an Irish Woman?

    Today, many foreign men consider Irish mail order brides to be the best option for dating and marriage. Irish brides have everything — from seductive attractiveness to outstanding personality traits.

    Original Beauty

    Although the physical beauty of a woman is only a facade, most men still need a gorgeous bride to admire her every day. Naturally, a man wants to show off his wife, have beautiful children, and feel the tug to return home. Irish girls are stunning with their blue or grey eyes, pale skin, and thick red hair. They have a unique charm that can hardly be found in women from other countries.


    Irish women are known for their steadfast loyalty, which makes them ideal for marriage. They are honest in relationships and do not like to play games. Every man needs a woman who will love him, treat him with respect, and stay a faithful wife to him. Irish girls are educated in a way to accept male dominance in the family.

    Family Values 

    Women from Ireland are very close to their families and always take care of their husbands and children. Most of them grow up in families with adherence to traditional family values. Irish wives are great at cooking, doing household chores, caring for children, and keeping the house in general. In addition, marrying an Irish bride is an opportunity to be closer to the art, culture, and ancient traditions of these people.

    Why Are Irish Women So Popular?

    Irish women are very temperamental, cheerful, and sexy. There are two main types of Celtic women. The first type has a flat and broad-cheeked face with a neat nose, brown hair and blue (less often green) eyes. Usually, these women have ample proportions. The other type has an elongated face with hollow cheeks. These females have bright red hair and light-colored eyes. This type of women is not so inclined to be overweight.

    Girls in Ireland know how to look after themselves and dress fashionably. They pay special attention to hair health but rarely do fashionable hairstyles. Young girls often choose very bright makeup and wear very short dresses, even in cold weather. Young Irish women often go studying or working abroad for a while. After living in other countries for several years, they willingly return home and start families.

    Where Can You Meet Irish Brides?

    Nowadays, you can find love without leaving your home. For that, you only need a laptop and Internet access. Over the years, Western men used to search brides from Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe or Latin America. Today, hot Irish mail order brides became very popular. All contemporary Irish girls use mobile gadgets and various apps, including dating ones. As mentioned above, the number of Irish men for marriage is reduced. So, local brides have to search for husbands overseas. 

    Of course, you can visit Ireland with the purpose to meet your Irish bride. However, think about all the expenses this trip will require and the time you need to spend to meet your ideal girl. The chances are that the girl you liked turns out to be already married or engaged. Even if you are lucky to meet a free girl and fall in love with her, you will have to think about many different points in this case.

    How To Find a Reliable Website with Irish Mail Order Brides?

    International online dating platforms are plentiful. You can easily get lost or even face fraud. Some websites are overpriced or use bots only to make you pay for time spent on these platforms without any result. Also, some online resources do not verify girls’ profiles at registration, and scammers can use this situation.

    Trustworthy dating sites have no hidden costs and charge reasonable fees for their services. Also, a lot depends on your profile attractiveness. Be honest about your personality traits, habits, life goals, and upload your best photos. Search filters can help you select Irish mail order brides according to your preferences. You will be able to communicate with the girls using messages and video chat. Try online dating platforms such as DreamSingles, CharmDate, and FindHotSingle.

    Summing Up: Irish Women VS American Women

    You can find a vast Irish diaspora in the US. However, even American Irish girls are different from American women, let alone the brides who live in Ireland. Irish women have a unique sense of humor. Sometimes it may even seem that their humor is a little harsh. In America, guys are not used to joking women. Unlike many American women, Irish girls are usually talkative, cheerful, and open-minded. If you want to have by your side a sincere and reliable companion, with whom you can even drink beer on an equal footing, you better choose an Irish mail order bride.

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