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    Hot Serbian Women
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    Hot Serbian Women


    The state of Serbia, located in the southeastern part of Western Europe, is a kind of bridge between Central Europe and the Balkan Peninsula. Serbia was part of several empires for hundreds of years and gained independence only in 1878. It is a country with a turbulent and often tragic history. The people of this country had to go through many difficult periods. Perhaps that is why they know how to appreciate life and feature increased emotionality and sensitivity. 

    Serbia is a small but wonderful and unique country. Although it does not have access to the sea, it has fantastic mountainous and lowland landscapes. Moreover, it is a fantastic country not only by its nature but also by people. In many ways, hot Serbian women are similar to the picturesque nature of their land — they are just as blooming, bright, and sunny. Many believe that in terms of the number of beautiful women per 9 million of the population, Serbia is an absolute leader in Europe. 

    Why Are Serbian Girls Considered to Look So Hot?

    The appearance of hot Serbian women is full of charm and expressiveness. They can experience intense feelings and are not afraid to express them. Sexy Serbian women are distinguished by aristocracy and self-esteem. These courageous and independent women are increasingly adopting European values ​​and behavior of European women. Interestingly, most contemporary Serbian women do not consider themselves to be Europeans. 

    Sexy Serbian girls look luxurious. They are confident in their irresistibility and know how to use it. They know how to combine their personal lives and professional ambitions because of their inborn intelligence. At the same time, they are easy-going and sincere in communication. They also have a great sense of humor, and their funny jokes pronounced in a low tone of voice are usually appropriate and inoffensive. Besides, hot Serbian women like cheerful and light-hearted men.


    According to world and Western European standards, a lot of Serbian women are gorgeous and charming. Hot Serbian women are famous for their attractive feminine beauty and sexuality. Their beauty is vibrant, expressive, and unique. It can strike any man at first sight and leave vivid and long-lasting impressions. Sexy Serbian women are so attractive primarily due to genetics since various peoples have been mixed in this territory for centuries. 

    Even a large amount of cosmetics cannot spoil Serbian brides. With or without makeup, hot Serbian women are truly beautiful. It is a long-recognized fact that hot Serbian girls have a complete set of everything needful for being beautiful. To look attractive and sexy, Serbian girls do not need to torture themselves with strict diets, plastic surgery, as well as expensive and often painful cosmetic procedures. They preserve their natural beauty without any additional effort or intervention by specialists.

    Physical Features

    Serbian females combine both Slavic and Mediterranean types of women, and this makes them special. Most of them have dark hair, brown eyes, and olive skin. However, in this country, you can also meet an amazing combination of dark hair and snow-white skin, which looks very aristocratic. The facial features of hot Serbian girls are clear and expressive. You can see how beautifully the faces of many Serbian girls combine pure European and typical Asian facial traits. Both young girls and mature women try to emphasize all the best features of their attractive appearance.

    In fact, sexy Serbian girls are slightly different from skinny models from other countries. While Serbian women feature high stature, low weight, and a wasp waist, they have attractive soft curvatures in the appropriate parts. Such features can immediately draw men’s attention to these females. They wear quite open and provocative clothes, not only on holidays but also in everyday life. National trends allow these ladies to create various images from strict and business to elegant and romantic ones.


    Modern Serbian girls living in big cities strive to get a good education and a demanded specialty. Sports occupy a special place in their lives. Young Serbian girls and women are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. They monitor their nutrition and do exercises every morning. More and more fitness clubs, gyms, and playgrounds are springing up across the country. Thanks to physical activity, sexy Serbian girls manage to keep a good fitness form and slenderness. Also, they like outdoor activities and visiting beautiful places.

    Local women usually have a rest over a cup of coffee. This drink is very popular in the Balkans. Coffee is offered everywhere, under any circumstances, and in a large quantity. Hot Serbian women are very hospitable. When guests come, the hostesses love to treat everyone with delicious food. After everyone is full, it is customary to joke and sing songs at the table. All significant events in Serbia are accompanied by music and songs. Serbian women sing at weddings, birthdays, and even funerals. All festivities in Serbia last for a long time until the last drop of joy or sorrow.

    The country’s national language is Serbian, but another twelve European languages ​​are officially used at the regional and local levels on a par with it. The dominant religion of the country is Christian Orthodoxy. This religion leaves a significant imprint on the lives of Serbian women. Because of this, many of them are quite conservative. Wedding ceremonies can take place only in churches. Hot Serbian women celebrate all religious holidays, observe fasting, and often visit churches. Even there, you can often see sexy Serbian girls dressed in mini-skirts and blouses with a deep neckline.

    Popularity among Men 

    Sexy Serbian girls do not ask too much except for genuine love, care, and trust. Foreign men have to listen to hot Serbian girls and be respectful to their culture and traditions. In return, Serbian women can well become the closest persons ever met before. First of all, single men from other countries appreciate openness and sincerity in Serbian women. These ladies do not pretend and play roles, which is typical, for example, for many American women. Besides, a pretty good purse is not what they are looking for to be happy.

    Hot Serbian women attract Western Europeans by their traditional outlook on the life around them. Indeed, these women balance between their personal needs and the norms of the patriarchal society. Very often, Serbian women give preference to healthy and stable relationships, families, and children. Nevertheless, sexy Serbian girls love to have fun and hang out at nightclubs. These females often smoke cigarettes and drink rakija, the famous national beverage made of fruits. 

    In contemporary Serbia, local girls cannot always find decent men that would correspond to their ideals. Therefore, attractive and charismatic men from other countries have every chance to win the heart of one of the hottest Serbian girls. However, Serbian girls believe that a man must maintain a woman and a family. Simultaneously, sexy Serbian women can be inconsistent and highly unpredictable. In those moments, they become subordinates of their short-term emotions.

    Top 15 Hottest Serbian Girls

    Beautiful and elegant Serbian girls often represent their country in international beauty contests. The fact that there are so many spectacular models among them is evidence that the appearance of sexy Serbian women cannot leave anyone indifferent. Among sexy Serbian women, you can also find many athletes who have achieved world fame and actresses who have won the audience’s hearts. In the list below, you can find out more about the most successful and hottest Serbian women.

    1. Aleksandra Vuković

    Aleksandra Vuković (born in 1983) is a hot Serbian model. She was placed 2nd in the Elite Model Look International 1999 pageant and offered several lucrative contracts with fashion agencies. She worked for Elite Model (USA), Next Model (France), Munich Models (Germany), Premier Model Management (London), and Fashion Model Management (Italy). Aleksandra participated in promotion campaigns of Anti-Flirt, FCUK Fragrances, Nivea Beauté, Palmers, Rebecca Taylor, and Unno. Also, she was invited to fashion shows of Gucci and Rocco Barocco.

    2. Ana Ivanović

    Ana Ivanović (born in 1987) is one of the hottest Serbian women and a former Serbian professional tennis player. She was a winner of a Grand Slam singles tournament (French Open 2008), a first racket of the world in singles, a winner of 15 WTA singles tournaments, as well as a finalist of both Federation Cup (2012) and the Hopman Cup (2013). Also, she became a finalist of the junior Grand Slam tournament in singles (Wimbledon 2004).

    3. Barbara Tatalović

    Barbara Tatalović

    Barbara Tatalović (born in 1996) is a well-known Serbian actress and model. She was a winner of the Elite Model Look Serbia contest in 2011. Her photos appeared on the covers of many fashion magazines. She is known not only in her country but also far beyond the borders of Serbia. This dark-haired beauty walked on the podiums of Milan, Paris, and Shanghai. Her first work in cinema was a small role in the series about the Soviet singer Magomayev (2019). At present, Barbara continues to act in movies and run the modeling business.

    4. Bojana Panić

    Bojana Panić

    Bojana Panić (born in 1985) is a successful Serbian model and actress. She started her modeling career in Milan after being discovered by the Names Agency. Then, she cooperated with several famous Parisian couturiers, namely Dior and Chanel. She was the official face of the cosmetics company Schwarzkopf GLISS KUR. Also, she starred in such movies as Jacquou Le Croquant by Laurent Boutonnat, Largo Winch: The Beginning, Liberté, and others.

    5. Danina Jeftić

    Danina Jeftić

    Danina Jeftić (born in 1986) is a Serbian actress and sportswoman. As a handball player, she was a part of the Australian junior female team. In 2008, she was offered one of the leading roles in the RTV Pink series Money or Life. However, she attracted the attention of both public and critics by the Montevideo, God Bless You! movie (2010) film by Dragan Bjelogrlić. Danina was studying at the University of Dramatic Arts in Belgrad. She is fluent in Serbian, Russian, and English.

    6. Elena Gavrilović

    Elena Gavrilović (born in 1983) is a talented Serbian actress. She began her acting career in the Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad, Serbia. In Belgrade, the actress mainly played in musicals. Elena also worked on television and participated in various film projects. Some films with her participation were banned in many countries due to violent and explicit scenes. Nevertheless, critics predict her great future in cinema. Many believe that the beauty and tenderness of the actress are combined with a strong character.

    7. Milena Radulović

    Milena Radulović (born in 1995) is a very young but trendy Serbian actress. In 2017, she graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts of the State University in Belgrade. She made her debut as an actress in the television series One Summer Night (2015). Immediately afterward, she was offered the role in the children’s series Space Princess, produced by RTS. After finishing her studies, she acted in many TV series and films, including the Russian-Serbian movie Balkan Border.

    8. Nataša Petrović

    Nataša (Natasha) Petrović (born in 1988) is a Macedonian actress of Serbian descent. She made her on-screen debut in the Macedonian film Shadows (2007) by Milčo Mančevski. Then, she became worldwide known for her role in the movie As If I Am Not There, which was selected for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 84th Academy Awards. Besides, she got the Best Actress Award at the Seattle International Film Festival, the Best International Actress Award by Irish Film and Television, and Milan International Film Festival Award for Best Acting Performance in the female nomination.

    9. Nina Janković

    Nina Janković (born in 1988) is a Serbian actress of theater, cinema, and television. After graduating from high school of arts, she continued her studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. She made her debut in the Montevideo, God Bless You! film, in which Nina stripped naked. For this role, she won the MTV Movie Award in the category of The Best Actress. At present, Nina is considered one of the most talented Serbian actresses of the younger generation. According to many, she is one of the most beautiful Serbian women.

    10. Olya Ivanisević

    Olya Ivanisević (born in 1988) is a successful Serbian fashion model. She appeared on the cover of glossy fashion magazines, such as Flair (2008), Marie Claire (2008), Velvet (2009), and the Serbian edition of Elle (2010). She worked for such talent agencies as Women Direct (New York), Modelwerk (Hamburg), and Premier Model Management (London). Olya’s height is 1.79 m (5′ 10″). Also, she is one of the wealthiest models who were born in Serbia.

    11. Sanja Papić

    Sanja Papić

    Sanja Papić (born in 1984) is a well-known model who represented Serbia and Montenegro at Miss Universe 2003, where she took 3rd place. At the following Miss Europe 2003 beauty pageant in Paris, she became the 2nd runner-up. Then, she moved to New York to work for the Roberto Cavalli brand. Besides, Sanja signed a contract with Omega and became an Omega Watches Ambassador. She also appeared in commercials for Ice Tea and Winsenia Cream.

    12. Sloboda Mićalović

    Sloboda Mićalović

    Sloboda Mićalović Ćetković (born in 1981) is a recognized Serbian actress. When she was a child, she dreamed of becoming an opera singer and took singing lessons. She is best known for her roles in the Zona Zamfirova comedy-drama film and several series on national TV. Some of these movies became the most-watched Serbian television series of all time. In 2009, Sloboda obtained the Serbian Oscar Of Popularity in the Female Actor of the Year category.

    13. Sofija Milošević

    Sofija Milošević (born in 1991) is a gorgeous Serbian fashion model. She started her modeling career at a young age. Sofija dealt with well-known Serbian fashion designers and several famous brands, such as Diesel, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Jeremy Scott in New York and Milan. She studied business management, and it helped her to launch her own clothing brand called Sofi Milo. Sofija always believed that success requires a dream, willingness, and effort.

    14. Sonja Kolacarić

    Sonja Kolacarić (born in 1980) is a beautiful Serbian actress. She is best known for her leading roles in such movies as Tears for Sale, Jadnici, and Urnebesna Tragedija. Sonja made her debut in the film Sky Hook (1999), which was nominated for an Oscar in the category of the best film outside the English-speaking world. Then, she was acting in numerous dramas, comedies, and romantic TV serials. She studied acting at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade.

    15. Stana Katić

    Stana Katić (born in 1978) is a Canadian actress with Serbian and Croatian roots. She is known for her roles of Kate Beckett in the detective film Castle and Emily Byrne in the TV series Amnesia. She also voiced computer games. From 2000 to 2004, Stana studied at the University of Toronto and the DePaul Theater School, also known as the Goodman School of Drama. She fluently speaks English, Serbian, Slovenian, French, and Italian languages.

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