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    Dating French Women
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    Dating French Women


    France will charm you with tasty croissants, street music, the magnificent Eiffel Tower, and the Louvre’s glass pyramid. However, beautiful French women make this country so unique and attractive more than anything else. Today, you will find out why French girls are so desirable, learn about French dating culture, and tips on seducing the local ladies.

    Why French Women Are so Popular?


    There is a widespread stereotype that French flirty nature equals infidelity. Some surveys even state that only about 50% of French people consider adultery unacceptable. It is 30% lower compared to Americans. However, in reality, the French are much more devoted to their spouses.

    They are used to contributing to their relationships and know that healthy marriage results from cooperation rather than a chaotic flow of feelings and deeds. When you keep the passion in your relationship, preserving the butterflies even after decades of living together, there is no need to search for an affair. It is one of the reasons why French people maintain their love for such a long time. For instance, the crude divorce rate is 2.1 in France, which is 41% lower compared to the US.

    Thus, if you find a French bride, you can be sure your relationship will last for long, resulting in a happy marriage.

    Besides, French women don’t seem to be good at casual dating, which is fantastic. They don’t want to bounce from one short romance to another, preferring stable and long-lasting bonds full of sincere commitment and passionate love.


    France has been the world’s capital of fashion for quite a long time. Beauty peasants and fashion shows have always been integral to French culture. Indeed, walking along the Paris streets, you will notice that most women (including those over 50) look incredibly stylish and trendy.

    Delicate facial features and sexy bodies combined with fashionable outfits allow beautiful French women to feel confident, irradiate elegance, and charm men with their irresistible beauty.

    France is also the world’s leading cosmetics exporter. Women worldwide use French cosmetics to stand out, but they cannot keep up with the local girls who know all the secrets of preserving beauty. They do lots of beauty maintenance routines to keep their skin smooth and prevent aging. Besides, French women can really afford to buy beauty products from the top brands. The average annual French salary is about €39,000 ($46,000). It is a bit lower compared to the US but still enough for keeping comfortable living standards.

    Therefore, don’t worry about the look of your French bride. You will be proud of her, while your friends and colleagues will be green with envy.

    Strong and Hardworking but Traditional

    Let us start with the numbers: women comprise 48% of France’s total labor force, working more than their US counterparts. In addition, French women have 47% of parliament seats, ranking way higher than the UK and Germany. Indeed, French women are strong, powerful, and capable of taking care of themselves. 

    On the other hand, they are much more traditional when it comes to gender roles and parenting. Although most women work full time, they don’t usually share domestic work with their spouses. Moreover, they believe cooking, ironing, cleaning the house, and other chores belong to women’s responsibilities exclusively. As for parenting, French women also think they can deal with children far better than their husbands.

    Additionally, French girls act much more traditionally in the relationship and often expect their partners to make the first move.

    As a result, a French woman, despite all stereotypes, is a caring mother, a diligent worker, and a supportive wife. That is why so many American guys arrive in France to date and marry French brides.

    French Dating Culture

    France has always been associated with romantic people dreaming of meeting their soulmates. And this is quite true. In France, dating and creating a relationship are considered important steps in the lives of singles. Here are some interesting things to know about their dating culture:

    • They are not fans of blind dates. French women are cautious when dating someone, and thus, blind dates in France are not quite common. Ladies meet someone through social circles, relatives, or friends. They simply want to know who they’ll meet.
    • They are late. Never forget about le quart d’heure de politesse when dating a French woman. It’s a common standard for French women to show up late. So, you should show patience and wait for your lady like a gentleman.
    • First kiss. At some point, you’ll have your first kiss. It’s a signal that you’re about to start a serious relationship. So, you should be ready to become a committed partner and lover. You can expect the same from her.
    • Communication. Much attention is given to how you communicate with her. Daily calls and messages are always expected to happen. French women are quite keen on getting warm messages and texts. So, be sure that you give enough attention while you’re not together.

    What are French Brides Like?


    French girls indeed love flirting and sometimes make the first move. Once you meet one in person, you will understand whether she likes you or not. She will be channeling all her attention to you, smiling a lot, going red when you compliment her, touching her hair, and leaning to you. She will laugh at your jokes (even if you lack a sense of humor).

    If she does all these things, she might be interested in you (but not always). Unlike Americans, the French are used to spending much time with friends of the opposite sex. So, if you “date” a French girl for about a week, it does not necessarily mean that she is your girlfriend at this point. A French lady might be interested in you, but nothing more. However, if she allows you to kiss her, it means she has set sights on you, and, therefore, you are dating for real.

    Intelligent and Open-Minded

    France is among the top ten countries with the most university students. Traditionally, women significantly outnumber men in French universities. As for the quality of education, France is undoubtedly among the leading countries. According to QS World University Rankings, such French institutions as University PSL or Sorbonne University belong to the 100 world’s best universities. Also, France accepts over 250,000 international students yearly, proving that its universities are some of the best in Europe. Given that, French women receive well-rounded, high-quality education on even terms with American students.

    As for English, surveys report that over 39% of the French population speaks English to some degree. It means that most people who learn and speak English can support a conversation on a fundamental level. You can also find many women speaking English fluently, especially those with a degree in linguistics and English.

    Most people speaking English on an advanced level or fluently live in major cities and tourist destinations, especially Paris. Thus, if you consider meeting a girl with fluent English, you can focus on women from Paris, Nice, or Marseille.

    Dating vs Having Friends

    As mentioned before, French women don’t mind spending time with their male friends, and it usually doesn’t mean anything intimate. So, you French woman might meet her male friends or invite them on a group date. Some Americans feel awkward in such a company but, eventually, get used to it.

    Also, in the US, your partner is your best friend and advisor. In France, things are a bit different. French people separate love and friendship, which means your woman might have a male best friend. Thus, you don’t need to consider her friend as a threat to your relationship.

    The French can be friends without making any transitions to a relationship. A woman’s best friend might be either single or in a relationship as well. He and your woman might have mutual interests that don’t relate to your relationship in any way.

    However, if you believe such friendship will only bring you headaches, you can always find a girl who shares your views. After all, France does not end beyond Paris.

    Sex Equals Love

    For French people, sex is always a manifestation of deep love and commitment. French people don’t rush with intimacy and sometimes preserve their virginity for those they will genuinely love someday. Thus, you should not expect to get a French woman fast. Although French girls are incredibly hot and sexy, they will release all their passion after making sure the relationship will last for long and result in a wedding.

    Your Best Place to Find French Mail Order Brides?

    Online relationships result in over 17% of marriages worldwide. You have a very high chance of meeting French brides for marriage online. Indeed, French people use dating websites and applications massively. Over 38% of French guys and girls use online dating and start romantic relationships online.

    Registering an account on a dating site does not take much time, and you can do it on your mobile device comfortably in a few minutes. Upon registration, you will get access to millions of dating profiles. Just filter French women and start chatting French mail order brides.

    What is more, statistically, you have ten times higher chances of meeting a woman online than in person. Therefore, online dating is one of the fastest and most comfortable and money-saving methods of picking up women, especially when you have no time to veg out in a club. Although chances of meeting a French lady are lower in real life, here are some suggestions:

    In the US

    Fortunately, you can find many French women for marriage in the US since over ten million Franco-Americans currently live in the US. Additionally, you can aim at young French brides studying in American universities. As a rule, these girls are eager to date and marry American guys.

    Most Franco-Americans live in New York, Louisiana, and New England. Thus, you can go online and filter thousands of hot French girls living in the US.

    However, if you dream of picking up women from France exclusively, you can plan a trip to Paris and other French cities. Check the trip costs and suggestions on dating women in France below.

    A Trip to France

    Note that it is far better to visit a particular girl you already know. If you take a flight to the unknown, you may fail to meet someone during your vacation. In addition, traveling to France is quite costly, even for middle-class Americans. Let us do a little math:

    • ~$150 on accommodation
    • ~$30 on transportation
    • ~$50 on food and drinks
    • ~$30 on entertainment

    You will spend around $260 per day on the trip, which is $1,820 per week. Sure, if you plan to pick up a woman, you have to increase the entertainment budget and probably double the total expenses. In this case, it is better to visit the country after meeting a French mail order bride online.

    How to Seduce French Women?

    Look Nice and Tidy

    Not only French women but also men have good fashion tastes. Due to this, French brides pay attention to their partner’s appearance. After all, no woman will be excited if you show up in a sleeveless shirt, shorts, and flip-flops. If you are good at outfits, you can bring a bit more attention to your wardrobe just in case.

    Don’t Show Off

    French brides don’t like men who talk big. So don’t try to seem better than you are. Just be yourself and let the woman enjoy your presence. French women will instantly read you like a book, so your phony claims will turn them off in a flash.

    Alternatively, if you earn twice as big as the national average, it is better not to show off. It is because French women value personal qualities in the first place. Therefore, your attempts to “buy” a woman will antagonize her as well. So, just be yourself, without emphasizing your status.

    Be a Gentleman

    French girls like men’s elegance. Wooing is the key to the heart of your French bride. Flowers, gifts, and sweets will serve you better than ever. Also, open the door for her, offer her a seat, and take her home.

    By doing this, you will show that you value and cherish your woman. As a result, she will enjoy a sweet, pleasant aftertaste when going home after spending an evening with you. She will recall the delightful memories, already waiting for the next date to happen.

    By the way, the French etiquette requires men to cover the dating expenses. Asking the waiter for a separate bill can spoil the date. Thus, your French woman should not think of money on the appointment.

    Learn Some French

    French, as a language, perfectly reflects the elegance and romanticism of its native speakers. Discovering your woman’s culture will undoubtedly make your relationship stronger and give you a chance to show more respect towards her. Thus, you can learn some French vocabulary.

    How to Find a Reliable French Dating Website?

    Online dating is incredibly efficient, but only when you register on a high-quality, reputable dating website with plenty of opportunities and a broad community. Check these tips to select a reliable platform:

    1. Safety is Number One Priority

    The safe dating experience is the key to success, so find out whether a dating website has a valid SSL certificate, reviews dating profiles, and checks users’ identity. Reliable dating sites display digital security certificates and apply anti-fraud measures to prevent scammers from signing up.

    If a dating agency requires phone number confirmation upon registration, checks users’ background, and offers optional identity verification, you can be sure it fights scams.

    2. Check the Profiles

    You can test a dating service by registering a free account and accessing the database. Then, you can browse dating profiles to check whether they look natural or not. Prioritize websites where dating profiles are mostly verified, have several pictures and meaningful descriptions.

    3. Learn about the Feedback

    Reputation means a lot in online dating. Scam dating services quickly accumulate negative testimonials across all review websites. Therefore, you should check a couple of review platforms to learn about your dating site’s reputation.

    4. Payment Policy Matters

    You need to check whether a dating website offers “bonus subscriptions” upon registration. As a rule, such “bonuses” are incredibly short trials that often turn into recurring monthly payments you will struggle to cancel. It is better to avoid dating agencies charging such hidden fees or requiring you to pay a subscription to create an account.

    Summing up: French VS American Women

    In contrast to American women, French ones treat relationships more seriously, aiming at long-lasting commitment rather than short-term romances or extramarital affairs. French women are more elegant, beautiful, and feminine in relationships. They become caring mothers and supportive wives, which is ideal for a happy and healthy marriage. Therefore, if you dream of dating a French woman, it is high time to sign up on a dating site and meet your love.

    James Preece
    Dating Coach
    James is an expert in international dating and helps many men navigate through the best choice, be it for dating or marriage. He conveys the real sense of how you can approach choosing the best match. He consistently helps our site get the best and up-to-date content to shed light on dating online and its perks. Besides, he’s a talented writer who makes it easy to understand the peculiarities of international women for dating and marriage.
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