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    Hottest Indian women
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    Hottest Indian women


    1. Priyanka Chopra 

    Priyanka Chopra

    Priyanka Chopra is a rising star in the movie industry that has already blown millions of males’ minds away with her magnetic beauty. Indeed, apart from being a talented actress and an excellent singer, she amazes her fans with her ultimate beauty. She has even officially received a status of the most desirable woman thanks to her carefree attitude and style. 

    It all started with Priyanka’s mother helping her daughter by introducing her unearthly beauty to the world. When she was just a small kid, her mum sent her snapshot to the Beauty Contest, which turned out to be a huge success. The contest was the beginning of Priyanka’s worldwide recognition. She later starred in Bollywood and Tamil movies.

    Today, Priyanka Chopra is a UNICEF Goodwill ambassador as well as a representative for multiple International and Indian brands. Besides officially being one of the most sexy Indian women, she makes this word a better place and surrounds it with beauty.

    2. Disha Patani

    Disha Patani

    Apparently, Disha Patani is not just an Indian sensation – she is a real crush! She began her acting career just a couple of years ago but already proved that the camera adores her. She has received one of her most prominent roles in the Chinese movie Kung Fu Yoga, which turned out to be one of the most high-grossing movies of all time. 

    Before Disha took advantage of her beauty and talent, she studied engineering in her home city – Bareilly. But after she made her career choice and starred in her first movie in 2015, real fame got her. Shortly after, she was offered to appear in a music clip along with Tiger Shroff. Fun fact: she began dating Tiger shortly after that. 

    3. Celina Jaitley

    Celina Jaitley

    Celina Jaitley is a model, actress, and former beauty queen in India. But not everyone knows that those are far not the only occupations that this hot Indian beauty has. Celina is actually a nurse! And, she is not just an ordinary nurse you one can see in a hospital – she is a nurse in the army. 

    What makes Celina Jaitley famous and recognizable not only in India but also in the US is her ultimate beauty. She took part in the Miss Universe pageant, and afterward, she did some modeling and gained some excellent acting experience. These days, Celina Jaitley continues her acting career. She also demonstrates her social input by participating in multiple community activist programs in India. 

    4. Nikita Anand

    Nikita Anand

    Nikita Anand stands out as one of the hot Indian bride. Far not many people know that her childhood is quite challenging as she spent most of it relocating with her family from place to place. She took part in her first-ever beauty contest when she was only 13. And, it is no surprise that it was the time she first won – she got a title of a Miss Ranchi. Even though she later participated in a Miss Universe but couldn’t get the place, she returned to India with a huge motivation, which later helped her to achieve all the heights in modeling and acting. She has later successfully hosted a few shows and appeared in multiple fashion shows. 

    5. Anushka Sharma

    Anushka Sharma

    Although most sexy Indian women admire highlighting their beauty with makeup and bright accessories, Anushka is somewhat different. Anushka Sharma is famous for her spectacular dresses, minimalistic style, and ultimate natural look. In spite of always being chased by the journalists who try to catch her ‘no-makeup’ look, we still know her as a beauty queen. 

    Before Anushka Sharma decided to launch her actress’s career, she was mostly interested in journalism and modeling. Thereby, she went to Mumbai to join a model agency and appeared on her first runway soon. Anushka is one of the most demanded and high-paid actresses in India. Just by the age of 32, she has already received multiple awards. Additionally, she has already appeared in Forbes magazine and ranked among India’s most prominent celebrities. 

    Today, we know Anushka as a brand ambassador and a co-founder of Clean State Films production company. 

    6. Alanna Panday

    Alanna Panday is neither an actress nor a singer – she is an Instagram star. She has become an influencer for almost half a million online users. This young woman is undeniably attractive, and she has a perfect body. According to the news and evidence, her mother is a fitness expert, so it is no surprise that Alanna is in such good shape. 

    According to her posts, Alanna is looking forward to launching her clothing brand and running a store. Well, she even got a major in Fashion Management, so we can clearly see that she knows something about fashion! Maybe, we will see her in the movies too. All in all, this young lady definitely has some potential, and she surely knows how to make use of it. 

    7. Sana Khan

    Sana Khan has undoubtedly coined her name in the list of the most successful Indian actresses of all time. Before becoming a Bollywood star, she had already been starring in Indian movies for almost ten years. Wajah Tum Ho was her first Bollywood movie, and it turned out to bring her ultimate fame in 2016. 

    The face of Sana Khan can frequently be seen in Indian commercials. She even was shooting in some provocative commercials that caused a lot of criticism in public. However, that just made Sana even more famous. In 2012, she was a celebrity contestant in an Indian version of American Big Brother – Bigg Boss. The show was an ultimate success as Sana managed to stay in it till the end and win third place. 

    8.  Jhanvi Kapoor

    Jhanvi Kapoor is a 23-year old Indian actress who decided to follow her mother’s steps. She was born to Sridevi – a legendary Indian actress who was ranked as the first Bollywood female superstar. Even though her mother was not fond of her daughter’s idea of purchasing an acting career, she largely supported Jhanvi’s decision. Before making her first steps as a Bollywood star, she studied acting in California. Her debut was Shashank Khaitan-directed romance Dhadak in 2018, and later she appeared in the Netflix Series named Ghost stories.

    Despite her very young age, she already has few prominent movies in her portfolio. Additionally, she continues shooting in multiple movies in the meantime. 

    9. Radhika Apte

     Radhika Apte is one of the hottest Indian girls celebrities in India who paved her way to acting through theatre. Her debut was in Hindi fantasy with a small role, but she managed to make her best effort to win the audiences’ hearts. After a few years of her debut, she received her first lead role in Antaheen, a Bengali social drama. Apart from independent films, Radhika was also starring in mainstream films, all of which brought her ultimate commercial success. What speaks in favor of her acting success is an International Emmy Awards nomination. 

    Apart from an acting career, Radhika decided to make a directorial debut. Her movie was shown at an International ShortFest Palm Springs competition in 2020. 

    10. Esha Gupta

    Esha Gupta is one of the most hot Indian girls that the world has ever seen. Tall, slender, and looking like a top model, she makes it impossible not to notice her. After she took part in the Miss India contest in 2007 and scored third place, she decided to participate in the Miss International pageant. After a dramatic success in both contests, she began her modeling career. However, her remarkable beauty did not just open her door to modeling; it also gave her a start in her brilliant acting career. She was starring in a few thriller movies where her acting was exceptionally good. Additionally, she won the best female award after shooting in Jannat 2, which turned out to be one of her biggest, most successful movies. Most likely, Esha will process pleasing her audience with upcoming movies. 

    11. Nidhi Agerwal

    Nidhi Agerwal is a young Indian celebrity who gained recognition in the movie Munna Michael, shot in 2017. Before trivia, Nidhi was studying at Christ University and graduated with a diploma in Business Management. Apart from an interest in business and economics, Nidhi has been an artistic soul since early childhood, so she used to take ballet classes and kathak. But her debut in the Munna Michael movie made it apparent that acting is Nidhi’s strongest side, so the filmmakers were blown away by her performance. What is more, she won a Zee Cine Award for the best female movie debut. Today, Nidhi is rated among the top most promising young female performers in India and is highly likely to pave her way to Hollywood movies soon. 

    12. Rashmika Mandanna 

    Beauty, courage, dedication – these are the three words that perfectly describe this talented Indian actress. Within just three years, she managed to change her life and direct her career in the way that brought her trivia. Thanks to her dedication, she managed to build a career just in a few years and become one of the best paid female performers in the industry. Perhaps, what stands behind her popularity and views’ affection is her simplicity: in her looks, moves, temper. 

    Her debut in 2018 in a movie named Chaolo brought her ultimate fame: the critics and viewers admitted that Rashmika is a great joy to watch. So, it is apparent that she ranks among the most high-ranked actresses in India.

    13. Neha Kapoor

    Neha Kapoor is one of the most successful Indian models and actresses. Neha won a Miss Fresh Face Award over 15 years ago due to her unearthly beauty and exceptionally photogenic face. Neha did not stop there and headed to Los Angeles to represent her country in the Miss Universe beauty contest, where she made it to the top-20. 

    Although Neha gained a title of a beauty queen almost two decades ago, she is still honored to maintain this status. Neha’s face is also recognized due to her incredible dancing skills. Apart from having established a successful modeling career, Neha Kapoor is a professional classical dancer. And, besides, she holds a degree in Fashion, which she graduated with from the private Pearl Academy in India. 

    14. Padma Lakshmi

    Padma Lakshmi is an Indian actress, model, executive producer, and a tv host. She is reasonably considered to be one of the most attractive and hot Indian women of all times, and that is easy to explain. This woman has reached what most people cannot even dream of. 

    What makes Padma Lakshmi mostly famous these days? Well, she is a fantastic chef and a host of a US reality show, Top Chef. Thanks to her outstanding acting skills, huge charisma, and simply a gift, she is loved by huge audiences. She even won an Emmy award for ‘Outstanding reality competition’. Padma is an excellent example of a woman who combines all the best qualities: a sense of humor, charisma, kindness, and, of course, some nice ability to cook!

    15. Freida Pinto

    Freida Pinto is a woman that can make even a tiny-budget movie turn out to be an exceptional success! In particular, she was the leading actress in the movie Slumdog Millionaire – a movie that won a lot of awards and overall became known worldwide. Since the film provided grounds for Freida’s flourishment as an actress, she later started to appear on television quite often. 

    Apart from her acting career, Freida decided to try her hand in the beauty industry. She worked for L’Oreal as a spokesmodel and indeed gained more attention than she was first expecting. The world got stunned by her beauty, and the People’s Magazine even listed her name in the ‘Most Beautiful People’ list. 

    16. Poonam Pandey

    One of India’s most famous fashion models, Poonam began her career nine years ago when she first appeared at the Cricket World Cup. IN 2011, she claimed to the public that she agrees to strip in front of the entire stadium if her country takes the first prize in the competition. However, the media and police accused her of inappropriate behavior. Even though the model is quite famous for her baldness and attention-grabbing behavior in the media, she is loved by most people. Besides, such an accident made her famous, so there is nothing to be ashamed of. However, many people still have a critical attitude towards Poonam due to her nudity and erotic content she posts. 

    17. Bipasha Basu

    Bipasha Basu has always been serious about her modeling career. However, her aim was also to get a quality education, so she finished her studies in Education Society College in Bhawanipur and after she joined two Supermodel Contests. She won both. Afterward, she was spotted by successful brands and participated in multiple photoshoots. Thus, her face became quite popular within journal covers. Even though she was often invited for photoshoots abroad and was even offered a residence, Bipasha couldn’t leave India because of her unbreakable love for the country.

    Today, apart from being a well-established model, Bipasha also does some acting. She is a remarkable example of the hot Indian women who are talented in everything they do with passion. 

    18. Aishwarya Rai

    Aishwarya was never considering any acting or modeling career at a young age. She saw her only purpose and mission in becoming an architect or a medical student. However, she one day got an inspiration to become a model, and she made it successfully. By combining beauty, purity, femininity, and intelligence in herself, Aishwarya won the Miss World contest with ease. Shortly after her triumph at the Miss World, she was offered multiple movie roles, which she gladly accepted. As a consequence, she became a star of more than 40 Hindi movies in just a few years and got the Best Actress award. 

    19. Riya Sen

    Riya Sen is a successful actress and model that has proved that a short model is not necessarily flawed. Despite her small height, she has been successfully performing and winning the hearts of thousands of admirers. 

    Riya was brought up in a wealthy family or an actress and an actor. However, according to the star, she created her image and name purely on her own without owing to her famous parents. 

    Apart from her modeling and acting career, Riya is a public activist. For example, she assists in raising funds to help underprivileged children; also, she was once taking part in a music video to dispel common myths about AIDS. 

    20. Zaara Yesmin

    Zaara is one of the most successful female entrepreneurs and models in India. As a model, she walked the ramp for famous Indian designers and appeared in a few music videos. 

    In her early life, Zaara obtained a degree in software engineering. Unlike most celebrities, she found some useful applications to her degree. Today, along with her well-established modeling career, Zaara owns and runs a software company.  

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