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    Mail Order Bride Pricing: How Much Will You Spend Finding and Buying a Foreign Wife?
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    Mail Order Bride Pricing: How Much Will You Spend Finding and Buying a Foreign Wife?

    Mail Order Brides Pricing: An Ultimate Guide to Buying a Wife
    No man in the world would refuse to live a happy personal life with a beautiful and reliable partner: share your best moments, adventures, and memories with, build the future together, and develop personally and professionally. But what to do if you can’t find the woman of your dreams in your social circle? Should you give up the idea of meeting a partner for dating and marriage? Of course not. We suggest that you use alternative ways to meet women.
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    Online dating is one of them and it is probably one of the most convenient ones during the pandemic. At the same time, buying a mail order wife often seems confusing and scary to newbies, so we prepared this guide to make this process clear to you and explain how the mail order brides cost is calculated. Enjoy your reading and feel free to use our tips to buy a wife with no risks.

    How much does a mail order bride cost?

    One of the first questions that comes to the mind of a man who starts to search for a wife online is the mail order brides cost. Undoubtedly, one has to be able to afford to order a bride online before they hire a dating agent or sign up for an account on a dating website. Below, we share the most popular factors affecting the price of a certain mail order bride:

    • The country of origin. You need to make up your mind regarding the background of your mail order bride first. Should they be American or foreign? If your potential wife has to be foreign, what should be her country of origin and living? The rarer a bride’s nationality is, the more money you will need to spend on dating since only a few websites offer mail order brides from unpopular parts of the world. Besides this, you will have to spend extra money on traveling to the country of your bride’s residence to meet her or vice versa;
    • Your dating preferences. If you are a man who stands for chivalry and wooing, get ready to save money for gifts, bouquets, etc. At the same time, your potential bride may not be into expensive signs of attraction so you could even spend less than you expected;
    • The website or a dating agency you turn to for mail order brides services. Some websites are cheaper, some are more expensive, and it is up to you to decide which one is the best for you. Before you entrust any of them with your money, we suggest that you take a look at their mail order brides cost, as well as services and features offered for that money. A decent dating platform has all tools for quality communication: chats, voice and video calls, email communication tool, virtual gifts delivery, etc.;
    • The result of your online communication. In case you decide to take your virtual relationship to the next level and meet offline, you will have to spend money on plane tickets, hotel rooms, dining, your dates, etc.;
    • Living together and getting married. Once you make up your mind to move in together, you will have expenditures just like any couple: bills, interior improvements, food, common pastimes, etc. Add extra thousands of dollars for the wedding organization if you get to that stage of your relationship.

    Top Mail Order Brides Sites With Good Prices


    The first dating site you need to check out is LatamDate. It is one of the largest Latin American dating platforms in the world with millions of users from Western and Latin American countries. If you are looking for a Latina girl to meet and date, this is the best option to try since the website audience falls primarily in the 25-34 years old category. The website users are active and open for communication, so you will have no trouble meeting your mail order brides there. Besides this, you can use LatamDate on the go which is another advantage of this website: now, there is no need to search for a desktop every time you want to chat with magnificent Latin mail order brides.

    Kiss Russian Beauty

    The second option fits best those who are looking for a Slavic mail order bride. On Kiss Russian Beauty, you can meet young women from Russia and Ukraine. The majority of girls registered there are aged 25-34 and are ready to date men from Western countries.

    The registration process on Kiss Russian beauty is quite easy and fast: you only need to enter your gender, name, date of birth, email, and create a password for your account. Right after that, you can go on to edit your profile, upload your picture, and start searching for mail order brides. The website is using a credit system to pay for communication with women, so in its mail order brides pricing, you can see a few options of credit packages to purchase.


    Another Russian dating site that can be used for dating is Russian Cupid. It has over 1,5 million members and 60% of them are men who want to find a Russian mail order wife. The majority of women on this site are aged 25-39, they are single and willing to meet Western men for marriage. Mail order brides pricing on Russian Cupid is slightly higher than the average level of prices on similar websites, but thу features it offers are some of the most abundant: exclusive search features, online chats, messaging tools, access to all members, and the possibility to communicate with them, getting on top of search results, etc.

    Latin Beauty Date

    The third website that you should check is Latin Beauty Date. On this dating site, you can meet young Latina girls for dating and marriage. This website is famous for its high profile quality and video dating profiles (the feature that allows users to upload short videos about themselves to attract more users). Latin Beauty Date hosts a million users now and many of them are active pretty often. The men to women ratio is 65:35 on Latin Beauty Date.

    East Meet East

    The last but not least option for you to consider is East Meet East. This dating platform was designed to help English-speaking people from Asia and overseas meet and start relationships. On East Meet East, women can use all services and features for free, while men need to pay for their membership. The majority of people joining this site are Western men and Asian women, and the latter are eager to meet Americans and Canadians. If it’s what you are looking for as well, feel free to join East Meet East and enjoy its usability and nice design. The registration process on East Meet East is fast and easy, and the members’ profiles are detailed enough for you to find your match.

    Can you buy a mail order bride?

    Buying a wife online does not mean that you literally purchase a woman. This service has nothing to do with human trafficking and that’s why it’s legal. Things that you pay for include access to profiles of numerous single women from the country of your choice, matchmaking process based on your needs and wishes, communication with the ladies chosen for you, and additional services that you get on the way to meet your love.

    Therefore, when you buy a mail order bride, you need to pay for a premium membership on a certain dating website where single women look for men. This includes various tools to interact with women’s profiles: voice and video communication, instant messaging, emails, etc. Also, you pay for a chance to get featured among the top dating site users and appear on top of the search results of other users. This helps you get noticed by even more women and urge them to text you.

    Finally, the costs for buying a wife include expenditures on the relocation of your woman to your place, the wedding, and family life. That is why we advise men to think carefully before they start searching for a mail order wife online: such women are serious and are looking for men to get married to, not just chat online for fun. If you intend to pick up girls for sex, consider looking for fast hookup websites and apps: their cost will be lower and their audience will meet your needs accurately.

    What are the best regions with mail order brides and what are their prices?

    American and European men search for mail order brides all over the world but there are a few regions that are the most interesting and beneficial to explore. Below, we will tell the differences between mail order brides from different sides of the globe and their prices.

    Asian mail order brides cost

    The first region we suggest that you take a look at is Asia. Local mail order brides are some of the most desirable for Western men: they are kind, well-mannered, highly educated, and traditional. Besides this, they have a unique appearance that makes men want them even more: they are miniature, gentle, and enchanting. But what about the prices you can expect to pay for your travel to date an Asian girl?

    The most popular countries to buy a wife in Asia are Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and China. Let’s see what it will cost if you are to travel there for a few weeks:

    • The cost of a plane ticket from New York City to Tokyo is at least $895 and it goes up to $2000+ (consider buying the ticket back to NYC as well to save money). If you want to stay in the capital city for dating, expect to spend at least $2000 for a two-week stay in a 4-star hotel. Although the prices for dining are low in Japan, you still need at least $500-750 for two weeks of eating out. Add another $1000 for dating purposes: flowers, attraction sights, gifts, drinks, etc.;
    • If you are into South-Korean mail order brides, consider spending at least $879 for a ticket to Seoul. Living in the capital of South Korea will cost you at least $800 for two weeks in a boutique hotel, but if you prefer 5-star hotels, be ready to spend up to $2000-2500 for two weeks of stay. The costs of food are slightly higher in Seoul than in the US, so you will have to spend around $1500 on meals for two weeks. Be sure to have a few hundred dollars more if you prefer visiting fancy restaurants and bars;
    • Costs of a flight to Thailand from the US start at $400 for one ticket. Hotels in Thailand are also pretty affordable: prices start at $20 for 3-star rooms and go up to $76 in luxury places per night. One meal costs $5 if you prefer tasty food in nice cafes or restaurants. As you can see, traveling to this country is cheaper than the previous ones;
    • Prices in China are different: there, you will need to spend around $130 per night and up to $3 per meal. The plane ticket cost will start at $900 if you plan your trip in a few months and go up to $3000 if the trip is urgent.

    asian mail order bride

    Russian mail order brides cost

    Buying a mail order wife from Russia is one of the most popular requests from Western men as well and there is no surprise: Slavic women are considered to be the most beautiful and caring in the world. Besides this, they are famous for being family-oriented and ready to give up their careers for the family and kids.

    As for the costs of traveling to Russia for dating purposes, they are the following:

    1. The plane ticket price starts at $550;
    2. The cost of a luxury hotel room in Moscow City center will be about $2500, but if you’re okay with less fancy options, you can easily spend just $900 for two weeks of stay in a Moscow hotel;
    3. The meal prices also depend a lot on places you’d like to visit: McDonald’s prices start at $3-5, while you can spend up to $300 per person in a luxury restaurant or a bar.

    european mail order bride

    Latin mail order brides cost

    Finally, last but not least popular are the mail order brides from Latin America. They are hot, fun, and open to people, so you will have no trouble meeting them once you come to Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, or Colombia. Plane tickets to those countries will cost you from $170 to $900 depending on the country, and hotel rooms will vary from $500 to $1800 for two weeks of staying. Venezuela is the cheapest option of the previously mentioned countries, while Argentina is the most expensive.

    latin mail order brides

    Mail order brides cost: is it cheaper to date online?

    Now let’s take a look at the online mail order brides pricing to see whether it’s more beneficial to date online in 2023.

    Site services

    The first and foremost thing you need to pay for while dating online is the mail order brides services provided through websites and apps. Usually, they are offered in the form of a membership that you pay for and get all the services and features in one package. Such membership plans are available for purchase based on the duration (a month, three months, or a year). The prices vary according to the duration of membership that you choose. Please note that a one-month option is the cheapest at first sight, but in the long run, you will spend less per month if you buy a yearly membership.

    Gifts and wooing

    When you are dating online, you are not required to spend that much on gifts and wooing since most of the time you just chat with your mail order wife to get to know her better. Therefore, it is up to you to decide how much to spend on flowers, gifts, and whether to send her real ones or use virtual gifts available on your dating app.

    Offline dates

    The cost of offline dating after you’ve met online depends on your budget and desire to impress your girlfriend. If you’ve already established some level of trust after a few months of chatting on a dating app, you don’t need to take your mail order bride to the fancy restaurants or fashionable nightclubs in your city. You can always choose calmer places to meet at and have a great time together.

    Cost of bringing a mail order bride to your country

    Finally, the price of your mail order wife’s relocation varies depending on a few factors:

    • the country she moves out of;
    • the expected level of life you want to create for her;
    • the level of life and prices she is used to;
    • the presence or absence of children;
    • the immigration costs;
    • the effort you need to put into helping her to find a job in a new country, etc.

    All the mentioned expenditures should not discourage you from getting a mail order wife though. When it comes to finding a partner you want to spend your life with, those things are just temporary issues you need to solve.

    Mail-order brides cost FAQ

    Is there a constant price of a mail order bride?

    No, there isn’t. The mail order brides pricing depends on where you live, where your potential bride lives, how popular this dating destination is, whether it is possible to travel there often, etc. It also depends on your desire to impress a woman with gifts, flowers, etc.

    Does “mail order a bride” mean buying a woman?

    No, it’s not. You cannot buy a wife since the service has nothing to do with selling people. It is legit and means that you get a chance to communicate with women who are interested in dating foreigners and start a relationship with one of them online.

    Is online dating more expensive than real-life dating?

    No, online dating is far more advantageous than dating in real life. This is due to the variety of tools available in the online dating market now, and a wide variety of websites that provide this service: you can pick the best option for your budget easily.

    Should I give my bride only expensive gifts?

    Of course, not. It depends on your desire to make a woman happy and draw her attention with such a gesture. Also, it depends on the woman you’re dating: some women accept only expensive gifts, others accept just cheap ones, and some women don’t care about wooing much.

    Is spending thousands of dollars on mail order brides worth it?

    If you want to buy a wife who will become your love, support, and mother of your kids in the future, spending a few thousand dollars on her makes sense. But if it’s only about sex for you, probably, you shouldn’t get a mail order wife.

    Does marriage affect the bride’s price?

    The price of marriage is not included in the process of buying a wife since dating sites do not organize weddings. This is up to you to decide whether you need an expensive wedding ceremony and the party for your guests or not.


    James Preece
    Dating Coach
    James is an expert in international dating and helps many men navigate through the best choice, be it for dating or marriage. He conveys the real sense of how you can approach choosing the best match. He consistently helps our site get the best and up-to-date content to shed light on dating online and its perks. Besides, he’s a talented writer who makes it easy to understand the peculiarities of international women for dating and marriage.
    As you can see, the average cost of a mail order bride is not a thing that you can count easily without taking into account all your dating habits, preferences, and even the type of woman you want to date. Therefore, we suggest that you think about your goals and dreams first before you rush to a certain dating site to meet a foreign wife. Mail order brides pricing can be tricky if you fail to put effort into choosing the right dating site, the best places for dating, and traveling with your mail order wife.