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    Slovenia is a spectacular country in central Europe, which is famous for its breathtaking views and very rich biodiversity. The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, literally translates to English as ‘loved one’, and it indeed has a lot of things you will love about it. The country is worth exploration, and not only because of nature. What makes it stand out from the rest of European countries is the magnificent beauty, kindness, and loyalty of the women who live there. Being incredibly loved for their honest, open, and adventurous nature, Slovenian women are ones that a lot of foreign men talk about. They have something peculiar deeply rooted in them, and this fairly makes them outstanding wives. We have collected the most striking facts about these Slovenian women for you to get a complex picture of these ladies. 

    Why Slovenian Women Are so Popular?

    Slovenian girls

    They are very good cooks

    The truth is, Slovenian brides are far from being just good housewives. They set challenging goals, and they know how to attain them. Nevertheless, they always find some spare time to dedicate it to cooking. If you were lucky enough to travel to Slovenia and enjoy some good local cuisine, then you know how delicious it is. And, believe it or not, these women can cook everything you are craving. They perceive cooking rather as an exciting activity, not as a necessary duty. Perhaps, such an approach explains why the food they cook is so good: they actually put their soul into cooking. 

    Their natural beauty and a sense of style is an answer

    A riddle that is so far not possible to solve is the following: how do Slovenian women manage to look so flawless even if they dress up super casual? Indeed, they aren’t big fans of fancy dresses and sophisticated makeovers, but they still look like angels. Perhaps, the sense of style is the answer. They shouldn’t necessarily buy the most expensive clothes and put on a lot of makeup to distinguish themselves. In fact, just by being aware of their highlights and strong points, these women effortlessly manage to look stunning. 

    They can speak English well 

    Another impressive feature that springs to mind when talking about Slovenian women is their linguistic ability. More specifically, almost all of them can speak English fluently. The English language is gradually becoming incredibly popular in Slovenia, that is why a lot of young people learn this language at school or take extra courses. All this leads to the conclusion that it is easy for any foreigner to communicate with Slovenian women and maintain any topic. Of course, you can use translator services while texting your lady; but the ability to speak English will definitely be a plus once you meet in real life. 

    They are confident 

    Slovenian women are rather confident in what they do and say. They never really hesitate to make an important decision as they believe they are capable of making the right one. Another thing that makes them popular is that they are positively self-confident. They know how to behave and how to make a good impression on the people they meet for the first time. 

    Once you talk to a Slovenian girl, you will be impressed by how lovely, kind, and confident she is. Most likely, such confidence is something that blows many males’ minds. 

    They are athletic

    Slovenian women adore outdoor activities, and they are fond of sports. This doesn’t only mean that they enjoy working and, thus, have perfect bodies. This also implies that they are keen on trying new activities such as hiking, scuba diving, horse riding, and many more. So if you are fine with spending your day off at home watching Netflix, your women will be unlikely to share your interest. But if you don’t mind exploring new places and experiences with your partner, dating a Slovenian lady is just what you need to make your life complete. 

    They are emotional is a good way 

    What makes Slovenian women stand out is the way they express their emotions. They believe that it is fundamental to share emotions with beloved ones and avoid keeping a ‘strong face’ when something goes wrong. Once she has something on her mind or if she has a heavy heart – you will notice that. Unlike a lot of Western women, they don’t appreciate the idea of concealing real emotions, and this is something that contributes to a healthy relationship. It is good that Slovenian women clearly see the borders and know that some threshold shouldn’t be exceeded. Namely, being dramatic and making a hysteria is definitely not typical to Slovenian girls. 

    Slovenian Dating Culture

    Slovenia is a great country where you can meet hot women of Slavic origins. If you’re interested in European women like Ukrainian ladies or women from Russia, why not consider dating Slovenian girls. They’re also charming, elegant, and smart. But what about their dating culture? Is it a good idea to date Slovenian women? Here are the things you should know before dating them:

    • They never rush. Why is there a need to rush? Unlike their counterparts from Eastern Europe, Slovenian women are never hasty. Instead, they love taking their time before they decide to get married. Although these women are more or less traditional when it comes to dating, they’re not keen on rushing, which explains why the average age of marriage is more than 30 in this country.
    • They’re interested in spending time together. When dating Slovenian women, it’s important to spend lots of time with them. This helps them understand you better. Thus, it’s common to have a date in the form of traveling. Or you can be invited to the sports events, as a sport is everything in this country.
    • They’re not keen on conflicts. What makes dating them cool is that Slovenian women know how to control their feelings, especially negative ones. You never expect them to be aggressive. They avoid conflicts at all costs, making them quite peaceful partners in a relationship.

    What are Slovenian Brides Like

    Easy to approach and unbelievably friendly 

    Slovenian women are constantly adored not only because of their beauty but also due to their temper. One can hardly find a Slovenian girl who isn’t friendly and pursues no interest in making new acquaintances. Indeed, they like hanging out in big companies, and it is always a great pleasure for Slovenian women to spend some quality time with close friends. They can easily maintain any discussion, and they are always eager to meet new people from different cultural backgrounds. Just like they get on well with natives, they also easily make friends with foreigners. The latter explains the ever-growing popularity of Slovenian women among western males. 

    They want you to take lead

    As you might have already expected, Slovenian women will want you to be the leader in your relationship. What it means, in particular, is not that you literally have to dominate and make all the vital decisions in the family. Instead, your woman will expect you to be initiative and ready to take responsibility. Slovenian women, by their nature, are very independent. When they get a man, they want to feel somewhat weaker than they are in everyday life. So if you ask her out, make sure you prepare in advance and pick the place to spend a date. If possible, offer her to pick her up from her place. This is the kind of responsibility and deeds that Slovenian brides largely respect. 

    Unlikely to conceal the truth from a beloved one

    If you have been lucky to know a Slovenian girl, you might admit that their honesty and genuineness are impressive. If they want to confess something, they take a step forward and tell them everything they need to know. It is a true fact that Slovenian women are unlikely to hide the truth just not to hurt the partner’s feelings. In contrast, they assume that concealing or glossing over some facts is not fair concerning their relationship. Therefore, we can admit that Slovenian women are not only honest and sincere but also loyal to their beloved ones.

    They aren’t materialistic

    You might have probably heard that a lot of women in Europe seek financial gain when searching for a foreign husband. Well, this might be a case for some countries, but definitely not for Slovenia. What is yet known about Slovenian women is that they are eager to share the burden of sustaining their families financially. These women work indeed hard not just to earn more money; they do this because this activity is fulfilling. When searching for a man, Slovenian women will never put the potential fiance’s financial status first. However, this doesn’t mean that the man can give up on his job and professional development. 

    Eager to help

    Whenever you find yourself in trouble – your Slovenian wife will always be there to help you. In fact, Slovenian women are unconventionally helpful. They know like no one what empathy is. The kind heart of a Slovenian woman will never let her get past anyone who is in need. Such a feature of Slovenian women is highly likely to come in handy in your relationship.

    Where can you meet Slovenian Brides?

    Slovenian women

    Now when you know what Slovenian girls are and what you should potentially expect from them, this is time to search for the places to meet these ladies. First and foremost, you can always opt for traveling to Slovenia. In essence, Slovenia is one of Europe’s greatest countries, which hasn’t yet become the most popular tourist destination. The friendly, open people, fantastic cuisine that will leave you speechless, and breathtaking views – these are only a few things that will make you fall in love with this country. So you can book your tickets, find a hotel, and travel there in search of that very woman. 

    For some people and in some cases, traveling to a different country in search of a bride might be complicated to afford. Moreover, this isn’t necessary nowadays when you can chat with people from all over the world without even leaving your room. Namely, a dating app is a top place to meet Slovenian brides, and here is why. While a flight to Slovenia might cost you a fortune, creating an account on a dating website is free of charge. To set up your profile, you just need to select an appropriate dating app and decide what kind of person you are looking for. 

    How to find a Reliable Slovenian Dating Website?

    Suppose, now you are ready and willing to meet Slovenian women via a dating website. At this point, your main responsibility is to pick the app that will fully correspond to your requirements and meet all your expectations. Out of the vast majority of websites, there are quite many that you shouldn’t trust. In essence, they might steal your data and be nothing but money-wasters. To make sure you select a high-quality website, take the following tips into account.

    Check multiple reviews 

    Referring to other website user’s reviews might be somewhat time-consuming, but it’s definitely worth it. The truth is, you will never find the fullest description of the website on its homepage. To get some more in-depth insights, it is always good to discover other users’ reviews. You will probably get the answers to the most fundamental questions exactly by going through the users’ testimonials. 

    Discover the security features of each website

    All dating apps should usually use specific safety features to protect the users’ data and guarantee their security. Therefore, this is something you need to check in the first instance. Once you discover the security features, go to Google, and find out the purpose they serve. It is essential to ensure your privacy isn’t violated, so keep this point in mind and try not to neglect it. 

    Compare prices

    It isn’t a good idea to pick the most expensive website. In essence, the price doesn’t really equal quality if we talk about Slovenian dating websites. Besides, choosing totally free or very cheap apps might also be the wrong decision: most cheap apps have little or no security features. Therefore it isn’t reasonable to pay less in this case. Try to find out what an average market price is and keep this price in mind when selecting an app for yourself. 

    Check the interface and the quality of profiles

    First, you need to make sure that the website is free from scammers. Bumping into a fake account is definitely not something you want when searching for your future bride. Telling the difference between fake profiles and real ladies’ accounts isn’t complicated: you will immediately notice when profile photos seem unrealistic. Or, you can always use Google Images to discover if profile pictures really belong to account ‘owners’.

    As for the interface, it should be user-friendly and easy to navigate; otherwise, you might get lost. 

    How to attract a Slovenian Girl?

    If you are wondering how to attract a Slovenian girl and win her loving heart, we have some tips for you. 

    Give her time

    The truth is, it might take incredibly long for your Slovenian lady to fall in love with you. But when she does, it is highly likely to become a lifelong relationship. And if you really want to win her admiration, take it slow. The latter regards everything: just don’t be pushing and listen attentively to her. Once she is ready – she will immediately take a step forward. Overall, you need to show her respect, and once she sees it – you have already gotten a key to her heart. 

    Give her flowers or other little pleasant things

    Slovenian women indeed like it when men give them attention. If you are just beginning to date and want to impress her – give her some good smelling flowers as a gift. By doing so, you, once again, demonstrate your attention and interest. It isn’t necessary to buy valuable gifts if you don’t know her well enough. This might make her misinterpret your intentions. No matter what you do, try to show the signs of attention, and you can successfully do this just by being a gentleman and giving her flowers.

    Share her interests

    First things first, make sure you share at least a few interests before organizing a date. It hardly makes sense to spend time with a person whose interests and vision totally contrast to yours. Talk about the things both of you like and manage to find as many common grounds as possible. She will admire it if you both demonstrate your curiosity and demonstrate your stable position at the same time. 

    Take care of your appearance 

    We all know that it is irrelevant to judge a book by its cover. However, let’s be realistic: she will not want to learn your inner world if your outer shell does not look appealing enough. Don’t be excessive and avoid wearing too fancy clothes; just show her that you take sufficient care of yourself, smell nice, and that your clothes are clean and in good condition. 

    Show an interest in her culture and traditions 

    Needless to say, we all value it when foreigners show interest in the country we were born and raised in. And Slovenia women aren’t an exception. Ask her about her country, the cultural peculiarities, and everything that interests you. What is more, try learning some Slovenian language. Even by knowing some words, you will make her heart melt. In exchange, you can tell her something particular about your country and help her learn some words in your language. 

    Summing up: Slovenian VS American Women 

    Now that you’ve learned a lot of new things about Slovenian women, you can tell how peculiar they are. Even though they highly resemble American women in particular things, they are totally different. A Slovenian bride is the one you need if you want to have an honest, happy relationship that is free of dark secrets. These women make excellent partners, lovers, friends, and mothers, and this is something you will totally admire. Take your chance and meet the most loving Slovenian woman who will turn your world upside down!

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