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    Hot Czech Women
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    Hot Czech Women


    The Czech Republic is a beautiful, distinctive, and hospitable country found in Central Europe. This is a country of unique architecture, delicious food, and ancient traditions. Due to its geographic location, this country has been a crossroad for many different peoples throughout its history. Sexy Czech women are Slavs by origin, and this fact is manifested in their soft facial traits. At the same time, their mentality is close to Western Europeans. By their nature and attitude to life, hot Czech women are more similar to German ladies than to Eastern Slavs.

    Why Are Czech Girls Considered to Look So Hot?

    Sexy Czech girls are some of the most beautiful European females with stunning physiques and facial features that make men dizzy when meeting on the street. Independence, dedication, and hard work of Czech women do not prevent them from being feminine. They are an excellent example of how feminism and femininity can go hand in hand. Hot Czech brides are charming, stylish, and elegant. However, they do not trust the first person they meet, and friendship with them is formed gradually.

    These girls look really bright and attractive, and by their example, they show the whole world how hot Czech women can be. In a sense, the women’s gentleness and delicacy are better expressed in the Czech Republic than in other European countries. Sexy Czech women are liberated in personal relationships and behave with men without pretense and hidden play. They do not pretend to be bad or good girls. These beauties do not flirt, but they draw men like magnets.

    Beauty of Czech Ladies

    According to a famous National Geographic magazine survey among 2,000 men from 80 countries, women living in Prague are considered the most beautiful globally after the Israeli women who live in Tel Aviv. Indeed, you can meet many beautiful girls in the Czech Republic. These ladies usually have pretty faces with regular features. Contrary to other Slavic girls, sexy Czech women do not often use make-up and never abuse it. Hot Czech women like to be natural without hiding their minor flaws. 

    Some people may think that Czech girls do not use cosmetics because they are lazy, but this is not the case. The natural beauty of sexy Czech girls in combination with their self-confidence allows them to enjoy their femininity and get a profit from their advantages. Czech women have very different and sometimes incompatible features inherited from different peoples. Their natural beauty, kindness, and openness are combined with stubbornness, persistence, and desire for independence and freedom. 

    Physical Features

    Sexy Czech women have an attractive appearance, combining Germanic refinement and sharpness of facial traits with Slavic cuteness and softness. Many Czech women have green or blue eyes. Their noses, as a rule, are small and with a slight hump. Hot Czech girls have full lips, skin of the light shade, as well as slightly wavy brown or dark blond shoulder-length hair. Natural blondes are not as numerous in the Czech Republic as many people think. For example, many dark-skinned brunettes live in South Moravia and other country’s regions. 

    You can also meet brunettes who apparently have Gypsy roots. Hot Czech girls rarely dye their hair, preferring their natural color. Intricate women’s hairstyles are not accepted in the Czech Republic. These women give their hair maximum freedom while looking natural and attractive. Czech girls are tall, slender, and graceful. Usually, they have long legs and large breasts. Sexy Czech women have great body shapes due to genetics, healthy food, and temperate climates.

    Women in the Czech Republic prefer to dress simply, elegantly, and practically. They do not wear high-heeled shoes because they consider them unhealthy and uncomfortable. Hot Czech girls rarely wear skirts and dresses, especially too short ones. Also, they are alien to the passion for furs and glitters. The traditional outfit of sexy Czech girls comprises jeans, comfortable sneakers, and T-shirts.

    Czech women usually buy clothes not in expensive boutiques, but in shops with affordable prices. In general, they feel shameful to demonstrate high income and boast of things from famous brands.To emphasize individuality and femininity, hot Czech women use stylish accessories such as scarves and inexpensive jewelry. Nevertheless, they have a soft spot for original and expensive perfumes.

    Cultural Background

    To some extent, traditional culture is still preserved in this country after several decades of socialism. Hot Czech women consider themselves no less valuable in a social sense than men. They believe that both a husband and a wife should do business and keep up the housework, as it is not customary for Czech families to employ domestic workers. Hot Czech women are very family-oriented, whether they have children or not. When they decide to have a child, they never spend a lot of time on maternity leave. There are practically no housewives among them.

    Many hot Czech women lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Many of them follow special diets and regularly visit gyms. In every city quarter, there are places in parks and gardens specifically equipped for sports activities. No matter how old they are, Czech females love to travel, go outdoors on weekends, and sunbathe on the beaches of popular resorts. Most of the young girls who live in big cities of this country speak English well. Besides, they very often know German, Russian, or Slovak languages.

    Their Popularity among Men 

    All the best qualities make sexy Czech girls very popular among men from different countries. However, Western men call Czech girls “snow queens.” Although hot Czech women are striving to be independent and self-sufficient, love takes an essential part in their lives. However, a foreign man should not expect a Czech girl to pursue him to win his favor. Hot Czech girls can be arrogant, cold, and unapproachable. To win their hearts, any man has to demonstrate something more than a desire for physical intimacy. 

    Hot Czech girls are well-educated and versatile persons, so American, German, or French men can easily find common ground with them. More often than not, they choose men of their race and faith. These women are well-mannered and strive for relationships based on mutual respect. That’s why they prefer men who could support them personally and professionally. Under the seemingly unapproachable shell, they are gentle and sweet women. Deep inside, many hot Czech girls are waiting for someone to steal their hearts. 

    Top 15 Hottest Czech Girls

    Many hot Czech women want to become independent and successful from their childhood. These girls are aware of their life and business goals and work hard to achieve them. Sexy Czech girls are recognized worldwide due to their natural beauty, harmony, and gracefulness. Many of the world’s leading top models, famous actresses, talented singers, and television stars are originally from the Czech Republic. Here you can see a collection of the 15 hottest Czech women who look great and have managed to become real celebrities.

    1. Alena Šeredová

    Alena Šeredová

    Alena Šeredová (born in 1978) is a popular Czech fashion model. Since the age of 15, she has become in demand among leading modeling agencies and world catwalks. In 1998, Alena was crowned in the Miss Czech Republic beauty contest, and in the same year, she took 4th place at Miss World, where she represented her native country. After that, she worked with the most famous couturiers and appeared on the covers of leading fashion magazines. She currently lives in Italy, where she works as a TV presenter and acts in theater plays.

    2. Daniela Peštová

    Daniela Peštová

    Daniela Peštová (born in 1970) is one of the hottest Czech women and a popular model. She was discovered by an agent of the Madison Modeling Agency. After winning a modeling contest, she signed a contract with this agency and moved to Paris. Then, she was offered a job in New York. Daniela appeared on the covers of Marie Claire, GQ, Glamour, Elle, and Cosmopolitan. Also, she modeled for L’Oréal and Victoria’s Secret. Besides her native Czech, Daniela speaks Russian, English, Italian, and French fluently.

    3. Denisa Dvoráková

    Denisa Dvoráková (born in 1989) is one of the hottest Czech girls and a supermodel. In 2006, she became a winner in the famous Elite Model Look contest. After this competition, she began to appear in various magazines, for example, on the covers of Vogue Italia and Dazed & Confused. As a model, she worked for famous fashion houses, such as Versace, Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Dior, John Galliano, and Valentino. Denisa was invited to become the face of Dolce & Gabbana, Versace Jeans, and Chloé.

    4. Hana Soukupová

    Hana Soukupová (born in 1985) a well-known Czech model and a stunning woman. Thanks to her height (1.85 cm), she successfully played basketball. She signed her first modeling contract with Carolina Herrera at the age of 15. All in all, Hana took part in over 500 fashion shows, including Victoria’s Secret presentations. Besides, her photos appeared on more than 100 magazine covers thanks to her cooperation with the most renowned photographers.

    5. Hana Svobodová

    Hana Svobodová (born in 1988) is a recognized model and one of the hottest Czech women. She was among three winners at Czech Miss and got the right to represent her country in Miss Universe, Miss Earth, and Miss Intercontinental beauty contests. As the pageant runner-up, Hana took part in the global search for Miss Earth 2008 and was elected. At that competition, she ended as one of the top 16 semifinalists. Hana studied Public Administration at Masaryk University in Brno.

    6. Helena Houdová

    Helena Houdová (born in 1979) is a famous Czech model and humanitarian. In 1999, after winning the Miss Czech Republic contest, she was noticed and invited to Milan. While building a modeling career, she was engaged in the movement to protect the environment and animals. In 2000, Helena created a foundation to help orphans and needy children. According to FHM, Helena is one of the Top 100 Most Beautiful Women in the world. Thus, she became one of the leading models without leaving her charitable activity.

    7. Karolína Kurková

    Karolína Kurková (born in 1984) is a Czech supermodel, actress, and TV host. In 2002, Vogue Fashion Awards selected her as the Model of the Year. Besides, she was named the sexiest blonde in Europe in 2007. Then, Karolína took first place in the list of the sexiest women globally, which is annually compiled by the E! TV channel. In 2013, Karolina launched her own cosmetic line in cooperation with LR Health & Beauty Systems and was nominated for the Duftstar Awards in the New Products – Lifestyle (Women) category.

    8. Kateřina Netolická

    Kateřina Netolická (born in 1988) was a Czech photo model and kickboxer in the K-1 category. Since 2004, she has been working as an international model. Namely, she was a cover girl of the Elle and Harper’s Bazaar magazines. Also, she was a holder of contracts with Prada, H&M, L’Oréal, and other respectable editions. In 2014, Kateřina became Czech champion in kickboxing. Unfortunately, she was found dead in the bathtub at her home in 2014. According to the official version, it was a heart attack.

    9. Lucie Kovandová

    Lucie Kovandová (born in 1993) is a trendy Czech model and a contestant at Miss World 2013. She was studying at the Business Academy in Brno. After that, she devoted herself to modeling and participated in several beauty contests. In most of them, she was placed in the top positions. For example, Lucie gained the titles of Miss Sympathy at Miss Mirror 2011, Miss Internet at Miss Face 2012, and Czech Miss World at Czech Miss 2013. Her height is 176 cm, and the body parameters are 90-62-90.

    10. Markéta Jánská

    Markéta Jánská (born in 1981) is a sexy Czech model, actress, singer, and songwriter. She began her career as a model at the age of 15 by winning a Czech fashion competition. In 2001, Markéta moved to the USA and became the Playboy Playmate of the Month in June 2003. She was also posing for the 2005 Playboy Mansion swimsuit calendar. As a singer, she has recorded one EP, which was entitled How to Stay True. She also appeared in a number of TV commercials and several movies. Currently, she lives in Los Angeles, USA.

    11. Petra Němcová

    Petra Němcová

    Petra Němcová (born in 1979) is a Czech model, TV presenter, and one of the hottest Czech women. She is also known as a philanthropist and the owner of the charity organization Happy Hearts Fund. She founded it in 2005, a year after the tsunami disaster in Thailand. She was injured during the tidal waves in that country. After her lengthy rehabilitation, Glamor magazine awarded Petra the Survivor Award. Many editions highlighted her return to modeling. She appeared in the British FHM calendar as Miss May and A Model Life TV show.

    12. Simona Krainová

    Simona Krainová (born in 1973) is a known Czech supermodel and TV presenter. In 1989, she successfully participated in a casting organized by the Madison models agency and traveled to Paris as a budding model. Her face appeared on the covers of many prestigious magazines. Fashion and entertainment channels chose her to moderate their programs. As an actress, Simona starred in several Czech movies. She speaks English, French, Polish, and Slovak fluently.

    13. Taťána Kuchařová

    Taťána Kuchařová (born in 1977) is a Czech model. Being an ethnic Slovak, she was awarded the title of Miss Czech Republic. Then, Tatiana became the only representative of the Czech Republic who won in the Miss World 2006 beauty pageant. She is known as the youngest winner in the history of this competition, as she was only 18. Taťána has blonde hair and blue eyes, her height is 177 cm, and her body proportions are 88-63-90. In 2008, she founded the Help to Beauty organization to support people in need.

    14. Tereza Fajksová

    Tereza Fajksová (born in 1989) is a Czech model and beauty queen who won Miss Earth 2012. Tereza is the first contestant from the Czech Republic who was awarded the Miss Earth title. She is a natural blonde with blue eyes. When Tereza was the volleyball team captain, she was seriously injured and decided to go into modeling. In 2009, she became a finalist in the Miss Czech Republic pageant. Also, she ranked second in the Miss Tourism Queen of the Year contest in 2010 and was found in the Top 24 at Miss Bikini International in 2011.

    15. Veronika Vařeková


    Veronika Vařeková (born in 1977) is a Czech model. At the age of 19, she moved to New York to study at the Parsons School of Design. Veronika appeared on the covers of several glossy magazines and took part in photoshoots by famous photographers. Her pictures were also published in Sports Illustrated eight times. In 2008, she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. During her stay in Africa, she became a Goodwill Ambassador of the African Wildlife Foundation.


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