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    Hot Venezuelan Women


    Venezuela, or the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is located between Guyana, Colombia, and Brazil in the northern part of South America. It is washed by warm waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. This country was named after Venice, a European city. When the Florentine navigator Amerigo Vespucci first arrived in this region at the end of the 15th century, the Indian huts built on stilts reminded him of Venice. Thus, the famous discoverer named the new lands in honor of this Italian city. 

    Venezuela features fantastic wildlife, a hot climate, and wealthy oil fields. For many people from other countries, sexy Venezuelan women are the tangible symbol of this country. Venezuelan girls are famous all over the world for their unique beauty and attractiveness. Hot Venezuelan women have received the highest number of titles in the Big Four International Beauty Contests. By now, this country gave the world 23 beauty queens. Without a doubt, the list of beauties and winners from this country will continue to grow in the future.

    Why Are Venezuelan Girls Considered to Look So Hot?

    In Venezuela, every woman strives to have perfect body shapes and attractive facial traits. We can state without exaggeration that participation in all kinds of beauty contests has become a national hobby for hot Venezuelan women. The jury of beauty contests assesses female participants regarding their external features. However, their elegance, self-confidence, and good physical fitness also matter. During these pageants, girls have to demonstrate their individuality and intelligence, as well as the ability to participate in debates.

    Hot Venezuelan women are distinguished by their well-balanced character, self-sufficiency, and adherence to Christian values. Despite many economic problems in the country, sexy Venezuelan women are open-minded, cheerful, and optimistic. Besides, all Venezuelan females are very emotional and adore watching TV series and soap operas about relationships between two genders. At the same time, they take starting a family very seriously and become exemplary wives, hardworking housewives, and caring mothers.


    Probably, women pay so much attention to their beauty in no other country in the world. Hot Venezuelan girls begin to take care of their appearance from childhood and dream of becoming beauty queens. In addition, they learn to present themselves and produce a good impression on men. If you walk along the streets of Caracas or another Venezuelan city, you will see perfectly coiffured, manicured, and impeccably made-up women. Sexy Venezuelan women always look in the mirror to feel happy and satisfied by their appearance.

    As we know, beauty requires sacrifices, including in the material sense. It is not surprising that sexy Venezuelan brides rank first in the world in terms of purchases of various cosmetics and the number of plastic surgeries. The most popular gift from parents for a girl’s 16th birthday has long been considered surgery for correcting the nose or breast. Most contemporary Venezuelan women have already improved their appearance in one way or another. Moreover, such surgical operations are not as expensive as, for example, in the US.

    Physical Features

    Hot Venezuelan women are generally tall and graceful. They have olive skin, regular facial traits, charming smiles, and sexy body shapes. In Venezuela, the so-called Cuban style with curvy body shapes is trendy. These women like their buttocks to be large and clearly stand out. The plump female complexion is not considered a disadvantage in this country. On the contrary, it tells about the material wealth of the woman. Sexy Venezuelan girls also strive to have enlarged busts.

    Stunning and hot Venezuelan girls have great physics. Among all Latinas, sexy Venezuelan women are considered the most attractive and seductive females. Their genes contain the best features inherited from several races. Most of these women are the descendants of Spanish settlers. The country’s minority is formed by mestizos, mulattos, and the dark-skinned females with African roots. 

    Mostly, these are brunettes or brown-haired females with hazel or green eyes. However, many contemporary girls who live in Venezuela turn blondes under the influence of common trends. In this country, you can meet women with light, dark, cream, and brown skin colors. Hot Venezuelan girls usually have straight and lovely facial traits, narrow cheekbones, pouty lips, upright noses, as well as thick and long hair.


    Venezuela is a Catholic country, so many local traditions are based on Christian norms of behavior. The church is the center of political, cultural, and spiritual life. Priests are highly respected, and they have indisputable authority in society. Along with the Christian religion, local people also practice rituals based on ancient pagan beliefs. In Venezuela, Spanish is widely spoken, and English is used much less. However, many young and hot Venezuelan women are well educated and speak English fluently. 

    Sexy Venezuelan women love to have fun, dance and have a good time with friends. Venezuelan girls always smile, and their smiles are sincere. They love jokes and are ready to laugh heartily. These girls are pleasant in communication. Politeness is considered a hallmark of their national character. Also, hot Venezuelan women are very tolerant regarding cultural and racial differences. Venezuelan girls are polite and friendly not only with unfamiliar people but also with foreigners from different countries.

    Life of every Venezuelan woman revolves around her family. Hot Venezuelan girls usually get married early, but earlier marriage does not prevent them from studying, working, and building their careers. For the sake of the family, Venezuelan women can easily give up their hobbies and habits. At the same time, these ladies demand their husbands to be loyal and fulfill their duties of providing financial support to families.

    Popularity Among Men

    Sexy Venezuelan women attract men from Western countries mostly by their appearance. The beauty of these women is one reason why American and European men want to marry them. Aside from having excellent physics, hot Venezuelan women have a lot of great character features. Venezuelan females are still traditional in many aspects. They try to organize their lives and relationships according to high moral principles. 

    Despite the difficulties in the country, not all Venezuelan girls want to leave their homeland. However, marrying a foreigner is a widespread tendency among young and hot Venezuelan women. They just want to meet gentlemen who will treat them with love and respect. Unlike brides from other developing countries, Venezuelan girls are not guided by material reasons. Being adventurous and risky by nature, these ladies often follow their hearts and feelings.

    Top 15 Hottest Venezuelan Girls

    Most contemporary women who live in Venezuela are happy. They believe in the bright future of their country. Hot Venezuelan girls have many opportunities for good education and self-development. Many of them manage to achieve great success both in their home country and abroad thanks to their natural beauty, talent, hard work, and dedication. Check out the following list of the 15 hottest Venezuelan women who became famous and trendy models, actresses, singers, and TV stars.

    1. Aida Yespica

    Aida Yespica

    Aida Maria Yespica Jaime (born in 1982) is a Venezuelan model and TV personality. She participated in the Miss Venezuela beauty pageant in 2002. Although she did not win the event, her sexy body curves caught the public’s attention and the press. Then, Aida moved to Milan, where she became a modeling star. She appeared on the covers of both GQ and Maxim magazines. She was regularly showing on Fashion TV and RAI. Aida was also acting both in Italian and Spanish in several films and TV series.

    2. Claudia Moreno


    Claudia Cristina Moreno Gonzalez (born in 1977) is an actress and Venezuelan beauty contest titleholder. She became a semi-finalist in the Miss Venezuela 1999 pageant. Then, she was an official representative of Venezuela in the Miss Universe 2000 pageant. The same year, Claudia also competed in the smaller Miss Universe competition in Cyprus and finished as 1st runner-up. In 2006-2007, she attended acting courses. Since that time, Claudia has starred in dozens of telenovelas and TV series.

    3. Daniela Kosan

    Daniela Kosan

    The Venezuelan model and TV presenter, Daniela Kosan Montcourt was born in 1974. She was a contestant in the Miss Venezuela contest in 1997 and became one of the major favorites for the beauty queen crown. Daniela was placed third in the final round. After that event, she represented Venezuela in the Nuestra Belleza Internacional contest and became its winner. Daniela also represented Venezuela in the Miss International 1998 pageant and was placed second. Then she started her career as a TV host. She was a weather girl in Venevision news shows and a hostess on Televen.

    4. Dayana Mendoza

    Dayana Sabrina Mendoza Moncada (born in 1986) is a famous Venezuelan model. She was a winner of numerous beauty contests. Dayana received the titles Miss Venezuela 2007 and Miss Universe 2008. Before these achievements, she worked for Elite Model Management and was a finalist at Elite Model Look International in 2001. For years, she collaborated with many well-known brands and photographers. She currently lives in New York. Dayana is fluent in Spanish, English, and Italian.

    5. Elian Herrera

    One of the hottest Venezuelan girls, Elian Herrera was born in 1991. She is a Venezuelan model, beauty pageant title holder, and volleyball player. Elian participated in the Miss Venezuela 2012 pageant. The parameters of her figure are 89-62-93. She finished as the 1st runner-up and was awarded the crown of Miss Venezuela International. Then, she represented Venezuela in the Miss International 2013 contest. Alas, she failed to be placed in the semifinals. However, she got third place and was named Miss Internet by an online survey.

    6. Gabriela Isler

    Maria Gabriela de Jesus Isler Morales (born in 1988) is a Venezuelan fashion model and TV host. Gabriela has Swiss and German roots. Her grandfather is originally from Switzerland. He immigrated to Venezuela and married a local German woman. Gabriela Isler represented Venezuela in the Miss Universe 2013 pageant and was awarded the crown of the most beautiful girl. In this way, she became the seventh Miss Universe of Venezuela. Her height is 181 cm, and her measurements are 90-60-90.

    7. Gaby Espino

    The famous Venezuelan actress, model, and TV presenter Gaby Espino (Maria Gabriela Espino Ruguero) was born in 1976. She is considered as one of the hottest Venezuelan women of all times. First, she wanted to become a veterinarian, a dentist, or a public relations specialist. However, the love of cinema turned out to be stronger. She is known for her energetic roles in Venezuelan telenovelas. She first appeared in the children’s show Nubeluz in 1995. Then, Gaby completed acting courses and starred in many films and TV novellas in Venezuela, Peru, and Mexico.

    8. Karla Lopez

    Karla Lopez (born in 1987), also known under the stage name Nany Tovar, is a Venezuelan TV actress and model. One agent saw her at the pool and immediately offered her a contract to work for La Zona Modelos. In 2007, Karla was named the top Non-Nude model from Venezuela. In 2010, the Mexican edition of Playboy magazine launched a contest to select the Cyber ​​Girl Playboy Mexico. Karla became one of the ten most beautiful participants among 130 girls. Since then, she has been releasing new nude pictures every Friday on social media.

    9. Ligia Hernandez

    Ligia Hernandez

    Ligia Elena Hernandez Frias (born in 1985) is a Venezuelan model and pageant title holder. Undoubtedly, she is one of the hottest Venezuelan girls. She participated in the Miss Venezuela 2008 pageant and was placed among the ten semifinalists. In 2008, she represented her home country in the Reina HispanoAmericana contest in Bolivia and became the 4th runner-up. At the same time, she was also awarded special prizes of Miss Photogenic and Miss Elegance.

    10. Ly Jonaitis

    Lydimar Carolina Jonaitis Escalona (born in 1982) is a Venezuelan model and actress. Ly has Russian and Lithuanian ancestors. She won the beauty queen title in the Miss Venezuela 2006 contest. Then, Ly moved to Mexico to represent her country at the Miss Universe 2007 pageant, in which she became the 2nd runner-up. She worked for Metropolitan Models and Christian Dior in France. As an actress, she has been known for roles in several movies since 2009 and until now.

    11. Maria Gabriela Paez

    Maria Gabriela Paez

    The Venezuelan actress, TV host, and journalist, Maria Gabriela Paez was born in 1980. She became a famous model after her photo shoots appeared in various editions, including the prestigious Urbe Bikini magazine in Venezuela. She also took part in the Sun Travel and Tourism Channel TV shows. Maria was the presenter of VeneVision, the Venezuelan channel, as well as a reporter of her own news show. As an actress, she is known for such movies as Así Es La Vida (1998), La Calle De Los Sueños (1999), and Sábado En La Noche (2007).

    12. Mariangel Ruiz

    Mariangel Ruiz Torrealba (born in 1980) is one of the hottest Venezuelan girls. She made her career as a fashion model and actress. Mariangel is also known as the host of the morning TV show Portada. As a model, she participated in different beauty contests. For example, she became Miss Aragua in 2002. Later, she was named the runner-up in the Miss Universe 2003 pageant. Mariangel has been recognized as the most publicized Miss Venezuela in the 21st century. From 2010, she has been continuing her acting career and starring in several TV series.

    13. Monica Spear

    One of Venezuela’s most successful actresses and models, Monica Spear Mootz was born in 1984. She was crowned at the Miss Venezuela beauty pageant in 2004. Then, she represented her country in the Miss Universe 2005 pageant and got the modeling contract with the contest organizers. After the end of this contract, Monica studied performing art at the University of Central Florida. She made her television debut in 2007. After that, she successfully acted in dozens of TV shows and movies.

    14. Norelys Rodriguez

    Maria Norelys Rodriguez Guillen (born in 1977) is a Venezuelan model and TV host. She took part in the Miss Venezuela beauty pageant in 2001, became the prize winner and received the Miss Personality, Miss Sympathy, and Miss Photogenic titles. Norelys also went to the finals of the Miss South America pageant. In 2007, she became a fashion model of Polar, the most popular beer brand in Venezuela. Then, Norelys was the host and one of the main speakers in the show called Wild On.

    15. Sabrina Seara

    The Venezuelan actress and model, Sabrina Seara was born in 1985. From a young age, Sabrina has been shown an interest in acting and modeling. After acting courses, she was offered a lead role in the TV series Guayoyo Express. After that, she successfully played several roles in Venezuelan TV series and telenovelas. In 2012, she signed an exclusive contract with the Telemundo network and moved to the US to participate in Telemundo’s Pasion Prohibida. She returned to Venezuela and now continues to act in Mexican, American, and Venezuelan TV shows.


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