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    If you have ever been thrilled by the idea of having an exotic Indonesian bride, then this article will help you make successful moves towards wooing these pretty women. It will serve as a guide to knowing more about these beautiful women from the South-East of Asia. At the end of this read, you will know all there is to know about impressing Indonesian women and starting a lasting relationship with them.

    The Typical Stereotypes Of Indonesian Women

    Indonesian women

    With the coming of the internet, it is now easier than ever to know about people from different cultures even without visiting their countries. On the flip side, TV shows and social media do not help when it comes to generalizations and stereotypes. These forms of media have a way of lumping all Indonesian women into a general category even without doing proper background checks to display their cultural and personal diversity.

    Believing in these stereotypes hinders you from enjoying and getting the most out of Indonesian women. Sadly, many men will continue to believe these stereotypes unless corrected. That’s why this article aims to correct those wrong notions.

    Here are some of the misconceptions about Indonesian women that should be corrected:

    All Indonesian Women Are Overly Religious

    Indonesia is home to the largest population of Muslims in the world. Around 225 million Muslims are living in Indonesia at the time of writing. Because of that, people believe that Indonesian women are boring and overbearing in the aspect of religion.

    This is far from the truth. A lot of Indonesian women care about their parents’ approval but they don’t all practice Islam in an extreme way. When it comes to dating, they can be as exploring as women from any other part of the world. Their religions have little bearing on their dating lives.

    Indonesian Women Are Very Conservative

    People expect that Indonesian women would always wear burkas or long dresses with thick scarves. This is untrue. They are feminine and like to show their feminine curves off. Maybe in the rural areas, you may find them dressed traditionally but a majority of modern Indonesian ladies living in the cities wear jeans and tee-shirts; some even wear clothes from popular Western brands.

    Indonesian Women Are Uneducated

    sexy Indonesian women

    90% of Indonesian women speak English fluently. They love to learn as much as they can from their schools and everyday interactions with things and people. This is partly why they love to meet with Western men, watch Western movies as it helps them pick up foreign cultural traits.

    This puts them in the ideal position to have conversations with anyone from any part of the world. Although English is not the official language, it is still widely spoken. Some have even adopted the American way of speaking English.

    Indonesian Women Are Gold Diggers

    Not all Indonesian women are after your money. They like being taken care of but it is not something they can’t afford to do on their own. This stereotype has been mostly propagated by careless tourists and desperate writers who either fell into the traps of fraudulent Indonesians or are writing petty things they imagine would be expected of people from a country such as Indonesia.

    Indonesian Brides Dating Culture

    Indonesian culture emphasizes how important the family’s decision is when it comes to picking a partner. So when going for Indonesian girls, you should strive to gain the acceptance of the family. There is a belief in Indonesia that when you marry one of their own, you automatically become a part of the family.

    When you and your Indonesian bride go out, showing affection is greatly frowned upon. Holding hands is no problem as long as you do not do anything seen as “naughty” or “dirty”. Coming from a (majorly) traditional and religious home, premarital sex is not accepted. So, don’t expect sex – though some of them are still open to this.

    An Indonesian girl refusing to have sex with you does not mean that she is not interested in the relationship or that she doesn’t love you. To Indonesian girls, sex is not proof of love.

    As a man, you are expected to take the lead. You are expected to start the conversations, make the calls, send the gifts, and pay the bills. Indonesian girls will never go Dutch with you. Living together is also not accepted compared to the Western world. 

    In the West, it is possible to be in a relationship for months without anyone, not even your close associates, knowing about it. However, in Indonesia, being discreet is alien to them. They talk about their relationship with their family and friends. They don’t hide their romantic relationships from people close to them.

    Gender roles are also very important in Indonesia. Indonesian women will rely on men for financial support most times. It is important to note that some Indonesian women are independent so this doesn’t apply to everyone.

    Indonesian women are expected to marry early (within the ages of 26-28). This is why they start aiming for serious relationships early on. Do not approach them if you just want to play around.

    In Indonesia, it is believed that a relationship does not commence until a man tells his girlfriend “I love you”, even if they have not known each other for a long time. Knowing this will help you be more careful when using certain endearing or romantic words around her.

    Indonesian Dating Culture

    Indonesia is one of the most interesting places in the world. Besides, it offers a chance to meet really charming yet humble women. Indonesian ladies are known for their kind, polite, and submissive characters. They make great wives and ideal lovers. Their commitment isn’t something you’ll have doubts about. Thanks to many dating sites, you can easily find your future Indonesian woman for marriage. Before your venture starts, get to know some of their dating culture aspects:

    • Dating without PDA. While dating Indonesian women, you better keep your distance. You can’t stand too close to your partner in a public place. This is a conservative country where PDA is frowned upon. You better avoid that.
    • No premarital sex. Intimacy is something that you’ll wait for a long time. In many cases, it can happen only after you get married. Thus, you don’t expect any casual flings while you’re dating an Indonesian lady.
    • Islamic country. Islam is one of the strictest religions in the world. You better know it before you want to meet and date an Indonesian woman. Stricter rules and parents will be challenging for you at first.

    Indonesian Girlfriends Enjoy Dating Western Men

    Indonesian girls

    Indonesian women view Western men as superior (this is majorly in their minds, but it comes out to play eventually). When it comes to spending, Indonesian women love a man that can bear their financial burdens for them. Since they see Westerners as rich, it is not uncommon for them to be attracted to Western men. They don’t view it as gold-digging because it is part of their culture for men to do the spending.

    Indonesian women place their family beliefs above their principles and comfort. Indonesian families believe that marrying a Western man is an achievement, it is tantamount to climbing up the social ladder. Because of how much the family’s approval is to them, they would rather marry a Western man than an Indonesian man.

    However, it eventually boils down to personal preferences. While some Indonesian girls won’t like to give their lives to foreigners as they are comfortable with their living conditions, others will still jump at the thought of marrying a Western man. It all depends on the kind of woman that catches your eye.

    Appearance Of Indonesian Mail Order Brides

    Indonesian women are remarkably beautiful. Sometimes, men from other countries envy Indonesian men as they get to see such breathtaking beauties every day. Just like almost every other Asian woman, Indonesian women have a small, petite frame. They stand at around 160cm (5″2) tall and this makes them look even cuter.

    They have long silky black hair and black eyes that radiate peace. Beautiful Indonesian women hardly use makeup as their prettiness is natural. They are absolutely stunning with their tanned skins. 

    They are feminine and easy on the eyes. Even as Muslims, they are not obliged to wear hijabs. So, they adorn themselves with fitting clothes that accentuate their petite bodies.

    Traits That Make Pretty Indonesian Girls Good Wives

    Indonesian brides asides being beautiful also make really good wives. The following are some ways in which they make marriage less stressful:

    They’re Monogamous

    Indonesian girls love their men wholeheartedly. Their husbands are their centers of attraction. They always strive to make their marriage work so the divorce rate in Indonesia is very low. 

    If eventually there is a separation, it takes an average Indonesian woman a very long time before moving on and getting into another relationship.

    Beautiful Indonesian Women Are Family-Centered

    Indonesian brides see family as their topmost priority. Right from childhood, they are taught to be housekeepers; submissive and subservient, respectful and obedient. They are also great cooks and create magic in the kitchen.

    An Indonesian woman will also take your family like hers. She will listen to their opinions, respect your parents (if they are still alive) and honor them (if they aren’t).

    Indonesian Brides Are Loving

    Indonesian women are very caring and passionate lovers. They do not hide their affection for their men and it shows even in how they treat men with the most sordid pasts. They will most likely accept you wholeheartedly and lovingly without judgment.

    They’re Super Friendly

    Indonesian girls lead active social lives. They are very homely and hospitable. You won’t feel like a stranger when you are with an Indonesian girl. 

    They are fun and lively. Being a guest at an Indonesian girl’s house means you are going to be receiving the best delicacies and respect. They will go out of their way just to ensure that you feel at home when with them.

    Tips For Dating A Pretty Indonesian Mail Order Bride

    When you want to get an Indonesian mail order bride,  you need to know how to keep her. As friendly as they are, the wrong move could see you relegated to the sidelines. With that in mind, these are some helpful tips for dating them:

    Family Approval Is Crucial

    Indonesian women uphold their families, so if you want to date an Indonesian woman, you have to gain the acceptance of her family. Dating an Indonesian girl is equivalent to dating her entire family.

    They’re Looking For A Dominant Man

    Indonesian brides do not mind living in a masculine world. They don’t fight for equality or play the ‘independent woman’ role. They like older men who can make stable decisions. However, all of these doesn’t mean that they are weak or mindless, so keep that in mind when exerting your dominance.

    Brides From Indonesia Have Strong Religious Beliefs

    Islam is not the only religion in Indonesia but whichever one your Indonesian bride practices, they are usually strong champions of their convictions.

    Sometimes, their beliefs determine the course of the relationship. This means that you may have to believe in what they believe in if you are ever going to date them. It isn’t something that happens across the board but you must know this so that you don’t get thrown off balance if you experience it.

    They Love Attention

    As they make you the center of their attention, they expect the same from you. You cannot date an Indonesian woman and not treat her like royalty. Her submission is only guaranteed when you give her a lot of attention.

    Nightclubs Are Not The Best Places To Approach An Indonesian Single Woman

    If you want a decent Indonesian bride, nightclubs are not the best places to pick them up. In nightclubs, people do drugs, get drunk and generally try to get with you for your money. This is not expected of an ideal Indonesian woman. The women found in these clubs are largely to blame for the bad rap that Indonesian women as a whole have suffered at the hands of the media.

    Indonesian women love to party but the ones you meet in clubs are not ready for committed relationships. They just want to hang out with foreign men for their money therefore, If you want something serious, don’t go searching in a nightclub.

    Why Marry An Indonesian Woman?

    Indonesian women are some of the most beautiful and sexiest women in Asia. Their well-formed bodies and mysterious character makes them worth your while and the long-distance you may have to travel to meet them.

    Aside from being drop-dead gorgeous, they are complemented with submissiveness and a very feminine character. Indonesian girls know how to balance being caring wives and great mothers with pursuing academic dreams or career goals.

    Indonesian wives are not troublesome. They will usually allow their husbands to have the final decisions in the family – after they’ve had their say, of course. Even though education is important to them, they don’t mind being full-time housewives if push comes to shove.

    Why Are Indonesians So Popular?

    Indonesia is a mind-blowing oasis with natural wonders. Aside from having beautiful beaches and islands, one thing that makes this Eastern Asian country remarkable is its people. 

    Why its people, you ask? These are some reasons why people from Indonesia are popular:

    They Are Friendly

    One of the most admired qualities of Indonesians by expats is how welcoming they are.

    From a smile to a simple handshake or even asking for pictures, the friendliness of these people can be felt from a distance.

    They Are Patient

    Indonesians are very understanding people and they do not rush you or put you under pressure. They allow you to take your time wherever you are having any deals or transactions with them.

    This, however, does not mean that you should intentionally waste their time.

    They Are Helpful

    Indonesians are very supportive of each other and they do not hesitate to extend that to other people who are not Indonesians. If strangers ever find out that they need help, locals do not hesitate to offer their services to help them.

    They Are Popular For Their Food And Coffee

    You can be in Indonesia for days and not run out of new food to eat. They are also one of the largest producers of coffee, and Luwak coffee originates from Indonesia. Luwak is a kind of coffee that is produced from civet cat poop. The cats eat the coffee beans, poop them out and it is processed. It may sound disgusting but trust us when we say that it tastes like no other coffee on earth. It’s so good, and it is surprisingly one of the most expensive coffees in the world.

    They Are Proud Of Their Tradition

    Indonesian people are proud of their culture and heritage. Even those who live in cities know a lot about their culture and practice a major part of it. They are very diverse with their traditions and they show it off at the slightest opportunity they get.

    Where Can You Meet Indonesian Brides?

    The best place to meet Indonesian brides is online except you want to travel to Indonesia. But with the current pandemic at the time of writing this article, traveling may not be the best option. At the moment, dating sites are the best places to meet beautiful Indonesian women.

    How To Find A Reliable Indonesian Mail Order Bride?

    With the myriad of dating websites available, it may become difficult to know which to avoid and which to carry on with.

    Earlier on, we talked about the features of Indonesian women. That should give you a glimpse of what to expect from the Indonesian women section on dating sites. If you see anything less, then you may be on to some major online scammers.

    Are you familiar with dating sites you click on and they automatically begin to show you explicit photos of women? Those are usually fake and are not worth your time. They are just used as clickbait to exploit you. No ideal dating site shows you explicit photos at first glance; this is the case when you are looking for platforms to meet Indonesian girls on.

    Authentic mail order sites group women according to their regions and places they are from. If the site you are on mixed up all the women without any specifications, it is probably a scam. Authentic dating sites sectionalize the women is so that the men can easily find who they want.

    If the profile of the potential Indonesian mail order bride is a stock image or if they always refuse to make a video call with you and keep coming up with phony excuses, then they may be scammers. If the person you are chatting with is always asking about your financial situation, they may also be up to something. Finally, if they are constantly asking for money, they just want to take your money and disappear.

    Authentic sites do not ask for money before giving you access to the profile of the ladies available on the site. Do not allow scammers to prey on your emotions and need for Indonesian brides.

    Summing Up: American Women VS Indonesian Women

    This is a simple analysis of the differences between American women and Indonesian women.

    American Women

    American women are free and vivacious. This makes them less subservient to men as they are trained to see themselves as equals to men. Do not expect traditional gender roles with these women.

    Being women who strive to always be noticed everywhere they go, they are most likely to replace running a family and keeping a home with pursuing and building a career.

    American women cherish their independence. It is hard for you to find an American damsel in distress. They are self-confident and do not accept people making decisions for them. They are opinionated and they don’t mind taking occasional breaks from their relationship (even if there are no issues). They like to get the most out of life.

    American women like to take their time in relationships and are never in a hurry to get committed. Sometimes, they see no problem in having more than one partner. Their popular belief is, “My life, my choice”.

    Indonesian Women

    Indonesian women are naturally beautiful with great skin and majestic statues. They use makeup in considerable amounts and hardly go through any kind of surgical procedure to enhance their looks.

    They are taught submission from childhood and they never drag for the spotlight. They don’t clamor for equality, and some men find this attractive. As long as their family is doing great, they feel good.

    They do not place personal interests and career pursuits above their family. They see the institution of marriage and their families as sacred and thus, they are of topmost priority to them.

    They are fun-loving and outgoing but it does not mean that they fancy the idea of multiple partners. They make more stable decisions in the aspect of relationships.

    They are passionate and committed lovers. If you are looking to settle down, Indonesian women are always ready as they tend to get married early and they are attracted to Western men.


    When it comes to dating, you cannot be rigid. Trying out new women from new places opens you up to a whole new world you never knew existed.

    Indonesian women are the best option if you want respect, devotion, hospitality, kindness, and care.

    James Preece
    Dating Coach
    James is an expert in international dating and helps many men navigate through the best choice, be it for dating or marriage. He conveys the real sense of how you can approach choosing the best match. He consistently helps our site get the best and up-to-date content to shed light on dating online and its perks. Besides, he’s a talented writer who makes it easy to understand the peculiarities of international women for dating and marriage.