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    Hot Vietnamese Women
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    Hot Vietnamese Women


    Vietnam is an Asian country located in the southeast corner of Asia. The Vietnamese are known for their impeccable spirit of humility, loyalty, and hospitality. The land is an excellent destination for tourists. Blessed with beautiful nature, lovely beaches, exceptional cultural genealogy, tasty cuisine, coffee, and pagodas, Vietnam is indeed a place you’ll want to visit. Vietnam certainly has something in store for every tourist.

    And there’s even more reason why Vietnam is attractive; its women. There is an abundance of gorgeous hot women in Vietnam. Apart from their jawdropping looks, they also possess loveable qualities to every man’s delight. Hot Vietnamese chicks are top-notch when it comes to beauty and charm, and there are quite a number of them whose beauty and industry have propelled them to fame and success. Firstly, let’s consider some beautiful attributes of these women. 

    What is the essence of  Hot Vietnamese girls?

    Hot Vietnamese women are like flavors; they spice up life. Mere contact with them overturns everything glum about you. They exude some special kind of hotness that could make men fall over themselves. Vietnamese women are primarily of slender build but beautifully endowed.

    Vietnamese hot girls are your best choice if you are looking for hotness, elegance, and class in one lady. 

    Girls from Vietnam are pretty reliable, homely, respectful, and remain faithful in a healthy relationship.

    Regarding their habits, hot Vietnamese girls hardly smoke, although it doesn’t in any way affect their perception of men who do.

    And they are trendy too, especially girls in the major cities like Saigon and Hanoi. These chics love men with a unique and decent style of dressing.

    Why are Sexy Vietnamese women considered to look so hot?

    The praises of the Vietnamese brides are on everyone’s lips, and that’s because they’re worth it. They have earned it by striking a balance in their lives, making it easy for men with different philosophies about love to date them.

    Authentic hotness is a blend of beauty, intelligence, loyalty, and spectacular sexual prowess- fine qualities that do not come in short supply with these chicks.


    Every woman is beautiful in her way, but women from this southeast Asian country are among the best. If you are obsessed with beautiful women, Vietnamese women should be on the top of your list.

    Utterly resplendent and naturally soft, these women; graced with flawless skin and an innocent countenance. No doubt, beauty cannot be successfully defined without mentioning Vietnamese women. They are everything a nobleman requires of his woman. If you are primarily attracted to facially beautiful ladies, go for a sexy Vietnamese girl. 

    Girls from Vietnam are hospitable, and this adds to their warm appeal. Foreigners love them because of their welcoming disposition. And when they speak, they spew grace, beauty, and elegance. 

    Have you met a youthful girl from Vietnam? She’ll most likely exude purity in a well-pleated dress and tidy hairdo. Indeed, women from Vietnam are a quintessential representation of modern ladies.

    Physical features

    Men care more about a woman’s physique than anything else.

    Women from Vietnam are petite, feminine, but sweet. Their dress sense is astonishing, which makes them the hottest amongst others. Vietnamese women love a romantic man who would appreciate their physical features and more. The most desirable ladies have a tiny waist, cute small lips, and straight legs. Vietnamese girls are considered the sexiest because they are more light-skinned than the Philippines and women from Thailand.

    Truly, Vietnamese girls have unique physical features that have distinguished them from girls from their neighboring countries. Some of their physical characteristics are:

    Full eyebrows

    Every woman from Vietnam has a complete and curly eyebrow that adds more beauty to her face.

    Flat bellies

    Even thick Vietnamese women have very flat bellies, making them fit into any dress they like and look ravishing.

    Beautiful walking manner

    Hot Vietnamese women walk graciously, just like the queens they are. So, if you are a man who is on the lookout for a woman with an excellent stride, try hot Vietnamese girls. 


    There are a few things you need to know before dating sexy Vietnamese girls. They include:

    • Respect for the family circle as they care more about their families than themselves.
    • Vietnamese girls are hardworking and independent; you need not feel threatened by their growth.
    • The hottest Vietnamese girls have a favored dress style. It won’t be nice to manipulate them into dressing the way they are not used to.

    The Vietnamese adore and care about women, and the same is expected of every man who wants a hot Vietnamese woman as a bride. Many relationships in Vietnam are due to negotiations between parents, which are concluded while the girl is still very young. A young Vietnamese woman betrothed to a man cannot have an affair or relationship with other men,unless both parties agree to part ways- which is not always easy.

    As a foreigner seeking a sexy Vietnamese woman, you must follow proper procedures; get to know the girl’s family, and be sure she isn’t betrothed to another man.

    The Vietnamese have great humility, and it is worthy of emulation. The culture and values are deeply embedded in the fabric of society.

    Popularity among men

    Western, European, and Eastern men are very much interested in sexy Vietnamese women. There are a handful of famous ones who are married or are in relationships with American men. Most men attracted to Vietnamese women attest to their warm, amiable disposition and unique Asian looks.

    According to a 2014 Ministry of Public Security report, about 18,000 Vietnamese citizens register to marry foreigners every year. Also, the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese and the Vietnam Women’s Union reports that over 300,000 women were given in marriage to foreigners from 2008 to 2010. American men ranked fourth on the foreigners’ list after three Asian countries: Taiwan, China, and South Korea.

    A lot of men are searching for sexy Vietnamese women with lovely qualities. Everyone wants real love. After thorough research about the Hottest Vietnam girls, these men seem to be more attracted to Vietnamese women. Vietnamese ladies are preferred because they are loyal, hospitable, generous, and hardworking.

    As a foreigner seeking a Vietnamese bride, you should be eager to learn and appreciate Vietnamese culture. It will make your relationship with the women more manageable and satisfying.

    Vietnamese Women are crazy for Western men because dating them gives them the freedom they may not get from the local men. A good number of them seek to move abroad in search of bigger opportunities and a better life. 

    The following is a list of the 15 hottest Vietnamese women who have achieved fame and success in their careers over the years.

    15 Hottest Vietnamese Women

    Chu Thi Thanh Ha

    First is Chu Thi Thanh Ha. This amazing Vietnamese woman was born in 1974. She is a lady whose husband Le The Hung is one of the founders of FPT Software, a globally leading technology, and IT company. Chu Thi Thanh Ha is the chairman of FPT Telecom, which is an underling of FPT Software. As of 2016, FPT Telecom’s revenue totaled more than VND 6.15 trillion ($ 268.4 million)

    Alex Tran 

    Alex Tran 

    Alex Tran was born Tran Thanh Thuy in 1987 in Nha Trang.  She was a model who won Miss Vietnam Global in 2009. Before then, she had made the top 10 in the 2007 edition of Vietnam Global.

    Tran has beautiful facial features, with a pointed nose and brown hair. She holds a degree in Biochemistry from the Rice University, Houston, Texas. Her emergence as the face of Vietnam brought her fame. She loves doing her best for charity as she likes everyone around her to be happy.

    Helen Thanh Dào

    This hot Vietnamese lady is a famous actor/actress. She featured in Taiwanese television dramas originally in Vietnam and then moved to Taipei, Taiwan, some years later. Helen was born on September 23, 1977, in Vietnam as Nguyen Thanh Dao. The 42-year-old is also featured in the movies like  My Little Honey Moon (2012), My Dear Stilt (2012), and the TV series Brides Married Here (2016).

    Tiffany Dang

    Tiffany was born on August 11, 1968, in Saigon, Vietnam. A prolific writer she is, who has written many beautiful screenplays/scripts. One out of her numerous work is Torn a 1998 film. Tiffany Dang is a fantastic writer, and she has made a name for herself through writing. Most of her works announced her to her world and opened more doors to success for her.

    Anh Minh 

    Anh Minh 

    Born on May 16, 1985, Anh Minh is an overseas-based Vietnamese-American singer with a lovely voice. She is also a model and an actress who is very good at what she does. Anh was a member of a group called Puriti before she went solo. Her music career opened up the door to fame for her and has made her more famous than ever imagined.

    Tammy Nguyen

    A Vietnamese-American female, Tammy is a famous actress who was featured in the movie (Prison Break). She was born on March 24, 1978, in Saigon. The 43-year-old is an advocate for Asian American and minority artists and voices in entertainment. 

    Tammy received her B.A. in Cinema at Southern Methodist University and went further to do her Producers Program. She is a versatile and passionate filmmaker whose experience spans directing, producing, acting, writing, and modeling. The Horne Agency currently represents this Vietnamese American woman in Dallas, Texas, and Commercial Talent in Los Angeles.

    Navia Nguyen 

    Navia is a sexy Vietnamese lady who was born in 1973 in Saigon, Vietnam. She was featured in the movie Memoirs of Geisha in 2005, The Quiet American in 2002, and Hitch in 2005. These movies made her famous as she was an exceptional actress in her prime.

    Lana Condor

    On May 11, 1997, Condor was born in Vietnam and was adopted by her American parents, Mary Carol (Haubold) and journalist Robert Condor. She is a gorgeous Vietnamese actress featured in many movies, including the film, To All The Boys I Ever Loved. 

    She made her first movie appearance in X-Men: Apocalypse (2016), portraying Jubilation Lee / Jubilee.  Condor spent her early years in Chicago, Illinois. She began dancing at age seven, taking her first dance classes in Washington.

    Pham Thi Huan

    Pham was born in 1954 into a low-income family in Long An Province. Her presence on this list is unique because she is an excellent example of what it means to move from rags to riches. She had to drop out of school to earn a living by selling eggs at 16. 

    Huan established Ba Huan Co., Ltd., which now sells eggs at more than 1000 outlets and distributors, accounting for 50 percent of the egg market in Ho Chi Minh City. Last September, FAO recognized her as a “model farmer.” The company currently has an 18-hectare farm housing 1 million chickens, a 20-tonne-an-hour animal feed factory in Binh Duong, a 2-hectare egg processing plant with 185,000 capacity.

    Thai Huong 

    Thai Huong 

    Born in 1958 in Vietnam, Thai Huong is the chairman of TH Joint Stock Company and deputy chairman and general director of Bac A Joint Stock Bank. TH Group is a MILK brand, which currently operates in agriculture, forestry, and education.  TH Group inaugurated its TH school system in February at Hanoi. In 2016, it also went ahead with its global expansion plan by constructing a $2.7-billion hi-tech concentrated dairy and fresh milk production plant in Russia. Thai Huong is an astute businesswoman who has done so well for herself and her country.

    Truong Ngoc Anh

    Truong Ngoc Anh

    TNA, as she’s popularly known, is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Born on November 12, 1976, in Hanoi, she began modeling when she turned 16. She went on to become one of the most accomplished actresses Vietnam has ever produced.

    This beautiful woman is famous for her roles in the production of movies like The White Silk Dress (2006), Rise (2014), Tracer (2016), and Abduction (2019). TNA was also a host on the TV series Vietnam’s Next Top Model.

    Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhan

    Born in 1952, Nguyen is the chairman and general director of AIC Group. This gorgeous Vietnamese woman was honored for her highest academic achievements between 2004 and 2014. She was awarded the “Vernadski Star” by Russia’s International Academy of Systems Studies (IASS) in 2015 and, according to Forbes, is one of the 20 most influential businesswomen.

    Ngô Thanh Vân

     Van, born on February 26, 1979, Is a model, actress, and singer. Veronica Ngô, as she is alternatively called, made her first appearance as an actress on the TV series Rouge. Her role in the series made her famous in Asia and Australia. This sexy Vietnamese actress soon rose to fame.

    In 2006, the singer recorded a dance anthem record. She premiered her new song: I Won’t Stop Loving You, on the final episode of 21st Century Woman, which aired on Vietnam TV.

    Interestingly, Vân featured in the blockbuster Hollywood movie, The Last Jedi, playing Paige Tico’s character. She is an accomplished actress with over 18 films and 5 TV shows among her achievements in 19 years.

    Kiêu Chinh

     Kiêu Chinh is a humanitarian, lecturer, and legendary actress.  She was born Nguyễn Thị Chinh on July 3, 1937, in Hanoi, North Vietnam. The 80-year-old is worthy of mention because of her beautiful strides in the entertainment industry spanning over sixty years. 

    Chinh is a proud Emmy Award Winner. She began her acting career with a role in Hồi Chuông Thiên Mụ (The Bells of Thien Mu Temple) in the year 1957 and soon rose to fame with her unique beauty and raised cheekbones and a well-sculpted nose. Her well-delivered performance in Người Tình Không Chân Dung( Warrior, Who Are You, 1971) and the movie A Shapeless Lover brought her to the limelight.

    As a philanthropist, Kiều Chinh is co-founder of the Vietnam Children’s Fund, contributing immensely to child education in Vietnam.

    Vu Ngoc Anh

    Born in 1990, this gorgeous woman is a successful model who has won the Ao DAi Beauty award and made the Top 5 Miss Vietnam in 2007 and 2012. Vu also has a stint in acting. Anh played a lead role in the movie Quyen (2015). Her participation in Miss Vietnam brought her into the limelight as her unique beauty did not go unnoticed. Ngoc Anh is a graduate of the Hanoi Banking Academy.

    In conclusion, Dating a sexy Vietnamese girl is such a beautiful experience. Of course, it comes with its many perks. This list of famous women gives an idea of what stuff Vietnamese women are made of. Vietnam is blessed with many hot and beautiful ladies. Meeting one is sure to provide you with an adventure you could never have imagined.

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