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    The Philippines is an island and predominantly mountainous state in Southeast Asia. The Spanish who arrived on these islands named the country “Filipinas” after Prince Philip, who later became King of Spain in the 16th century. They also founded the capital of the Philippines, Manila. At present, it is a multinational country of dozens of peoples and nationalities speaking 400 languages and dialects.

    The Philippines includes over seven thousand islands of the large Malay Archipelago. It is home to volcanoes, megacities, places for surfing, and fantastic beaches. Also, it is one of the most Europeanized countries in Asia with a large Christian population. It is the third-largest English-speaking country in the world. Another real pride of the country is the Filipino women with their exotic and stunning beauty.

    Should You Date a Filipino Woman?

    Filipino Women

    The girls of this country are endowed with such a natural and delightful appearance given to them by nature. Filipino brides do not look like Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, and other girls from Southeast Asia. They do not need particular means to emphasize their beauty. Young Filipino women rarely use cosmetics, and their clothes are simple — most often, they wear T-shirts and shorts. They are generally slender, with a good figure and long legs. Swarthy by nature, they do not tend to sunbathe. You can rarely see Filipino girls on beautiful beaches, unless maybe at sunset.

    Filipino girls are frequent winners of international beauty contests. This country ranks second in the number of the most recognized beauties from around the world. Like most Asian women, Filipino girls are not tall. Their graceful and fragile figure is their pride. Most of them have pleasant and regular facial traits. They have a subtle Asian eye shape, a neat nose, shiny black hair, a gorgeous smile, and snow-white teeth. Obviously, they took the best features from the mixture of different races and peoples.

    The fiesta is an integral part of the country’s national culture. All local holidays and festivals are held on a large scale. If you visit this country during one of the national holidays, you will be able to fully appreciate the musical, theatrical, and gastronomic traditions of this country. If you want to plunge headlong into this pool of impeccable beauty and inseparable joy, you should visit the Philippines in May, when colorful and fun festivals take place annually. It is an unforgettable show where you can see thousands of Filipina beauties in bright national dresses.

    Filipino Dating Culture

    When thinking of Filipinas, it can be hard to resist such charming ladies, and they’re among the most popular choices in the world of international brides. They’re great at almost everything from the kitchen to bed. If you plan to date Filipinas, you need to know the following:

    1. They don’t make the first move. In their dating culture, it’s not common for women to approach men. It’s considered inappropriate, so it’s often men who make their first move. So, if you’re interested in them, you should make your first move.
    2. The man is to take the leading role. While Western feminism dictates that women and men should divide their roles in a relationship, Filipino dating culture is less egalitarian. It’s common for men to be in the leading role.
    3. A follow-up date is important. While the first date is important, it’s even more important to have the next date. The follow-up date will indicate that a Filipina lady is indeed interested in you and wants to spend more time with you.
    4. Religion is important for them. Filipino women value their background and culture, and most of all, they value their faith. Thus, you need to show respect towards their religion, as they take it quite seriously.

    How Is It to Live in the Philippines?

    Wildlife areas and picturesque coral reefs make the Philippines one of the most diverse and striking countries in all of Asia. Natural, historical, and cultural attractions make up significant recreational resources of the Philippines. Local healers who are known all over the world incite many people to come to this country for treatment. These healers perform the most complex surgical operations without any tools, thanks to their mystical abilities and powerful bio-field.

    Filipinos are good-natured and calm people. They easily consider material values, be it houses, cars, or clothes. Hot weather and blooming nature all year round contributed to this attitude. Local people reason that life is given only once and nobody can earn all the money. For them, a job is a way to make a livelihood. However, being indifferent to everything material, Filipinos are very proud of their own achievements. They can feel superior to those who are below them on the social ladder.

    Many Filipinos go abroad to work, but they strive to come back. Filipinos generally do not like to be far from their homes and families. Often, even in adulthood, local people continue to live with their parents. However, the people of the Philippines have their characteristics of behavior. So, chewing gum is considered the highest manifestation of disrespect and indecency. Chewing is absolutely unacceptable in public places. It can cause a storm of indignation from local people.

    Guide on Filipino Women: All You Need To Know

    Facial features of Filipino beauties are so attractive that single men from all over the world come here to admire them. Their slender and tanned legs are able to conquer men at first sight. In pursuit of the aristocratic pallor inherent to white European women, Filipino girls use masks with lime and papaya, and their body cosmetics typically contain whitening ingredients. Looking at pictures on any dating website, you can find Filipino mail order brides looking like hot Spanish girls, petite Chinese women, as well as passionate African females.

    The girls in this country are not only beautiful but also wonderful wives. Obedient and non-conflict Filipino brides are a real treasure for family relationships. Many of Filipino women for marriage are not well educated, and this fact allows them not to be ahead of their men in any aspect and, moreover, argue with them. Such women become ideal wives who will admire their husbands and obey them without any questions. A Filipino woman is always ready for love. She will not tell stories about having a headache or being tired. A Filipina bride is always fine, and she wants passion and intimacy with her man.

    Filipino wives are categorically against divorce and try to avoid it by all means. In their desire to save their families, they are most afraid of shame and gossip from other people. The matter is that according to national traditions, which are very strong in the Philippines, a girl should go down the aisle intact. After divorce, her chances of successfully getting married again are significantly reduced. Therefore, many European and American men dream of having a Filipino wife. These girls also do not mind marrying a foreigner. They are not particularly worried about the groom’s financial situation or his age.

    You can see many couples consisting of elderly European or American men and young local beauties in the Philippines. For Filipino brides, family values have paramount importance. These beautiful wives like and know how to do housework and never complain about it. The Filipino woman will never leave her husband hungry, as she prepares delicious food every day. Looking into her husband’s eyes, an obedient Filipino wife will humbly love him and maintain the family hearth with particular trepidation.


    Why Filipino Women Become Mail Order Brides?

    Filipino Girls

    You can find many specialized dating websites and mobile apps to meet beautiful Filipino women for marriage and develop relationships with them. To do this, you do not need to travel to the Philippines and date many local brides to choose one of them. You can start online reconnaissance in advance. Many single European and American men act precisely in this way. Two people are able to get to know each other online, chat for a while, and then move to personal communication in the Philippines.

    Why do Filipino beauties seek to marry a foreign prince? Indeed, all Filipino girls, regardless of age and social background, dream of marrying a foreigner. They pay little attention to the age, appearance, and wealth of a man. The dream of an overseas prince is cultivated in movies, TV series, and various talk shows. For that, there are financial reasons, which are of great importance for Filipino brides and their parents. As a rule, decent Filipino men are often engaged, and they are not as wealthy and attractive as foreign bachelors.

    Most of the local girls only graduate from primary public school. Continuing education in the country or abroad is often unaffordable for their families. With such a background, it is challenging to get a well-paid job for them. A successful marriage with a foreigner is the best solution since it allows a local girl not to work hard in a low-paying job. Moreover, a man from overseas often takes care of his bride’s family in financial terms. It is a common practice, and numerous local agencies are always ready to assist in all legal formalities.

    Why Are Filipino Women So Popular?

    Besides excellent external features, Philippines mail order brides have many other benefits. They become wonderful wives and mothers. They are prone to cleanliness, cook perfectly, and raise children with devotion. In the Philippines, families are large and friendly. Usually, local families have four or five children. Therefore, be ready that your Filipino bride will have many relatives. Elders are respected and receive all necessary care. Older people are never abandoned here, and all relatives help each other.

    It is difficult to imagine that a married Filipino woman would seek a male society outside her family. This woman will never even think about infidelity to her husband. Besides, she will not suspect her man, be jealous of him for and without any reason, and check his mobile phone. If her husband is late at a corporate party, the Filipino wife will calmly wait for him and meet him with a smile and hugs. Therefore, many men find the characteristic qualities of Filipino brides very suitable for a happy married life.

    Mail order brides Philippines are mostly Catholic, and religion means a lot in their lives. More than 90% of the population in the Philippines is Christian. It is manifested in local customs, traditions, and cultural norms. Here, you can find a few churches in every small town and village. Christian holidays are widely celebrated. Sometimes, stages are set up on the beaches for the sermons of priests. Ladies of houses arrange a corner at their homes for figurines of saints.

    Filipino Women Tips

    Filipino girls

    Be a Gentleman

    Just like other girls, Filipino brides value men’s gallantry and courtesy. Gentlemen never cease to be in demand, but these days, decent men are harder to find. Being a gentleman usually means showing respect for the lady, complimenting her, courting her, and not allowing careless statements. Therefore, a man should respect her religious beliefs, local traditions, and her family. The opinion of her family can be crucial when it comes to marriage. So, it is always best to be kind and show a genuine interest toward her family members all the time.


    Be Generous and Patient

    In the eyes of a Filipino girl, a man should always be ready to please her. Therefore, she will appreciate gifts, flowers, and ordering the dishes that she wants at the moment. It is also a good idea to help her family one way or another. Usually, Filipino women are conservative and take time to get used to their men. Do not expect an easy victory over your Filipino girl, and be patient. Most probably, she will not like touches and kisses on the first date. When she feels in love, you will never regret all the effort you put while caring for her.

    Demonstrate a Sense of Humor and Optimism

    Making a girl laugh, or at least smile, is always one of the best strategies in face-to-face communication. She should feel safe and comfortable with you. Remember some funny stories from your life and tell her about your life and work. Filipino girls like to chat. So, they are understanding and open-minded in communication. At the same time, do not forget to ask about her opinion on this or that occasion. This will help you get to know each other better and move to the next level of relationships.

    Summing Up: Filipino VS American Women

    The US has had a significant influence over the Philippines, which used to be an American colony for 50 years. To this day, Filipinos treat Americans with respect. Many women with Filipino roots live and work in the United States. Easily susceptible to American assimilation, they are still considered Asians in some spheres, while their features predominantly have Spanish and Catholic influences. The social and cultural characteristics of Filipino girls contrast considerably with mainstream American culture.

    American women who come to the Philippines on vacation are quite relaxed and free. Filipino women are sincerely surprised that American women visit solariums in their home country and then come to the Philippines to sunbathe on the beach. Modesty is essential to the young Filipino girls’ behavior. Shorts and T-shirts are suitable for local women anywhere, but bikinis are only for the beach. It is considered wrong in the Philippines to wander around restaurants and shops in bikinis without covering the body.

    Filipino women are unique in the way they communicate with others and respect other peoples’ decisions. For them, not only the health and well-being of close relatives matter. They also care for all kith and kin belonging to their tribe, clan, and people. Unlike American women, Filipino girls sincerely and unconditionally respect men and admit their power and essential role in everything. For the latter, the family has the utmost importance. They love to cook a variety of dishes and constantly take care of their husbands.

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