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    Are Mail Order Brides Illegal?

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    Mail order bride services have become an easy way to access women for marriage from different parts of the world. It is an online service that catalogs men and women seeking to find spouses. Women over the years have used the internet to their advantage by seeking men outside their region for marriage for several reasons. On the other hand, men have embraced the practice as they believe it makes searching for a spouse easier. Many people admit that its usefulness in helping people find their soulmates can not be undermined. However, there have been many debates about whether these online platforms are legally accepted and if using them breaks any laws internationally. Oh well, let’s get into details to make things clear.

    Is It Legit to Look For Mail Order Brides in Your Country?

    The question “are mail order spouses illegal?” is bound to pop up in the mind of some persons when they plan on using certain online agencies. Fortunately, the simple answer is ‘no,’ since almost all countries approve of the idea of online dating. However, some countries have laws that most dating sites must abide by. All sites are required to prioritize user privacy and safety.

    Is It Legal to Mail Order a Bride and Why?

    “Mail order brides,” as the name implies, has created the stereotype that you order a bride like the way you order items online and wait to get them delivered to you. Many people believe it is simply spending so much money buying a wife. However, on online sites, the focus is on becoming a member, getting access to lists of ladies who yearn to find love and would not have issues with relocating.

    Online dating sites are not set up to scam you. In fact, they do not tolerate scammers or aggressive users. Women on these platforms are open to communicating voluntarily and can always report any dishonesty or shady behavior contrary to the essence of the platform. Hence, mail order bride sites are not set up to obtain money from people illegally but to help matchmake, giving you more value for the stipend you may have to pay.

    Mail Order Bride Regulations Across the World

    Mail order bride legal regulations and laws exist. There are various bodies set up to regulate the immigration process of foreign spouses across the world. The aim is to ensure that immigration by marriage is done the right way and for the right reason. Many people trying to play their way into the hearts of citizens of prominent countries like the USA have become a cause for alarm. Marriages that result from such have been labeled a sham.

    The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 (IMBRA) focuses on regulating marriages based on green cards. It is simply a law that helps US men seek to marry women from other regions of the world and checks the processes involved. Also, The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) helps defend brides coming into the US in any case of domestic violence. Like the US, Canada has no direct regulations on mail order brides, but on spouses who get into the country through marriage citizenship. It is only a matter of time before more rules are established since the mail order bride pattern of matchmaking is getting more popular.

    Are Mail Order Brides Legal in the USA?

    Are Mail Order Brides Illegal

    Some might ask, “are mail order brides illegal in the US?” Online dating sites or mail order bride’s pages are legal in the USA. Although when spouses decide to get married and move in together in the United States, certain laws are in place to control immigration by marriage.

    On mail order bride legality in the USA, the 2005 International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) was set up to verify individuals on who they claim regarding marriage visa application. The law came into existence during the case of Susanna Blackwell and Anastasia Kings in 1995 and 2000, respectively. In those matters, foreign women were molested and killed by men who used their citizenship to apply for a K-1 visa to bring them into the country.

    The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), approved by President Bill Clinton in 1994, was also set up as an affordable response to domestic violence. It encompasses sexual assault in marriages or dating and stalking. There are also some requirements to help your foreign spouse become a citizen of the United States. Applications for the US green card must meet certain requirements such as:

    • Both parties must be married legally; that is, their union must be recognized by the government of the region where the marriage took place. A situation where both parties have cohabited will not be recognized as marriage. However, if your marriage is previously recognized as a common-law marriage, it may be accepted by the United States. The United States recognizes marriages that take place in and outside the country.
    • A marriage alliance done to get a citizenship card is considered fraudulent hence any union must be confirmed as genuine by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services(USCIS).
    • Each spouse must be confirmed to be a legal citizen of the United States, i.e., they must have obtained a permanent residence from a family member, application, or must be a permanent resident.

    Are Mail Order Spouse Illegal in Canada?

    There has been no law to regulate Canada’s mail order bride industry, making mail order bride legality unclear in the country. However, policies monitoring immigration and other forms of foreign marriage have significantly impacted mail order bride services. According to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, marriage must be considered legal in the country where it took place. If it is not legal for some reason, they may be processed as common-law partners or conjugal partners. The latter is only applicable if both the citizen in question and the applicants are confirmed to be in a genuine relationship that meets the common-law partner requirement. The family sponsorship program is also included in Canada amendment laws, which have helped limit the stress of bringing in a mail-order bride as a Canadian citizen.

    Are Mail Order Spouses Illegal in the UK?

    Mail order bride services have been popular in the United Kingdom since the early 1990s. It is not illegal; however, strict laws govern these services. Qualification as a mail order bride marrying a citizen of the UK requires one must be 21 years of age and above, and both partners must meet the financial requirement. That is done to determine if both partners can take care of themselves without becoming a burden to the nation. Once these requirements are met, it all becomes easier since the UK is one of the safest countries on the planet as far as marrying a foreigner is concerned.

    Where are Mail Order Brides Illegal?

    Mail order bride’s services exist in so many parts of the world. Questions may still arise as to if mail order brides are legal in all countries of the world. Oh well, as legal as it may seem to lots of countries, countries like the Philippines retain an Anti Mail Order Bride Law. The law forbids matchmaking women from the Philippines and men from other world regions like America, Canada, Australia, etc. Still, many women from the Philippines aim to marry men from other prominent regions of the world, so they find ways to circumvent the law. This has made mail order bride services very popular and widely used by almost every country globally.

    How to Understand Whether the Mail Order Bride Service Is Legitimate

    Finding a legitimate mail order bride service may be quite difficult sometimes due to the number of scams out there on the internet.

    First, one must check through the website’s review to know what to expect. Then, be sure to confirm that members’ profiles are real. Some sites allow real-time calls or video chats- a useful way to verify the authenticity of whoever you contact. Be sure to look out for payment methods, as this may be one way to spot a website that may be out to scam. Several fake dating sites have few photos with profiles that give very little information about them. Real profiles do not always contain too good to be true information. Mail order brides dating sites do not usually ask for credit card details initially, and stipends are often required for membership sake. Hence, it is necessary to retreat once any shady feature is noticed before it is too late.

    Is it Difficult to Bring a Bride Home Legally?

    Usually, this is one of the most difficult parts of having a mail order bride, as bringing her home may be quite challenging. Various countries have diverse requirements in handling mail order bride immigrations. The fiancee visa style may require inviting your proposed bride to your country for marriage. However, if both parties are already married, you may need a spouse visa to ease immigration. A few other documents may be needed in all of these processes as the immigration body in charge will need confirmation that the union is legit and not a fake one aimed at obtaining a visa. Countries like the United Kingdom may need details of current financial status to ensure that such a union would not pose a financial burden to the nation. The processes are legal and are worth the stress in the end.

    Conclusions: Are Mail Order Spouses Illegal?

    Given all the information about mail order bride legality, it is safe to say that mail order spouses are ultimately legal as most countries do not prohibit such services. Using mail order bride services is an interesting way to meet with brides from different locations. No more having to confine marriage to the women around when you have got your eyes on ladies in a particular country.

    However, in your quest for a foreign bride, it is necessary to be cautious as there are millions of sites waiting to rip you off your money if you play out gullible. Such sites have made running a legit online dating site tough because most people are scared of being scammed. Endeavor to look out for red flags in any site used and do things the right way. A little display of aggressive or any other bad behavior can gain you an exit from an online dating platform. Let honesty be a watchword and try to build a relationship based on true self because this platform aims to match people to become lifetime partners. Posing to be what you are not will only defeat the website’s objective.

    Although mail order bride websites do due diligence by ensuring that only verified women are on their sites, it is highly recommended that you take steps to protect your privacy. Since you do not know these women personally, it would be unwise to divulge too much information about yourself than is necessary. It is best to wait until you can meet with your bride in person. Love goes beyond geographical boundaries, and mail order bride services only try to widen the options available to those seeking love and marriage abroad. Their services are legitimate and are regulated by the countries in which they operate.

    Mail Order Brides Legal FAQ

    How can I check the reliability and safety of the website?

    Knowing what measures to take when verifying the authenticity of a site is a challenge to many people, causing them to avoid using mail order brides dating websites. The first step to checking the legitimacy of a website is to read reviews. Reviews contain the ratings and experiences of past users. If the site in question has no reviews, you could opt for free trials if made available. Free trials can help you check things out to see if they are worth using. Also, legit dating sites usually do not require you to provide personal details like your credit card information upon signing up.

    Is it More Effective to Meet The Woman Online Rather Than in Real Life?

    Meeting a woman offline and chatting with her is easier than meeting offline. However, it is your choice to determine which you prefer. The offline pattern of matchmaking may not give you enough details as to if the person in question is already in a relationship, unlike what is presented on dating sites. Online dating sites present at least a 90% chance of meeting a single lady with a common goal like you. In addition to this, not all men can outrightly walk up to a woman in real life, but online chit-chat can allow them the opportunity to be more expressive.

    Many people presume that it is cheaper to have an online date as you wouldn’t have to spend money on various things physically until you are both set to meet. People still get to spend money on gifts for their online dates, and these websites require some payments for certain services even though they’re majorly small amounts. In conclusion, a relationship can work out effectively whether meeting a woman online or not. Being honest and sincere about your intentions and showing your readiness to commit to a relationship are determining factors for a successful union.

    What are the People Involved in the Process of Finding a Bride?

    There are people in charge of matchmaking members on the website. The information provided such as preferred age, taste, etc., is used to match suitable women on the site. Also, translators are employed to help members who speak different languages communicate easily. The matchmaking process is usually more efficient when both parties present true information about themselves without including what they are not. Personal information is usually encrypted end to end to conserve privacy.

    Is it Legal to Pay Dating Platforms to Help Me Find a Mail Order Bride?

    A mention of online payment gets to frighten most people and discourage them, but when it comes to legit ways of getting acquainted with a person from your most desired part of the world, it may be worth it. Mail order bride legal stances are regulated by various laws that differ according to countries giving them strict guidelines to keep their services in check. Services rendered on these dating sites are helpful to most people, and these people use the sites at will. Conclusively, one can say that it is legal to pay dating platforms to assist in finding a mail order bride. The services they render are being paid for, not that they’re selling off these brides.

    How Can I Legally Take My Bride to the US?

    There is the availability of the fiance K-1 visa that you can apply for, so you’ll be able to take your bride to the United States for marriage. Then, if your marriage already took place in another country, you may need to apply for another visa called the spouse visa. The whole process may need time and lots of paperwork to confirm how legit the union is with all information your spouse provides.

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