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    Once dating was only possible in real life, but the last dozen years proved that this type of social interaction can successfully be taken in the online world. From the 2010s, many dating apps emerged to satisfy the needs of people who want to find a partner from the other side of the world or are just shy to get out of their homes to meet brides in the bars or clubs. 

    At the time of the new coronavirus pandemic, online dating has become a lifeline for a lot of people who could not breach the self-isolation rules and quarantine measures to meet their lovers or potential dates offline. That is why we decided to update our guide on dating hot Chinese girls in COVID-19 reality so that you could pay special attention to certain issues and avoid the popular mistakes of other men. 

    Why Chinese Women Are So Popular?

    Unusual appearance

    The first reason why Western men choose China brides is that the latter have different looks from Western women. Chinese women are shorter and smaller in shape than European and American girls. They have black glossy hair and skin of the yellow tone. Their eyes are black and tiny and their faces are round-shaped. Usually, Chinese brides for marriage look young till their 50s so that you will hardly ever guess the age of a Chinese bride at once. Have you always been dreaming about a woman who knows the secret of eternal youth? You will find them among hot Chinese ladies.  

    Family values

    The second thing that makes Chinese mail order brides tempting to men from other nations is their attitude towards family relationships. In China, family ties are some of the most appreciated and respected. Parents educate their children from a young age to love their relatives, follow family traditions, and be grateful for their parents. When Chinese girls for marriage grow up, they can live with their parents until they get married and once they do it, they move out of their houses but still visit their parents often. Wouldn’t want to have such a caring wife?

    Desire to move out of China

    The third reason to meet Chinese women is their desire to live in a country other than China. If you are looking for a foreign wife who will gladly move to your place to live together, you should date a Chinese bride. These girls have different reasons to relocate to other nations but mostly they are following: 

    • they want to explore the world around them and learn new languages;
    • they want to get professional training and job experience outside China;
    • they easily fall in love with a foreigner and travel to their place to settle down there. 

    Chinese Dating Culture

    Chinese women are among the most charming ladies. Besides, thanks to high beauty standards, Chinese ladies are indeed attractive with their appearance. While browsing their profiles, you can easily see how gorgeous and young-looking they can be. But what about their dating culture? Here are things to know:

    • A culture of pragmatic relationships. Looking for a life partner is one of the main goals for men and women in China. It’s not the appearance that matters in this case. It’s about mutual benefits that they can have to ensure a better and happier life for each other.
    • A culture of arranged marriage. Since their culture is quite pragmatic, it’s common for the parents of women to find a better candidate. Although it was really popular long ago, there are some practices even now.
    • A culture of serious relationships. For ladies in China, it’s important to find a partner for marriage. Thus, Chinese women are more marriage-oriented. Thus, casual dating in China isn’t quite common.
    • The role of families. In many regions of China, ladies continue to live with their parents, and thus, the involvement of parents in the relationships of their daughters is quite a common phenomenon. You better get their approval before you write your own story of love.

    What are Chinese Brides Like?

    They are fun

    One of the distinctive features of China mail order brides is that they are fun to be around. They are easy-going and positive, so you will hardly ever get bored in their company. They love telling jokes even online and that’s why your online dating with them will be full of joy and laughter even at Corona time. 

    They are educated

    As we already pointed out earlier, Chinese families love their kids a lot, so they dedicate much time and effort into educating them. Here, the majority of Chinese brides get top-quality education in local universities and colleges. Are you looking for a smart Chinese girl for marriage? Hurry up to find them on a dating app!

    They are well-mannered

    The other great trait of a Chinese mail order wife is that she is highly likely to have perfect manners. Etiquette is a must in breeding girls in China, and by the time they grow up, they know how to behave in any situation. They are trained to act appropriately with colleagues, friends, professors, lovers, and their families. Consequently, you will not have to be ashamed of their conduct in public. 

    They are friendly

    If you want to find Chinese wife, you have to know that they are some of the friendliest women in the world. They have a positive attitude towards strangers, kids, and pets and never leave them without a helping hand in need. If you do not mind your partner being helpful to anyone they meet, consider starting a relationship with a mail order bride Chinese


    They do not envy or spread rumors

    `Among China brides, spreading bad words about friends or exes is not popular and not encouraged. People here prefer to forget the negative experience over remembering it and taking revenge. Hence, you should not be worried about your fame in China even after you break up with your Chinese mail order wife

    How to date a Chinese Bride?

    Now let’s see what your conduct online should be to have the best dating experience with a Chinese bride during COVID:

    • Do not stereotype. First of all, leave all your thoughts about Chinese people spreading the novel coronavirus behind if you want to date a mail order bride. China has been working tirelessly to find a new vaccine against COVID-19, so blaming random people for the world pandemic can be insulting and deteriorating for a potential relationship;
    • Be polite. Keep in mind that a Chinese bride is a girl from a completely different culture and background. Do not expect her to like the way you can pick up American girls and rush them to bed after a few lines. Also, remember about the quarantine around: now it’s time for the distant communication without meeting new people in person much;
    • Do not rush to move to the video chat. Chinese brides are often shy with strangers so your task is to make her comfortable around you first. Chat online for a few days, discuss various things and avoid personal issues, and only then offer to take a step closer to one another and call her;
    • Ask instead of making assumptions. Do not say or text anything like “I’ve heard all people in China are like…” and similar notions. You are looking for a Chinese bride to find your love, not a self-affirmation. While you are trying to show why you are better than Chinese people, she will start a chat with a more educated man and leave you;
    • Listen a lot. It is important for getting to know your potential girlfriend better and preparing yourself for your future video conversations. If you pay special attention to her manner of thinking and revealing her thoughts, it will be easier for you to not only understand her but also notice her non-verbal signs;
    • Once you feel like trust is established, go on to call her or start a video talk. After you have quality communication about your interests, hobbies, values, and worldview, go on to continue talking through video chat. This is a must in online dating since it helps to get to know each other better, become closer, and save yourselves from transmitting the coronavirus. 

    How to Seduce Chinese Bride?

    There are a few more things that you have to take care about to impress your online girlfriend. Make sure all these points are in place before you start meeting Chinese ladies:

    1. Your profile picture. It should be bright and readable so that women could see how you look. It should not be outdated and random. Instead, it has to reveal your personality and create a good impression of you. Your aim is to attract Chinese brides, not scare them off, right? 
    2. Other photos. The pictures you post have to say something meaningful about you, be different, and show your best sides. Do not publish a bunch of similar selfies, enormous pictures of your dog, or a car. Women on the dating app want to get acquainted with you, not your pets or property. By the way, posting pictures of your real estate and cars can harm your safety in the real life, so keep it in mind before publishing any new content;
    3. Posts. If you do not know what to post or how to update your status, refrain from it. A short self-presenting line in your profile will be enough to make Chinese ladies interested in you;
    4. Your bio. Try to fill it out completely or as much as possible. On the basis of your data, you will be provided with matches, so check your interests, dating preferences, and so on to make sure your matching results are accurate; 
    5. Your online conduct in general. Update your profile regularly, do not post silly jokes or quotations that only you can understand, visit the dating app often, and you will find your bride from China quickly even during COVID.


    How to find a Reliable Chinese Dating Website? 

    Here are a few things that you have to keep in mind in order to find a good website for dating Chinese brides during the COVID pandemic:

    1. Customer Support. First of all, it should be available 24/7 so that you can resolve any issue or dispute on the service. If you have any trouble using the service or if a certain user claims any money from you, Customer Support should take care of you and help you with your requests;
    2. Prices. During quarantine, the majority of dating apps launched free trials of their premium packages or made some extraordinary features free of charge. This step allows the best dating websites to attract new customers and make the old ones get out of their service. If you do not see any changes in prices or special offers due to COVID, the website is probably a scam;
    3. Services. Video chats and voice calls have become a lot more popular in the last half a year. Since online conversations last longer now due to the inability to meet offline, reliable dating websites added new smileys, reactions, and other tools to their messengers. Be sure to check whether a dating app that you choose has a lot to offer in terms of services;
    4. Quality of profiles. If Chinese mail order brides are real, their pages contain a lot of pictures, personal information, and maybe even a video presentation. Fake profiles will likely have one picture and a little bio. Pay attention to these things since they indicate whether you can trust a person online or not;
    5. Customer reviews. Read the latest to testimonials to get an idea of what the dating website is like. The newer the reviews are, the more accurate you can consider them to be;
    6. Usability of the app. Many dating apps improved their speed to make it comfortable for people to keep in touch during COVID. Hence, if you happen to use some slow app, delete it, and find another one that will suit your needs better. 

    Summing up: Chinese VS American Women

    As you already know a lot about Chinese brides, we propose you to look through the quick comparison of them and American women to sum up this guide. Keep these features in mind when starting to meet and date Chinese women online:

    1. Chinese brides are more kind than American women. As we pointed out earlier, these women do not spread rumors and hate their exes after breakup. They also do not say anything negative to their friends. If the conduct of someone is unbearable to them, they will just stop the communication but will never criticize;
    2. Chinese ladies value family more. In China, women are less career-oriented than in the USA and that’s why they can dedicate more of their time to their husbands and kids. Chinese brides prefer to stay home for some time after they have a baby to nurse them and raise them well;
    3. Chinese mail order brides are more obedient to the men than American girls. They respect their men a lot and consider them to be the leaders in relationships and family matters. No decision can be taken without the approval of the husband, so if you are looking for a smart but obedient wife, a Chinese woman is a perfect match for you. 
    James Preece
    Dating Coach
    James is an expert in international dating and helps many men navigate through the best choice, be it for dating or marriage. He conveys the real sense of how you can approach choosing the best match. He consistently helps our site get the best and up-to-date content to shed light on dating online and its perks. Besides, he’s a talented writer who makes it easy to understand the peculiarities of international women for dating and marriage.
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