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    Hot Haitian Women

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    Haiti is one of the most mysterious countries in the Caribbean region. Being the only state with the predominant French language spoken in the Americas, Haiti is an independent country on the West of the Haiti island. It is full of picturesque landscapes, breathtaking dawns, and sunrises, but those are not the only things we like Haiti for. That’s also its people: lively, smiling, and optimistic, and Haitian women in particular. They are hot, positive, and unbreakable spiritually. Who wouldn’t want to have such a partner? If you are the one who cannot resist their beauty and vibe, don’t hesitate to read this review of the hottest Haitian women.

    Why Are Haitian Girls Considered to Look So Hot?


    Appearance. The first thing we’d like you to know about hot Haitian girls is their appearance. They are not similar to women from the neighboring countries: their skin shade is darker, and the facial features are milder.

    An average Haitian woman has long black curly hair, deep brown eyes, a big nose, and thick lips. Her body is not skinny at all, although she dances a lot and keeps her levels of physical activity high. She has very noticeable boobs and but, yet her palms and feet are small.

    Character. When you first get acquainted with hot Haitian women, you get surprised by the lightness of their character: these girls are fun, easy-going, and very friendly. They have a great sense of humor and charisma, so you don’t even notice that they don’t look like Victoria’s Secret Angels. This is because their thoughts and jokes reflect their bright personalities at their best, and make them who they are. If you are looking for a partner you will never get bored with, you should consider dating sexy Haitian women.

    Worldview. Every Haitian girl is a kind and optimistic creature who wants to change the world with her good actions. Sexy Haitian girls believe that being sincere to everyone they meet is a key to having a good life, so they live according to this opinion. Also, they never refuse to help those who got in trouble. How can we say they aren’t beautiful?

    Physical features

    Haitian brides are curvy. As we already mentioned, sexy Haitian girls have outstanding feminine shapes. They are not slim and they don’t bother with lowering their weight. Haitian women understand their uniqueness and in-born beauty, so they don’t think they have to fit in 90-60-90 standards. Therefore, if you like full-figured Caribbean babes, you will easily find one among the hottest Haitian girls.

    They are relatively petite. Of course, it does not apply to Haitian models, but the majority of Haitian girls are not tall. Their heights vary from petite to average, and if you are not a tall man, you will look nice with Haitian brides.

    They are not into sports. Haitian women have many things to care about due to the tough living conditions in Haiti, so they can’t dedicate a lot of time to doing sports; however, they like playing beach volleyball, jogging occasionally, and playing tennis. So if you start dating hot Haitian women, you can teach them sports that you are a pro in, and train your girlfriend to play sports games you like. After she is trained enough, you can invite her to play with your friends or colleagues, etc.

    They prefer parties over chilling in bed with Netflix. Since Haitian brides are usually busy with work and household duties, they prefer to change the surroundings and go to nightclubs to party with their friends rather than stay at home and have passive rest. Therefore, if you are thinking about dating Haitian brides, you have to be ready for frequent nights out instead of calm evenings at home.


    Family values above all. The first thing you need to know about the cultural peculiarities of Haitian women is their high respect for family values. Family ties are very strong in Haiti, so local girls grow up in big families with grandparents, parents, and siblings living together. From a young age, they see how the relationships within the family are built, and strive to develop the same once they get married. Even when they have their own families, they visit their parents often or continue to live together to take care of them. If the grandparents are not old, they help their children to nurse their babies and teach them things.

    The desire to escape from poverty. Haiti is a wonderful but poor country where people lack job places, fair salaries, and opportunities for their kids. Consequently, they are looking for a chance to move out of state to live a better life. The majority of them migrate to the USA to settle down there. If you wondered where to meet hot Haitian women besides their country, you can easily meet them in the biggest cities of the USA: New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago.

    The striving for having a happy relationship. As you might have guessed from the previous paragraph, hot Haitian women want to have a happy relationship and family as part of a better life abroad. So they are seeking to date foreigners and get married to them. Haitian women are ready to give a lot of love, respect, and care to their husbands, so consider dating them in the future.

    Popularity among men (Western, European, Eastern)

    Foreigners choose hot Haitian girls because they are looking for the following things: respect, understanding, obedience, and kids. First of all, Western men appreciate Haitian women for the polite and respectful attitude they see in them. Haitian women never act rude to their partners since they perceive them as their saviors from poverty. Second, foreigners find a lot of understanding and acceptance in sexy Haitian girls. The latter understand that all people have different opinions and don’t judge others for their actions. Third, Haitian brides are obedient to their husbands: this is because they think that men are the leaders in relationship and family matters. They hardly ever argue with the men’s decisions and prefer to accept them without discussions. Finally, men from all over the world choose Haitian brides because they are ready to have many kids. Hot Haitian women want to have at least three kids during their lifetime which many men of traditional views want as well.

    Top 15 Hottest Haitian Girls

    Jodelle Duverseau

    The first woman we’d like to feature in our review of the hottest Haitian girls is Jodelle Duversaeu. She is a model and a performing artist who takes part in art projects with photographers rather than modeling on a scene. You will hardly ever see her at some commercial advertisement campaign but can meet her on pages of an art magazine. Besides working as a model, she is CEO of the FemmeDuSoir brand where she embraces the beauty of all sensual women. Jodelle is a proud Haitian of the diaspora who loves her ethnic motherland a lot.

    Enide Edourin

    Enide, also known as Princess Eud, is one of the most significant ladies in Haitian showbusiness. This is due to her talent and the niche she decided to take: women’s hip-hop. Currently, she is a recognized rapping queen of Haiti loved by the whole nation. Enide was born and raised in Haiti, so she puts all her soul into the music she makes throughout her career: first, she performed as part of the Tribu De Job band, and then, after a break, she came back in 2007 as a solo singer. In 2009, she announced that she decided to join the Mystik 703 band yet she managed to maintain her voice and did not lose herself in band performances. Enide believes that every singer is a messenger, so she strives to inspire women to be who they want to be with her songs.

    Ayiiti Coles

    Ayiiti is another prominent singer and a Haitian beauty. Although she was born in Paris, she affiliates herself with Haiti where she has been living from two years old. Besides Haitian, she has French and Chilean descent (you can only imagine how beautiful this woman is). National fame came to Ayiiti after she presented her first ‘Schizo’ album. Later, the world saw her EP ‘No Heartbreak’, an album of diverse and unusual songs with abundant sound and lyrics. This disk demonstrated how deep Ayiiti’s talent is and how she can be different in every music piece. The mixture of genres in the album made Ayiiti’s fans see that their favorite singer does not want to limit herself to only one musical direction.

    Clara Luce Lafond

    Clara Luce Lafond

    Clara Luce Lafond is the first titled model we mention in our list. She is a native Haitian born in a family of 5 children. From a young age, her parents noticed how talented and beautiful their daughter was, so they did not limit her in her artistic hobbies. Over time, her talent and hard work paid off: she won the ‘Miss Haiti International’ title in 2013.

    Clara sees her professional goal in promoting the true beauty of Haiti, so she decided to become a makeup artist to help other women emphasize their natural beauty.

    Aube JolicoeurAube Jolicoeur

    Another model we mention in our hottest Haitian women list is Aube Jolicoeur. She was born and raised in Haiti and a few years ago she started pursuing an acting career. Her last appearances on TV screens were in the ‘Afrimericans’ TV series and ‘Project Runway’. Besides this, she participated in New York Fashion Week presenting Kate Spade’s Spring-Summer 2019 collection.

    Saskya Sky

    Saskya is a prominent singer who was born in Haiti. Her music is constantly blowing the charts of the USA and other countries in the Americas. Saskya describes her music as cheerful, fun, and thought-provoking. She believes that her talent along with her beauty can show the world how brilliant Haitian people are.

    Sarodj Bertin Durocher

    Sarodj was born in 1986 in Haiti and is known as a winner of beauty contests and her professional aspirations as a lawyer. She was born in a family of two loving parents, but their happiness did not last long: her mother was shot dead when Sarodj was a little girl. After that, she was sent to grow up in the Dominican Republic. In this country, she learned a few more languages and studied Law. After graduating from the university, she participated in a few beauty contests and won the following titles: Miss Haiti Universe and Reina Hispanoamericana.

    Rebecca Zama

    Rebecca is another magnificent singer who we wanted to mention in our review. She is Haitian, but currently, she lives in Boston where she creates her fun music. Her style has been developing from a young age (Rebecca has been singing since she was three years old), but now her style can be characterized as R&B and hip-hop. Rebecca is mostly known as an original Haitian singer who creates music and lyrics on her own.


    Probably, you did not expect to see her on our list of hot Haitian women, but here she is, unbelievable singer Stichiz. She was born in Florida to a family of Haitian immigrants who settled down in the USA. Stichiz started to develop her singing talent from childhood, so by the time she grew up, she had an army of fans across the Americas. Her music, a spicy combination of reggae, soul, hip-hop, and R&B in Creole, French, and English drives people crazy every time they hear it, so if you were looking for some music to get a clue of hot Haitian girls singing, Stichiz’s songs are what you need.

    Phyllisia Ross

    Phyllisia was born in Haiti and from childhood, she knew that she wanted to become a singer. Although her parents expected her to become a medical professional, she demanded a piano at the age of five and started to learn to play it. Over time, her talent has become something no one could ignore: she took part in various music contests for youth, and tried herself in musicals. She is famous for her tours to the USA, Jamaica, and a few Caribbean islands, and collaborations with NeYo and Young Jeezy.

    Anastagia Pierre

    Anastagia was born in 1988. She spent her teen years in Florida where she took part in beauty contests and won the Miss Florida Teen title. Later, she won the Bahamian Miss Universe title in 2011. She is famous for being the first black woman to win the Miss Florida USA title.

    Steph Lecor

    Steph Lecor

    Steph is a singer of Haitian origin born in the USA. She started her solo career in 2009, after working as a backup singer for some time. To promote her songs, she went on the tour and collaborated with Jase and City Boi, who were looking for a girl singer to create a band called Kulture Shock. After signing with them and Poe Boy Entertainment, she started to perform in a newly created band. Steph believes that her talent can draw the people’s attention to the abundant Haitian culture and history.

    Riva Nyri Precil

    Riva Nyri Precil

    Although she was born in Brooklyn, NY in a family of an American journalist and a Haitian lawyer, Riva moved to Haiti with her mother to unite with her father. Only after the relocation to Haiti Riva felt that she had a lot of talent in her: she started painting, dancing, singing, and beading. All these activities helped her find out who she would become in the future. Thus, after moving back to Brooklyn at the age of fifteen, she started her music career. She performed at local venues, music festivals, and dance floors to promote Haitian culture. Her performance at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival was a success that brought many new fans from all over the country.

    Anie Alert

    Another prominent singer on our list, Anie Alert was born in Haiti. Her singing debut happened when she was only six years old. After that, she continued to develop her singing skills and got a few awards for her effort: second place in the Digicel Stars competition, the victory in the ‘Schoolboy Podium’ and the ‘Challenge of the High School Students’ contests, and so on. After graduating from high school, she started to record her first music album which later earned many praises from her fans.

    Rutshellle Guillaume

    The last one of the hottest Haitian girls on our list is Rutshelle Guillaume, a famous Haitian singer. She started singing as a child and then continued her career at the Fantom and the Barikad Crew projects. After completing musical studies, she became popular all over Haiti. Her first single ‘Kite’m Krye’ brought her fame along with her first album ‘Emotions’.

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