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    People who travel the world will attest to the fact that many countries have exquisitely beautiful women. If you have ever been to Romania, you’ll agree that this country has a fair share of gorgeous women. In different parts of the country, you’ll find hot Romanian women of various shapes and stature. Their inward attributes and striking personalities add to their physical charm. Hanging out with Hot Romanian girls is so cool too. And you will enjoy their company even more if they are attracted to you. Owing to their unique qualities, they are ranked as some of the best women with whom you can build a good home. If you want to meet and form relationships with hot Romanian women, then you should pay attention to these crucial facts about them.

    Why are Romanian girls considered to look so hot?

    Apart from the prominent and beautiful physical appearance of hot Romanian ladies, there is much more to understand about these ladies. 


    Whatever idea or definition of beauty you may have, sexy Romanian girls will surely fit the description.

    There is a lot to talk about when it comes to the beauty of Romanian women. When hot Romanian girls walk past men, it is a guarantee that they are drawn to their looks. And the Romanian women revel in that. Romanian girls do not make any effort to be pretty; it’s in their genes. Notwithstanding, they spend a reasonable amount of time grooming their appearance. While some people worry that their hearts may not be as pure as their faces, these women prove every time with their pleasant attitude that their physical beauty is only a reflection of what’s inside of them.

    Physical Features

    Hot Romanian women turn heads wherever they go. Tourists gush about their physical features, and one look at a Romanian woman will explain why. The ladies are usually tall and curvy and envied by many women who desire to have perfect skin, delicate athletic bodies, gorgeous and long straight hair like them. 

    Although most of them are pretty tall, some of the hottest Romanian girls are of medium height with curly, dark hair. The color of their skin is creamy, and their dark eyes are enchanting.

    Despite their natural endowments, sexy Romanian women do not leave their appearance to chance. As they get mature, they learn to groom themselves and always appear neat and stylish.


    The culture of the Romanians is similar to most European countries. Family is a significant part of their life. Being close-knit, members live with relatives and offer financial and emotional support to one another. It is common to find modern Romanian families still observing age-long cooking traditions. The women take pride in their strong family networks.

    Romanian women have a typical attitude towards dating. When they are in their teens, they have casual dates. Most young couples spend time and do lots of activities together. Some of them also use the internet to socialize. Usually, the ladies get married after obtaining a university education, sometimes earlier than their European counterparts.

    Although they can get into casual relationships, sexy Romanian girls can not just get married on a whim. Before a man proposes to a woman, he needs to seek permission from her father. In some instances, the man has to present cash gifts during the engagement. That is done as a form of persuasion to the lady’s family to reject the proposals of others. 

    Apart from their marriage and relationship habits, Romanians are pretty courteous. Kindness is an essential virtue. Acts of kindness are common-place, such as giving up their seats to older people. From a young age, they are taught to be compassionate, lending a hand when they can. The men are usually courteous. When they go out with a woman, they do simple chivalry like opening doors and offering their jackets to the woman to keep out the cold. Some even kiss the hands of the females as a way of greeting.

    When you enter a building in Romania, you’re expected to remove your hat. Also, if you have to speak to someone of higher social status, you should not chew gum or put your hands in your pocket.

    Popularity among men

    With all the characteristics of Romanian women, it isn’t surprising to see that tourists adore them. The average Romanian woman is nice and warm. Most of the time, you will get a friendly reception if you approach a hot Romanian woman. These ladies also do not like to pretend about anything, especially their emotions. Although they’re respectful, they won’t hesitate to let you know if they’re interested in a romantic relationship. 

    Men are usually surprised when Romanian women make the first move. As much as they can turn you down, these ladies will also approach you if they like you enough to want to date you. Many shy men love this about them. Men from the east, west and other parts of Europe love their spontaneity too. Romanian brides always come up with something new. Although this makes them unpredictable, it is also great for their relationships because there’s no dull moment with them.

    Top 15 Hottest Romanian Girls

    Now that you know a few things about hot Romanian women, here are some of the hottest Romanian girls in the world. 

    Gina Pistol

    Gina Pistol

    Gina Pistol was born on December 9, 1981, în Rosiorii de Vede, Romania. This pretty lady attended the school of arts and crafts. After graduating, she joined the film industry and has acted in films like Margo (2006), In the Name of Honour (2011), and Ferma Vedetelor (2015). This Romanian beauty is not so famous outside of her home country, but she is known as one of the hottest women in Romania. Gina has a lot of fans in her home country and over 454k followers on Instagram.

    Monica Gabor

    Monica Gabor was born on January 8, 1988, in Vacay, Romania. Monica grew up to become a model and was very active in the industry from 2006 to 2011. Although she took a break to deal with personal issues, she is still loved by most Romanians who regard her smile as one of the sweetest in the world. Monica began modeling at the very young age of 16. And because of her beauty and elegance, she was in demand. Monica Gabor is a top model in Romania, and she won the title of Romania’s Top Model in 2005. This lady’s career is regarded and respected both in Romania and other countries. Judging from her beauty, it is no surprise that she made it to the list of the hottest Romanian women.

    Cristina Dochianu

    Cristina Dochianu

    Cristina Dochianu was born on July 10, 1984, in Bucharest. This presenter is unbelievably gorgeous and can give any Fox News a run for her beauty. From the pictures on her Instagram page, it is easy to see why she is regarded as one of the hottest women in Romania.

    Laura Corso

    Laura Corso was born on January 2, 1982. This beautiful actress and model joined the movie industry when she played the role of “Adina” in the television series La Bloc. There she was cast as a simple-minded blond girl. Her role in La Bloc paved the way for her to feature in more movies and series. Some other series that she featured in are Paris, Mostenire, Aniela, and Fete cu Lipo. All of these contributed to her fame. Laura featured in movies like Cheia and the Godmother and gained lots of credibility in the movie industry.

    Alina Văcariu

    Alina Văcariu was born on December 14, 1984. Alina is one of the most beautiful Romanian actresses and models. This beauty joined the modeling industry at the age of 14 in 1998. Then, she was signed to Elite Model Management. Also, she’s worked as a bikini and lingerie model for Finish Line, Inc.

    After many years of modeling, she switched careers and was featured in a Time Warner Cable commercial “Roommate Wanted,” followed by a short role in the 2005 indie film Death of a Dynasty. This ambitious lady did not limit herself to acting and modeling and appeared on magazine covers like Cosmopolitan Mexico and Playboy Spain. Besides being a cover girl, she’s done commercials for many other brands.

    Diana Moldovan

    Diana Moldovan

    Diana Moldovan was born on March 13, 1987. Diana is well known for being one of Romania’s best female models. Because of her dedication to her career, she has done many creations for fashion brands like Anteprima, Chanel, Chloé, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Emilio Pucci, Gucci, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Mugler, Guy Laroche, Kenzo, Vionnet.

    Not only that, she’s also appeared in several ads for businesses like Hermes, Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Cacharel, H & M, Trussardi Jeans, YSL Beauty, Emporio Armani, Emporio Armani Beauty, Dior, Clarins, Lacoste, Dior eyewear. With her accomplishments and angelic looks, it’s no surprise that she’s known as one of the hottest women in Romania.

    Catrinel Menghia

    Catrinel Menghia was born on October 1, 1985. This lady looks like an average Romanian beauty with her tall and slender body and dark brown hair. This sleek appearance has placed her among the top fashion models in Romania.

    Catrinel has featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and made an appearance as the face of Giorgio Armani worldwide. In 2006 and 2009, she appeared on French lingerie purveyor Lise Charmel in 2006 and 2009. All her years of modeling prove how dedicated she is to her work. When she was 17, she explored the TV industry after featuring in Cerceii Tai music video from the Romanian band Krypton.

    Catrinel has signed a contract with Major Model Management in Milano. One look at her confidence, physique, and good looks is enough to tell that she is a gorgeous epitome of Romanian beauty.

    Bianca Elena Constantin

    Bianca Elena is one of the most beautiful women in Romania. In 2009, she became Miss Universe Romania 2009. This feat paved the way for even more remarkable accomplishments. Bianca receives compliments for her looks every time she steps out in public.  She has worked as a model on Victoria’s Secret’s first official campaign in Romania. On July 19, 2010, MTV Romania aired the Miss Teenager Romania 2010 pageant, which Bianca and Cabral Ibaka co-hosted from ProTV/AcasaTV.  This beauty has a charming and compelling smile.

    Alexandra Stan

    Alexandra Stan

    Alexandra Stan was born on June 10, 1989. The only thing that matches this woman’s beauty is her voice. In 2011, she achieved worldwide fame with her single “Mr. Saxobeat.” The worldwide fame fueled her desire to be well-loved among people in her country. Alexandra is appreciated for her incredible voice and her beauty. The media often refers to her as hot. This lady is so hot that her music video “I Did It, Mama!” was banned in Romania for having steamy and raunchy scenes. For many in her country, she’s one of the most successful artists. This lady has bagged many awards and nominations like the European Border Breakers Awards, Japan Gold Disc Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, and Romanian Music Awards.

    Roxana Tanase

    Roxana Tanase is one of the most beautiful Romanian women. This lady was once a playboy cover model. Roxana’s photoshoot for Playboy is still considered one of the hottest things in Romania. It is easy to declare her one of the hottest Romanian women with such uncommon beauty as hers.

    She lives a very active lifestyle and likes to share her sweet moments on her Instagram page.

    Antonia Lacobescu

    Antonia Lacobescu was born on April 12, 1989. This pretty lady is famous for her singing, mannequin acts and is also a performer. At the age of 10, she attended a music school in the United States. Then she created her first track called “Roses on Fire,” which was famous around the release. In addition to that was her album of 12 songs “This is Antonia.” 

    Antonia did not limit herself to her songs and soon joined the modeling industry. After her success, she became a model for Ford.


    Madalina Diana Ghenea

    Madalena was born on August 8, 1987. This pretty lady is an actress and a showgirl. At the age of 15, she joined the movie industry as an actress. This propelled her even higher as she’s modeled and performed in many countries like Italy, Germany, Austria, South Africa, Japan, Spain, and Romania.

    This lady was able to land connections with in-style manufacturers Quell and New Yorker. Madalena became even more famous when she featured in the video tempo “Tra Do Di Noi” as a singer girlfriend. Even now she’s recognized in Romania and beyond.

    Maria Dinulescu

    Maria Dinulescu

    Maria Dinulescu was born on May 2, 1981. This gorgeous and talented actress started her career after graduating from the National University of Cinema & Drama. Maria is recognized for one of her performances called “Traffic,” which has received many awards. This exquisite lady has also received combined awards with the beautiful BIAF Georgia Actress. Besides her beauty and talent, she is multilingual and speaks fluent English and Italian.

    Ana Morariu

    Ana Morariu was born on November 20, 1980. This lady came into the limelight in 2095 after delivering superb performances in several movies and TV series, one of them being the series “Mio Miglior Nemico.” Her feat earned her a nomination for the category in the David Di Donatello award.

    Adela Elena Popescu

    Adela Elena Popescu was born on October 8, 1986. This beauty is known for her role as part of the main cast of the premier Romanian soap opera, Numai Iubirea, where she featured alongside Dan Bordeianu. Adela met her husband, Radu Vulcan who’s an actor and TV presenter, in 2010. 

    Some TV shows and movies she’s famous for include Lacrimi de iubire (2005 – 2006), Pariu cu viața (2011 – 2014), Iubire ca în filme, Weekend with my Mother (2009).

    Andreea Bibiri

    Andreea Bibiri was born on May 3, 1975. This lady has built a successful career as a film and stage actress, dubber, and theatre director in Romania. Andreea attended and graduated from the Caragiale Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography in 1996. Because of her contributions to the movie industry, she has won two prize awards as an actress from UNITER. Andrea’s fame spreads beyond Romania as she’s known as Ana in Tudor Giurgiu “Of Snails and Men.” This outstanding actress has taken on other roles in movies and TV shows like Damen tango (2004), Of Snails and Men (2012), Niki and Flo (2003), In Deriva (Since 2010).

    As you have noticed, hot Romanian girls are one of a kind. Everyone likes them because they embody exquisite beauty and diligence. Although they like to be modest and polite, sexy Romanian women are not timid or naive. Romance with them can indeed be satisfying once they are attracted to you. When you do find one woman you like, you sign up for a life of bliss.

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