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    Getting married to a Vietnamese mail order bride is something most Western men are choosing to do because of the beauty of Vietnamese women. You can find these pretty and interesting women in different parts of the world.

    A Vietnamese bride is mostly young and full of life and will keep you captivated. There are a lot of other reasons why men want them as wives. If you have been fantasizing about having a Vietnamese woman as your wife, then this post is here to help you in your adventure.

    Why Vietnamese brides are seeking foreign husbands

    Vietnamese women

    People have the power to make whatever choice they want. In many other places, women get to decide who they want to be with. This is normal but not always so in Vietnam. The country has an incredibly equal number of single males and females. This means that Vietnamese women are not choosing to be mail order brides because of the lack of men. However, they desire to act on their dreams and fantasies. Vietnam is like most Asian countries where the women have to obey their parent’s choice of life partners for them. But Vietnamese women who sign up to be mail order brides want to take power into their hands, and follow their adventurous hearts.

    Why do men choose a Vietnamese bride for marriage?

    There are many reasons why many men love marrying Vietnamese women. Top on the list is their adorable appearance.

    Adorable appearance

    Vietnamese women for marriage are stunning. Their beauty is very natural, and they do not have much use for makeup or artificial enhancements. They have the looks of many healthy Asians, slim and petite. Their beauty is refreshing and they look like tender fairies.

    Why are Pretty Vietnamese Girls a Great Choice for Marriage?

    Vietnamese women love the prospect of getting married. They love to build a great family life and do not fancy divorce. These are some reasons why they are preferred for marriage:


    Even though Vietnamese brides do not earn much, they have their way of spoiling their men. They will make you happy even when you least expect it. When you are with them, they’re able to support you in your difficulties. Many men will be thrilled to get hitched to a supportive wife and Vietnamese brides do that a lot. 


    Many people don’t understand how to be loyal in relationships anymore. But Vietnamese women for marriage do not believe in divorce, and so, you can enjoy loyalty with them. You are very sure that they’re not going to break up with you on a whim. And in fact, because they’re hot, you will find yourself not needing to break up with them.


    Young Vietnamese girls often aim for marriage and family life after getting a good level of education. Marriage and family are the most important parts of life for them, and they are happy to build a good one. 

    Great housewife

    When a Vietnamese woman is married, she doesn’t mind doing the house chores. For her, cooking, washing, cleaning, and keeping the home is a simple task. But that doesn’t mean they have to do it alone every time. This is why they choose to marry men that are not from Vietnam. 

    If you want a woman that will grow deep emotions for you and be the partner of your dreams, a Vietnamese mail order bride is just right.

    Vietnamese Dating Culture

    Vietnam is a country with a lot of tropical attractions. Besides, it’s an affordable place to spend your vacation. Women from this country are known for their exotic appeal. Thanks to high beauty standards, slim body shapes, and cute faces, Vietnamese women continue to be in the spotlight among Western guys. Women like Diem My, Elly Tran Ha, Ha Anh Vu, and Hai Band clearly demonstrate that Vietnamese ladies can be considered to be the most gorgeous ladies in the world. Thus, you better find Vietnamese girls for dating, but before that happens, here’s what you need to know about their dating culture:

    • Urban and rural dating differences. While women from major cities are known for being liberal and modern, this can’t be said about ladies coming from rural places. The former ones are known for being active online and being open in relationships, while ladies from rural places are more traditional and marriage-oriented. Still, the common thing about them is they’re more interested in long-term bonds.
    • Attempts to impress their partners. Do you think a woman like Kim Lee will be submissive and willing to do her best to make you happy? This is what makes Vietnamese women great at dating. They even dress to impress their men. They believe that a woman should do her best to become a source of happiness for her man. This is reflected in their dating culture.

    How to Date a Vietnamese Brides

    Vietnamese brides

    When you eventually find a Vietnamese woman, how do you get her to want you? You have to be the kind of man that she’ll love to date. Here are tips to achieve that:

    Revere her

    Let your lover see that you respect her and her people. She needs to see you as an honorable person. It will also help your cause if you add a little gift for her.

    Vietnamese Brides for Sale

    Don’t just assume that a Vietnamese bride is for sale because you are meeting her online. She will not love it if you just arrange for a date in any of the bougie restaurants in the city you’re meeting her. Your lady will rather eat ice cream in a small picnic right at the beach with you.

    Observe her family’s attitude

    You will need to be acquainted with the family of your prospective Vietnamese bride when you’re dating. This is necessary because you will experience setbacks in the relationship if the family of your bride does not approve. You also have to be vocal about your own family so it gives her a warm feeling about you. They respect their family so much that they can not discuss sex with you until the relationship has gotten the approval of their family. This doesn’t mean it’s her wish but being an age long tradition in Vietnamese homes, there’s nothing she can do to change it.

    Be Yourself

    There’s no point in being two-faced with the girl of your dreams. Vietnamese women are intuitive, and she can sniff out any form of dishonesty on your part.

    A special first date with a Vietnamese woman

    When you have chosen your Vietnamese mail order bride, the next step will be to meet up with her. This is where you have to be careful when choosing a venue. If you think a special first date for a Vietnamese lady will involve serenading her with a lot of goodies, think again. You’ll be better off if you both go out to have coffee. Choose any place that’s close to her. 

    Don’t invite her for a drink because their culture does not see alcohol the same way people in the West do. Most of them don’t drink.

    If your date does not have a motorbike, then you should understand that the bills for her transportation will be on you. This is because the average young Vietnamese woman earns so little. You can order a cab for her and even if she offers to pay back, do not accept the offer.

    Also, considering the language difference and the fact that most of the girls do not speak much English, be prepared for potential language problems. You can minimize the issue by using Google translate app. This is to help you understand your partner better. You even get the extra advantage of sitting extremely close to her.

    How does the Vietnamese bride solve matrimonial problems?

    Vietnamese girls

    Because Vietnamese women are known to be calm, they approach marital disputes with the same degree of levelheadedness. They think about their actions first before reacting and that keeps their relationships going.

    Why marry a Vietnamese woman?

    When you compare these brides with others in Asia, you will understand that they’re most sought after. These are some reasons you should marry a Vietnamese woman.

    Hard work

    A Vietnamese girl of marriageable age is already grown enough to understand what it means to work hard. Throughout their young age, until they grow, they are raised to do everything they have to do with the best of effort. For this reason, marrying a Vietnamese is sure to provide you a happy home. She’ll make it happen not minding any obstacle. Vietnamese women are taught how to maintain a healthy balance between their duties at home and their work life.

    Family Oriented

    Vietnamese women love family values. They treat their families in a special way, and so, it is only great that she recreates the loving household and peaceful family she is used to. As long as you prove to be a good man, a Vietnamese bride will make you satisfied and create a happy home.


    Much has been said about the beauty of Asians. Vietnamese brides have surreal beauty. It will be difficult for you to get enough of their petite and gorgeous looks. They make a lot of people stare whenever they pass by. In fact, only very few men can resist the beauty of a Vietnamese woman. Because of their looks and their great dress sense, they always look younger than their age.

    Great cooking skills

    When you’re with a Vietnamese, be ready to enjoy their local and cultural delicacies. They will prepare food that includes recipes from their local cuisine. You have no choice but to enjoy finger-licking meals from a sweet, gorgeous wife.

    Why are Vietnamese women so popular?

    Many men want to be with Vietnamese women. The reason is not far-fetched especially as they’re known for having astounding character, being fit, and their modesty. Let’s discuss a bit more about the reasons for their popularity.


    Ladies from Vietnam are often regarded as being among the most beautiful girls in the world. All you need to do to confirm this statement is to set your eyes on one of them. Their looks are exotic and seem like a blend of their eastern features, with some western features. The moment you see a Vietnamese woman, you will be enchanted by her pretty face, small stature, healthy snow-white skin, and black full hair. A Vietnamese woman is a perfect example of hot and beautiful.

    Amazing character

    These women are known for their loyalty, steadfastness, modesty, and humility. They are different from western women who get drunk on compliments and attention. Although a Vietnamese mail order bride knows how beautiful she is, she is sure to downplay it with her shyness. Their ability to remain loyal to their partners makes them even more adorable as you don’t have to worry about cheating when you marry a Vietnamese woman.

    Traditional opinions

    Having come from a traditional, peace-loving, family-loving country, Vietnamese brides are intrinsically romantic. This is why they’re the best choice of partners. They still believe in traditional gender roles and are not too open to radical views. This also doesn’t imply that they’re being treated as weaker vessels. The women work very hard, can oversee home and secular work or business. And her abilities do not stop her from showing respect for her husband.

    Family building

    You can rest assured that people want them because they want to make happy families. It’s their culture and what they’ve grown into. Western men cherish this quality because women in the western world are more concerned with building their careers and work. This is the reason they prefer young women that love the idea of building and keeping a home. Vietnam’s women are eager to make babies and start their own families.

    Healthy living

    Many women in the West smoke. But in Vietnam, you hardly find women doing that. They don’t even drink. And this is one of the reasons for their beauty and good health. They maintain a healthy lifestyle and as a result, look so young, it’s hard to tell their age.


    Vietnamese women are not spendthrifts. They believe in spending within their means and saving money. You will find them doing all they can to earn and money if they’re in a new place. So apart from having a wide that saves, you’ll also be marrying one that earns.

    Where can you meet Vietnamese brides?

    With all of this information about Vietnamese women, you should be ready to meet your bride. So how do you find them?

    First, from your location you need to start checking from a nice mail-order bride website.

    Before you ask why you must know that dating platforms and international dating websites are your surest bet of landing yourself a Vietnamese bride. 

    You may choose to travel to the country and search for one yourself but you may only end up with many one-night stands. To ease your search for a long term partner, use a site where you can find Vietnamese mail order Brides.

    But you need to exercise great caution when doing that. Ensure you check for the safety of the site. 

    The next step is to use websites that have filters to prevent being scammed by fake women. Some sites are not so secure and scammers pose as mail order brides. 

    Choose only sites that verify the profile of the women and do not allow spam messages.

    You should also consider the cost of using the website. Some websites offer free online international dating services but it’s not always guaranteed as many of the free sites often have issues with scam profiles. The more the charges of the website, the more reliable it is.

    When you find a safe site for you to find a real Vietnamese woman, all you need to do is present a nice version of yourself.

    Post your best photos, and provide interesting information about yourself. 

    When you’re done setting the groundwork online and you have found a real bride for yourself, the next thing to do is fly over to Vietnam and visit them. Ensure you’re on your best behavior with the woman. Already, they think western men are courteous so don’t ruin a reputation that took generations of men to build.

    How to find a reliable Vietnamese mail order bride

    Since we have mentioned that your surest bet will be to use marriage agencies and dating sites, you need to know how to use it. Online Dating is serious work and you need to be prepared for it and put in your best. You can only create a profile if you’re genuinely interested in finding a long term relationship.

    Summing up: Vietnamese women vs American women

    Unlike the western woman, a Vietnamese woman will not consider spending her whole life on a career that does not provide time for her family. She may decide to keep her job after marriage to assist the family. However, if you earn enough for two, and want her to be fully in charge of the home front, you can be sure that she won’t mind.

    James Preece
    Dating Coach
    James is an expert in international dating and helps many men navigate through the best choice, be it for dating or marriage. He conveys the real sense of how you can approach choosing the best match. He consistently helps our site get the best and up-to-date content to shed light on dating online and its perks. Besides, he’s a talented writer who makes it easy to understand the peculiarities of international women for dating and marriage.