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    Dating Icelandic Women
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    Dating Icelandic Women

    Beautiful Icelandic Women is what you need!
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    We often picture Iceland as the land of the Gunnarsons and Sigurdsons. Some of us associate Iceland with the marauding Vikings, while others only think of ice-covered stretches of land. But the most openly kept secret in Iceland is the beautiful Icelandic women. 

    Let’s start with the general image of Iceland

    It is a Nordic country situated in Europe. The island is one of the most volcanically active in that region. Moreover, the Icelandic topography features mostly beautiful mountains, crystal clear waters, and glaciers. Due to the island’s location away from the European mainland, one can understand why it is not at the forefront of popular culture.

    However, Iceland’s obscurity has been fading gradually over the past decade. And for at least one summer (in 2018), most football enthusiasts were doing the Viking chant. This extensive coverage of the country served as a gateway into the gorgeous women of Iceland. Consequently, men from all over the globe are now yearning for a piece of the bright-eyed beauties.

    This comprehensive guide will go in-depth on Iceland’s beautiful ladies and how you can win them over.

    Dating with Icelandic Women

    Icelandic Women

    Dating an Icelandic girl carries a unique aesthetic appeal that will make your friends envy you. But that’s not all they can offer: Iceland women have other excellent characteristics that can win any man’s heart. Let’s take a look at some of them.

    They are beautiful

    Iceland girls are gorgeous beauties. They have stunning proportional bodies and are not shy to show them. Most Iceland brides have green or blue eyes that can pierce through the heart of any man. Although they are mostly caucasian blondes, girls from Iceland might resemble other European ethnicities in appearance.

    Icelandic women have an excellent work-home balance

    Most women in Iceland are focused on maintaining a family while furthering their careers. You won’t have to worry about a wife that’s focused on their profession alone. Neither will you struggle to convince her to pursue a career to supplement the family income. 

    They are athletic

    Iceland women appreciate the gym culture. Despite the cold weather, they love to stay in tip-top shape at all times. Icelandic girls also excel in ‘snow sports’ like skiing, snowboarding, ice skating. They are also avid lovers of hiking and rock climbing, both of which require a lot of stamina and athleticism.

    Icelandic women are tenacious 

    Imagine living on a snow-covered island all year: that’s the reality of Iceland women. They have this ingrained toughness under the veneer of beauty and perceived fragility. These ladies are descendants of the Vikings, for crying out loud.

    Besides, girls from Iceland can take care of themselves without relying on men. They value their independence and won’t tolerate any man trampling on their fundamental rights.

    Iceland girls are well-educated

    Education is compulsory and essential for every Icelandic citizen, and women are no exception. In fact, all Icelandic brides are encouraged to acquire a college degree since it will give them financial stability and independence.

    Moreover, you won’t need to learn Icelandic — probably one of the most difficult Germanic languages to learn for English speakers. Every citizen of Iceland knows how to converse in perfect English. Some women even learn other European languages just for fun.

    Icelandic girls are calm

    Icelandic brides are different from other brides that throw temper tantrums at any given opportunity. The culture doesn’t accommodate aggressive behavior. As a result, your Icelandic bride will approach every grievance with decorum and absolute calmness.

    Icelandic Dating Culture

    Meeting ladies from the land of ice and fire can be something incredible. It’s not always the case that you can meet a lady from Iceland, given their small population. Still, you can try your luck online, where many Icelandic singles are ready to meet you. But what do you know about their dating culture? Here are things to know:

    • They can be nervous. It’s not common to see someone asking a lady to go out officially. That’s not about Iceland. They like dating without pressure and any formalities, at least at the beginning of the dating.
    • They’re open with sex. It’s normal to discuss this topic. It’s not considered taboo like in other cultures. If you’re dating an Icelandic woman, talking about intimacy will be inevitable, so you need to feel awkward about it.
    • They’re liberal. Making connections with Icelandic women can be great, but you should know that they’re liberal and value privacy a lot. They’re independent women, and they might want to spend some time alone. This is what you need to approach with understanding.

    And no, the Icelandic government is not paying men to marry Icelandic women 

    Icelandic fit woman

    Several myths about the Icelandic people have made their way into pop culture. One of the most common of these myths is that the Icelandic government offers money to men who choose to marry Icelandic women. 

    This rumor stemmed from a fake news article that appeared in 2016 claiming that the Icelandic foreign ministry was offering a $5000 reward to immigrants as an incentive to marry Icelandic girls. The apparent reason for this legislation was to increase the country’s male population. 

    In response to the article, a few actors reached out to the government, which has since refuted the claims. So, that’s bad news for you if you are looking for a ‘quick payday’ in Iceland. 

    And why would you even do that? Why not marry for true, undying love?

    After all, Icelandic women really fancy foreigners. Don’t let the island fool you: they are open to relationships and marriages with foreign men. Not even the language barrier can stop them because they can speak English.

    Moreover, they can adapt to any weather. We are talking of women who live through cold months all year. They literally swim in the snow. And you think the warm weather will faze them? Not a chance!

    So, just take your time and get to know one of these alluring Icelandic beauties. Start a relationship and let it blossom. In time, you will be living in your home with the green-eyed bride of your dreams.

    Famous Icelandic Women | Women You Should Know About 

    If you picture Iceland as a male-dominated nation with little regard for women, you are not alone. That doesn’t mean you are right anyway, but this misconception is quite common.

    You are probably thinking of the Vikings and how they ran ragged all over Europe. So, how would such a barbaric culture be a haven for women?

    Well, here is the thing: Iceland is one of the most progressive nations in Europe due to its acceptance of previous moral failings. Although the country still appreciates the Viking heritage, it has abandoned the negative aspects of the culture. 

    Since the 20th-century, Icelandic women have been on level pegging with their men in all spheres of endeavor. Despite producing three Miss World winners, Iceland is mostly known for strong-willed women.

    Let’s check out some famous names that ring out when discussing Icelandic women:

    1. Björk Guðmundsdóttir (commonly known as Björk) is probably Iceland’s most famous personality. The Reykjavik-born award-winning musician won fans over with her unorthodox approach to making music. Björk’s career as a musician started with her group, the Sugarcubes. But most of her fame came during her solo run in London and other European cities.
    2. Hildur Yeoman is a world-class fashion designer from Iceland. She has become famous over the years through her work with A-listers like Taylor Swift. Hildur has also collaborated with Bjork. She also has a fashion line named Yeoman, whose office is a must-see for fashion enthusiasts.
    3. Hildur Guðnadóttir is a musician who created the score for the award-winning TV mini-series Chernobyl. She became the first Icelander to bag an oscar. Hildur won the Oscar for Best Original Score, joining the very short list of oscar-winning solo female composers.
    4. Vigdís Finnbogadóttir is the first female president in Iceland. Vigdis is the epitome of the tenacious Icelandic woman, typified by her struggles against the male-dominated government of the 90s. Her 16-year reign ushered in numerous reforms, including improvements in women’s rights in Iceland. 
    5. Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir is an Icelandic political juggernaut, serving over 35 years in the parliament consecutively. She served two terms as the Social Minister and later became Prime Minister in 2009. Most importantly, she is the first openly gay Prime Minister in history. That’s one tough cookie!
    6. Katrín Jacobsdóttir is the current Prime Minister of Iceland and an avid feminist. She is also a massive contributor and member of the Left-Green Movement and an outspoken environmentalist.

    Icelandic Women and Equality – Gender Gap and More 

    Unlike most parts of the world where women are denied fundamental rights, Iceland is a trend-setter when it comes to gender equality. Think about it: Iceland is one of the countries that doesn’t view feminism negatively. 

    You might argue that they have a headstart in terms of battling the patriarchy. But the fact remains that Iceland is one of the most conducive places for women to thrive. Since women gained their suffrage in 1915, they have produced the first female president and openly-gay prime minister. It doesn’t get more progressive than that!

    Let’s check out the state of affairs for women in different areas.


    As you might have already reckoned, Iceland provides a level playing field for women in politics. Icelandic women occupy around 48% of the parliamentary seats, which is a world record. 


    A massive majority of university students in Iceland are female. This fits into the overall narrative that Iceland women value education. However, women’s dominance in the academic sector does not account for the disparity in career choice based on gender. Iceland girls prefer pursuing careers in the health sector or journalism, while the representation of women in the STEM fields is still below par. 

    Equal pay

    Women in Iceland make up over 40% of the entire registered workforce in Iceland. Following the recent financial crisis in Iceland, the population lost faith in the leadership and encouraged female leaders to take positions of powers. Since then, the gender pay gap has shrunk to about 18%, which is on par with the European average (15%). Estimates from experts show that women in Iceland will start earning the same as men around 2070.

    Health and Security

    Icelandic women enjoy the same health benefits as men. They are allowed three months of parental leave, just like their male colleagues. Most importantly, the health sector takes good care of women, especially during pregnancy.

    How to make Icelandic women like you

    Winning over the affection of an Icelandic woman is a Herculean task. You can’t just flaunt money in her face and expect her to fall for your charms. Icelandic women are proud feminists and will only date a man that views them as equals. They will never back down from a disagreement, even though they will approach the issue with civility.

    Make no mistake; Icelandic ladies will not talk to you if you try to cat-call them. They demand respect and will kick you to the curb if you act like a tool. In essence, you have a lot on your hands if you are trying to seduce an Icelandic bride.

    Here are some tips to help you win the affection of any girl in Iceland:

    1. Act civilized

    Icelandic women are not attracted to men with an abrasive character. They look at those men as representatives of the patriarchy and will repel them in a heartbeat. When you are going on a date with an Icelandic girl, she will peruse every aspect of your character to make sure you are the real deal. Basically, you are in a job interview when going out on a date with your Icelandic bride.

    1. Be careful with chivalry

    Don’t rush to open the door for your Icelandic bride. She might easily take offense to this gesture. At the same time, you can’t let her struggle in her heels without lending a helping hand. And if the bill comes, don’t rush to pay for everything. Take cues from here and let her take part in the decision making.

    1. Respect her culture

    Island has a vibrant and mostly-unadulterated cultural heritage due to their relative isolation from the rest of the world. Icelandic women are big on Icelandic art and poetry. Talking about the Vikings might not impress her, but mentioning any of the various Icelanders’ sagas will take your Icelandic bride by surprise. 

    Also, you should be careful when discussing the LGBT and gender rights movements with Icelandic girls. Iceland is a liberal country, and most of the citizens have a progressive outlook on life.

    1. Allow her independence

    Don’t try to control your Icelandic girl’s movements. She will misinterpret your concern as controlling. Let her do whatever she likes. Allow your bride to pursue her dreams and live her best life. Don’t try to force your religious beliefs on her because she will dump you on the spot.

    1. Buy her gifts

    Even though they are tough cookies, Iceland women always appreciate a well-crafted gift from their admirers. Don’t offer her any patronizing gift, like cash. Put in some effort to find out what your girl really likes and surprise her.

    Why Iceland is the perfect place for female solo travelers + Tips

    Iceland is a haven for women because the political atmosphere is conducive to all religions and sexual orientations. Most importantly, the crime rate is low. 

    Other reasons why female solo travelers will enjoy Iceland include:

    1. The country has many beautiful locations

    You can visit the Blue Lagoon or Gullfoss Waterfall. You can also visit the Myrdalsjokull Glacier Park and marvel at the snow-covered landscape stretching over hundreds of miles. The country has many locations where you can take great pictures, and the vibe is always relaxed.

    1. The people are great

    Icelanders have a deep sense of community due to the country’s small population. Moreover, they are very hospitable to foreigners of all backgrounds.

    1. The men are not aggressive

    Unlike in other western countries, men in Iceland are very respectful of women. They always approach women with respect.

    1. Iceland has a female-friendly system

    Overall, the system in Iceland caters to women. The healthcare set-up will cater to you if you fall sick during your trip.

    In essence, Iceland is a female traveler’s dream destination. Women walk the streets of Reykjavik at night without any concerns for personal safety.

    How to find a Reliable Icelandic Dating Website?

    Now that you’ve gathered all the necessary information about Icelandic women, it is time to start making your move. Of course, visiting the island is one of the most reliable ways of meeting your Icelandic bride. However, Icelandic dating websites will help you save travel expenses. They will also provide you with a wide variety of gorgeous women. But you still need to be on-guard when searching for Iceland brides. If not, you will fall victim to scammers.

    Before you start using an Icelandic dating site, you should always look for the following:

    1. A favorable subscription plan or credit-based system
    2. A customer support team available 24/7
    3. Real profiles with multiple pictures 
    4. Multiple payment methods 
    5. A secure payment portal for processing billing information
    6. A two-step verification procedure during registration
    7. Communication channels that include video calls
    8. A secure website (https instead of http)
    9. Positive customer reviews and complaints
    10. Additional services like virtual gifts and blacklists

    The presence of these features helps prove a dating site’s trustworthiness. Always check their availability even before creating an account on any dating platform.

    Summing up: Icelandic women VS American Women 

    Icelandic women are just perfect for marriage. They are very intelligent, they are educated, and are industrious. Icelandic brides are also hardcore feminists — motivated to improve the lives of their peers. But they differ from the more rabid American feminists. 

    While American women focus on their careers, Icelandic women prefer to combine their professional lives with raising a family. More so, Icelandic women are tenacious and can survive harsh conditions. American women are often less persistent because they are raised in relative comfort. Generally, marrying an Icelandic bride will definitely add light to your life.

    James Preece
    Dating Coach
    James is an expert in international dating and helps many men navigate through the best choice, be it for dating or marriage. He conveys the real sense of how you can approach choosing the best match. He consistently helps our site get the best and up-to-date content to shed light on dating online and its perks. Besides, he’s a talented writer who makes it easy to understand the peculiarities of international women for dating and marriage.