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    Hot Filipina Women
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    Hot Filipina Women


    There are many options for those searching for Asian brides, but Filipinas are worth your attention even more than women from other regions. These girls are a breath of fresh air for a foreign man due to their irresistible features. You’ll hardly find a kinder and prettier female than a girl from the Philippines. Besides, these women are friendly and communicative. They don’t mind dating foreign guys online. So, you can look at our top 15 hot Filipina women and start searching for a beautiful local girl on a matchmaking platform.

    Why Are Filipina Girls Considered to Look So Hot?

    Hot Filipina women are like tender exotic flowers – their appearance easily charms everyone. Many local girls are petite, which makes them incredibly cute. Their pretty faces don’t require any makeup because of the natural beauty. Actually, a Filipina girl doesn’t even have to make an effort to look gorgeous because she has everything that most men like in women. Moreover, local women age beautifully. Many 50-year-old ladies look like 30-year-old women. Maybe, they know some secret or local environment positively influences their health, but these females manage to preserve their attractiveness even when they get older. 

    The way hot Filipina brides walk, talk, and behave makes men go crazy about them. Although local women are shy when they meet new people, your Filipina girlfriend will be in the spotlight at any party because she radiates special energy magnetizing people. A combination of excellent physical features and personal qualities make Filipinas perfect females:


    Filipina women have the most adorable smiles. If a local girl smiles at you, you’ll definitely fall in love with her. Hot Filipina girls have seductive, plump lips and button noses. Their beautiful dark eyes are emphasized by long, black eyelashes. Many women in the Philippines have long hair. It shines in the sunlight and looks like silk. So, if you like girls with long, black hair, you’ll be fascinated by hot Filipina women.

    Physical features

    Although local women are petite, it’s hard to say that they are thin. They have feminine forms. Filipina women have a healthy lifestyle that helps them look gorgeous. Many ladies attend a gym, do morning exercises, run, and swim to shape their bodies. 


    Most local people are Catholic, so Filipinas are very traditional about dating and building a family. You don’t have to expect a local lady to kiss you on a first date or go to your place. Don’t be surprised if a beautiful Filipina won’t even allow you to take her by her hand. You’ll have to be patient and move further slightly to attract a local woman. She’ll become yours only if you show that you respect her personality and want to build serious relationships with her.

    Family ties are highly valued in the Philippines. If you date a pretty Filipina, she’ll express a desire to introduce you to her parents. She’ll follow their advice no matter what, and that’s why you really have to make a good first impression on her family members. 

    Typically, a man is a head of a family in the Philippines. So, your Filipina sweetheart won’t mind taking responsibility for chores. A local woman prefers to dedicate her life to her kids and a husband rather than her career. However, it doesn’t mean that you’ll go to work, and that’s enough. You’ll have to help your Filipina lady teach and raise kids and share some of the chores with her. 

    Popularity among men 

    Undoubtedly, every man has some preferences about girls, but sexy Filipina women are the dream of all foreign guys. Western, eastern, and European men love these ladies because of their inner and outer beauty. Pretty Filipinas aren’t only incredibly desirable but also elegant, modest, kind, supportive, and positive-minded. While many American and European women dedicate themselves to their careers, females from the Philippines focus on their families. They are more tolerant, respectful, and attentive towards their husbands.

    Top 15 Hottest Filipina Girls

    1. Julia Montes

    This lady’s smile can make any man’s heart melt. Julia Montes is a Filipina actress with German roots. She was born on March 19, 1995. Julia started to collaborate with modeling agencies when she was only five years old. She also collaborated with different companies and appeared in their advertisements. Julia began her acting career in 2001. She starred in Philippino TV shows, including “Magpakailanman” and “Sana ay Ikaw Na Nga.

    Julia Montes reached real success and recognition after playing the role of Clara in the soap opera “Mara Clara.” The most recognizable films and TV series with her include “Walang Hanggan,” “Muling Buksan Ang Puso,” “Ikaw Lamang,” and “A Moment in Time.” This beautiful girl won a few awards, such as the Princess of Philippine Television Award, Gawad Tanglaw Award, and FAMAS Award. 

    2. Jessy Mendiola

    Jessy Mendiola is a famous actress, singer, songwriter, and one of the hottest Filipina women as she got the body of a goddess. This beautiful girl was born on December 3, 1992. Her father has Lebanese and British roots, while her mother is a Filipina. Jessy Mendiola started to appear on television in 2004.

    She played lead roles in “Maria Mercedes,” “Must Date the Playboy,” and “You’re My Home.” The popular magazine FHM Philippines named Jessy the sexiest girl in the Philippines in 2016. She took fourth place on this list in 2017.

    3. Jennylyn Mercado

    Jennylyn Mercado

    Jennylyn Mercado is one of the sexiest Filipino celebrities. Born on the 15th of May in 1987, she started her career as a singer in 1999. Jennylyn won the first season of a talent show, StarStruck. 

    The triumph at StarStruck brought Jennylyn the desired fame. She was invited to star in different TV series, such as “Encantadia,” “Super Twins,” “Ikaw Sana,” and “Dangal.” Jennylyn also starred in numerous films throughout her acting career. You can see this beautiful representative of hot Filipina women in “The Bride and the Lover,” “Rhodora X,” “English Only, Please,” and “The Prenup.” The Magazine FHM Philippines named her the sexiest woman in 2015. 

    4. Maja Salvador

    Maja Salvador is another gorgeous lady on our list of hot Filipina women. She’s a successful actress, producer, and singer. Maja was born on October 5 in 1988. She’s an incredibly talented actress as she got her first nomination for the Best New Female TV Personality award after playing her first minor role in the TV series “It Might Be You.”

    Maja Salvador got numerous awards and nominations throughout her acting career. Her most successful films and TV series include “Thelma,” “Nagsimula sa Puso,” “Kapatid,” “The Legal Wife,” and “Wildflower.” Maja has established a talent agency Crown Artist Management recently. 

    5. Marian Rivera

    Marian Rivera is a famous actress and model. She was born on August 12 in 1984 to a Spanish father and Filipina mother. Marian started modeling when she was a schoolgirl. Commercial advertisements brought her recognition, so she was invited to star in a few TV series, including “Kung Mamahalin Mo Lang Ako” and “Pinakamamahal.

    Marian Rivera was honored with multiple awards. Some of her prizes include the Best New Female TV Personality Award, Best Actress in a Drama Award, Best Actress in a Primetime Teleserye Award, Best Female TV Host Award. Marian occupied first place in the list of FHM’s hottest Filipina girls three times.

    6. Anne Curtis

    Anne Curtis is another gorgeous lady on our hot Filipina women list. She was born on February 17, 1985 in a family of an Australian and Filipina. Anne is a prominent Filipino actress, model, singer, and TV host. Her most recognizable roles include characters in “Hiram,” “The Wedding,” “Dyosa,” and “Green Rose.”

    Anne was nominated for different awards many times during her acting career. She won a Metro Manila Film Festival Award, PMPC Star Award for TV, and Famas Award. Besides, Anne’s debut album “Annebisyosa” was named platinum. This pretty girl isn’t just talented but also adorable due to her charisma and special aura surrounding her. 

    7. Angel Locsin

    Angel Locsin has mesmerized the cinematography, music, and modeling world with her impressive beauty and talents. She has millions of fans in her native country as well as across the world. Born on the 23rd of April in 1985, Angel started to participate in commercial advertisements at an early age. As an actress, she reached real success thanks to her role in the TV series “Mulawin.

    The role in the TV series “Lyka” brought her a nomination at the International Emmy Award ceremony. Angel became the holder of many awards, including the Star Award for Movies, Box-Office Entertainment Award, and FAMAS Award. 

    8. Coleen Garcia

    Coleen Garcia

    Coleen Garcia is a bright representative of hot Filipina women. Her magnetic beauty will charm every man and make all the women envy this sexy girl. Coleen was born on September 24, 1992. She started to collaborate with different brands when she was a child. She appeared in the commercials for Johnson & Johnson and Nestea. Coleen began to receive invitations to star in films and TV series in 2011. Nowadays, she’s a successful actress. She played lead roles in “Ex with Benefits,” “Sin Island,” and “Love Me Tomorrow.”

    Coleen Garcia was nominated for different nominations several times. This pretty, talented girl won the Guild of Educators, Mentors and Students Award as the best actress. She was also ranked 12th in the FHM Philippines 100 Sexiest Women list. 

    9. Kathryn Bernardo

    Kathryn Bernardo is a popular Filipino actress born on the 26th of March, 1996. She appeared in different TV series and films during her acting career. The most famous TV series and movies include “Mara Clara,” “Princess and I,” “Got to Believe,” “Way Back Home,” “She’s Dating the Gangster,” “Three Words to Forever,” and “Hello, Love, Goodbye.”

    Kathryn Bernardo entered the FHM 100 Sexiest Women List in 2015 and occupied 17th place. This beautiful girl also got her star at a local version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame – the Eastwood Walk of Fame. Her numerous awards include the Phenomenal Box Office Queen Award, Camera Obscura Award, and PMPC Star Award for Movies.

    10.Liza Soberano

    Liza Soberano really deserves to be on our sexy Filipina girls list. Take a look at her, and you’ll never forget her adorable smile and seductive forms. Liza is an American-Filipino actress and model born on January 4 in 1998. At the beginning of her acting career, she appeared in such films and TV series as “Wansapanataym,” “She’s the One,” and “Must Be…Love.” The role of a protagonist in the TV series “Forevermore” brought her real fame and success.

    Liza Soberano signed the contract with Maybelline in 2016 to become the new face of the brand. As an actress, she received a few important nominations and awards, including GMMSF Box-Office Entertainment Award and Edukcircle Award. She was named the most adorable Filipina by YouGov in 2018. 

    11. Kim Chiu

    Our list of hot Filipina women wouldn’t be complete without this beautiful angel. Kim Chiu has Chinese roots, so she is another stunning example of a mix of nationalities. Born on April 19, 1990 she began to appear in different TV shows and series when she was 16. You can see Kim as a leading actress in a variety of films and TV series, such as “My Girl,” “My Binondo Girl,” “The Story of Us,” and “Love Thy Woman.

    This gorgeous girl really knows how to impress and charm people with her beauty and acting talent. She won multiple awards, while the most significant ones are the PMPC Award, FAMAS Award, and the title of the Princess of the Philippine Movie and TV. Kim Chiu also collaborates with different brands and appears in their commercials. For example, she starred in promo videos for H&M.

    12. KC Concepcion

    KC Concepcion is one of the prettiest women in the Philippine show business. She’s an actress, dancer, TV host, singer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. KC Concepcion was born on April 7, 1985. She appeared in several films and TV series as a lead actress. They include “For the First Time,” “When I Met U,” “Lovers in Paris,” “Ikaw Lamang.” She’s also known for her humanitarian activities – KC Concepcion participated in the United Nations’ World Food Programme and collaborated with the World Wide Fund of Nature. 

    KC Concepcion appeared in the commercials for a Japanese brand Shiseido in 2019. She was the first Filipino celebrity to collaborate with this company. As an actress, KC Concepcion received numerous awards. She also released two studio albums.

    13. Sarah Geronimo

    Sarah Geronimo is a singing bird of the Philippines. Her voice and beauty are unforgettable, so it’s no wonder why she has an army of fans in her native country and worldwide. Born on the 25th of July in 1988, Sarah felt what fame is after winning a singing contest Star for a Night in 2012. Her albums entered Billboard charts and got a high rank. For example, her album “The Breakup Playlist” was ranked 9th in the Billboard World Albums chart.

    Sarah Geronimo is one of the most successful Filipino performers. She was honored with multiple awards, including the World Music Award, MTV Europe Music Award, and Classic Rock Roll of Honour Award. Her discography includes 13 albums.

    14. Bea Alonzo

    Bea Alonzo

    Bea Alonzo is one of the most successful actresses on Philippine TV, and she definitely deserves to be mentioned in our hor Filipina women list. A former singer, model, and actress, she was born in 1987 to a British father and Filipina mother. She starred in numerous TV series and films, such as “I Love Betty La Fea,” “The Mistress,” “Eerie,” and “Unbreakable.

    Bea Alonzo won a large number of awards throughout her acting career. They include the PMPC Star Award, GMMSF Box-Office Entertainment Award, and FAMAS Award. She was also nominated for the People of the Year award. 

    15. Rhian Ramos

    You’ll hardly believe us, but this tender girl is an actress,  model, and race car driver. At first, car racing was a hobby for Rhian, but soon her passion became bigger, and she started to participate in competitions. However, her acting career is also an important part of her life. Born on October 3, 1990 Rhian debuted in the TV series “Captain Barbell.” Her filmography includes “The Promise,” “My Only Love,” “The Rich Man’s Daughter,” and “I Can See You.”

    Rhian Ramos was nominated for different awards. She was honored at the 42nd Metro Manila Film Festival, GMA Bloggers Style Camp, 5th Golden Screen Awards, and Golden Screen Awards ceremonies. Rhian Ramos appeared on the covers of the FHM Magazine, Speed Magazine, Cosmopolitan, METRO Magazine, etc.

    Well, this is how our hot Filipina women list looks like. We hope you enjoyed our article. As you can see, Filipinas are incredibly attractive, intelligent, and talented. That’s why many foreign guys travel to the Philippines or use online dating services to meet these beautiful babes. You’ll become the happiest man in the world if you manage to win the heart of a hot Filipina. 

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