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    Hot Argentinian Women
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    Hot Argentinian Women


    Hottest Argentinian Women

    Argentina is one of the most popular countries in South America. It is known for its beautiful nature, flourishing TV industry, and passionate dancing culture. Today we want you to discover another reason to adore Argentina —local women. These passionate and hot-tempered creatures have everything to make your life brighter. If you are still hesitating whether sexy Argentina girls are good for you or not, you should check the information below.

    Why Are Argentina Girls So Hot?

    If you like hot, seductive, and passionate women, you should start your search from Argentina. This country has the highest concentration of beauties per square meter. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that most of them look like supermodels. Let’s check what makes the local sexy Argentina women so attractive to men:


    Argentinian girls always look great. Similar to other Latin women, they have a highly recognizable appearance where Latin and European features turn out to be an excellent combination. Most of them have slightly tanned skin, black or brown hair, dark eyes, and sensitive lips. Thanks to quite striking features, Argentinian women don’t need make-up to look seductive. But if they want to look sensational, they may use some lipstick and mascara. The same goes for clothes. These Latin chicks know how to make men turn their heads to them. This is why they have a lot of short skirts and open tops in their wardrobes. Generally, they don’t need to wear a revealing piece of clothes to look sexy. Argentinian women are good at highlighting their best sides, but they surely know the boundaries. They know the difference between being sexy and being vulgar.

    Physical features

    Hot Argentina women are considered to be some of the prettiest women in Latin America. They are quite tall, which allows many of them to become successful models. Thanks to subtle curves, they easily drive men crazy. Argentinian girls are fond of sports. This way, they keep their bodies even more seductive than they actually are.


    Argentina is one of the wealthiest countries in South America. Both men and women have equal opportunities to arrange their lives. This is why they are not quick to get married, taking their time for self-development. Once Argentinian girls are ready for marriage, they become the most devoted partners. Western men love this thing about them.

    Argentinian wedding culture has been developing for centuries. Despite having some Catholic traces, it is slightly different from what we see in Western countries. For example, there is no engagement ring, while the wedding is purely a family affair. All relatives take part in the preparations. Well, it’s not as scary as it seems. You will especially enjoy the wedding party that often lasts 10 hours or more.

    Many Argentinian women grow up with their brothers and sisters, which allows them to learn the ins and outs of child care. At the same time, they have an inborn quality to love and care for others. And this is what makes them excellent marriage material.

    Popularity among men

    Western men love Argentinian women for their beauty, intelligence, and values. This combination of ultimate characteristics is not so easy to find among women in the US or Europe. Something is always missing. Western women are often self-observed and careless. Many of them don’t care about their appearances or physical conditions. They are obsessed with their career, leaving their partners and kids behind. As a result, Argentinian women become a breath of fresh air for Americans and Europeans who want to tie the knot with a caring and loving partner. These beauties give them everything they have ever dreamed about.

    Top 15 Hottest Argentina Girls

    Argentina is a great country with incredible women. Apart from being physically attractive, they are also smart and quick-witted. If you think that you have never seen Argentinian women in your life, you are most likely wrong. There are a lot of actresses, singers, models, and TV personalities who are famous all over the world. In the given review, we are offering you a list of the most attractive female celebrities in Argentina. These hottest Argentina women deserve your attention and appreciation. So, let’s get it started!

    1. Rocío Guirao Díaz

    Rocío Guirao Díaz

    27 June, 1984

    Actress and model

    Rocío Guirao Díaz rose to stardom by taking part in the successful TV program Bailando por un sueño. Eventually, she was offered to host the TV program El Garage. She was also involved in various theatrical and art performances. A play in Pour La Gallery by Anibal Pachano was one of them. Over the last decade, she has been part of a TV program called Los Ángeles de la Mañana. Her other TV projects include Winternews, Bailando Por Un Sueño, and Los Ángeles de la Mañana.

    2. Liz Solari

    18 June, 1983

    Model and actress

    Liz Solari started her modeling career from the victory at the international competition conducted by Dotto Models Agency. She was offered the cooperation with national and international brands, including Roberto Cavalli and Jean-Paul Gaultier. She also was the beauty ambassador of Zara, Ripley, Taft, Pantene, and Sedal. In 2008, Solaru tried her chances in the film industry. She joined the cast of El Desafio, the Argentinean version of High School Musical. Then, she appeared in the TV series Champs 12 that was broadcast in Spain, Italy, Turkey, and Israel. She also starred in films like First Law, Amapola, and Permitidos.

    3. Soledad Fandiño

    7 April, 1982


    Soledad Fandiño had her debut as an actress in the television series Rebelde Way and Ricos y Mocosos. In 2009, she focused on the stage, films, and mini-series. She appeared in Astral Theater’s production of Wonderland. She starred in the comedy series Todos contra Juan and in the drama series Maltratadas. Her appearance brought her multiple contracts with local and international brands. Her face can often be seen on the covers of authoritative magazines like Women’s Health and Cosmopolitan.

    4. Julie Gonzalo

    Julie Gonzalo

    9 September, 1981


    Julie Gonzalo has her debut in the WB comedy series Greetings from Tucson. After multiple failures, she rose to fame after appearing in several successful films like Freaky Friday, A Cinderella Story, and DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story. Her other credits include the films Must Love Dogs, Cherry Crush, and Vamp U. At some point, she decided to go back to television. She appeared in plenty of more and less popular series. Veronica Mars, Day One, CSI: Miami, Grey’s Anatomy, and Lucifer are only some of them.

    5. Sabrina Garciarena

    18 July, 1983


    Sabrina Garciarena became a successful actress after moving to Spain. Her career started from the series Cuestión de sexo and in the film Pagafantas. After achieving certain success, she came back to Argentina to appear in the film Felicitas that brought her the Silver Condor Award for the Best Leading Actress. Then, she had several roles in the television series Los ricos no piden permiso and Golpe al corazón. In 2009, she got involved in charity projects like a charity album for Sahara schools.

    6.Luisana Lopilato

    Luisana Lopilato

    18 May, 1987

    Actress and model

    Luisana Lopilato became famous after her debut in the television series Mi familia es un dibujo and Chiquititas. Her big breakthrough came with the role of Mía Colucci in the television series Rebelde Way. She also was part of the music group Erreway that released three studio albums and appeared in the film Erreway: 4 Caminos that was a box–office success. After the split, she continued her acting career by starring in the 2008 telenovela Encandilados and Atracción x4. Lopilato was added to the Las 100 mujeres más sexys del mundo by FHM many times. She works with the local and international brands like 47 Street, John Foos, Susana, BlackBerry, Pent Ten, Riley S. A., Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, L’Oréal, and Gillette.

    7. Emilia Attias

    20 March, 1987

    Actress, model, and singer

    María Emilia Attias was discovered on the street by one of the modeling agents. And this was the moment when her life changed once and for all. During her teen years, she appeared in a great number of TV commercials. In 2003, Attias started her career in television by appearing in the series Rebelde Way. In 2005, she had her debut on the big screen in the film Matar a Videla. Eventually, she even tried herself as a TV host in Reef Classic Pilsener Light Montañita. But her major strengths were focused on her acting endeavors. Her recent filmography includes Días de vinilo, El secreto de Lucía, and El muerto cuenta su historia.

    8.Sofia Zamolo

    Sofia Zamolo

    21 March, 1983

    Actress and TV hostess

    Sofia Zamolo is a popular TV hostess and model. Her blue eyes and blonde hair are not something you can often see in Argentina. These exact features helped Zamolo build up a successful career. She is well-known for her roles in Número 8, Put on Francella, and Leviatan. She hosted a couple of TV shows and worked as a model for multiple fashion brands in Argentina.

    9. Maria Eugenia Suarez

    9 March, 1992

    Actress and model

    Suárez made her debut in the series Rincón de luz, which was incredibly successful in Argentina. Between 2007 and 2010, she remained the main cast of the TV series Casi Ángeles, which encouraged the formation of the musical group Teen Angels. In 2011, Suárez left the band to pursue her solo career. She appeared in the comedy Solamente vos and the telenovela Camino al amor. Eventually, her talent was noticed by serious producers who started inviting her into big projects. Her breakthrough came with the film adaptation of the book Abzurdah. For her performance, Suarez received the Premio Sur as the Best New Actress.

    10. Araceli González

    19 June, 1967

    Model and actress

    Araceli González is one more model on our list of Argentinian hotties. She rose to stardom at a young age when she won a dance competition at the “el Globo Rojo” theater in Buenos Aires. She started working with the Cohen Agency that placed her into numerous commercial campaigns on television and print media. Eventually, she started moving towards the fashion industry, becoming the ambassador of fashion products and appearing at many fashion shows all over the world. She participated in a massive hair campaign by Llongueras and Caro Coure. González’s physique was used by various trademarks during the late 1980s and 1990s.

    11.Nicole Neumann

    Nicole Neumann

    31 October, 1978

    Model, businesswoman, and TV host

    Nicole Neumann has her first experience on TV in commercials. At the age of 12, she became a popular teen model. Due to her young age, she was often called “Lolita”, after the book by Vladimir Nabokov. She cooperated with Pancho Dotto, Roberto Giordano, Versace, and Nina Ricci. She appeared on multiple catwalks in Paris and Milan. In 2001, she posed nude for the Gente magazine. She is also an active Instagram influencer with almost two million subscribers. Neumann has a lot of things to share with the audience, from beauty tips to life stories.

    12.Zaira Nara

    15 August, 1988


    Zaira Nara is considered to be one of the most famous models in Argentina. At the age of 10, she started her cooperation with the modeling agency that brought her multiple advertising contracts. She became the face of prestigious brands like Herbal Essences, McDonald’s, Promesse, Gillette, and Pantene. She also appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan and Women’s Health in Argentina. Her undeniable beauty and sexuality brought her to the 47th place on the world’s sexiest women list in 2010. Nara was also added to the list of the hot Argentina girls by FHM more than once.

    13. Valeria Mazza


    17 February, 1972

    Model and businesswoman

    Valeria Mazza became famous in the 1990s after appearing on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. During her fashion career, she worked for top fashion designers such as Gianni Versace, Valentino, and Roberto Cavalli. She appeared on the covers of the most authoritative magazines, including Vogue and Cosmopolitan. After finishing her modeling career, she became a successful businesswoman by releasing three perfumes, introducing her own magazine, and establishing her own eyewear company. Apart from that, she finds time to promote humanitarian causes with UNICEF and the Pediatrics Unit of the Austral Hospital in Argentina.

    14. Carolina Ardohain

    Carolina Ardohain

    17 January, 1978

    Model, TV host, and actress

    Carolina Ardohain, also known as Pampita, started her career as an actress by appearing in the first season of the telenovela Rebelde Way. In 2009, she had her first debut on the big screen by starring in the 2009 Chilean film Súper, todo Chile adentro. Due to her beautiful facial features and seductive physique, she was chosen to be the face of the Citroën and Citroën DS line. After participating in the dancing reality show Bailando as a member of the jury, she came back to acting. Her recent roles include the television series Familia moderna and the film Desearás al hombre de tu hermana.

    15. Belén Rodríguez

    20 September, 1984

    TV host, model, and actress

    Belén Rodríguez is viewed by many as a sex symbol of the 2000s and 2010s. She rose to prominence after her hot photos in Playboy Italy. This wasn’t her only provocative photo session. She also posed nude for Fer and Maxim Calendars. Due to her successful modeling career, Rodríguez was offered to become a stylist for the Imperfect clothing line with Fabio Castelli. In 2013, she became the representative of the Bikini Lovers cruise-wear line developed by fashion designer Chiara Biasi. Rodríguez hosted a lot of TV shows and programs as well as music festivals. In 2011, she hosted the Sanremo Music Festival. On TV, she could be seen on Circo Massimo Show, Scherzi a parte, quiz show Sarabanda, and many others. Meanwhile, she demonstrated her acting talent by appearing in the films like Natale in Sudafrica, Gladiators of Rome, and Non c’è 2 senza te.

    The hottest Argentina girls are charming and charismatic creatures with cute faces and seductive bodies. They become passionate lovers and devoted wives. Their natural magnetism and in-born intelligence can win the heart of every man. Finding one of them won’t be a problem. You can visit Argentina or focus your search on dating sites.  Eventually, you will find what you are looking for.

    James Preece
    Dating Coach
    James is an expert in international dating and helps many men navigate through the best choice, be it for dating or marriage. He conveys the real sense of how you can approach choosing the best match. He consistently helps our site get the best and up-to-date content to shed light on dating online and its perks. Besides, he’s a talented writer who makes it easy to understand the peculiarities of international women for dating and marriage.