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    How to Meet and Date Sri Lanka Women? 

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    Sri Lanka can be translated from Sanskrit as “blessed land”. Formerly known as Ceylon, this island is located near the coast of India at the intersection of Western and Southeast Asia. After gaining independence in 1972, this island state took the name of Sri Lanka. This exotic country is rich in first-class beaches, fantastic national parks, tea plantations, and ancient landmarks. The culture of this densely populated island is diverse, and Sri Lanka women have absorbed the best features of many peoples.

    5 Facts about Women’s Rights in Sri Lanka

    The civil war in Sri Lanka ended more than a decade ago, but the country is still experiencing the repercussions. However, there is hope for an improvement in the women’s rights situation in this country, given educational opportunities and the upward trend to improve women’s health. In 2017, the Sri Lankan government launched several programs to promote gender equality.

    World’s First Prime Minister

    Sirimavo Bandaranaike became Prime Minister of Sri Lanka for the first time in 1960. Her husband, Prime Minister, was killed and his partners called on the widow to lead the Freedom Party. Thus, she became the first female Prime Minister in world history. In 1994, her daughter, Chandrika Kumaratunga, won the presidential election and appointed her mother Prime Minister again. At that time, Sirimavo Bandaranaike, the 84-years old woman, was the world’s oldest female politician.

    Government Representation

    Sri Lanka had the lowest female participation in politics among all South Asian countries. With funding from the government of Norway, the country started to implement the program of promoting women’s participation in politics. This program supported the involvement of Sri Lanka women in the budgeting of political campaigns and the participation of women in political parties. In addition, most of the standard government services in Sri Lanka became free.

    Universal Free Education

    The introduction of free universal education in Sri Lanka in 1945 has opened wide opportunities for women. This act led to a significant amendment in the educational system. At that time, only about 44% of women were literate, compared to 71% of the male population. By 2001, 90% of women of Sri Lanka were literate, compared to 93% of the male residents. Today, there are a lot of girls’ schools in this country and most parents want their daughters to study separately from boys.

    The Workforce Gender Gap

    The introduction of universal free education on a national level eliminated some economic reasons why parents used to leave their daughters at home. That is, the gender gap in the labor force remains high in Sri Lanka. Many job opportunities are only available to men. Because of this, many Sri Lanka women are forced to be additional breadwinners, despite the received education and specialty. To improve this situation, the government called on employers to increase the proportion of women at workplaces.

    Maternal and Infant Mortality Rates

    Mortality rates for women as a result of childbirth have dropped significantly since the country got independence. The Sri Lanka government established health facilities that provided free community-based maternal and child care services throughout the country. The government also increased the number of ambulances and invested in training midwives. These measures significantly reduced both maternal and infant mortality.

    Sri Lanka Dating Culture

    If you’re looking for an exotic place, why not look for Sri Lanka women. They’re known for their resemblance to Indian women. What’s more, they share a lot in common with them, but at the same time, they have lots of differences, making them unique. Here are things to know about the dating culture in Sri Lanka:

    • More modern than its neighboring countries. Commonly, they’re compared to Indian women, but the good point is that Sri Lanka women are less conservative, and they don’t suffer much trouble related to the caste system or religion, at least not in the capital city where the majority of ladies live.
    • Less casual dating. Still, it doesn’t mean that women in Sri Lanka are interested in casual dating. There are some places where you can find someone to get laid, but mainly, ladies in this country are more interested in having a long-term relationship. What’s more, premarital sex is quite common only if you manage to gain the trust of your lady.

    What Do Sri Lanka Women Look Like: Physical Features

    Different ethnic groups live in this country. The appearance of Sri Lanka women differs depending on their origin. The main group is the Sinhalese who profess Buddhism. Sinhalese women look like people who live in the Indian states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. They have dark skin, soft facial traits, short stature, and black wavy hair. Sri Lankan Tamils are the second ethnic group. They are similar to Indian Tamils, as they are dark-skinned and have South Indian features.

    Another ethnic group is the Sri Lankan Moors. Part of them has typical Arab traits, but another part, as some scientists believe, is descended from Tamils ​​who converted to Islam. Also, descendants of marriages of Europeans with Sri Lanka women are called burghers. Sri Lankan burghers mainly profess Christianity and look almost like Europeans, but their skin is darker. Besides, an indigenous population called the Vedda have chocolate skin color, massive jaws, as well as big and flat noses.


    The ancient culture of Sri Lanka has a great influence on the personal qualities of its inhabitants. Sri Lanka women are empathic, polite, and positive. They cherish their old traditions, take part in numerous festivals, as well as observe religious rituals and ceremonies. Recently, international holidays have also been added to national festivities. At the same time, women of Sri Lanka are well aware of their main purpose to be good wives, caring mothers, and tireless keepers of their homes.

    Personal Identity

    Sri Lanka women tend to identify themselves according to their ethnicity, family, religion, and birthplace. Ethnicity and religion are often closely linked in this country. More than 70 % of the population identify themselves as Buddhist belonging to the Sinhalese ethnicity, while those who identify as Hindu (more than 12 %) consider themselves as Tamils. Sri Lankans Muslims (about 10 %) are commonly recognized as a particular group.


    The majority of Sri Lankan women are very religious. Buddhism is the dominant religion in this country. Religious festivals are a big part of local women’s lives in the country. Concerning the Buddha, the Sri Lankans do not forgive any manifestations of disrespect. It does not matter what religion you profess, but you must respect the Buddha. At the same time, Sri Lanka women are very loyal to any religion. They do believe that one religion cannot be more important or more correct than another one.

    Family Values

    The lives of most Sri Lanka women revolve around their families. In this country, it is believed that the interests of the family prevail over the interests of its members, and the behavior of an individual can affect the perception of his family by others. In Sri Lanka, several generations often live together in one house. In this society, a woman is always under the care of her relatives. Parents take care of their daughters, and after the wedding, young women are protected by their husbands.


    Given that three main ethnic groups live side by side on this island, the concept of “female beauty” can be defined in different ways. Among the Sinhalese, a woman is considered beautiful if she has small white teeth, long black hair, brown eyes, healthy skin, large breasts, a round face, and long fingers. From the Tamil point of view, a girl with fair skin, long hair, long eyelashes, an oval face, and small feet is considered a beauty. A girl from Muslim culture will be considered beautiful if she has narrow hips, medium height, light-colored eyes, and a pointed nose.


    Women of Sri Lanka are very friendly, good-natured, and cheerful. These females smile at everyone on the street, greet, and show their readiness to talk. In their eyes, you can see a keen interest in other people. When these girls communicate with men, they usually show embarrassment and hide their eyes. Also, Sri Lanka is home to some of the most generous women worldwide. This is manifested in the way they sincerely welcome strangers to their homes, serve food, and offer any assistance.

    Things Every Man Should Know Before Dating a Sri Lankan Woman

    Sri Lanka Women

    If you are looking for a bride from Sri Lanka, you should know more about these women. Traditional dating in Sri Lanka has some peculiarities. Therefore, it can be challenging for a foreign man to meet one of the women from Sri Lanka. However, if you follow a few simple rules, you can get to know a beautiful bride from this country and win her heart.

    Learn More about Sri Lankan Culture

    First, you are advised to learn more about the culture and traditions of Sri Lanka. In terms of relationships with the stronger gender, the lifestyle and traditions of Sri Lankan women play a significant role. Sri Lanka women differ from other nationalities in that their horizons are very wide, and cultural values are inviolable. Therefore, women from Sri Lanka are unlikely to take your religion, lifestyle, and beliefs.

    Ask Somebody for Help

    If you want to meet a girl from Sri Lanka, you need somebody’s help. You should have someone to introduce you and recommend you to her. You may need someone who knows the culture and traditions of Sri Lanka. Perhaps, you have friends, acquaintances, or pen pals among locals. Ask them whether they know single girls to whom they can introduce you.

    Use Astrology

    Sri Lanka women value and trust horoscopes very much. Astrology has a significant place in their lives. They check them for a meeting, dating, marrying, and other occasions. Thus, you should learn more about traditional Sri Lankan astrology and what it tells about yourself. Besides, it can be a convenient topic to discuss during your first meeting with one of Sri Lanka women.

    Why Are Sri Lanka Women so Popular?

    Sri Lanka women approach the choice of life partners very carefully, although they usually get married early. One of the five main commandments of Buddhism says that women must be faithful to only one man all their lives. These women are not prone to conflicts and do not create reasons for scandals. Also, women of Sri Lanka have both contemporary and traditional features. They recognize the need to strive for personal development and career, but not to the detriment of their families.

    Beautiful Sri Lanka Women Are Great Wives

    If you get to know the girls from Sri Lanka better, you will understand that they make not only popular dating partners but also perfect wives. Sri Lanka women are naturally-born homemakers and housewives. They love to cook, clean, and take care of their homes and families. Most women from Sri Lanka do not mind being fully committed to household chores. Also, they see nothing wrong with combining work and home duties.

    Sri Lanka Girls Knows How to Help Your Place Be Cozy

    Sri Lanka women are born housewives. From early childhood, they are taught to take care of their homes and families.

    A Sri Lanka Lady Is Active and Friendly

    Women of Sri Lanka are active in taking decisions about their families. Regardless of whether they are employed or not, they are still good housewives and caring mothers.

    A Sri Lanka girl Is Loving and Caring

    Marrying a bride from Sri Lanka is like winning a big lottery prize because you will get a loving, supportive, and loyal partner for life.

    Where to Meet Sri Lanka Girls

    Sri Lanka is one of the popular tourist destinations. Here, you can relax on the beautiful beaches and enjoy fabulous nature. The weather is clear and hot on this island almost all year round. You can book accommodation, buy a ticket, and immediately immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of Sri Lanka. This country may not be the most popular place for international dating, but here, you can meet many beautiful Sri Lanka women.


    In Sri Lanka, you can have a rest in Anantara, Bentota, Mirissa, Hikkaduwa, Tangalle, and other resorts. Local girls often attend parties organized in clubs located near these beaches. The largest city and cultural center is Colombo, but it is not the official capital of Sri Lanka. Many single Sri Lanka women come here from all over the country to meet handsome foreigners. You can find beautiful girls in local parks, as well as in some cafés and restaurants in Colombo:

    • Acropol Restaurant (1, Schofield Pl);
    • The Gallery Café (2, Alfred House Rd);
    • Park Street Mews (48, Park St).


    In Sri Lanka, you can visit many bars, pubs, casinos, and nightclubs in the evening. There are many great party spots here. This country is quite safe at night. However, usual safeguarding measures should be followed. Based on your preference and budget, you can find local night clubs, discos, and bars that are ideal places to meet lovely local singles. This country can offer a variety of nightlife experiences to foreigners. Some of them are:

    • Ceysands Disco (Aluthgama – Mathugama Rd, Bentota);
    • Cleopatra Night Club (R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Liberty Plaza, Colombo);
    • Texas Night Club (594, 2 A2, Colombo).

    Online Dating

    A personal meeting in the country is the most obvious, but not the most efficient and safe way to meet Sri Lanka women. You better start getting to know women of Sri Lanka on dating sites and only then decide to meet some of them in person. Advanced matching algorithms will enable you to find the best bride. To do this, you only need to choose a reliable website with good feedback.

    The Final Thoughts

    More and more foreigners want to visit Sri Lanka and stay here for a while to find their love among local beauties and start new families with them. Sri Lanka women have the true values for a happy family life. In neighboring India, parents still play a decisive role in choosing future spouses for their daughters. In Sri Lanka, girls tend to choose their life partners themselves.

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