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    Dating has become much more challenging than it was just a year ago. The COVID pandemic made us review our ways of meeting people, visiting public places, and attending mass events. It also affected the way we interact with each other when we are dating: kissing, embracing, and holding hands. Still, does the pandemic mean we should forget about being happy in personal life? Surely, it doesn’t. So, we decided to prepare a brand new guide to dating Finnish women in 2020 so that you find a woman of your dreams soon. 

    Why Finnish Women Are So Popular?

    Men from all over the world have different reasons to date Finnish brides. Yet, we outline the most popular ones below, so that you could find out what makes them so tempting. 

    First of all, Finnish brides are looking for equality in a relationship. They are comfortable splitting the bills, sharing the housework with their partners, and paying equally for their apartments. Also, they do not expect their boyfriends and husbands to be only breadwinners for the family once they decide to move in together. Hence, if you are dreaming of an equal partner instead of an obedient woman who depends on you, we strongly advise you to start dating Finnish mail order brides.

    Second, Finnish women are not jealous. They will not put up a fight if you have women friends or many ladies among your colleagues at work. Finnish brides believe that if they were chosen as girlfriends and wives, their partners would not need any other women for sex or affairs. Also, they are naturally somewhat reserved, so you should not expect them to show emotions much. In Finland, women are not very passionate and expressive. 

    Third, Finnish women are loyal. They do not understand how it is possible to date a few people at a time or cheat on their loved ones. They prefer to choose the one and only man and stick to them for a long time. They also will not tolerate the unfaithfulness of their men: loyalty is a necessary feature for you if you want to start a relationship with a Finnish girl. Consequently, think twice whether you are ready to commit to one woman forever. In the opposite case, you will have no luck with Finnish girls

    Finnish Dating Culture

    Finnish ladies are among the most charming ladies from Scandinavia. Although from a cold country, they know how to be hot. They’re known for their passionate nature even though they’re not great at showing their emotions. While you may not expect her to show lots of PDA, your Finnish girlfriend will do her best to make you content. That’s not all about dating ladies from Finland. Here are things to know:

    • They’re punctual. When dating Finnish women, you better not be late. They’re not quite tolerant of people being late. If you’re late, you’ll have to apologize so that your girlfriend can forgive you.
    • They love nicknames. While dating them, you’ll have several nicknames, and Kulta will be one of them. It means something like Dear in Finnish. They’re creative when picking up interesting and unusual nicknames.
    • Finnish ladies date one person at a time. Finnish women aren’t fans of changing their partners a lot. Although they don’t get married early, they always stay committed to the person they love. Thus, casual dating isn’t common in this country.

    What Are Finnish Brides Like

    In Finland, girls are outspoken and straightforward. Consequently, if they do not like you, you will definitely notice it by their reserved attitude and short answers to your questions. Also, establishing trust with them takes time, so do not expect her to reveal all her secrets to you soon after you start dating. Keep your promises, respect your Finnish girl, and do not push her to open to you fast – that is what it takes to conquer her heart. 

    How To Date Finnish women?

    We collected the most effective dating tips for you and outlined them below. If you are looking for a long-term affair with a Finnish beauty, apply them regularly and enjoy fantastic results: 

    • Put an effort into introducing yourself on social media. Since we are sure that you will go and sign up for some Finnish dating app after reading this overview, we need to warn you right away: do not rush to send ‘Hi, how are you?’ stuff to every girl you see online. First of all, decide on the kind of girl you want to meet. Next, filter your app search results by age, appearance, interests, etc. Now, you can look through the suggested Finnish girls profiles, and only then, you can think about a way to approach them. In Finland, women are not interested in men who do not show their creativity when it comes to introducing themselves. Also, they avoid men who send them pictures of their naked body, so if you were thinking about such an introduction, forget it;
    • Date one girl at a time. The second tip you need to remember is dating only one girl at a time. We already emphasized on the Finnish mail order brides loyalty, and want to clarify it once more: Finnish girls do not get the idea of a no-strings-attached relationship at all. If you like a girl from Finland and want to date her, be sure to leave all other women behind; 
    • Respect her personality. One of the crucial things you should express to your Finnish bride is constant respect and acceptance. Right from the moment you met, show her that she is valuable to you: respect her boundaries, private space, views, and belief. There is nothing sexier than a man who acts with dignity;
    • Show genuine interest in her. Ask questions on her hobbies, job, and interests. Encourage her to speak up and reveal her personality to you. Thus, you will get to know her faster and establish the invisible bond of trust;
    • Do not try to demonstrate your masculinity. Showing off your muscles or patriarchal views will not take you far in dating Finnish brides. These ladies just do not need it: they are strong enough to support themselves and look for a partner, not a patron in the relationships;
    • Arrive on time. Being late is one of the most awful habits in Finnish women opinions. Therefore, always count your time before coming on a date. It is better to come earlier than late when dating Finnish girls. Late arrival on the first date may even cost you a girlfriend;
    • Do not brag. Even if you are filthy rich, do not show it to a Finnish girl. In Finland, people value intellectual capabilities, kindness, and sense of humor higher than money, so you will not attract anyone by talking about your income and property. 


    How To Seduce Finnish women?

    In this section, you can find the Finnish seduction tips that we learned from our experience and the results of the survey done by our team of dating experts. Don’t hesitate to follow them if you want your Finnish bride to fall for you:

    • Be polite. This tip applies to long-term dating as well, but we put it in this section because it can be one of the major turn-ons for Finland women. They love men who behave well a lot, so if you can keep yourself in sense of human boundaries daily, you have high chances of seducing Finnish brides easily;
    • Ask more than talk. Give your Finnish date a feeling that she is the most important person for you from the moment you introduce yourself to her. Let your talk be about your girlfriend more than about you, and she will long for seeing you again;
    • Express interest in her background. Since you are a foreigner, expressing interest in Finnish culture, language, and traditions is logical. Let her tell you everything she wants about her origin and background. Thus, she will see that she is important to you and you will get to know her well quickly;
    • Praise her intellect and sense of humor. Finnish brides put much effort into their education, so be sure to praise them for their expertise and overall intellect. Although their perfect sense of humor is rather natural, getting a compliment about it will be also nice for them;
    • Be creative. When it comes to dates, be sure you do not just take her to a bar, restaurant, or for a walk. Travel together to nearby cities and countries, invent thematic dates, cook together – all of these activities will help you to become closer and make her want to see you again and again;
    • Let her feel that she is the one and only for you. Pay all your attention to your Finnish lover, do not look at your watches or phone while on a date, and just relax. She will get that you are dedicating all your time to her and will be willing to initiate dates on her own;
    • Do not be pushy. Even if you want to have sex fast, control yourself. Do not try to disrobe you with your eyes on the first dates, that’s scary and will not seduce her. 

    Characteristics of Finnish Women

    Below you can see the most common features of Finnish girls that will make you go crazy over them. Skim through them and if they sound like you, go ahead and conquer the Finnish girl heart!

    Finnish brides Are Stunningly Beautiful

    Finnish ladies have an extraordinary appearance. They are mostly blond and slim, their figures are rather fit than curvy. They have deep blue, grey, or green eyes and fluffy eyelashes. Their lips are tempting and attractive. You will never forget the gentle features of their faces once you meet these fantastic women. 

    In terms of looks, Finnish brides are minimalists. They choose stylish classic clothes and natural fabrics over trendy glossy outfits. Also, they value comfort more than having a sexy look, so you will hardly ever meet a Finnish girl wearing high heels instead of loafers. Still, they know how to emphasize their beauty with their clothes, shoes, and accessories, so you will never regret having such a pretty woman by your side. 

    Finnish brides Are Family-Oriented

    The other Finland women advantage is their attitude to family. They value relationships within their families a lot, so they look for creating the same ties with their partners. These women want to have kids once they meet their Mr. Right and are ready to put their effort into their breeding. 

    As you might have guessed, Finnish mail order brides are not interested in short-term affairs and one-night stands. Of course, some ladies may not look for a long-term relationship and marriage at some stage of their life, but the majority of Finland women want to enter only a serious relationship. Therefore, if you are not ready to settle down with a woman right now, we advise you to either travel to Helsinki and start meeting women in the night clubs or refrain from the idea to date Finnish girls at all. 

    Finnish Singles Are Educated

    In Finland, people value intelligence a lot. That is the reason why parents try to develop the thinking skills of their children as much as possible. They teach them different languages, read with them a lot, and encourage them to study art, music, and literature from a young age. This is to develop well-rounded personalities who will be not only qualified professionals in the future but also intellectual individuals. Thus, Finland women often have a very good education and the experience of internship or work abroad. They also have a habit to learn: even after getting a higher education, they continue professional training to keep abreast of times in their fields of expertise. Smart is a new sexy, do you remember? 

    Finnish Women Actively Use Online Dating

    A small but meaningful thing that we noticed about Finnish women is that they are not afraid of meeting men online. This is a good sign of their willingness to find a partner and it eases your chances of dating them a lot. 

    As you noticed in the last half a year, online dating has become a way to go during the world pandemic. Now you can enjoy a lot of new features and special offers from dating websites and apps: the free trial periods have become longer, the video chats are more widespread now, and the long-term prepaid membership plans are cheaper. Therefore, there is no sense in hesitation to date Finnish girls now. What are you waiting for? 

    Finnish Wives Are Friendly and Outgoing

    The last but not the least important feature to mention is the pleasant nature of Finnish girls. These girls are some of the kindest, friendly, and nice to communicate with. They are witty and smart, so you will never get bored with them or regret dating them. Their sense of humor can melt the heart even of the most demanding men, so if you are wondering if these women can brighten your life, don’t. They really can. 


    Where to Find Finnish Singles

    The easiest and the most convenient way to meet single women from Finland is by registering on dating websites and starting to like their profiles. It is up to you to decide what platform to choose, however, you have to remember a few things that you should check before joining any dating app: 

    • Reviews. They will give you all you need to know about the quality of service, prices, and credibility of the Finnish women profiles on the dating app. That is why we advise you to check at least this point before signing up for the dating website. Read reviews on the trusted web resources like Sitejabber, Trustpilot to avoid fake information about the users’ experience;
    • Success stories. It is especially important if you expect to find a Finnish girl for marriage online. Try to collect as many testimonials as possible to make sure that a chosen dating agency can help you with meeting real Finnish mail order brides. If you cannot find at least a dozen reviews, it is probably a scam website;
    • Prices and services. Before you trust any dating app, find out its price list and services provided. Be sure to compare them with their competitors’ prices and features and choose the best option;
    • Customer Support. A proper Finnish dating site offers 24/7 Customer support to all its users so that any request can be resolved quickly. If there are no support agents or they are offered only for the additional fee, avoid such a website;
    • Guarantees. Finally, do not forget to look through the company’s policies and guarantees to find out whether they will give your money back upon your request, protect your data, and ensure the safety of your payments. This issue is crucial for a successful dating experience online. 

    Summing up: Finnish VS American Women

    Now let’s see in brief what is the difference between Finnish and American girls. This is to help you conclude whether Finnish girls are a good fit for you: 

    • Finnish women are more independent than Americans. They do not expect men to support them or pay for them on dates. They are comfortable with paying the bills and sharing housework with their partners on a daily basis;
    • Finnish women are smarter than American girls. Some American ladies do not even go to college after high school, while the majority of Finnish women study at the universities and get degrees in their fields of study. Hence, if you are looking for an exceptionally smart partner, you can easily find her among Finnish women;
    • Finnish brides are more serious than American girls. While the latter have nothing against random hookups, Finnish women are more family-oriented and ready to commit to one partner for a long time. Are you tired of dating random girls who do not love you? Finnish ladies are waiting for you to meet them and surround you with their care and love. 


    James Preece
    Dating Coach
    James is an expert in international dating and helps many men navigate through the best choice, be it for dating or marriage. He conveys the real sense of how you can approach choosing the best match. He consistently helps our site get the best and up-to-date content to shed light on dating online and its perks. Besides, he’s a talented writer who makes it easy to understand the peculiarities of international women for dating and marriage.
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