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    Getting acquainted with new cultures and people is always an exciting experience: you are fascinated, worried, and interested to meet a person from the other side of the globe who may become your friend, your lover, or a colleague. But before you travel to a new country to network with local people, you need to find out who some of the hottest of them are. With that in mind, we decided to complete this review of the hottest Malaysian women. Enjoy!

    Why Are Malaysian Girls Considered to Look So Hot?


    Malaysian women are some of the most beautiful women on Earth for a reason: they are tiny, gentle, and attractive. They have a bit of naive facial features, petite bodies, hands, and feet, and long thick hair. Their beauty is not limited to their physical features: they are also very attractive personalities due to the kindness of their character. Besides this, they know all Asian secrets of looking young till their 60s. Can you imagine dating such a woman?


    As for style and fashion, hot Malaysian brides prefer feminine and romantic clothes over masculine. They wear dresses, skirts, polo t-shirts, and sneakers during the day, and cocktail dresses and high heels when they go out at night. The majority of Malaysian girls follow fashion trends, yet they never wear things that don’t suit their bodies or personalities even if they are trendy. With that in mind, we can say that sexy Malaysian girls prefer eternal style over fast fashion. 

    Physical features 

    Malaysian women are genuine

    The first thing we’d like to emphasize in these girls is their sincerity. Even the hottest Malaysian girls are friendly and straightforward to others: you will not have to guess your girlfriend’s inner feelings and thoughts since she is like an open book. Although sometimes their reactions are unpredictable and unusual to Western men, sexy Malaysian girls are easy to communicate with. 

    They are fit

    Self-care practices are very popular in Asia and Malaysia, in particular. Local women know how to keep their skin elastic and looking fresh for long years. They are also aware of the beauty secrets relating to diet and exercise to stay not only young and beautiful but also healthy. Therefore, if you start a relationship with a Malaysian girl, your lifestyle is likely to become more fit and healthy as well. 

    They are not demanding

    Last but not least to mention is the absence of demands in Malaysian girls. They do not need much to be happy, and that’s why they don’t expect their partners to come and give them all they want. We can say that hot Malaysian girls are minimalists: they need only a few quality things to make their living space comfortable, so you will never notice them having many useless furniture pieces, magazines they don’t read, clothes they don’t wear, etc. 


    Hot Malaysian girls are shy

    If we were to describe Malaysian brides’ cultural peculiarities, we’d say that they are different from other Asians by their level of shyness. These girls are not afraid to communicate with other people: moreover, they are fun and humorous with their friends and family. But if we talk about interactions with strangers, we can say that Malaysian girls are shy. They are not ready to give their phone number to the men they just met, agree to hang out together in a nightclub, etc. 

    They are smart

    In Malaysian society, intelligence and education are valued a lot. Therefore, families try their best to provide the best educational opportunities to their children. They also spend much time teaching their small children reading, analyzing things, and understanding cause and effect links between events. Consequently, Malaysian girls grow up and become smart individuals with well-developed critical thinking skills. So if you are not interested in dating Malaysians but want to find business partners in Malaysia, you will not lose. 

    They are obedient

    Finally, sexy Malaysian women are as obedient as the majority of Asians. They do not fight with their partners, they never argue or doubt their husbands’ decisions. Instead, Malaysian women support their men in their desire to create a better life for their families. We can say that Malaysian brides are some of the most grateful women in the world when it comes to relationships. They are understanding, loyal, and reliable as well.

    Popularity among men

    There are a few reasons why men from all over the world want to date sexy Malaysian women. They are the following: 


    Malaysian girls take relationships seriously

    Probably, previous paragraphs have proven the reliability of sexy Malaysian girls for relationships. Girls from Malaysia consider being in a relationship from the first date, so commitment is easy and natural for them. Their expectations of men are reasonable: they want to find partners who will value them and be loyal to them too. 


    A relationship with a Malaysian lady can be pleasant and stable only if both parties understand that they should not flirt or hang out with other men or women once they start dating someone. If you are ready to provide such a level of commitment, you will have no issues with the hottest Malaysian women. 

    They are not interested in short-term affairs

    Dating is the process of revealing the personalities and their mutual feelings to each other in Malaysia. Therefore, local people are not interested in one-night stands, fast hookups, cheating, and other suspicious kinds of relationships. Local women value themselves a lot to become discreet lovers to married men. All they strive for is a happy relationship where both partners respect each other and want to start a family in the future, so if you are not interested in creating a family soon, don’t try to seduce sexy Malaysian women. 

    They are dating online even more than offline

    The online dating culture is well-developed in Malaysia. Local people, both men and women, like hanging out on dating apps and websites to find their partner. They think that getting acquainted through social media is safer than even on the street, so take it into account while building your dating strategy. 

    Top 15 Hottest Malaysian Girls 

    Salome Das

    We start our list of the hottest Malaysian women with Salome Das, an unbelievable beauty of Malaysian descent. She was born to a family of German father and Indian mother, so you can only imagine the beauty of a woman with such a mix of different nationalities in her. Her high cheekbones and wide brows along with tanned skin and deep eyes leave men speechless and we feel that as well: the vibe of this girl is magic.

    Hannah Tan

    The next personality we feature on our list of the hottest Malaysian girls is Hannah Tan. She was born in Malaysia in 1981. Currently, her professional interests include acting, singing, and songwriting, although the world knows her primarily as an actress. She debuted on the screen playing the leading role in the Bezanya Cinta TV series. Another famous work of hers is My Spy, where she played an Interpol agent. 

    Carmen Soo 

    Carmen Soo 

    The third beauty on our list is Carmen Soo, a Malaysian model, and actress. She was born in Kuala-Lumpur. Her modeling career began at the age of seventeen, and later, she moved to Hong Kong to widen her professional opportunities. There, she found out that her petite height is not enough for catwalk modeling, so she went on to commercial photoshoots for brands. Despite the predictions of being unsuccessful in modeling, she managed to get on the cover of V Mag, New Tide Glam, and New Man magazines.

    Atikah Karim

    Atikah Karim

    Atikah is one of the brightest beauties on our sexy Malaysian women list. This is due to her unusual appearance which can be explained by her origin: she was born in Malaysia to Bajau-Bruneian parents. Her fierce facial features, sharp eyes, and tanned skin are the features that make her stand out of the crowd. Besides this, she is also tall (5’9 feet) and successful in catwalk modeling. The most famous brands she collaborated with are Nike, & Other Stories, Arket, etc. 

    Nur Fazura

    Nur Fazura

    Another prominent Malaysian woman, Nur Fazura is an actress, a TV host, model, VJ, and entrepreneur. She was born in 1983 in Pekang, Malaysia. Her career started with hosting a few shows on Malaysian TV, including Teens World. Later, she decided to start acting in movies. Nur Fazura’s works included Bicara Hati, Scenario XX, Buli Balik, and many more. The roles in the mentioned movies earned Nur a few awards as the best actress. 

    Sheena Liam

    Sheena is one of those models who suddenly woke up famous one morning. That happened when Sheena won the Asian’s Next Top Model show: she started getting offers to collaborate with various brands and designers. Currently, she travels with her husband all over the world to promote her passion: embroidery and modeling. 

    Julie Woon

    Julie was born in 1985 and is known as an actress and TV host. She is famous not only for her hosting and acting skills but also for being a beauty loved by the whole country. She played in a few TV series and hosted several shows (8TVQuickie, NTV7 Take me out). She also participated in advertising campaigns with Bayer and Watsons. For the last few years, she is a brand ambassador for Puma. 

    Angie Ng

    Angie is one of the most delicate-looking models in modern Malaysia. Although she moved to Hong Kong a decade ago, she is recognizable and loved in her country a lot. Besides modeling, this wonderful woman has a degree in Law and loves boxing in her free time. Would you like to have such a woman by your side? 

    Belinda Chee

    Belinda was born in 1982 in Malaysia. She is a TV host, actress, and model. From a young age, Belinda demonstrated a love for performing arts. Later, she discovered sports and fell in love with swimming. She was a professional swimmer for over 8 years, but then she decided to switch to her studies. She has a degree in Media and Communications. Her major works on TV included the following shows: Teman 2, The Ultimate Prom Night, 8TV’s Rocking Birthday Concert. 

    Lisa Surihani

    Lisa was born in 1986 in Malaysia. She is a commercial model, actress, and TV host. Her career began when she was only eleven years old: at that time, she appeared on the TV1 Malaysian channel. Later, she played in Good Boys, I’m Not Single, Ular, and Kappoww! movies. Her acting talent was awarded the Best Actress title, which she much appreciated since she is not a professional actress (Lisa holds a degree in Law). She has been married since 2012 and has two children. 

    Gwen Lu

    Being one of the most famous models from Malaysia, Gwen Lu has been known in the last 15 years as a model with unusual beauty. Her slim figure, long legs, and alien face make all the designers want to hire her for their shows. During her career, she participated in fashion shows and catwalks at New York Fashion Week and appeared on covers of L’Officiel Malaysia, Elle Vietnam, and other magazines. 

    Nora Danish Hanif

    Nora Danish Hanif

    Nora Danish was born in 1982 in Terengganu, Malaysia. She has Arab and Burmese roots that contributed to her appearance as well: she has chocolate-shaded skin, thick brows, a round face, and small eyes. Nora’s career started with the participation in the Hotlink Mysterious Girl advertisement. After that, she played in a comedy sitcom on Malaysian TV, and a few movies (Mencari Cinta & 2 Kalimah). She has three children and was married two times. 

    Maya Karin

    Maya Karin

    Maya Karin was born in 1990 and is a woman of versatile talent: she found herself in TV hosting, acting, and singing. From childhood, she demonstrated interest in modeling and theater, so her parents did their best to help her follow her dreams of becoming an actress. She participated in many shows during her teen years. At the age of 17, she moved from Indonesia to Malaysia to study Media and Marketing. After that, her television career started: first, she was a host on TV3 Channel, then, she played in a highly successful movie ‘Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam’. Her talent was marked by the Best Actress award for the role in this movie, and since that time, she became a quite demanded actress. 

    Diana Danielle

    Diana was born in 1991 in Houston, Texas. She is a Malaysian actress who moved to her mother’s motherland after her parents divorced. She was raised according to Malaysian traditions, so she considers herself Malaysian, not an American woman. Her career started to develop after she played in the TV3 series Air Mata Maria. Now, she is a very popular actress in demand to participate in commercial ads, singing performances, and modeling. 

    Juliana Evans

    The last beauty that we feature on our hot Malaysian women list is Juliana Evans. She was born in 1989 and she is an actress. She appeared on the screen for the first time when she was twelve years old, and since that time, she has hosted a few shows on Malaysian TV. Her acting career started in 2008 with the KAMI The Movie tape and continues until now. She has the FHM 100 Most Wanted Women In The World 2010 award. 


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