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    The USA and Europe are probably the two closest parts of the world in terms of economic and social contacts, as well as historical background. Unsurprisingly, American and European women have more in common than other groups of females on our planet. Europe is one of the most popular destinations for US single men looking for brides. Although the two parts of the world are separated by the Atlantic Ocean, American girls are not much different from their European peers. 

    Many of us have certain images of American and European girls, but we usually do not realize their differences until we get to know them. It is challenging to compare American women with females living in different countries of Europe, as the Old World is inhabited by different nationalities with their particular cultures. In addition, the US is a multinational country compared to most countries in Europe. Therefore, the matter of American women vs European is primarily related to cultural differences.

    American vs European Women Differences

    You can find some similarities between European and American females, as the New World was inhabited primarily by immigrants from Europe. Until now, there were many immigration waves from Europe to the US. However, it is hardly possible to ignore the differences between these two types of contemporary brides. Here are the main features that separate them, as well as the most significant differences between American and European girls.


    It is fair to say that American women are more diverse in appearance since not only Europeans used to form the American nation. At the same time, European girls are much more similar to each other within a group of countries. Hair color or skin tone may vary slightly, but in general, women from one European country are not much different from females from another one. In relation to Europe, it is possible to outline only general features of women’s appearance typical for the southern, northern, western, and eastern countries.

    In America, there is no cult of beauty as, for example, in Eastern European countries. American women care more about their convenience, comfort, and good mood. They will not compete with their friends in who looks better. At the same time, a white smile is very important for any American girl. Women from the US tend to be more scrupulous about removing facial and body hair, while tanning in a solarium is not as popular in the USA as in Europe. American women prefer traveling to sunbathe by the ocean rather than spending money on a solarium.

    Cultural Values

    The US women identify themselves as Americans and are proud of their American citizenship. European women have citizenship of their countries, the number of which is about 50. European citizenship does not exist. The US has a more or less homogeneous culture, while the cultures of European countries can be very different from each other. Contrary to Europeans, American women prioritize their career goals and financial independence. European women often focus on the comfort in relationships with their partners, while Americans prefer to live for themselves.

    In the American women vs European women matter, it is to note that American girls are more open and sincere in expressing their emotions and feelings. This has both good and bad sides for relationships with the opposite gender. The bad news is that an American woman will openly confront her man every time she is unhappy with something. On the other hand, American girls are not afraid or shy about expressing their opinions. They can easily communicate with the men they occasionally meet and even invite them out on a date. For European girls, displaying true emotions is not always appropriate.

    Typically, European women are more sophisticated, educated, and well-mannered. American women can often speak and laugh loudly. They are more assertive and more purposeful. Americans know their worth and want to meet men who would meet their needs and expectations, instead of being content with someone just for the sake of not being alone. European women are looking for men with whom they will feel good all their lives. Their ideal type of relationship for European girls is love, care, and mutual understanding.

    Religious Beliefs

    Contrary to common belief, American women are much more religious than European females. In the US, the dominant religion is Christian Protestantism with over 2,500 churches. Most Western European women are Christian Catholics, and Eastern Europeans are generally Orthodox. Islam is widespread mainly in the southern countries of Europe. In the US, women are more likely to attend church and they have a higher level of religious tolerance than Europeans. Religion is significantly more important to Americans than to Europeans. However, in both Europe and the US, women prefer to get married in church.

    Style of Clothes

    If we compare European vs American women regarding the manner of dress, then Americans tend to prefer comfort over style. However, these ladies dress beautifully and effectively only for a special occasion. An American woman will not wear expensive clothes for work, a walk, or a picnic. Women in the US respect branded clothing but take them calmly. They will not buy branded items for 100% of their costs, they usually wait for sales. The US girls, even from the northern states, rarely wear pantyhose. In Europe, it is customary to wear nylon tights of different densities depending on the season.

    European girls also try to look good according to the situation. At the same time, they prefer, above all, comfortable and practical clothes. European ladies are very fond of expensive brands, but they prefer, albeit not prestigious trademarks, but simple and comfortable clothes. In everyday life, they love to wear well-fitting outfits that demonstrate not only their fashion sense but also their figures. However, the number of chic fashionistas on the streets of Paris and London is much greater than, for example, in New York and Los Angeles.


    The ethical category of femininity means that men expect women to display emotionality, elegance, charm, etc. Some think that femininity is a stylish haircut and fragility, and others are sure that it is long hair and curvy hips. In the modern Western world, many women have lost their best female qualities. According to polls, 90% of American and Western European women are feminists. All their femininity is lost in career development and calls to men for equality. These women do not feel the need to behave and look in a way to attract men.

    Comparing European vs American women, we can note that Eastern European girls are more feminine. They feature soft facial traits, feminine figures, and graceful movements. Moreover, these women still accept male dominance in the family. At the same time, it is believed that the happiest women live in Northern European countries. When many American women stop looking after themselves after their 40s, European women believe that a second youth comes after the age of 40. The motto of European women is not to be lazy, live with pleasure, and grow old beautifully.

    Education of a European Girl vs American Girl

    American Women vs European Women

    Higher education is widely available in Europe. Millions of European citizens graduate from university every year, and 54% of them are women. Overall, 45% of European women obtain at least one degree by age 30. In the US, about 36% of women have at least a college degree. While higher education in the US is notoriously expensive, the number of American women pursuing to obtain academic degrees continues to grow every year. Thus, European brides are better educated and have better career prospects, which, in turn, affect their financial position and independence.

    Dating In America vs. Europe

    For both American and European women, romantic relationships are a significant part of their lives. However, American girls do not need serious feelings to have sex with men they like. Before an American girl is ready to get married, she usually has several permanent sexual partners and even more casual intrigues. When it comes to dating men, European girls prefer the guys to be the first to make the first step and win their favor. European ladies tend to date for several months before marriage and usually have a few boyfriends by the time they meet their future husbands.


    According to statistics, only 51% of American women are married, and the divorce rate in the US is about three cases per 1,000 women. For American girls, marriage is now far from the only option of relationships with the opposite gender. Partnerships and living together without marriage are very popular. Many American women are also reluctant to have many children. About 7% of American women decide to remain childless.

    In Europe, women are more supportive of marriage and family creation. More than 55% of European women over 20 years old are officially married, and 15% of girls between the ages of 20 and 29 live in a civil marriage. Also, the number of divorces in Europe is fewer, there are only two divorces per 1,000 residents. Given the fact that fewer European women are willing to be childless, it is safe to assume that many European girls have not yet met their men to have children together.

    Dating Recommendations

    What can we say about European women vs American women on the issue of dating? Well, dating rules and traditions are different for American and European women. In the US, people get to know each other and date ordinarily and naturally. It can be an appointment in a restaurant or café to have a drink. The development of further events depends on a mutual agreement. Both men and women can take the initiative. Besides, American women consider it a norm to have relationships with someone of a different religion, race, or ethnicity.

    European women are generally more restrained. They are reluctant to date completely unfamiliar men. Often, people in Europe meet in person after several days’ communication online, or after being introduced by friends. There are no generally accepted rules for dating in Europe. First, they want to observe the men’s behavior and their words. Then, these women rely on their feelings and are in no hurry to open their hearts to men. European girls usually expect relationships to develop slowly and gradually.


    Thanks to a strong feminist movement, American women are more independent, relaxed, and ambitious. Compared to European women, American females have more opportunities to make a successful career and, of course, many of them take advantage of this. Also, American women do not expect help from men but try to do everything themselves. This independence also has negative sides. A woman in the United States can take legal action if she thinks a man is harassing her.

    In Europe, traditional ideas about a man as a protector and breadwinner of the family do not entirely correspond to reality. Over the past decades, European women have become more independent and self-sufficient. They have learned to combine study, career, and motherhood, while they remain feminine and attractive. They want to have an equal partner and helper by their side. At the same time, they want a man to be the family leader with a strong character. This situation is often confusing for contemporary men.

    Americans Are Less Mature

    Many American young women often behave like girls. This is manifested in how they draw inspiration from movies and glossy magazines. Many social restrictions in the US reduce adolescents’ freedom up to the age of 21. European women are different. They grow rapidly and are not afraid to take responsibility. In their teens, European girls are able to make serious decisions regarding their lives. Perhaps that is why European girls are more selective in choosing life partners.

    How to Meet Women From Europe?

    Today, many American men find happiness with European brides, but we also consider the growing number of Western men who are falling in love with American girls. Thanks to the Internet and online dating, such factors as long-distance, as well as the language and cultural barriers, no longer matter much. Thus, what makes European women so attractive to American men?

    1. European women living in different countries of this continent are very diverse. Each country has its own characteristics, resulting from its historical, economic, and cultural background. Therefore, women living in Western, Eastern, Northern, and Southern parts of Europe can be very different in terms of temperament, traditions, and attitudes towards religion.
    2. Generally, European girls share the values and expectations of American men. Many contemporary American women are overly independent, materialistic, and career-oriented. Therefore, European girls can become a better option for some American guys.
    3. Most European women treat American men positively. These women are attracted by American men’s sense of humor, cheerfulness, and financial wellbeing. Perhaps, some European girls cannot find such men in their countries. Therefore, the best qualities of American guys can greatly contribute to the task of winning the hearts of European brides.

    Do European Girls Like American Guys?

    Despite the attractiveness of American men to European girls for the above-mentioned reasons, these females are rarely active in this regard. Traditionally, girls in Europe pay attention, first of all, to those peers with whom they study, work, and have fun. However, online dating is becoming more and more popular among European brides. Therefore, these girls, for various reasons, may set themselves the goal of meeting American men to start a family.

    For some European girls, American guys are perceived as Charming princes who can take them to the US and save them from many problems like in Hollywood films. However, not all European girls find it easy to leave their loved ones and move to the United States. Sometimes, these women even insist that their American men move to their home countries. These problems are usually resolved by mutual agreement.

    How to Please Girls From America?

    Almost any European man can buy a plane ticket and come to the US. You can meet and get acquainted with an American girl in any city. However, it is believed that New York is the right place to meet lonely women. You can do it in so-called pick-up joints. For example, you can visit Le Bar Bat at the corner of 58th Street and 8th Avenue, El Rio Grande, found at 38th Street and 3rd Avenue, or Life Bait, located between Broadway and Lexington Avenue. You should not come there earlier than 11 pm, but you may not get in on Friday night.

    Once you enter the bar, you do not need to be in a hurry. Take a drink and look for coming single girls. Many American girls are tired of social correctness, so they are wildly delighted when a man approaches them and does not follow generally accepted rules. These women like when a man approaches and clearly expresses his intentions. In the provinces, however, you need to be a little more careful with this. First, you need to test the waters, observe, and then act decisively. It is important not to overdo it and not show yourself from the bad side.

    You have to produce a good first impression. Most American girls like the accent of European men. It is safe to say that American women are very pragmatic and curious. Your girlfriend will try to find out whether you are married, and if divorced, then why this happened. You are not advised to be shy or uptight. On the contrary, you should be open and straightforward. Any American girl can appreciate it properly. Besides, these recommendations are also relevant for online dating.

    Final Thoughts

    We have offered you only a few arguments in the debate on the European women vs American women matter. The choice is yours — it all depends on the qualities that you want to see in your potential bride, and on how far you can go for achieving this goal. Both European and American women have certain advantages and disadvantages. You should accept each person as they are, and not follow the prevailing stereotypes.

    James Preece
    Dating Coach
    James is an expert in international dating and helps many men navigate through the best choice, be it for dating or marriage. He conveys the real sense of how you can approach choosing the best match. He consistently helps our site get the best and up-to-date content to shed light on dating online and its perks. Besides, he’s a talented writer who makes it easy to understand the peculiarities of international women for dating and marriage.
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