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    Dating an Cuban Women

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    Finding a permanent partner who is worth investing your time and deserves your love isn’t a very easy task. Your characters, interests, and many more features should match, and that’s the hardest thing. However, everything is possible if you know who to search for and where to search for them. Maybe your perfect match has the traits and shares the values you so far have been failing to find within the women in your country? What if you need someone like a Cuban woman to make your life complete? 

    Should you Date a Cuban Woman?

    Cuban Women

    Beautiful Cuban women are famous all around the globe. Their unearthly beauty, inner fire, and energy make men fall for them. Yes, they come from a different society. Most likely, if you live in Europe or the US, the community that Cuban ladies live in will be contrasting to yours. But does it influence the personality of women in Cuba, and does it make them less attractive and smart? As for the latter – definitely not. As for the first – nor (or only in a positive way). So, should you date Cuban girls? If you are waiting for a sign from above, that will convince you to date these angels – here it is. Some of the most valid reasons to date a Cuban woman are the following:

    • They have a very warm heart, and they know how to make their men feel better
    • she will support you regardless of anything
    • they become the best mothers and wives in the world 
    • they are open-minded despite the conservative upbringing

    Have these points grabbed your attention? These are just a few teasers. We will reveal all the impressive truths in the following sections. 

    How is it to live in Cuba?  

    Cuban Women

    Accessing the Internet is a sort of utopia 

    Yes, the Internet is no longer a problem for the developed world. If internet cafes ruled the world at the beginning of the 2000s, today we have wifi in almost every flat. And we take that for granted. Imagining life without the Internet is pointless, so we rarely think of it. Let’s turn back to Cuba. The Internet is a rare find in Cuba since 2017 when access to the Internet became strictly limited. As a tourist, you will access the Internet but only if you pay for it. Namely, you should purchase a prepaid card that provides you with access to the Internet for a specific time frame. For most Cubans, accessing the Internet is impossible in terms of what they earn for a living: most often, the prices for Internet are unbearable. 

    Communist society 

    What do we so far know about communism? Is it bad, or is it good? Two things that you might need to know is that it aims at abolishing money, private property, and tries to make all the people in a communist society equal. Such an ideology robs Cuban citizens of many rights and prevents them from earning money and accomplishing big goals. Nevertheless, the government guarantees Cubans universal freedoms, such as education, healthcare, and lifelong employment. But the quality of these universal freedoms is a whole different topic, which raises a multitude of questions.

    The ultimate 50’s vibes 

    The first thing a tourist sees when they come to Cuba is the old-fashioned but incredibly stylish vibe that the country has. Mostly, this is the result of the unique atmosphere that Cuban cars promote. Once you find yourself in Cuba, you will instantly feel like in a 50-s movie. This isn’t a cult; instead, this is the result of the American embargo. But even though the cars are at least 80 years old, they look just like new replications of old models.  

    The people 

    The top reason to go to Cuba is to talk to new people. They can share insights you will never find on the Internet! Cuban society is highly sophisticated and integrally developed. They are keen on economics and politics topics so they can be perfect interlocutors. But they are also the ones to have genuine fun with. Indeed, they know how to spend some quality time, even under constraints and curfews. So, what we can say for sure is that Cuba will make you feel incredibly welcome. 

    Cuban Dating Culture

    It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t heard about Cuban ladies. What’s more, it’s even harder to find a person who’s not keen on their charm. Women in Cuba might look like Claudia Sampedro. Lisa Morales, or Cindy Prado. If you’re interested in dating them, you need to know more about Cuban dating culture, and here are things to know:

    • Conservative nature of Cuban ladies. In Cuba, ladies don’t date to get laid, but they’re more interested in partners for more serious relationships. This is because they’re quite conservative, especially when it comes to dating. If interested in Cuban ladies, you should first be serious about finding a partner for a committed relationship.
    • Interest in foreigners. Unlike in many other countries, dating foreigners is really common in Cuba. It’s a trend that’s become a part of their dating culture. They consider foreigners better candidates for marriage, so if you’re a foreigner, it’s an advantage to impress Cuban women.
    • Traditional courtship. It’s hard to say that Cuban women are quite modern, especially when it comes to dating. They prefer the old-school approach when men treat them specially, buy them flowers and gifts, and pay for the bills.

    Guide On Cuban women: All You Need To Know

    Cuban Women

    Family values deeply rooted

    Cuban mail order brides put their family first. If you create a family together, she will stay forever dedicated to the kids and to you. From your side, she will expect the same dedication. Be ready to take responsibility, take care of the family budget, raise kids together with your bride, and you will create the happiest family ever.  

    She will expect you to learn some Spanish

    Spanish is, in fact, one of the sexiest languages in the world. This is not only because of the way it sounds. In essence, what makes this language so incredible is its richness. It contains a multitude of sayings that cannot be literally translated into any other language. The way Cuban women can express their love and affection is unique, and this is largely because of the language. So if you want to understand your partner better and vice versa, get ready to learn some Spanish. Don’t worry; this language is easy in terms of grammar. Besides, having someone to talk to in a foreign language makes the learning process exciting and fast. What an excellent opportunity to master a new language!

    Solving misunderstandings is easy with Cuban women

    Thanks to their impulsive and emotional nature, Cuban women never hide their real feelings. If most girls prefer to keep their feelings very private and not express any disappointment, you will never observe this among Cuban women. It doesn’t, however, mean that they get mad quickly. But if something goes not the way she expected – you will realize that. Such a precious behavioral trait allows solving problems tight after they appear. Their impulsive nature also makes it plain to prevent conflict escalation and global problems that unravel from tiny misunderstandings. 

    No secrets 

    You need to expect that your other half will not tolerate secrets and attempts to conceal the truth. Cuban women cannot hide secrets inside, and they always share them with a beloved one. So once something goes wrong, or you have something to say to your woman, but you are afraid of her reaction – go for it. She will appreciate it if you confess, and she will forgive you if you did something wrong. 


    These girls love compliments. If she had a tough day – just tell how beautiful her hair looks. Or notice how stylish she is. Every woman flourishes when her man tells her compliments, so don’t be scarce with praise. 

    Why Cuban women Become Mail Order Brides? 

    If you ask any woman what a perfect marriage should look like – you will most probably get a pretty straightforward, quite expected answer. An average woman wants two things: to continuously develop as an individual and have a loving person at your side who will accept her the way she is, support her, and invest spiritually in the relationship. Women in Cuba want nothing but the same. The problem is that fulfilling their women’s part is not that easy in Cuba as it is, for example, in the US or Europe. 

    Despite the proclaimed gender equality between the men and women of Cuba, the cult of machismo is still the case. This inevitably leads to men receiving an upper hand in this country. What it means, in particular, is that the women’s role is highly narrowed down to a housewife, no matter how hard-working she is. Her ambitions and tight working schedule also don’t count: men consider that women are the ones to clean, cook, raise children. Meanwhile, men can go out and enjoy their ‘masculine privilege’. If all this sounds highly disturbing to you, you know what these women feel and come through. A perspective of just being a man’s housekeeper doesn’t sound like a dream, so they become mail order brides.

    Why Are Cuban Women so Popular?   

    Latina temper

    These women’s typic temper is famous throughout the world. Well-known ‘Latina’ description tells us a lot and induces a lot of associations. Cuban women are deeply passionate and sexy; at the same time, they are incredibly smart, hard-working, and serious. What a perfect blend. Just imagine that inner fire!

    Striking beauty

    Now we have come to a point which cannot be denied by anyone: Cuban women have an unearthly beauty. What you see first is deep brown eyes, curly hair, olive skin, and an impressive curvy body. Their appearance is so harmonious that it makes us hard to believe these women are true. 

    Most skillful dancers in the world 

    Cuba is incredibly famous for its people’s dance skills. They perfectly know how to move their body and what to do with those curvy hips! Dancing is one of the most spectacular entertainments in Cuba, so the people gather and dance all night long. From bachata to merengue, they can master any style. 

    Dance is a language. Cubans communicate via a dance, so you may expect a lot of body language and touches, which are all a part of a masterpiece that they call a dance. 

    Friendly and incredible to spend time with 

    A lot of people fall in love not only with beauty but also with the personality of Cuban women. They are amazing inside just as much as they are astonishing on their outer shell. They make friends easily and can give you a helping hand when you need it. Besides, they are always fun and can boost your mood whenever you feel down. 

    Cuban women Tips  

    Knowing a few Cuban girl dating tips and applying them in practice goes a long way. Below are some of the essentials you might need to keep in mind. 

    Offer her to travel to a different country 

    A chance to leave Cuba at least for a while might intrigue her and arouse her interest. As you already know, Cuban people don’t have a lot of opportunities in their lives, especially when it comes to traveling. You may offer her to travel to your country or to spend a holiday elsewhere. Keep in mind that you might open a brand new world by offering her such a thing, so she will value this deed. 

    Be aware of Cubans’ financial situation

    What people earn in Cuba is pretty disappointing and even hard to believe. Yes, an average Cuban man or woman earns approximately 20 dollars a month. Even though they get free education and healthcare, they can’t afford most things. So you should better pay for her during a date. Forget about the way European or American girls pay for every little thing to demonstrate their financial independence. Get ready to pay for Cuban women if you admire them and want your relationship to grow into something bigger. 

    Respect her family and needs 

    Cuba is a country of family values. Therefore, if you want your Cuban wife to love and respect you, you need to establish a close relationship with her family. This is so because once you proclaim your relationship in Cuba, you automatically become a part of her family. The best way to make her parents admire you right away is to be attentive to them and their needs. You may help them to solve their issues, assist them in their duties, or buy them what they need. The latter does not mean you have to supply them with everything they need; it is about the small things that show your responsibility and best intentions. 

    Don’t take it too slow

    Hell yes, this sounds severely confusing. You definitely know that dating European or American girls is totally different: first, you need to go on an uncountable number of dates before you can make a move. But this rule doesn’t hold in Cuba: if you take it too slow, Cuban brides will consider it a negative sign. It is completely okay to propose to your bride in Cuba in one-two months after you start dating. Most likely, if you spend months deciding whether you have feelings for your Cuban beauty or not, she might leave you and get married to someone else. 

    Summing up: Cuban VS American Women   

    Cuban women are amazing in many terms. All of them are incredibly different; they have different backgrounds, contrasting values, and upbringing conditions. But all of them share something in common: a warm heart, dedication, loyalty, and incredible feminine energy. If we compare American women to Cuban, we may observe a few apparent differences, and namely:

    • Cuban women are emotional and expressive, while American women tend to conceal their emotions
    • Cuban women are more oriented towards family values, while American women put more emphasis on career 
    • Cuban women are very loyal and genuine, perhaps one of the most sincere nations.

    So if all this sounds appealing to you, this review helped you to form a general impression of Cuban women, don’t hesitate to meet them. Perhaps, this is the time for you to begin your life from scratch and share life’s sweetest moments with a loving partner.

    James Preece
    Dating Coach
    James is an expert in international dating and helps many men navigate through the best choice, be it for dating or marriage. He conveys the real sense of how you can approach choosing the best match. He consistently helps our site get the best and up-to-date content to shed light on dating online and its perks. Besides, he’s a talented writer who makes it easy to understand the peculiarities of international women for dating and marriage.
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