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    Dating Ecuadorian Women
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    Dating Ecuadorian Women

    Beautiful Ecuadorian Women is what you need!
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    Guide on Ecuadorian Women: All You Need to Know

    Ecuador is a country with the hottest, exotic ladies. If you stay in Ecuador, you can almost always find these ladies sunbathing. You’d immediately notice their glistening brown skins and near-perfect dentitions. These are just some of the attributes of girls in Ecuador.

    If you live halfway across the world, don’t worry. You still have a chance at these ladies, and that is what this article is here to show you. We will give you in-depth knowledge about Ecuador women, dating them, and what to expect from them in relationships.

    We will also provide tips on the best places to meet them if you ever visit Ecuador, and if you don’t, we will tell you about Ecuadorian mail order wives. All in all, no matter your country of residence, if you are looking at settling with one, then this article is just for you.

    Why Ecuadorian Women Become Mail Order Brides? 

    Ecuadorian Women

    Due to the culture in the country and the attitude of Ecuadorian men, many women of Ecuador are looking to get married to a foreign man and leave their native land. Ecuadorian girls hardly consider compatriots who they find as aggressive, unfaithful, and lacking in respect. So, they would rather opt for a western guy who they believe is faithful, calm, and caring.

    Some Ecuador girls see getting married to a foreigner as a means of escape from the poverty which salvages their land. They see getting married to a foreign man as a means to an end – that end being financial stability.

    Another reason why Ecuador ladies become mail order brides is to leave a traditional society that stifles their potentials and get into the free world. It is almost impossible for them to do that without being rebellious towards their parents or getting married to a foreigner. They rather opt for the latter than the former.

    The last reason why some girls from Ecuador become mail order brides is a little strange. Many girls from Ecuador have developed a bad self-image, and this can be attributed to the racism they see in popular media, and the racist attacks they suffer online. These girls, in a bid to protect themselves, rather put their profiles on any Ecuador dating site of their choice and allow the agencies to promote them.

    As a foreign man in another country, you can meet these beautiful Ecuadorian women from these mail order platforms. You can strike up a friendship with one or two of them, and if all goes well, you can find Ecuador women for marriage online. But, if you are a foreign man in Ecuador and you are thinking of settling with an Ecuadorian girl, continue reading.

    Ecuadorian Dating Culture

    What comes to your mind when thinking of Ecuadorian ladies? Of course, you should imagine sexy women with curvy body shapes and cute faces. Indeed, it can be hard to resist such charming women. Dating ladies like Constanza Baez, Domenica Saporiti, Lisseth Naranjo, etc. can seem awesome, but what do you know about their dating culture? Learn the following:

    • Forget about casual flings. When you plan to date these charming ladies, you should be ready for commitment. Your lady will expect you to make her your life partner. Thus, you better think about that before approaching them. They don’t like to be engaged in relationships that won’t lead to something serious and long-term.
    • Be ready to meet their families. The family concept in Latin America is quite different. They’re responsible for helping their daughter make a good choice when it comes to picking a partner. Thus, you need to be liked and approved by the family of your future girlfriend. After that, you can expect your relationship to become more passionate and adventurous.

    Why Are Ecuadorian Women So Popular?

    Ecuadorian Women

    This is a thought that has puzzled a lot of men. How women from a quiet country can be so popular. Ecuador ladies are popular for a lot of reasons. 

    Could it be their long hair and big, beautiful eyes that give visualization to the term, ‘Ecuador beauty?’ Could it be something else? Asides from the physical attributes of the hottest exotic ladies, what else could be the reason for the popularity of Ecuador brides? 

    Girls in Ecuador are original. They see no reason to act like something they are not. If you go out on a date with Ecuador’s single women, they will not hesitate to tell you when something is wrong. They are very straight forward. Ecuadorian women are very emotional and open about their feelings.

    Ecuadorian women are great listeners. Listening is a very important communication skill that is necessary for the progress of any relationship and they possess that skill. They are sensitive and that makes them natural listeners. When you meet Ecuadorian women, you shouldn’t be afraid to show your emotions. They will appreciate it.

    They are always deeply interested in the men they are with. They like to know your every thought, it helps them feel safe and connected to you. Sensitivity is key when dating Ecuadorian girls.

    To Ecuadorian women, the family is their topmost priority. They always like checking up on family members. In a generation where everyone is looking out for themselves, it is very rare to find family-oriented women. But to the Ecuadorian women, the family is number one.

    Ecuadorian women are also popular for their hospitable, kind, and caring nature. They are very passionate lovers. They are extremely romantic with their men; it runs in their blood.


    What Are Ecuadorian Brides Like?

    Out of all the Latin American countries, Ecuador wives are usually preferred. We can say it is because of their beauty, but there are other non-physical attributes that they possess that are easily overlooked. This part of the article will talk about those attributes.

    For Ecuador’s single women, even though they won’t miss an opportunity to get married, they also try to build themselves professionally and make enough money to be self-sufficient. Ecuadorian women know how to look out for themselves and other people around them. That hospitable spirit extends to their relationships.

    Coming from a male-dominated society where the man is the only authority in the house, they have their mothers as role models. They tend to be really good housewives. Ecuador brides would not replace taking care of their homes with a career.

    If you have a fear of gold-digging, then you should take a breather. Ecuadorian brides are attracted to personal growth so the marriage would not stop them from being self-sufficient. They are great multi-taskers so they will balance everything without neglecting any detail.

    Ecuador wives are a gift to the people of Latin America, they are exceptional in their tenderness and are very trustworthy. When you have had a bad day or things are gloomy or you are just depressed generally, Ecuador wives will always have the right words to lift your spirits. Their ability to listen makes them really good partners. Finally, Ecuadorian brides will go to any length with you, no matter how ridiculous it may seem to the outside world.

    Tips for meeting Ecuador Women

    Just like every woman, you need to know how to treat them and what to expect from a relationship with them. These women are filled with a lot of amazing attributes and as such, handling them and making them fall quicker for you requires a few tips to fast track the process. Ecuadorian women are well educated and love intelligent men. Ecuadorian women are very keen on some things and this part of the article would help your mind prepare. 

    • Only ask her out if your intentions are serious

    Ecuadorian women are straightforward, emotional, and very sensitive. They do not expect anything less from you, especially as a foreign guy. Do not meet Ecuadorian women except you intend to be faithful and are sure of what you want.

    Ecuadorian women suffer from low self-esteem because of the way their men treat them, so do not get their hopes up if you have no serious plans for them. They do not marry their countrymen because of these reasons; do not replay that with them.

    • Keep things simple

    Do not go all out to impress Ecuadorian women, they are already impressed by the fact that you are a foreigner. Keep things precise and not complicated. Avoid drama as much as possible and go straight to the point.

    Also, avoid being too macho. They have seen a lot of that from their local men. Your aim with these women should be to outdo their countrymen that they avoid so much.

    • Give her time to open up to you

    Ecuadorian women are naturally shy at first so avoid being pushy. Give her time to become comfortable with you, and that can only be possible if you are sensitive enough to her feelings. She will also only be open with you if you are also honest with her. Therefore, if you want her to open up to you, you have to open up to her too.

    • Be ready to meet her family early on

    Ecuadorian women usually remain in their parents’ house until they get married. So, expect to meet the entire family at the early stage of the family. And when you hear the entire family, the extended family is included. So, if you have a phobia for meeting your girlfriend’s uncles, aunties, and cousins, then maybe these women aren’t for you.

    Where to Meet Ecuadorian Women?

    The best place to meet beautiful Ecuadorian women is on Ecuador dating sites. Be careful though. Some of these dating sites are scams and only care about pumping cash from your pocket to theirs.

    If you are desperate to meet an Ecuador beauty, you may get easily deceived as these scammers would prey on your desperation and use your naivety against you. To avoid falling victim to one of those silly online gimmicks, you should try as much as you can to follow these tips that would be outlined.

    1. If the site has 4000+ members, it is genuine.
    2. If the site does not generalize the kind of girls on it, then it is genuine. Scam websites tend to generalize the ladies on it.
    3. A genuine dating site will have a specific section for Ecuadorian women.

    Do not fall victim to any site that does not follow the above-stated guidelines.

    Cities and Areas

    When meeting Ecuadorian women, you have to be sensitive. This means you should show interest in the things they love. One of those things is their community.

    Ecuador is home to a lot of beautiful sceneries and places to hang out. You can even have the perfect date with your Ecuador bride without breaking the bank, and it will be extremely romantic. Ecuadorian women fancy coffee dates, dinner dates, and even spa dates.

    Let us dive into some of the beautiful cities, landmarks, and also hangout spots in Ecuador.


    Banos is home to one of the best and most recommended thermal mineral pool – Las Piscinas de la Virgen. It is usually heated by the volcanos, but it is still a beautiful sight to behold and a great hangout spot. If you want to sunbathe with your Ecuador bride, or if you just prefer to have time to relax, that thermal pool is advised.

    Some outdoor activities that people do for fun in Banos include rafting and biking on scenic paths.

    Here are some places to go to if you just want to hang out and play;

    • Pailon del Diablo (Devil’s Cauldron)
    • La Casa de Arbol (Treehouse)
    • Ruta de las cascadas (Waterfall Route)
    • Tungurahua (Throat of fire)

    Here are some places to go to if you want to kick back and just relax while probably getting a foot scrub or a full body massage;

    • La Villa del Penon Hotel & Spa
    • Samari spa resort
    • Sangay spa hotel

    Here are some places to go to if you want good food;

    • Gringos Cafe
    • Sher E Punjab RINCON DE LA INDIA
    • Arte Cafe & Te

    To get pretty cheap food, you should visit;

    • Alto Caribe Restaurant Bistrot
    • Leoni Pizzeria
    • Ponche Suizo Coffee Shop

    These are some places to visit with an Ecuador woman in Banos.



    The beautiful village of Mantanita which is popular for its beaches and surf breaks and bohemian waves. The perfect place to visit if your Ecuador woman loves swimming and water generally.

    Here are some places to visit if you want to play and just hang out;

    • Playa Mantanita
    • Monumento del Surfista

    Here are some places to visit if you want to sit back, relax and cuddle with your Ecuador woman;

    • ME Hotel located in Montanita Estates
    • Native Bamboo Ecolodge

    Here are some places to visit if you want some good food;

    • Grilled Seafood Amor Infinito
    • Pigro Homemade Italian Food

    Here are some cheap restaurants if you have a really small budget;

    • Munchies (they have great and tasty sandwiches)
    • Ezzio’s (the pizza here is top-notch for a cheap eats restaurant)


    The largest city in the whole country of Ecuador, Guayaquil. One of its major sites is the 465-step climb to the top of Santa Ann Hill. The view from there includes the city’s birthplace amongst many other landmarks you can spot from the top of the hill.

    Here are some places to visit if you want to play or hangout;

    • Porque Historico Guayaquil
    • Malecon 2000

    Here are some places to visit if you are tired and need to rest with your Ecuadorian bride in your arms;

    • Hotel Del Parque
    • Radisson Hotel Guayaquil

    Here are some places to visit for some good food in the big city;

    • Pizza Alta
    • Mercado del Rio

    Here are some places you can visit for cheap eats, especially if you are on a budget (remember, Ecuadorian women love keeping it simple);

    • Naturissimo
    • Don Chuzo

    Ecuador is a beautiful city with beautiful women, to win the heart of any Ecuadorian woman, you have to put in the effort. 


    Ecuadorian women are very intelligent women. Even with their love for knowledge and self-improvement, they are still romantic and are in many ways, the complete housewives. They know how to multitask and strike a balance in their lives. They will not let their family suffer while chasing a career because family comes first to them.

    So, if you still intend to play around with ladies for a little longer, or if you are not a family-oriented man, you should probably avoid Ecuadorian women. But if your intentions are clear and true, then give it a try and you may find yourself making the best move of your life.

    James Preece
    Dating Coach
    James is an expert in international dating and helps many men navigate through the best choice, be it for dating or marriage. He conveys the real sense of how you can approach choosing the best match. He consistently helps our site get the best and up-to-date content to shed light on dating online and its perks. Besides, he’s a talented writer who makes it easy to understand the peculiarities of international women for dating and marriage.