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    Hottest Korean Women
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    Hottest Korean Women

    Hottest Korean Women


    Top Hottest Korean Women

    There are beautiful women all around the world. Korea has its fair share of beautiful women on this planet too. The women on this list are vested in various professions in the entertainment industry and the business world. Talent, charm, and grace are part of the arsenal these women possess. People wonder as many find these beautiful women so irresistible and endearing. Here are the 22 hottest Korean women in the world:

    1.Kang Min-Kyung {Singer, Actress}

    Kang Min-Kyung

    Born on August 3, 1990, Kang Min-Kyung is a singer and actress from South Korea. This talented beauty is a member of a hugely successful and popular band, Davichi, which has three albums Jun-hee and hit singles under its belt. Shortly after the release of her band’s debut album, Kang Min-Kyung decided to venture into acting. Her work in this field has been impressive as she has appeared in TV shows such as Smile, Mom, Vampire Idol, Haeundae Lovers, and other popular TV shows. 

    This 30-year old hottie is both brains, boldness, and beauty as she did obtain her education from Kyung Hee University in South Korea and also went on to release her debut album as a solo artist in 2019.   

    2. Go Jun-hee {Model and Actress}

    Go Jun-hee

    Go Joon Hee is a prolific, award-winning actress and model; she is arguably one of the world’s most famous sexy Korean brides. Born on August 31, 1985, Go Joon Hee found her place in the spotlight when she worked as a school uniform model in 2001. Two years later, she went into professional acting and rarely did the runway. Go Joon Hee has appeared in notable South Korean TV shows and films such as ‘’Marrie’’, ‘’Red Carpet’’, ‘’Intimate Enemies’’, ‘’Yeosu’’, ‘’Queen of Ambition’’, ‘’The Chaser’’, and other movies that have bagged her prestigious awards. Go Joon Hee also received her education from Kyung-Hee University, where she studied theatre and film arts. 

    Fun fact: Go Joon Hee was born Kim Eun-Ju. The name change occurred after starring on the TV show ‘’What’s Up Fox’’.

    3. Kim Go-Eun {Actress, Singer}

    Kim Go-Eun

    Born on July 2, 1992, Kim Go-Eun is a renowned and breath-taking actress known for her roles in ‘’A Muse’’ (released in 2012). Aside from being one of the hottest Korean girls on the planet, Kim Go-Eun is a talented and mesmerizing actress. Even more captivating than her stunning face and body are her excellent acting skills and screen presence. ‘A Muse’ was her first significant role in any production, and she put on an astounding performance that earned several prestigious awards. Since then, Kim Go-Eun has earned her college degree and starred in successful movies and TV shows such as ‘’Monster’’, ‘’Coin Locker Girl’’, ‘’Cheese in the Trap’’.

    4. Park Soo-Joo {Model, Actress, and DJ}

    Park Soo-Joo

    Park Soo-Joo is a Korean American model and one of the hottest Korean brides ever to walk the earth. Park’s intense stare and her lovely oval, chiseled face project her charm and alluring nature. This prolific model is also the first Asian-American woman ever to become the face of L’Óreal. Park Soo-Joo has modeled for famous international brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Emporio Armani, Fendi. Park is widely known for appearing in campaigns for the fashion powerhouse Chanel. Park Soo-Joo also played the role of the character Sutra in the well-liked Netflix show ‘’Sense 8’’. Park Soo-Joo was discovered by a talent scout while shopping at a San Francisco vintage store.

    5. Park Min-young {Model, Actress, and MC Host}

    Park Min-young

    Born on March 4, 1986, Park Min-young is another famous Korean actress who has secured a spot on the world’s hottest Korean girls’ list. Park began her journey in the entertainment industry in 2005 when she appeared in a telecom commercial. From 2005 to 2011, she starred on popular TV shows such as ‘’City Hunter’’, ‘’Sungkyunkwan Scandal’’, and ‘’Glory Jane,’’ which catapulted her to stardom at home and internationally. This lady’s resume is a diversified and impressive one as she has played nuanced characters in TV shows and movies from various genres. Park Min-Young has also received awards for her performance in TV shows and dramas.  

    6. Han Ye Seul {Former model, Actress}

    Han Ye Seul is a Korean actress born in America on September 18, 1981. This actress is in the top tier of hottest women in Korea as she is a widely sought-after actress. Han made a grand debut in acting in 2003 when she appeared in a sitcom ‘’Nonstop 4’’, and she has gone on to star on numerous TV shows and movies since then. After her appearance in ‘’Nonstop 4’’, Han Ye Seul became a full-fledged Korean citizen by naturalization. After renouncing American citizenship, she gained many Koreans’ love, a move that set her on the path to stardom. 

    Born Leslie Kim, she is the goodwill ambassador for Korean day. The event aims to promote Koreans’ interests in the diaspora and present Korea as an ideal place to settle. 

    7.  IU {Singer, Songwriter, Actress}

    IU was born on May 16, 1993. This 27-year old multi-talented lady is known for her unique voice and looks. Moreover, she is one of the musical child prodigies in Korea. At fifteen, she released her album (which was successful) and has been active in music ever since. Dubbed the honorific title of “Korea’s little sister,” IU is an internationally acclaimed artist as Forbes and Billboard have recognized her as a formidable force in the Korean music industry. IU has also appeared in TV shows like ‘’Hotel del Luna’’,’’ My Mister’’, ‘’Persona’’, and ‘’Pretty Man’’.

    8. Park Ji Hye {Actress, Model, Singer}

    Born on February 18, 1990, Park Ji Hye is among the sexy Korean women who also happen to be famous, rich, and influential celebrities. Park’s breakout role was in the melodrama titled “Tree of Heaven.” The role she played in the movie earned her praise from the critics both at home and abroad. The stunning actress has also appeared in TV shows like ‘’Don’t Worry’’, ‘’I’m a Ghost’’, ‘’Music and Lyrics’’, etc. As the cherry on top of her career, Park Ji Hye also played a role in the famous Korean movie, “Miracle in Cell No. 7” (now adapted into a film on Netflix). Besides, she has also hosted a variety show and bagged an award for this too. Park has appeared on Forbes  2015 list of Power Celebrities and has also appeared on Vogue magazine. 

    9. Bae Suzy {Actress, Singer}

    Bae Suzy (born on October 10, 1994) is a popular Korean actress and singer. Bae was initially part of a girl group known as Miss A. After the group was disbanded, Bae Suzy ventured into acting, where she appeared in TV shows and films such as Dream High, Gu Family Book, Vagabond, and Architecture 101. Bae Suzy’s wax figure has also South Korea brands the multinational wax museum, Madame Tussauds (Hong Kong). Aside from her acting and singing, Bae Suzy is also the brand ambassador and endorser of numerous South Korean brands. 

    10. Song Hye Kyo {Model, Actress}

    Song Hye Kyo (born on November 22, 1981) is a Korean actress and model. Song began her modeling career at the age of 14 when she won a uniform model competition. Later on, she started to feature in TV shows like Autumn in My Heart, Worlds Within, and All In. These shows earned her a massive fan base, and she has been dubbed Korea’s most beautiful woman. In 2010, she got the number 18 spot on the 100 Most Beautiful Faces compiled annually by the Independent Critics.  

    11. Yoon Eun-Hye {Director, Actress, Singer, Model}

    Yoon Eun-Hye is one of the most breath-taking female celebrities in Korea. This prolific actor, director, model, and singer has captured many hearts with her graceful figure and cute eyes. Yoon started as a musician and joined the group known as Baby VOX. After she left the group in 2005, she commenced her acting career, appearing in movies like ‘’Princess Hours’’, ‘’Coffee Prince’’, ‘’Marry Him if You Dare’’, among other popular TV shows and dramas. The 36-year old has over a dozen TV shows and a clothing line to her credit.

    12. Han Hyo Joo {Actress}

    Born on February 22, 1987, Han Hyo Joo is among the world’s hottest Korean women. Joo was first spotted in a teenage beauty pageant that was organized in 2003. Then, she joined a sitcom titled Nonstop 5, and her fan base has been growing steadily. Han’s striking looks are appreciated both at home and abroad (in the Asian continent). Han’s stunning beauty has earned her dozens of endorsement deals all around the continent. Moreover, Han’s beauty and charisma have also caught the American media’s attention as she landed a lead role in Treadstone, a Jason Bourne spinoff.

    13. Choi So-ra {Model}

    Choi So-ra is currently one of the most stunning and most sought-after Korean models. Choi So-ra (born on September 5, 1992), is so gorgeous that she was signed immediately after a scout from a model agency discovered her. With fierce eyes set in a chiseled face along with a statuesque body, Choi So-ra never fails to grab the attention of people wherever she goes. She was named Model Of The Year 2020 by Reader’s Choice. This breath-taking beauty has walked for Dior, Gucci, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, etc. Even fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Dazed all agree that she is one of the hottest Korean girls at the moment.

    14. Shin Min-a {Model, Actress}

    Shin Min-a, a brilliant actress and model, was born on April 5, 1984.  Known for roles in TV shows that gained national and international recognition, Min-a is another captivating hot celebrity with a spot on the hottest Korean women’s list. Shin has long been recognized as a sexy Korean woman since her early days as a teen magazine model. Shin is one of the highest-paid endorsers in South Korea. This lady’s looks have also caught international recognition as she has featured on Vogue alongside Jamie Dornan (who plays Christian Grey in ‘’Fifty Shades of Grey’’). Shin Min-a has also appeared in over 15 TV shows and movies.

    15. Lee Da Hee {Actress, Model}

    Lee Da Hee (born on March 15, 1985) is one of many two-fold entertainment personalities in Korea. In addition to this, she is also one of the hot Korean girls to grace the big screens. As a model and film actress, Lee Da Hee’s looks and charm have endeared her to many adoring fans at home and in other neighboring countries.

    16. Han Hye Jin {model}

    Han Hye-jin (born 23 March 1983) is a Korean fashion model and media personality. Han Hye-jin has appeared in various fashion magazines, including the  2008 and 2009 Korean editions of Vogue.  Han has also walked on runways in international fashion shows like the for three years (2006–2008). This pretty woman has also featured on Harper’s Bazaar; so, she is arguably one of the hottest Korean girls one would find out there.

    17. Ha Ji Won {songwriter and actress}

    Ha Ji-Won, is a Korean actress and a songwriter famous for channeling energy into her role. She has starred in films and many television series.

    Ha is one of Korea’s most famous actresses due to her excellent acting skills and ability to play versatile roles, pulling off outstanding performances in different genres like comedy, melodrama, and an eclectic range of movies. A scout discovered Ha after looking at a picture of her from a photoshoot as a teenager.  Ha Ji Won’s stunning looks and acting skills have gotten her more screen time than many actresses of her era.

    18. Hyoni Kang {model}

    Hyoni Kang (born on September 22, 1987) is an A-list Korean model who has been actively modeling since age19. One of her career highlights is winning Ford’s Model of the World in 2008, which was the same year that she started professional modeling. Hyoni has also walked for fashion shows and brands like the spring Trovata show, Amanda Wakely, Michael Kors, and many others. The model has also appeared on Korean Vogue, Chinese Vogue, Teen Vogue, and Marie Claire. The sexy model has launched a fashion line named Reborn Process. Hyoni’s stunning beauty and fashion insight have endeared her fans to the fashion and design projects that she has undertaken. Moreover, she has also hosted and appeared in variety shows and TV shows on numerous occasions. 

    19. Yoon Young Bae {model} 

    It is no exaggeration when it is said that Yoon Young is arguably the sexiest Korean woman to take over the fashion industry. The young model’s fortunes changed for the better when a Korean stylist found and introduced her to one of the country’s top modeling agencies. Yoon began her career as an in-house model for Prada, appearing in adverts and commercials. In the second year of her career, she walked for reputable fashion giants such as Christian Dior and others. The Fashion Spot states that Bae had the highest appearances in the ‘’Spring season’’ of 2019 alongside Kiki Willems.  A stunning model she is.

    20. Im Jin-ah {singer, actress, model}

    Hot Korean singer, actress, and model, Jin-ah is one of Korea’s most desired and sought-after persons. Born on September 14, 1991, the entertainer popularly known as Nana is definitely at the top tier of the world’s hottest Korean girls. Jin-ah has featured on prestigious national fashion shows and has been the face of numerous beauty brands in Korea, various TV shows, and movies. The actress has four albums and singles to her name.

    21. Jun Hyoseong {Singer, Actress}

    Jun Hyoseong (born on October 13, 1989) is a famous singer known for her lovely skin, statuesque body, and groovy style. As a child, she had experienced financial problems, and her career did not kick-off as expected. After a scout discovered her, she became a member of the girl band named “Secret’’,”  where she captured many Koreans’ hearts. The band was known for being sexy and sassy, and even when Jun went solo, fans continued to embrace that image of her. The singer has also starred in TV shows and movies to her credit.

    22. Jang Yoon-Ju {songwriter, actress, and model}

    Jang Yoon-Ju is another triple threat stunning and hot Korean lady. Born on November 4, 1980, Yoon-Ju began modeling in 1997 as early as 17 and became one of the most successful Korean fashion models, with a career spanning almost two decades.  For the early part of the 2000s, she received accolades as one of the most beautiful women. Yoon is considered one of Korea’s most loved heartthrobs. 

    There is a lot more to know about sexy Korean girls. Try meeting one in person, and you will attest to the sweet, down-to-earth, and lovely nature of these beautiful women.

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