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    Best for European Women
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    Best for European Women
    Best for European Women

    Dating and cultural exchange are two things that definitely fit together. If you have ever dreamed of broadening your cultural horizons and getting to know an entirely different but very appealing culture – feel free to explore dating sites in Germany. There are quite many girls out there who are willing to date a guy from abroad – seize on this opportunity! We will tell you more about German women as well as ways of finding an approach to them in the following article. 

    Women on German Dating Sites: Who Are They? 

    German Dating Sites


    Women on German Dating Sites are very attractive. They have a very typical appearance that makes us easily tell the difference between them and other European girls. First of all, a typical German lady usually has soft blond hair with natural highlights. Her eyes are usually deep blue or grey, and her skin is pale with a silky texture. Additionally, most German girls have fit bodies: working out is quite a trend in Germany! 

    Natural beauty is something we ultimately adore in German women: they usually don’t put on too much makeup and rarely spend hours deciding what to wear. They are attractive in a plain, natural way.



    You might have already heard of German women as especially punctual. Even though a lot of people assume this is just one of the stereotypes, it is straight-up true. The truth is, they are planning freaks, which means most of them plan a year ahead. The funny thing is, they often even add friendly meetings into their calendar. If you arrange a date with a girl from Germany, we strongly recommend you showing up on time. It would also be even more beneficial if you come at least ten minutes earlier. They usually hate being late and might sometimes feel very insecure if they show up a few minutes later. 

    Friendly and fun-loving

    What we absolutely love about German girls is the fact that they can be the heart of every company. They absolutely adore spending an evening after work at a bar among close friends. Germans even have a word for the evening after work, Feierabend, which literally means a ‘festive evening’. So, after the work is finished, they head to the city center and make sure they make the best out of the evening. 


    Intelligent and career-oriented 

    Well, German women invest a lot of time in their education and always value it above anything. They may spend several years studying Biotechnology and then change their mind and opt for studying Economics. As a result, they always get the jobs they want. Additionally, they are mostly very happy about the career choices they make. This means that they are at peace with their personality and always satisfied with their lives. 

    They are loyal and family-oriented

    One thing we know for sure is that German women are extremely family-oriented. If they meet their beloved one, they don’t feel like betraying or cheating on them, and they attribute huge value to their relationship. Why is this so? One possible reason could be, German women are quite mature by the time they meet their special one and decide to get married. As they marry by the age of 30, they already know what they want in life and are more than ready to establish a family. 


    German girls are quite direct

    What we love about German women is the fact that they aren’t into mind games and lying. You will immediately understand if she isn’t in a mood or simply does not feel like talking. Whenever something bothers them – they are most likely to put it on agenda and avoid concealing the truth. Additionally, German women can often tell it in the face if they believe something is wrong. So, long story short, German girls aren’t the ones to be beating around the bush – they will immediately tell all the truth. We believe such quality can lay a solid foundation for a long-lasting relationship. 

    They seem distant at first 

    The truth is, some people take their seriousness for being distant. If you talk to a German girl for the first time, you might get an impression as if she were not into the conversation with you. However, this is never true. The reason why many people get such an impression is that German girls are excellent listeners and always make sure they lead a quality conversation. So, there is one thing we advise keeping in mind: if she looks distant, it’s probably because she is listening carefully to what you’re saying and taking your dialogue seriously. 

    Stereotypes: Debunking Common Myths

    No sense of humor

    This stereotype is quite common. Many people from abroad believe that the German sense of humor is a thing that does not exist. Indeed, Germans have a reputation of quite serious people who talk about nothing but their job, family, and beer. Albeit, this stereotype is entirely false and misleading. They have a lovely sense of humor and are able to make everyone around them laugh. Their jokes are quite direct and sometimes ugly, but this is what makes them so unique and lovely. 

    They are cold 

    Another common misbelief admits that German brides are distant and cold. Well, they might be cold if we compare them, for instance, to the women from South America. While the latter is quite expressive and sometimes impulsive, German women are rather calm and cold. However, just because they don’t show as many emotions as other women do does not necessarily mean that they are distant and hard to approach. In reality, they are very loving and caring with friends and family. You just need to give her some time to blossom, and your german girlfriend will show you the warmth and love she carries within her heart. 

    They are bad cooks

    This stereotype is less common than the two above; however, there are still some people who somehow think that German women are incapable of cooking. On the contrary, many of them are excellent cooks. Their culinary skills extend far beyond just german cuisine – many german women are into exploring international cuisine as well. 

    They don’t care about how they look

    Finally, one stereotype suggests that German women don’t take sufficient care of themselves. Some people say that local women rarely do their hair or care about the clothes they put on. We are glad to debunk this stereotype since German women know exactly how to rock any outfit and highlight all of their best physical features. 

    Best German Dating Sites

    German women are usually open to new experiences and always enjoy the idea of meeting a foreign guy. As a result, you can find lots of girls on dating websites, since the popularity of the latter is quite growing. Here are our top picks for those willing to enhance their dating experience by choosing German Dating Sites that are indeed worth time and money. 

    Date European Girls – dateeuropeangirl.com


    Date European Girls is one of the best German Dating Sites. This website is quite easy to navigate. As soon as you arrive at a homepage, you just need to complete a quick questionnaire to make sure that the site will meet your goals. Afterward, you can begin searching for matches and browsing however long you need. We can guarantee that this website is the top pick for those who don’t feel like disclosing their private data to third parties and value their safety. Besides, the site has a great reputation, which makes us lose all the doubts regarding the trustworthiness of Date European Girls.

    Meet European Beauty – meeteuropeanbeauty.com

    Meet European Beauty is another site that we believe is one of the best in Germany. This one, as an alternative to Date European Girls, is an excellent platform to meet open-minded german ladies, enjoy nice conversations, and even more. The matching algorithm of this website works in a way that guarantees to find you a match according to your preferences. Moreover, it presents you with a vast array of tools that will boost your dating experience. Another good thing about this website is that it has a huge selection of ladies from all over the world. So, if you are not against meeting girls from Germany and also different corners of the planet, Meet European Beauty will exceed all your expectations!

    How to Choose Reliable Dating Sites in Germany? 

    If you want to make sure you have the smoothest dating experience, you will need to keep several things in mind. 

    Read testimonials

    If you have some free time – don’t hesitate to go online and do some data research. Read what other users say about the website and its features. Referring to a real review is always a good idea: it allows you to get a complex understanding of what to expect from using this or that dating website. 

    Go through the website’s policy

    Some people neglect their privacy when they select between dating websites. We do not recommend doing so. If you don’t want to get your private information stolen, try to avoid websites with blurred, vague privacy policies. Also, we recommend checking whether the site uses encryption – this will let you know whether your data will be stored securely. 

    Compare prices 


    Setting a budget is a critical step. First, you need to come up with the price you are ready to pay for dating services. Afterward, it would be useful if you conducted some primary research and found out the competitive prices. Once you learn the general trend, you will surely have an understanding of what an average price is like. And when you know the prices, you will be able to tell the difference between a good and not-so-reliable site.

    Some Tips on Finding Match From German Dating Sites

    best German Dating Site


    • Don’t pay the bill. Yes, you’ve read it all correctly! German women hate it when men pay for them on their first date. The reason is, Germany is the country where both sexes aim towards equal rights. As a result, women strive to be independent, so don’t limit their independence and don’t do anything that might potentially discriminate against them as a woman. Simply share a bill! 
    • Show her that you are proactive. As a rule, most German women are quite extraverted; they like trying out new things, such as climbing a mountain, going on a 10-kilometer trip, or simply exploring something new. To win, just let her know that you feel the same way about life. The more hobbies and interests you have, the better. If she realizes that your lifestyle matches hers, she will surely fall in love with you! 
    • Don’t be afraid to make jokes. A man can win a German woman’s heart just by telling some funny joke. Sense of humor is something that these ladies value, so don’t hesitate to make some fun! 
    • Be on time. Yes, if you want to meet this lady once again – try not to be late! Most Germans are indeed punctual, so it is always better to show up at least a couple of minutes before the arranged time. Whatever they say, German women simply adore punctual men!
    • Be responsible for planning a date. As we’ve mentioned before, German women like to plan everything that is possible to plan. Thus, if you want to demonstrate to her how serious your intentions are – decide what you’ll do during your date. This does not mean that women aren’t into planning; they just appreciate it when men sometimes take a lead. 


    Final Thoughts About Dating Sites in Germany 

    Dating German girls can be quite an exciting experience! Knowing all the tips we’ve disclosed above will significantly help you on your way to winning the heart of a lovely German woman. All you should keep in mind is just to keep things slow and live in the moment. Mutual respect, support, and personal space will make your relationship as strong as never before! If you cannot any longer wait to finally welcome love into your life, explore German dating sites!  

    James Preece
    Dating Coach
    James is an expert in international dating and helps many men navigate through the best choice, be it for dating or marriage. He conveys the real sense of how you can approach choosing the best match. He consistently helps our site get the best and up-to-date content to shed light on dating online and its perks. Besides, he’s a talented writer who makes it easy to understand the peculiarities of international women for dating and marriage.
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