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    Hot Ecuadorian Women
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    Hot Ecuadorian Women


    Ecuador is a small Latin American country located on the Pacific coast. “Ecuador” means “equator” in Spanish. Indeed, the equator line passes a few miles from Quito, the capital city of the country. This country is known for the highest banana yields, numerous volcanoes, excellent beaches, and a very liberal migration regime. Ecuador is called Latin America in miniature since all climatic and vegetation zones of the entire continent are represented there on a small territory.

    You can find everything from glaciers to rainforests in Ecuador. In this country, the weather is always the same, and seasonal temperature fluctuations are minimal. Thanks to the mixture of different nations and a hot climate all year round, sexy Ecuadorian women are very temperamental and passionate. Like many other Latina females, hot Ecuadorian girls are emotional, charismatic, and spirited. Sexy Ecuadorian women are very similar to Colombian and Mexican girls in temperament, but they are different in nature and views on life.

    Why Are Ecuadorian Girls Considered to Look So Hot?

    Sexy Ecuadorian girls are very polite, friendly, and welcoming. For them, foreigners are subjects of profound interest. These females know how to flirt and easily make contact. Hot Ecuadorian women are easy-going in communication and unpretentious in life. The difference between rich and poor people is very noticeable in Ecuador. Most sexy Ecuadorian girls grow up in rather modest conditions and they are not used to putting material values above all. 

    Most sexy Ecuadorian brides are not spoiled by money and appreciate sincerity and simplicity in human relationships. They generally have traditional views on relationships with the opposite gender. Also, families are of the paramount importance for them. For these women, the men have to financially support the house, wife, and children, while women take care of all family members and create comfort in their homes. 

    In Ecuador, there are still purely male and female professions, and women often earn much less than men doing the same work. Most Ecuadorians are religious, and they often visit Catholic Church to pray and give thanks. Hot Ecuadorian women try to follow all the norms of behavior that are prescribed by religion and the church. In this country, anyone can register a marriage in the church only once in life.

    Ecuadorian Girls’ Beauty

    You can meet many beautiful and sexy girls in Ecuador. However, their beauty is particular compared to other Latin American women. In hot Ecuadorian women, Indian blood is more clearly traced, and the distinct features of the indigenous population give a unique flavor to the appearance of these girls. Plus, you can rarely see overweight women in Ecuador. Due to the hot climate and exceptional genetics, most of these females are slim and petite.

    Stunning models from Ecuador have won three times in the Big Four international beauty pageants — once at the Miss International contest in 2011 and twice in the Miss Earth beauty competitions in 2011 and 2016. Also, many of these beauties became finalists, semi-finalists, and runner-ups. The criteria for selecting winners are based on specific standards such as beautiful facial traits, perfect bodies, elegance, intelligence, and so on. In many respects, sexy Ecuadorian girls are in no way inferior to the most recognized beauties from other countries.

    Physical Features of These Ladies

    Almost all Ecuadorian girls are dark-haired and brown-eyed. The particular cut of their eyes gives a unique charm and depth to their look. Hot Ecuadorian girls differ from European women by a darker complexion due to the mixture of indigenous tribes and Spanish settlers. Besides, the scorching Pacific sun makes these girls’ skin a beautiful olive color. The facial traits and body features of sexy Ecuadorian girls are straight and proportional. Also, these women take care of their overall looks and bodies.

    The appearance of hot Ecuadorian women is very restrained and modest, but at the same time, they strive to follow the traditions of their country. Hot Ecuadorian women are used to dressing modestly enough to feel comfortable and not to underline their merits. You can see sexy Ecuadorian women wearing bright red or blue skirts, white tights, and Indian hats with feathers. Their hair is usually intertwined with ribbons, and handmade jewelry decorates their necks. However, the common women’s outfit usually consists of leggings and a regular T-shirt.

    Culture of Hot Ecuadorian Women

    Ecuador is famous for its oil production, banana cultivation, and export of roses. The country’s official currency is the US dollar. Ecuador is not the wealthiest country on the continent, but it is not the poorest one either. This country has less chaos and disorder, typical for neighboring Latin American states. However, hot Ecuadorian women love holidays, parades, and festivals as much as other Latin Americans. Spanish is an official language in Ecuador, while several indigenous languages are still spoken in rural areas.

    Hundreds of years after the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors, lighter-skinned people are still highly respected in Ecuadorian society. White and wealthy citizens are perceived as righteous, civilized, and European-oriented people. Therefore, skin whitening, hair coloring, and inserting light contact lenses are trendy procedures among sexy Ecuadorian girls. Despite the exotic look and vibrant makeup on faces, hot Ecuadorian women have more than just an impressive feminine image.

    One of the most important values within Ecuadorian culture is family. This country features an incredible cult of family and children. Most sexy Ecuadorian girls are raised in strict family traditions, so it could seem they are thoughtful, shy, and reserved. Gender roles vary significantly across the country, ranging from male domination to equality. Families in Ecuador are heavily influenced by the Catholic religion, which prescribes hot Ecuadorian women to only do housework and submit to the will of male relatives.

    Popularity among Men

    Hot Ecuadorian girls are trendy among foreign men, and it is especially relevant to “gringos” and Spaniards. Exotic beauty, inner serenity, and traditional views on personal relationships make them so desirable. These ladies are simple, open-minded, and incredibly kind. Plus, they are not striving to get many material benefits of civilization by all means. Not all women from Western countries possess such valuable qualities, but a lot of foreign men can highly appreciate these female features.

    For sexy Ecuadorian women, the desire to get married and leave their country has still not entirely disappeared. These women hope for a change for the better and seek mutual understanding in marriage. This is especially evident when young and hot Ecuadorian girls marry elderly foreigners who look twice their age. Such relationships are built on financial security and stability in marriage. These young women love and respect their husbands for that. Besides, many hot Ecuadorian women are quite independent and financially self-sufficient. 

    Top 15 Hottest Ecuadorian Girls

    Whereas you can hear a lot about Colombian, Venezuelan, or Brazilian beauties, hot Ecuadorian women seem to have slipped under the radar of many foreign men. In addition to their exotic beauty, these females have many qualities enabling them to become successful models, actresses, and TV presenters. Many Ecuadorian models and actresses want to highlight their national features and traditions, as well as promote the cultural diversity of their unique country. Look at the list of the hottest Ecuadorian women who have managed to make a career.

    1. Carolina Jaume

    Carolina Milena Jaume Saporiti (born in 1985) can be named one of the hottest Ecuadorian girls. She is a famous Ecuadorian actress, model, and TV presenter. She started a modeling career when she was just 19 when she took part in the local beauty contest and won the Star of the Month title. Carolina made her acting debut in the Amores Que Matan telenovela. Then, she was known for her roles in several TV series and dramas. In 2016, she was a judge in the fifth season of Ecuador’s Got Talent.

    2. Constanza Baez

    Constanza Baez

    Constanza Maria Baez Jalil (born in 1991) is a famous Ecuadorian model, a beauty queen, and a TV host with Lebanese roots. Having the body parameters 90-60-92 cm, she won the leading award for the best figure in the Miss Ecuador 2013 pageant and obtained the right to represent the home country in Miss Universe 2013. In this beauty contest, Constanza became the second runner-up. As a TV presenter, she participated in the La Voz Ecuador program. Constanza has an academic degree in economics.

    3. Domenica Saporiti

    Domenica Saporiti

    Domenica Francesca Saporiti Hinojosa (born in 1988) is a well-known actress, model, and TV presenter from Ecuador. She was awarded the crown of Miss Ecuador in 2008. Then she took part in the Miss Universe 2008 and the Miss American Continent 2008, and the Miss World Business 2008 pageants. From the age of 16, she first appeared on Satellite TV in the Sixteen show. Then, she was a host in such entertainment TV programs as Locos Por El Deporte, De Rojo, LG Karaoke, and La Hora Azul. Also, Domenica has been a presenter of the RTS Combate TV show from 2010 till 2017.

    4. Fabiana Noboa

    Fabiana Noboa (born in 1998) is one of the most successful models and the hottest Ecuadorian girls. She has wide dark eyebrows and large hazel-color eyes. Her long dark hair makes her sexy and desirable. This Ecuadorian model has attracted over 130,000 followers to her Instagram account. She has also accrued over 50,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Fabiana loves sports, and, therefore, she posts a lot of pictures from her workouts and sports-related hobbies. She often shares her personal photos with the audience.

    5. Fernanda Cornejo

    Maria Fernanda Cornejo (born in 1989) is an international fashion model and a beauty queen from Ecuador. She became one of the best contestants in the Miss Ecuador 2011 national beauty pageant and obtained the Best National Costume award. Hence, Fernanda gained the right to represent Ecuador in the Miss International 2011 pageant. She won the beauty crown in it. After these significant achievements, she worked as a model for fashion companies of such famous brands as Chloé, Dior, and DKNY. Fernanda has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition.

    6. Francesca Cipriani

    Francesca Keyko Cipriani Burgos (born in 1992) is an Ecuadorian model. She won the beauty title in the Miss Ecuador 2015 pageant. In 2010, she participated in the Miss World University competition in South Korea, while studying Enterprise Management and Engineering at Santa Maria University in Guayaquil.  Besides, she represented her home country at Miss Universe 2015. In 2014, she was selected as Cosmo Girl 2014 for Cosmopolitan magazine. Francesca is still working as a model.

    7. Giselle Calderon

    Giselle Calderon Carrillo (born in 1987) is one of the hottest Ecuadorian women. She is a famous model and actress. Giselle Calderon worked on TV and acted in movies. First, she participated in photoshoots for different fashion and lingerie catalogs. She was engaged in the promos of Opel Corsa, Trina, Coca-Cola, and Sixt Car Rent. Then, she appeared in many video clips and advertisement campaigns in Ecuador, Germany, Italy, and Spain. As an actress, she participated in such series as Pasado Y Confeso (2005), Lalola (2007), Aída (2010), Becarios (2010), and El Barco (2011-2013).

    8. Iskra Landucci

    Iskra Julissa Landucci Martínez (born in 1997) is an Ecuadorian model. She was named in the Top 10 of the Miss Ecuador 2018 pageant. After that, she was involved in the Factory of Creativity project at the University of Arts of Ecuador. This project promotes creative thinking through theater and other areas of art. Among her favorite books is the Harry Potter saga. Iskra says that she sells exclusive items about this character in her own store.

    9. Lisseth Naranjo

    Lisseth Naranjo

    Lisseth Naranjo Goya (born in 1998) is a famous Ecuadorian model. She was appointed as a new Miss Grand International Ecuador 2020 and represented Ecuador in the Miss Grand International 2020 pageant. Also, she was a part of Miss Ecuador 2018, where she stood firm amongst all other participants. In the Reina Hispanoamericana 2018, she was placed the fifth runner-up. Currently, Lisseth is involved in business administration and fashion design.

    10. Maria Elisa Camargo

    Maria Elisa Camargo

    Maria Elisa Camargo (born in 1985) is an Ecuadorian actress and activist. She began her career in The X Factor Colombia. From that moment, she decided to devote her life to show business and entertainment. Theatre and acting courses helped her participate in musical telenovelas and primetime series. Elisa was noticed and invited to take part in Univision’s Mira Quien Baila show. She was included in the list of 50 most beautiful Spanish-speaking people.

    11. Michela Pincay

    Michela Pincay

    Michela Pincay Bustamante (born in 1991) is a trendy model and TV presenter from Ecuador. She became famous as a participant in the Combate, Camara Loca, and En Contacto TV shows. Then, she ventured into acting in theater plays and TV melodramas. As an actress, she is known for Peligro de Gol (2017) and 3 Familias (2014) movies. In 2019, she got a master’s degree in communication management in Spain. At present, Michela has more than two million followers on Instagram.

    12. Natalia Velez

    Natalia Velez can be also called one of the hottest Ecuadorian women. She was born in Ecuador in 1985, but she moved to Colombia with her parents when she was only eight months old. First, Natalia participated in advertising campaigns of Coca-Cola, Go Daddy, Pantene, Pepsi, and Samsung. In 2012, she was featured in Hot Clicks Beautiful Lady of the Day initiated by the Sports Illustrated magazine. Even though her stature is rather tiny for modeling standards, she has found the niche of lingerie and swimsuits. Hence, Natalia was named one of the most sensual Latin models.

    13. Olga Alava

    Olga Mercedes Alava Vargas (born in 1988) is an Ecuadorian model, lifestyle entrepreneur, and conservationist. In 2008, she competed and won in the Reina de Guayaquil contest and was engaged in various social works. Olga is famous for becoming a winner in the Miss Earth 2011 international beauty contest. She became the first Ecuadorian winner at the Miss Earth pageant. Her activities are still related to the modeling business. He holds a BA in International Business and speaks several languages fluently.

    14. Virginia Limongi

    Virginia Limongi (born in 1994) is an Ecuadorian model of Italian descent. In 2012, she became the first participant who won two titles in local beauty events in Ecuador through the competition and not simple designation. In 2014, she obtained the Miss Photogenic, Best Hair, and Best Smile titles in the Ecuadorian beauty pageant. Then, she took part in the Miss World 2014 (UK), Top Model of the World 2016 (Germany), and Miss Universe 2018 (Thailand) contests. During this international pageant, Virginia was awarded several prestigious titles.

    15. Sandra Vinces

    Sandra Vinces (born in 1990) is an Ecuadorian model. She was crowned in the Miss Ecuador 2009 pageant. In this way, she obtained the right to represent Ecuador in the Miss Universe 2009 beauty contest. Sandra took second place in the Best National Costume category. In the same year, she presented her country at Miss American Continent 2009 and was ranked third. A bit later, Sandra participated in Reina Hispanoamericana 2009 and was awarded the Virreina HispanoAmericana 2009 title. Besides, she entered the list of Top Model of the World.


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