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    Hottest Brazilian Women

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    Top 20 Hot Brazilian Women to Admire

    Dating hot Brazilian women has become a modern trend among Western men. Thanks to natural beauty and adventurous personality, local chicks don’t have to strive much to acquire a bit of attention from the opposite sex. Taking a look at Gisele Bündchen or Alessandra Ambrosio is enough to understand that it’s true.

    But before seeing the list of the hottest celebrities in Brazil, we will try to find out what makes Brazilian women so irresistible in men’s eyes. Let’s get it started!

    Why Do Brazilian Girls Look So Hot?

    The popularity of sexy Brazilian women among Western men is determined by their multicultural composition. Whether it comes to physical appearances or personal characteristics, they have something from the Spanish, British, and even African backgrounds. Now, let’s get down to specifics.


    The fact that Brazilian women have an aura of attraction suspended around them can hardly be denied. Their beauty is breathtaking. Their slightly tanned skin creates an unusual contrast with their brown or hazel eyes. Their long, brown hair is often dyed in lighter shades to flatter their complexion. Although most Brazilian women have comparable appearances, not all of them are the same. Some of them look like Spanish or Italian, while others can be confused with Marconian or Libyan.

    Physical features

    Brazilian women are well-aware of their excellent physique, and this is something they masterfully use as their seduction weapon. Their curves are able to drive any man crazy. While local men are used to seeing this kind of beauty every day, Western men tend to cherish it as a piece of fine art at the very first sight. Sexy Brazilian girls usually have flat tummies, full breasts, and wide hips, all wrapped up in one package. These things happen to be the result of wonderful genetics and a healthy lifestyle.


    Although Brazil is based on the patriarchal society, it’s not as radical as in Arabic or Asian countries. Women can decide how they want to lead their life. They can dance half-naked at the carnival or take place in the national government. Despite being familiar with feminist ideas, hot Brazilian girls don’t want to give up on the traditional family roles in favor of empowerment.

    Brazilian girls usually come from big families, so they know how to take care of other people. Once they get married, their husband and children become the center of their universe. They literally devote all their attention to their family. Meanwhile, their husband is supposed to take responsibility for financial matters and traditional male duties.

    Popularity among men

    The hottest Brazilian brides are attractive to every single man on the planet. But they are especially popular among Western European and American men who admire their exotic beauty and frivolous nature. Eastern European men are less hungry for beautiful women as they have enough beauties in their region. Nevertheless, they also can’t resist the Brazilian charms when they have such an opportunity.

    Top 5 Hottest Brazilian Girls

    Izabel Goulart

    23 October, 1984


    Izabel Goulart

    Izabel became famous for her appearance in the Victoria’s Secret Angel Show from 2005 to 2008. During her success years, she had several corporations with Sports Illustrated. She also worked with fashion houses like Balenciaga, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Emilio Pucci, Roberto Cavalli, and many others. She had a small role in the fourth season of Two and Half Men and in the episode of O’Brien show where she demonstrated her acting talent.

    Gisele Bündchen

    20 July, 1980

    Model, activist, and businesswoman

    Gisele Bündchen

    Since 2001, Gisele has been one of the rickest and the most successful models in the world. Now, she is also one of the smartest businesswomen in the fashion industry. While being a Victoria’s Secret Angel, she signed the biggest contract offered by the brand. Gisele Bündchen covered 1,000 magazines and starred in movies like Taxi and the Devil Wears Prada. Currently, she is more focused on her humanitarian work by standing behind the initiatives of  Save the Children, Doctors without Borders, and Red Cross funds.

    Tais Araujo

    25 November, 1978

    Actress, TV host and model

    Tais Araujo

    Tais’ role in the Brazilian telenovela Xica da Silva brought her to fame in 1996. After the huge success, Tais Araujo continued her presence on the TV screen by acting in Meu Bem Querer, America, A Favorita, and many more. For her performances in Cobras & Lagartos and Da Cor do Pecado, she received multiple rewards for her acting talent. At the same time, she has a few memorable roles on the big screen (O Maior Amor do Mundo and Nzinga) and big stage (Liberdade para as Borboletas and Amores, Perdas e Meus Vestidos).

    Adriana Lima

    12 June, 1981

    Model and actress

    Adriana Lima

    In 1996, she was given the Ford’s “Supermodel of Brazil” title and the second place in the Ford “Supermodel of the World” competition. These events allowed her to start the cooperation with the Elite Model Management in New York City. Eventually, she settled down in the Victoria’s Secret Angels for 18 years, which has been the longest result among her colleagues. Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Versace, Paco Rabanne, Alexander McQueen, and many other brands were honored to work with the beauty. Today, Adriana Lima can be seen as a brand ambassador for such brands as Desigual, IWC, Puma, Maybelline, and Chopard.

    Fernanda Tavares

    22 September, 1980

    Model and actress

    Fernanda is probably one of the most beloved actresses and models in Brazil. Her appearance in Love and Secret Weapons and The Last Straw is still remembered by the public. Since 1998, Fernanda Tavares has become the face of L’Officiel, Marie Claire, ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and many other fashion magazines. She has also cooperated with world-famous brands like Chloé, Salvatore Ferragamo, Yohji Yamamoto, and Gap.

    Top 5 Sexy Brazilian Girls

    Fernanda Machado

    10 October, 1980


    The role in the film Tropa de Elite brought Fernanda to stardom in 2008. Her further roles in Inverno, Confia em Mim, and A Menina Indigo were also of huge success. Fernanda Machado also demonstrated her acting skills on the stage by taking part in the plays like O Homem Elefante and Mente Mentira. After getting married and giving birth to a child, she decided to have a career break. Hopefully, we will see her in new roles in the near future.

    Juliana Paes

    26 March, 1979

    Actress and model

    Juliana became known for her supporting roles in the popular telenovelas like Caminho das Índias and Laços de Família. Later on, she started taking lead roles in Totalmente Demais, A Força do Querer, and A Dona do Pedaço. Eventually, she received the Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival and Gramado Film Festival Awards for her performance in the Firewell. She also took part in a local version of the musical The Producers as Ulla. Her natural beauty allowed her to appear on Playboy and take part in other provocative photo sets for fashion magazines.

    Marina Ruy Barbosa

    30 June, 1995


    One of the sexiest-looking Brazilian actresses started her acting career at an early age. In Começar de Novo, Sete Pecados, and Escrito nas Estrelas, you can see Marina as a talented child actress. In her adult career, she became famous after her role in Imperio that brought her Contigo Television Awards for Best Supporting Actress. In 2015, her performance in Totalmente Demais earned her the International Emmy Award. Apart from acting, she is an active user of Instagram, where she has more than 30 million followers.

    Giovanna Antonelli

    18 March, 1976

    Actress, television host and producer

    Giovanna Antonelli is known as an incredibly talented actress with more than 30 personal awards in her collection. Her debut as an actress in the soap opera Tropicaliente in 1994 wasn’t left unnoticed. Since then, she has been attacked by offers to star on the big and small screens. Soon, she played her first lead role in O Clone that has become one of the most popular telenovelas in the world. Her filmography also involves some nice movies like Chico Xavier and S.O.S. Mulheres ao Mar.

    Bruna Marquezine

    4 August, 1995


    Since childhood, Bruna has started appearing on television. Her role in telenovela Women in Love brought her to stardom. Her adult roles started from Salve Jorge and Em Família. Her popularity raised up after the rumors about her relationship with a Brazilian professional footballer Neymar Jr. Today, Bruna Marquezine is focused on her Instagram career where she has more than 40 million subscribers.

    Top 5 Hot Brazilian Women

    Cléo Pires

    2 October, 1982

    Actress and singer

    Being an icon of beauty in Brazil, Cléo Pires is also known for her impressive acting skills. Her roles in América, Cobras & Lagartos, and Araguaia made her a superstar by bringing a bunch of awards to her collection. Her singing career has started recently with the release of Jungle Kid and Melhor Que Eu songs in 2018. In 2003, she agreed to appear on the cover of Playboy. It was a special edition with 50 pages celebrating 35 years of the magazine.

    Débora Nascimento

    16 June, 1985

    Actress and model

    Débora’s career started with a short film Cérbero. She was noticed by top producers and film directors who started inviting her to their movies. She became known for her performance in The Incredible Hulk and Rio and I Love You. Both movies were box office successes. Like every Brazilian actress, she couldn’t avoid starring in telenovelas. Paraíso Tropical, Flor do Caribe, and Alto Astral are considered to be some of her best works.

    Caroline Trentini

    6 July, 1987


    Caroline was lucky enough to be noticed by the agency agent while she was walking on the street in the home city. Her modeling adventure started from the participation in Marc Jakobs’ campaign. Her face appeared on the covers of ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue. She has modeled for Gucci, DKNY, Vogue, and so on. After working with an endless list of brands, she became one of the most influential females in Brazil.

    Deborah Fialho Secco

    26 November, 1979


    Deborah started her acting career at the age of eight when she took part in multiple TV commercials. When she gained certain recognition, she was invited for several plays, series, and mini shows on TV Cultura. She achieved a breakthrough in the films Paraíso tropical and Bruna Surfistinha, in which she played a frivolous woman. She has already played more than 30 roles in films and telenovelas like Laços de família, Celebridades, and A favorite. Moreover, she received the status as the sexiest woman and the most powerful personality in the Brazilian entertainment industry for several years in a row.

    Barbara Fialho

    21 December, 1987

    Model and singer

    Barbara entered the world of fashion when she was 15. She posed for Just Cavalli at the age of 17. Later on, she participated at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for many years. At some point, she became their fitting model who posed for the brand’s magazine and website. Her love for music made her  complete her studies at Juilliard School in New York. In 2018, she released a single and music video called Um Beijo with Rohan Marley.

    Top 5 Sexy Brazilian Women

    Alessandra Ambrosio

    11 April, 1981

    Model, actress, businesswoman, and television personality

    At an early age of 12, Alessandra took part in the Elite Model Look competition. Since then, she has joined the fashion campaigns of top brands like Christian Dior, Guess, Emporio Armani, Hugo Boss, Macy’s, Revlon, and many more. She has also become the leading model of the most iconic fashion magazines, including Cosmopolitan, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Ocean Drive, and Vogue. Her cooperation with the Victoria’s Secret lasted for more than a decade by turning her into one of the most prominent models of the Show. Moreover, she tried her luck in a couple of hit movies and series that include Casino Royale, Daddy’s Home, and How I Met Your Mother.

    Morena Baccarin

    2 June, 1979


    Morena is one of Brazilian actresses who has managed to settle down in Hollywood. Baccarin started her way to fame from the film role in the improvised fashion-world comedy Perfume. Later on, she appeared in huge movies like Deadpool and Spy. Her roles on the TV are even more impressive. Firefly, The Mentalist, Homeland, the Good Wife, Gotham, and the Twilight Zone are only some of her works. During her acting career, she was nominated for some prestigious awards like Saturn, Primetime Emmy, Teen Choice, and MTV.

    Paolla Oliveira

    14 April, 1982


    Paolla started working as a model at the age of 16. After appearing in a few television ads, she decided to continue her career as an actress. In 2004, she had her first big role in the telenovelas Metamorphoses and Belíssima. Her talent was admitted with Melhores do Ano and Premio Contigo! De TV for her acting performance in Amor a Vida, Felizes para Sempre, and A Forca do Querer. Thanks to her attractive appearance, Paolla Oliveira has topped the ranking of Desirable Mexican women celebrities more than once. After all, her public image has always been based on the combination of intelligence and sexuality.

    Paloma Bernardi

    21 April, 1985


    After participating in various commercials during her teen years, Paloma decided to conquer the television industry. Her acting debut was in Colégio Brazil where her acting skills and natural beauty were admitted by viewers and critics. Her further appearance in Caminhos do Coração, Salve Jorge, A Terra Prometida, and Viver a Vida was also incredibly successful. For the latter one, she was even nominated for the best actress. Apart from TV series, Paloma Bernardi demonstrates a real talent on the big stage by appearing in Despertar na Floresta, Aladdin, Hercules, A Vida E Sonho, and many more. Her sweet facial features and inborn talent took the heart of fans all over Brazil.

    Isabeli Fontana

    4 July, 1983


    This Brazilian supermodel has worked with the leading fashion brands in the world. These include Mango, Massimo Dutti, Valentino, Versace, Tommy Hilfiger, Saks Fifth Avenue, and many more. In 2008, she was one of the World’s Top-Earning Models. The cooperation with the best modeling agencies has brought her millions of dollars. Apart from her career in the fashion industry, Isabeli Fontana could be seen in a couple of Brazilian movies like Belissima, Passione, and Aline.

    Brazil is a beautiful country with the huge concentration of beautiful wmen. The list above happens to be the best proof of this fact. But if you think that the hottest Brazilian women can only be seen in TV series and fashion magazines, you are wrong. You will find lots of beauties while walking on the streets somewhere in Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. After all, you’ll never know the truth unless you fly to Brazil.


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