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    The year 2020 made people reconsider their views on online dating, and even the most zealous opponents of this type of dating understood that it’s a pretty good way of meeting new people. None of us knows what will happen in the next few years, but depriving yourself of the joy of communication with people isn’t an option. And especially when you know that this communication can grow into true love.

    The obvious advantage of online dating over other ways of making new contact is the opportunity to meet people from abroad while staying at home. So, if you live in the USA but have been dreaming about meeting hot Mongolian women for all your adult life, online dating can help you turn your dream into reality. Even though the country is sparsely populated and isn’t very well-known, finding Mongolian mail order brides online isn’t very difficult. But the same cannot be said of dating these gorgeous ladies. Read this guide to learn more about the nature of Mongolian women, and you’ll certainly find a way to their hearts.

    Why Mongolian Women Are so Popular?

    Mongolian Women

    Mongolia is a small East Asian country that can boast of its beautiful nature. However, this fact doesn’t make it a popular travel destination. But it doesn’t prevent Mongolian women from staying in demand among Western men. Single men from developed countries who opt for online dating to build a family start dating Asian women more often. Since you’re here to get acquainted with the traits of Mongolian women, feel free to explore the reasons for their popularity among men in this guide.

    They are educated

    If you think that women from Asian countries prepare to become housewives instead of obtaining knowledge, you’re wrong. Young ladies in Mongolia appreciate the wisdom and are eager to study. No wonder that a significant part of them has higher education. Finding a husband is equally important for them as realizing their career potential. Going on a date with such a woman means you won’t be embarrassed by an awkward silence.

    They have an exotic appearance

    Those who state that all Asian girls look the same had never met them in real life. Well, there are similarities in their appearance, but it doesn’t mean they are all alike. Mongolian girls usually have dense dark hair, light complexion, narrow eyes, and pouty lips. However, meeting a blonde Mongolian lady isn’t uncommon, but this hair color is a result of dye.

    They are good at English

    Most Asian girls can’t speak English freely, but not the Mongolian girls. We’ve already mentioned that they are mostly educated; no wonder that they can easily maintain a conversation with foreigners. This fact makes it easier for you to understand each other and see eye to eye. You’ll hardly have any misunderstanding.

    They are passionate in every endeavor

    If a Mongolian girl decides to enter the university and obtain knowledge, she’ll devote herself to it. They demonstrate the same attitude to everything they start doing: work, friendship, relationships, etc. Falling in love with one of the Mongolian women means your love won’t fade away.

    Mongolian Dating Culture

    Mongolian women are quite exotic ladies. Not everyone is aware of where Mongolia is located, but it’s an Asian country. It’s a country of nomads, and many tribes are present even now. They lead their style of living.  Still, it doesn’t make Mongolian women less appealing, but there are things to know about Mongolian dating culture, so discover the following:

    • Getting adapted to online dating. Online dating culture is getting more progressive in many countries, but Mongolia isn’t among countries where Tinder or other dating apps are popular. It’s common for Mongolian women to meet someone on Facebook, Instagram, at wedding parties, and so on.
    • Conservative dating. Mongolian women are known for being passionate and great in bed, and thus, some men are just interested in finding Mongolian wives. But these women aren’t keen on casual dating. Most Mongolian ladies come from conservative families, so you better have serious intentions before dating them.

    What are Mongolian Brides Like?

    Mongolian Women

    When it comes to marriage, Mongolian women start demonstrating the typical features of Asian women. It’s not bad because this fact makes men obsessed with these ladies. Discover the common features of all Mongolian brides.


    Mongolian women’s desire to be independent and self-sufficient shouldn’t frighten you off because they never forget about family. They manage to be successful employers at work and be good wives at home. Balancing these responsibilities is a talent. Even the enthusiastic social climbers become good housewives.


    The majority of Mongolia girls are well-bred. People in this country pay enough attention to teaching and upbringing, so their daughters grow up to be decent women. None of the women in this country can let herself disrespect members of her family, and especially older people. This behavior extends to the relationships in her own family.

    Less conservative as mothers

    Mongolia, as well as many other Asian countries, is known for paying close attention to traditions. Fortunately, younger generations realize these customs are outdated and gradually stop adhering to them. So, if the numerous customs and rules are everything that stopped you from meeting beautiful Mongolian women, you may try it now.

    Devoted and faithful

    Men who meet hot Mongolian women don’t believe they can be committed to one person and consider them to be frivolous. However, faithfulness is one of the key traits of all ladies in Mongolia regardless of their origin, appearance, or education. So, if you propose to your Mongolian girlfriend and she says “yes,” be sure of her choice as she is.


    You may notice a discretion in a girl’s behavior during one or two first dates, but it’s just another feature of their nature. In general, Mongolia girls are cheerful; they love their life and always laugh. Being in a bad mood makes no sense for them; being a source of happiness for other people is what they like more.


    Mongolian women are wives who have a soft spot for their husbands. No one knows how they manage to stay positive, loving, and caring even after a hard day’s labor, but the fact remains true. They’ll never complain about their problems and will give all your their love and care to make you the happiest man in the world.

    How to Date Mongolian Women?

    Mongolian girls

    Imagine you’ve met a Mongolian woman online and started texting each other every day, talking via video calls, etc. After some time, you two realize that you should meet in-person to decide whether it’s necessary to continue your messaging or not. And it’s the moment where it gets interesting because you start looking for ways to win her favor. Mongolian women are used to their culture and surroundings, so you may have difficulty communicating with her in person. However, the following Mongolian dating tips will help you avoid them:

    • Be honest. This rule applies to everything you discuss with your Mongolian lady. If you’re talking about relationships, she’ll certainly ask you about your attitude to adultery. Mongolia girls can’t stand any love affairs in marriage, so remember about it. In general, you should be honest and express your true thoughts and intentions.
    • Ask her about her values. Mongolian women like telling foreigners about their life values, so discussing this subject is a direct way to make her interested in your personality.  You won’t notice how smoothly you’ll get into discussing Mongolian traditions, your attitude to family, and other similar topics. It will demonstrate your serious intentions.
    • Find out more about her family. Mongolian girls are very sensitive about all their relatives, especially close ones. No wonder that they always have something interesting to tell about parents or grandparents. Don’t try to make jokes even if the story is fun; otherwise, you’ll close the way to the heart of a Mongolian female you love. All your questions about her family show her you’re a decent man who doesn’t treat her as a passing fancy.
    • Take her to a new place. All Mongolia girls share a common hobby — traveling. They adore visiting new places and discovering new countries. If you try to pry out what place she wants to visit and make a surprise, the joy of your date will have no limits. Moreover, we all are tired of having dates that seem to follow the same plan written by one person. Traveling will bring new emotions to your couple, and it’ll help you to spice up your lives. 
    • Show that you need her. Mongolian girls independence doesn’t change the fact that they want to meet a real man. If you want your relationships to last longer and end in marriage, show her that you’re the gentleman she was looking for. Don’t hesitate and text her first; she’ll appreciate your desire to hear her voice and find out how she’s doing. Pay attention to your behavior, especially when you’re with her. 

    How to Seduce Mongolian Women?

    If you want to seduce one of the Mongolian women you met online, you must be patient. Modern Mongolian women remain committed to the traditions. Their views depend on the area they live in: the girls from rural settings are very conservative and traditional, but the same cannot be said of Mongolia girls who live in urban areas. Nowadays, women’s attitudes to many things have changed. So you have all the chances to succeed in having a passionate date in Mongolia.

    • Wait for a while. Men who want to find a one-night stand in Asia and particularly Mongolia, often fail. Here young girls date men to marry; otherwise, it’s a waste of time for them. If you want to count on a love affair, you must be patient and spend as much time together as possible. She shouldn’t think that you want to use her.
    • Impress your Mongolian female. Discover what she likes and give it to her. Send flowers, make at least small gifts sometimes, start learning her native language and do everything that’ll express your interest in her personality. Incorporating some of her everyday customs into your routine is the best you can do to speed up your relationship.
    • Help her when she needs it. If you’re attentive, you’ll notice the change in a woman’s behavior. Since Mongolian women are too self-sufficient and aren’t used to telling people about their troubles, attentiveness and carefulness are two possible ways to find out more about the problems that worry her and offer your assistance. However, if she considers you a close person, be ready that she’ll tell you everything that worries her.
    • Have a date in a bar. Imagine you’ve spent enough time together, got to know each other, and are both sure you like each other. Since you’re a man, you must take the initiative. Choose a good bar or nightclub to visit and offer your Mongolian girlfriend to have a drink. You may not worry that she will refuse. Start any pep talk to get as close as possible, have another drink, and continue your evening in a romantic place.

    Don’t forget to use Mongolian women dating tips while seducing your girlfriend to increase the probability of success.

    Why do Mongolian Women Become Mail Order Brides?

    The gender imbalance in Mongolia complicates the process of finding the second half; however, it’s not the main reason women in Mongolia grab every chance to not date local men. Girls like communicating and meeting foreigners because they are completely different. If there’s nothing to link you with Mongolia, you know nothing about the challenges local women face here. You may be surprised, but most Mongolian women know about domestic violence firsthand. Moreover, no law can punish men for it. 

    At the same time, the number of educated women is higher than the number of men with higher education, so a woman who wants to find a decent husband is forced to start online dating. Mongolian girls are more ambitious and perspective, whereas local men suffer from alcohol addiction and are illiterate. The situation is complicated by the discrimination women face when finding a job.

    How to find a Reliable Mongolian Dating Website?

    Finding a reliable Mongolian dating website is as difficult as finding a decent man in the country. However, if you decided that meeting hot Mongolian girls is the only way to become happy, you have to overcome this challenge. When you open Google and try to find an online dating service, you see a huge list of various websites. Some of them look similar, whereas others stand in sharp contrast to each other. The following rules will help you to identify a trustworthy dating service:

    1. Evaluate the interface. The up-to-date and nice-looking design of the service suggest you to use a reliable website. Most of the companies prefer not to bother with these criteria, and as a result, their services are impossible to navigate. Try to find a decent site with proper design and appealing visuals. 
    2. Check reviews. Don’t choose a service with many negative reviews; you risk losing your money and endanger your personal data. Trusting reviews and testimonials published on the dating site is also not a good option.
    3. Ask customer support about security certificates. Online dating websites are known to have some security issues, and even the most respectable services aren’t protected from it. But we advise you to ask about the security certificates before registering on a site.
    4. Pay attention to profiles. Being attentive and careful with the service members is another good way to identify the reliable service and secure yourself. In case women’s photos don’t look natural and you get too many messages from other women immediately after registering on the service, you’re using a scam.
    5. Pricing policy. Quite often, free services turn out to be ineffective, and we opt for using paid services. Such a transition isn’t always justified. Find out more about the features the paid membership offers to you and decide whether they are worth spending so much money on them or not.

    How are Mongolian women different from other women?

    Comparing Mongolian women with women from other countries doesn’t always make sense. You’ll certainly agree that European women stand in sharp contrast to Mongolian women since they live in different settings. The only trait that can unite them is the desire to create a family. But at the same time, more and more girls in Europe decide to focus on themselves and their achievements instead of building a family. Mongolian girls face discrimination and inequity that are mostly absent in most developed countries, except for neighboring Asian areas. When we compare Mongolian women with ladies living in similar patriarchal cultures, we see that Mongolian girls have more freedom and power. However, their position is still worse. 

    Summing up: Mongolian women VS American Women

    Ambitiousness and women’s desire to realize their potential is the only aspect common both for Mongolian and American women. Being independent and self-sufficient is a rising trend, doing more bad than good. Due to this, women realize they can earn good money on their own, so looking for the men to marry loses its sense. Fortunately, the number of American and Mongolian women who register on dating services is still high, so it lets us say that everything isn’t lost. 

    After reviewing Mongolian women’s nature and traits, one may say that these ladies deserve a better attitude towards them. Hot Mongolian girls are beautiful, educated, passionate, and faithful. Thousands of single men dream about finding such a girlfriend, whereas these girls dream about finding someone who will appreciate all these features. So why not register on a dating service and make each other’s dreams come true?

    James Preece
    Dating Coach
    James is an expert in international dating and helps many men navigate through the best choice, be it for dating or marriage. He conveys the real sense of how you can approach choosing the best match. He consistently helps our site get the best and up-to-date content to shed light on dating online and its perks. Besides, he’s a talented writer who makes it easy to understand the peculiarities of international women for dating and marriage.
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