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    Hot Hungarian Women
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    Hot Hungarian Women


    Most people know little about Hungary. Most often, they can remember the inventor of the Rubik’s cube, the famous Lake Balaton, sweet Tokaj wine, and a delicious meat dish called goulash. The people of Hungary faced historical heydays, revolutions, and civil wars. Now, Hungary is a safe and prosperous country with a population of almost 10 million people, actively participating in the development of the European Union. There are large Hungarian diasporas in other countries as well. 

    Hungary is a country where the blue Danube splashes, and where you can find numerous thermal spa resorts and ancient castles. It is also the sunniest country in Central Europe with a mild climate — the sun shines more than 200 days a year there. When speaking about this country, it is impossible not to mention beautiful women in whose veins the Finno-Ugric blood flows. Let’s talk about hot Hungarian women who have glorified their homeland in the past and continue to win men’s hearts today.

    Why Are Hungarian Girls Considered to Look So Hot?

    Hot Hungarian girls are unique, graceful, and charming. These females do their best to keep themselves in shape and look well-groomed and stylish under any life circumstances. They are often very kind and communicative with close people. Hot Hungarian women can be cold with strangers, but if they like somebody, they will protect and take care of that person, sparing no health and effort. Most of all, they want to pamper their men and expect admiration and respect in return.

    Hot Hungarian women are sexy, intelligent, and self-sufficient. Attractive Hungarian girls are known for their hot temperaments. However, they know how to behave in company with other people. These ladies are emotional, but at the same time, they are calm and well-balanced. They usually make decisions based on reasoning without letting their feelings dominate. Feminism in Hungary is not a strong attribute since both women and men clearly understand their gender roles.


    The men’s world is very fascinated by hot Hungarian women because the latter are some of the most beautiful women in the world. Therefore, many single men want to meet Hungarian brides. In Hungary, grace and beauty have always been inherent in both aristocratic ladies and ordinary saleswomen in local markets. These are not languid and frail females, but the embodiments of strength and health. Having fun is also the hallmark of pretty and hot Hungarian girls.

    Hungary took over the tradition of conducting beauty contests back in 1925 when the most beautiful girl was selected in Keszthely town for the first time in the country. Soon after that, the Beauty of Balaton competition was held. The first beauty pageant, called Miss Hungary, was organized in January 1929 by the Theatrical Life edition. Out of 218 applicants for the beauty’s crown in the first round, 35 hot Hungarian girls were selected, and there were only four of them in the second round.

    The winner was Boeshka (Erzhibet) Shimon, already known for her previous victories in such competitions. In an instant, a modest daughter of a Jewish doctor became the most famous person in the country. It was a real triumph! Both journalists and politicians called the girl’s victory no less than a national feat that broke the ice of European alienation after Hungary’s participation and the defeat in the First World War on the side of Germany.

    Physical Features

    Although the appearance of sexy Hungarian women can be different, they do not look like any other European people outwardly. Connoisseurs claim that hot Hungarian women have the most beautiful faces in Europe. Usually, their faces with regular features are of olive shade. Their eyes of different colors are large and shiny. Sexy Hungarian girls are able to captivate all men with their charming appearance. It can be said that their facial features and figure lines are similar to classical Greek statues.

    Despite their physical strength, they have thin limbs and exquisite feet. The shoulders are tilted perfectly, the body curves are not exaggerated, and everything in them is proportional. Sexy Hungarian women are feminine and they spend a lot of time maintaining their natural beauty. They take great care of their appearance and bodies. In addition to being cute, they like to dress in such a way as to show off their sexy bodies. Fashion, cosmetics, and sports are very important for many Hungarian women.


    The whole lives of hot Hungarian women revolve around their families. They enjoy taking care of their loved ones and family members. Hungarian mentality, as well as politics and legislation, aim to ensure that people get married as early as possible. In Hungary, everyone treats love relations calmly, and by law, intimacy with mandatory mutual consent is allowed from a very young age. In Hungary, almost 90 out of 100 Hungarian girls are officially married after the age of 20.

    As a rule, sexy Hungarian women are full of vitality. They have a healthy complexion, well-groomed hair, wide smiles, and benevolent characters. They are not prone to migraines and nervous attacks. These ladies always behave naturally and simply. Hot Hungarian girls have a lot of hobbies. Most of them dance, sing, swim, and ride horses perfectly. Being smart and educated, they can easily talk on a variety of topics and say what they think without undue constraints.

    Regular bathing in thermal baths is a part of Hungarian culture. The thermal baths of Hungary are a world-famous attraction. It is customary not to swim in outdoor pools, but to sit and relax. Hot Hungarian women go to the baths not so much to wash but to find comfort and relieve stress. The healing properties of the thermal water have a beneficial effect on the skin and joints, but for Hungarians, it is above all a great occasion to spend time with family and friends on weekends.

    Most of the country’s population speaks only the Hungarian language. Those who have tried to master this language know firsthand how challenging it is to learn. The Hungarian language is quite difficult to understand by ear, and it requires many years of study. Finnish and Estonian are distantly related languages, but the speakers of these languages ​​are not able to understand Hungarians. However, the language barrier will in no way be an obstacle to communication with residents. Many sexy Hungarian girls are fluent in both German and English.

    Popularity Among Men 

    Hot Hungarian women are very popular among Austrian and German men primarily because this country was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire for a long time and the German language is still very common there. If we talk about Eastern European men, first of all about Russians, then sexy Hungarian girls are somewhat wary of them because of the unpredictability and expressiveness of these men. In contrast, Hungarian women feature certain slowness in doing anything. 

    Top 15 Hottest Hungarian Girls

    The beauty of sexy Hungarian girls is known far beyond the borders of this small European state. Hungarian women are not only beautiful but also full of enthusiasm and ambition. They can set goals for themselves and move towards their life purposes for years. Take a look at our Top 15 list of the hottest Hungarian women and be assured of their gorgeous appearance. This ranking presents the most beautiful and famous Hungarian models, actresses, and TV stars.

    1. Agnes Dobo

    Agnes Dobo

    Agnes Dobo (born in 1988) was a winner of the Hungarian selection for Miss World 2010 in China. However, she was not able to participate in this beauty pageant due to a broken arm. However, the fact that she missed this competition did not prevent her from becoming a successful personality in other fields. In 2013, she obtained a law degree at the University of Debrecen. Her first YouTube video was posted in 2016. At present, her lifestyle vlog on YouTube has over 40,000 subscribers and 6 million views overall.

    2. Andrea Osvart

    Andrea Osvart

    Andrea Osvart (born in 1979) is a Hungarian actress and model. At the age of 16, she started working as a model. She starred in commercials and was able to achieve some success on the set. In 1996, she took second place in the Hungarian model competition Look of the Year. Then, her international modeling career began. She participated in fashion shows around the world and at the same time starred in commercials. In the early 2000s, Andrea tried herself as an actress, playing a small role in the movie Spy Games. Today, Andrea is still dealing with many national and European film directors.

    3. Annamária Rákosi

    Annamária Rákosi (born in 1992) is one of the hottest Hungarian girls and a recognized model. She took part in the national beauty pageant in 2013 and finished second in the Miss Sports category. In this way, she became a challenger at the Miss World contest. Before that, she has been practicing aerobics for about 12 years. Unfortunately, Annamária was not selected for the final of the Miss World contest. After that, she completed her education and became a pharmacist.

    4. Anett Szigethy

    Anett Szigethy (born in 1994) is a Hungarian fitness athlete and fashion model. She has been playing sports since the age of 3 and practicing fitness after she was 10 years old. When Anett was 18, she decided to take part in the national Beauty Queen competitions. Although she did not manage to win the crown, she was awarded the title of Miss Supranational Hungary 2013 a few months later. Then, she represented her country in the Miss Supranational 2013 pageant in Minsk, Belarus, but unfortunately, she was not included in the top twenty.

    5. Anita Hudáček

    Anita Hudáček (born in 1976), also known as Anita Blond, is a Hungarian actress and fashion model. She began her acting career as a Penthouse model in 1995. From 1995 to 2001, she starred in more than 100 adult films. In 1999, she first appeared in the art-house movie Le Vent de la Nuit, in which the main role was played by Catherine Deneuve. She is also known for her roles in the Italian film Vita Da Paparazzo (2008) by Pier Francesco Pingitore and the drama The Errand of Angels (2008) by Christian Vuissa. Anita’s height is 172 cm, and the body parameters are 92-59-92.

    6. Balogh Edina

    Balogh Edina

    Balogh Edina (born in 1984) is one of hottest Hungarian women. She is an actress, model, and business manager. Since 1998, she began her acting career with the role of Kinga Nádor in the TV series Barátok Közt (Among Friends). In 2004, the movie Dealer with her participation was released. In 2003, she became the winner of the Miss Hungary national beauty pageant and started to appear on the covers of glossy magazines. In 2008, she won a Zenith Award as the most liked actress.

    7. Barbara Palvin

    Barbara Palvin (born in 1993) is a Hungarian top model and actress. Her modeling career began in 2006 when she was 13 years old. In 2006, she signed a contract and moved to work as a model in Asian countries. In particular, the Japanese magazine Spur posted her photography sessions. In 2009, Barbara began working with the largest international modeling agency IMG, and her career began to gain momentum. Her photos appeared on the covers of Jalouse, Vogue, and L’Officiel magazines. Barbara’s height is 175 cm, and her body parameters are 81-66-95.

    8. Beres Evelin

    Beres Evelin (born in 1990) is a Hungarian model. She worked as a fashion model at My77. She also represented Hungary in the Miss World 2011 contest. In spring 2014, she graduated from the Budapest College of Economics with a degree in PR management. She is now happily married and has a little girl and a boy. Therefore, she temporarily moved away from the fashion business to take care of her family. However, many of her fans hope to see her on the catwalk and the covers of beauty magazines.

    9. Claudia Kozma

    Claudia Kozma

    Claudia Kozma (born in 1993) is a Hungarian model, TV presenter, and dancer. In 2012, she applied for the Miss International beauty contest, where she became a part of the top 20 finalists. In the final, she was elected Miss International Hungary beauty queen and ranked 20th out of more than 70 countries. In 2016, she participated in the Miss Balaton beauty pageant, where she was among the 16 most beautiful girls. The same year, she took part in the Miss Universe Hungary competition. Based on the decision of the professional jury, she was selected the first lady for the entire time of coronation in Hungary.

    10. Eniko Mihalik

    Eniko Mihalik (born in 1987) is a Hungarian top model. In 2002, she won the Hungarian Elite Model Look competition. After that, she decided to go to the international level and took part in a beauty contest in Tunisia, where she was placed 4th in the final. In 2006, Eniko made her debut at the Chanel Haute Couture Show. Then, she collaborated with over 50 brands including Givenchy, Blumarine, Moschino, Versace, and Diane von Furstenberg. In 2009, she was invited to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York. Her height is 179 cm, and her body parameters are 84-61-87.

    11. Huszar Zsofia

    Huszar Zsofia is one of the hottest Hungarian girls. She is a model of incredible beauty. She became a finalist of the Miss Hungary 2010 pageant. Interestingly, her main activity was primarily related to dancing, and not the modeling business. The model has not been much in the media since her victory. Huszar was quite active on social media and often demonstrated her perfect body shapes to numerous fans on Instagram. The secret of her perfect look was based on hard workouts, a healthy lifestyle, a strict diet, and outstanding willpower.

    12. Katalin Koller

    Katalin Koller

    Katalin Koller (born in 1983) is a Hungarian model, actress, dancer, and event organizer. Also, she is the former Miss Hungary 2007. As a dancer, she achieved outstanding results, being a six-time Hungarian national champion, a four-time European champion, a three-time world champion, and a once-world silver medalist. As an actress, she is known for her roles in several musical, comedy, melodrama films. Her most remarkable works since 2009 are in the Álom.net (2009), Starfactory (2014), and StarDust Musical Show (2012) movies. Unfortunately, she died because of breast cancer at age 34.

    13. Linda Szunai

    Linda Szunai (born in 1993) is a Hungarian model. As a child, she actively participated in teen beauty contests. At the age of 18, she became the winner of the national competition Miss World Hungary 2011, in which she won the diamond crown. Unfortunately, she did not take prizes at the following international competitions. Besides beauty contests, this girl with a charming smile took part in castings, dreaming of a cinema career. Winning a beauty pageant made her dream come true. At present, she is acting in films and TV shows, as well as taking part in photo shoots and advertising leading cosmetics brands.

    14. Monika Kocso

    Monika Kocso (born in 1989) is a Hungarian model. She tried to win the Miss Hungary title in 2010 and reached the final. In the next beauty pageant Miss International Hungary 2014, she became a semi-finalist, which allowed her to represent her country at the International beauty pageant in Tokyo. She also took part in Miss Universe Hungary 2015. At present, Monika is active on social networks and posts many pictures of her.

    15. Reka Ebergenyi

    Reka Ebergenyi (born in 1982) is a Hungarian beauty and model. She has worked with famous brands such as Marie Claire, Victoria’s Secret, Elle, and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. Reka was posing for many leading fashion companies. This girl with dark brown hair and blue eyes also became the face of Lancôme and promoted such global brands as Armani, Gap, and Rolex on the catwalk. Many fans are waiting for her next photo shoots in a swimsuit. With a height of 178 cm, she has body parameters of 89-59-89.

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