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    Italian Women

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    Should You Date An Italian Woman?

    The straightforward answer to this question is yes – you should date an Italian woman. Italian women are very romantic and passionate people. Italian brides love dates, spontaneous kisses, and intense lovemaking.

    When these ladies love someone or something, they do not hide it. Sometimes, they may even get aggressive. So, do not get on an Italian bride’s nerve by hurting someone they love because all of their relationships matter to them.

    Family comes first for them. They would go to any length just to make sure their family members are happy. When you meet an Italian woman for marriage, expect to meet all her family members early and if you are going to make progress with them, you have to love the family.

    Italian women do not mind being housewives and they also do not mind joining you to pay the bills in the house. They enjoy being independent and would not like to be seen as a burden.

    Most Italian brides are sexy and very appealing physically. They have the kinds of physique that will have heads turning on a hot day. No wonder the goddess of love and beauty, Venus is Roman.

    If you love a carefree woman then you should be thinking of marrying an Italian woman. Italian women are party people and would not leave until the music stops. With steps that would have you on your heels after them and graceful hips to help set you in the mood, Italian women are indeed very alluring.

    If you are thinking of starting a relationship with a very active woman, cast your net in Italy. Also, for settling down, you should consider marrying an Italian woman.

    Italian Dating Culture

    Italy is a perfect country for romantic lovers. Here, you can find lots of singles, and guess what? Online dating is common among singles. But before you venture into finding Italian women, you should know more about their dating culture. Here’s what you better keep in mind:

    • Picking your lady up. In Italy, everyone drives everywhere, and it can be hard to get somewhere on time. Thus, in Italy, it’s common for male partners to pick their ladies up. So, this is how your romantic adventure can start.
    • Being late. In Southern Europe, it’s common for ladies to show up late. What’s more, in Italy, women can be up to an hour. Thus, you better have some patience, which will pay off sooner or later.
    • Attempts to impress. Ladies in Italy are obsessed with their looks. So, it’s common for them to appear in chic clothes. They dress to impress. So, be ready to get enchanted by your date when you meet in person.
    • Aperitivo. Pre-dinner drinks and snacks are common when you date for the first time. You don’t need to start with fancy places. Going to luxurious restaurants should happen later when you become attached to each other.

    How is it like to live in Italy?

    Italian women

    Have you ever wondered what it is like to live in a different country? Whether it is to get a new job, move with a family or a loved one, to seek adventure, or to just get away from the usual boring schedule you have.

    Italy might have crossed your mind and in your imagination, all you could think of was pasta, spicy foods, sweet red wine, historic buildings, and world-renowned museums. But just like everything has 2 sides, so is moving to a new country and Italy is not an exception. 

    Every country has its pros and cons and these are some of the things to put into consideration before making that big move.

    Pros of living in Italy

    1. Healthcare is pocket friendly and of high quality

    Like every other European country, Italy has a healthcare insurance system. It was ranked by the WHO (World Health Organisation) as 1 of the top 10 countries with the best healthcare system and it is also cheap. There may be queues in the public hospitals but overall, healthcare over there is efficient and affordable.

    1. The food is incredible

    Italians usually have a lot of conversations revolving around food. The locals love good food. Some of the kinds of food to expect in Italy include pasta, pastries, espresso, gelato, pizza and so much more than you could imagine.

    If you are a fan of Italian food in your hometown, wait till you eat it from the real source. Get ready to add some extra pounds when you move to Italy. Their dishes are that good.

    1. Becoming a citizen is not as complicated as other European countries

    To become an eligible citizen of Italy, you need a residency requirement of 10 years. However, that can be fast-tracked if you are of Italian descent. It only takes 4 years to become eligible for Italian citizenship without the residency requirement.

    1. Nighttime life is varied and exciting

    Italians love to stay out late, they are nightcrawlers. They have a lot of clubs and dining spots. They have a tradition called the Passagiata or the stroll. People take night strolls, eating gelato, and socializing. After the stroll, you can stop by a cafe for a cup of espresso and just admire the people.

    1. Getting a landed property is quite easy

    You require a residency permit before you can own a property in Italy. But if you come from a country that allows Italians to buy properties from them even without a residence permit, then you can get a property there. This applies to Americans. 

    After seeing some of the upsides of living in Italy, let us take a spiral turn and move on to the downsides of living in Italy.


    Cons of living in Italy

    1. Leases are usually long term

    Before settling in Italy, you should know that breaking a lease contract is very costly and sometimes you might get stuck. Getting a transitory lease apartment is usually 18 months long but getting a long-term apartment lease is going to hold you down for a minimum of 3 years. So before getting accommodation in Italy, you should think deeply, especially if you are picky.

    1. The unemployment rate is high

    If you plan on getting a job in Italy, you should not be hasty or desperate as the unemployment rate is quite high compared to other European countries. Do your background check and make sure the skills you have are highly sought after in Italy.

    1. Dirty streets

    Despite being adorned with beautiful architecture, graffiti is common in the big cities. Overcrowding, which is mostly caused by tourists, is also another issue on the streets of Italy. It’s hard to see all the beauty Italy has to offer amidst all that dirt.

    1. The weather is not consistent

    You never really know what to expect from your weather forecast as Italy has 2 regions. The weather conditions aren’t predictable over there. The Northern region gets extremely cold during winter while the Southern region is mild during winter but extremely hot and dry during the summer. 

    1. Getting a work visa is complicated for entrepreneurs

    If you are moving from another European country, you will need to apply for a self-employment visa and there is no guarantee that it would be granted. So moving as an entrepreneur to Italy could be quite complicated and requires a lot of effort and time.

    Moving to Italy is amazing but has its fair share of downsides so think properly before 

    making that big move.

    Guide On Italian Women: All You Need To Know

    Italian girls are hot cakes when it comes to online dating. These women are a blend of beauty, brains and class. It requires more than being “macho” to meet Italian girls and get them attracted to you. You need to be sensitive to their response to situations and be aware of other general attributes that they possess.

    This article will guide you through all you need to know about dating Italian girls. 

    Why Italian Women Become Mail Order Brides?

    The reason there are a lot of Italian mail order brides is because of the men in their land. Italian men are very picky and perfectionists. They give a lot of detail to fashion and dressing which makes them spend too much time dressing up. This is a major turn off for Italian women.

    They are very intoxicating. They give a lot of compliments and can be over the top in their romantic gestures. These beautiful ladies have grown a bit weary of experiencing the same things over and over again.

    Italian men like to have fun and explore. So they do not like to commit and Italian women are exclusive and passionate. They do not like to share their man. They also lack control over their emotions. 

    These are some of the reasons why Italian women upload their profiles on dating sites. Italian women believe that foreign men have a lot to offer and they would like to explore their options. Italian mail order brides are not so hard to find. Although there are some guidelines so that you do not fall victim to scams.

    They are:

    • Genuine websites sectionalize the ladies they have registered on it according to their location and preferences. Scam dating sites generalize all the ladies they have on it.
    • Genuine dating sites do not ask for money before pairing. Scam websites more or less sell the potential brides they have registered on their site as all they care about is pumping money from your pocket to theirs. 

    If the dating site does not have these in their blueprints, you shouldn’t pay attention to them.

    Why Are Italian Women So Popular?

    Italian women stand out for a lot of things. One of those things being their unique fashion sense. Their idea of fashion is to be really simple but still classy; people are drawn to this.

    Another reason why Italian women are popular is because of their carefree lifestyle. They have the ‘I do not care what people say’ kind of attitude. Coming from a chauvinistic community, Italian women like to be heard and are independent. They strive to live above their society’s standards.

    They make really good housewives and are excellent cooks. With mouth-watering meals from Italy, Italian women make really good meals. Cooking is like an art for them.

    Italian women are also popular for their kindness and friendliness. Italian mail order brides from the very first day would mesmerize you with how hospitable they can be. They are both family-oriented and relationship-oriented. Family is number one on their list of priorities so they are not the type to replace building a comfortable home with going very far in their careers – if it ever came down to that choice.

    Italian wives are very beautiful and exotic. They leave heads turning because of this. You can not see an Italian girl and walk by without staring. That is another reason beautiful Italian women are popular.

    Tips for Dating Italian Women

    Dating an Italian girl requires some kind of technicality as they have complex personalities. For example, some Italian women find it misogynistic if a man should be protective of his woman while others find it romantic. 

    So when you meet Italian women, these are some things you can expect from them. There are also things to do to get them attracted to you and make them comfortable around you. 

    1. Be ready to splurge a little

    Italian ladies need a lot of pampering and dating one will probably cost you a lot of money. So, if you’re worried about spending on dates, it’s advisable to check other women. You may struggle around Italians.

    1. Go on Dutch Dates

    When going on a date with an Italian woman, you should not expect her to offer to split the bill. Remember, these women love being pampered, so when going on a date with an Italian woman, you should carry enough money to cover the bills.

    1. Consistency is key

    When meeting Italian women, you have to be willing to put in effort and time. Don’t expect a single date to do the trick. Except you’re meeting with a call girl, you will likely have to put in a little more effort into the endeavor.

    1. Win the heart of an Italian girl through cooking

    “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is a very popular phrase, but in Italy, it applies to everybody as food is an integral part of their daily lives and conversations. Italian women are excellent cooks and if you want to attract them, you can win them over by showing that you can outdo them at cooking. Doing that shows that you are interested in something they naturally love doing.

    1. Expect little displays of emotion

    Italian women are the touchy type so they enjoy intimacy a lot. Intimacy makes them extra comfortable around you. So, expect maybe a touch on the shoulder or even a kiss on the cheek as doing these things makes them warm up to you.

    1. Win the heart of their friends

    Italians are really friendly people. So when you want to get an Italian woman, you should get to the heart of her friends. This trick works for women all over the world, so feel free to use it with Italians too.

    1. Be serious

    Most serious-minded Italian women do not appreciate one night stands. Some live for flings, but except you want to expose yourself to the dangers associated with that, don’t approach an Italian bride if you are not willing to settle down.


    Italian Women VS American Women

    Italian women

    Every single thing has upsides and downsides. If you are still not so convinced about the type of woman you want to be with, we will outline some differences between American women and Italian women.

    American Women

    If an American woman wants you, she won’t put you through stress. She may even be shameless in her approach as she does not see a need to hide her feelings.

    An American girl is never afraid to shoot her shott. She may even take the initiative and ask you out if you are being slow. On the flip side, being persistent with an American girl will come off as toxic. You should take her no as no because she is very straight forward.

    American girls would gladly ditch her friends just to spend time with you. These girls sometimes aren’t out looking for the perfect gentleman. They just need someone honest. This is why sometimes, mediocrity can be overlooked by an American woman.

    Italian Women

    Italian women like to see to what length you can go for them before letting their guards down. They like to see that you are willing to commit. This is like a test of love for them.

    Italian women will never make the first move with you. You have to ask them out yourself.

    You have to be persistent with Italian women. You have to put in the effort, time, and work.

    They care so much about fashion. You can not get away with being a lazy dresser if you date an Italian.

    Another difference here is that Italian girls seldom turn up for dates alone. They move around with their friends and won’t ditch them for you. If you want privacy, you should also bring your friends so that they distract her friends from her.

    Italian women love flirting. You have to make them feel flattered and sweep them completely off their feet with the right choice of words. Finally, an Italian girl will have you bringing out your full potential and making you leave mediocrity.

    Most Italian women are pretty, are great housewives, excellent cooks, hospitable and caring. They love their careers but they will also contribute to the upkeep at home. If you are thinking of settling down, Italian brides are a good fit.

    James Preece
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