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    Searching for the love of your life can be a time-consuming and stressful experience. You never know where you will find your special one and hope to meet them whenever getting acquainted with new people. You try to build up a strong bond with a new partner but nothing seems to work in the end. What would you do if you lost all the hope already? Is there any chance to be happy in your personal life and how to spot your Mrs. Right? We have something to share with you.

    You may not be lucky in dating because you are just searching in the wrong place. Maybe, your partner lives on the other side of the globe and cannot wait to meet you too. Just imagine: your prospective bride is trying to find her partner somewhere in Asia and has the same problems as you. Finally, she decides to sign up on a dating app to widen her possibilities of meeting more people, and what about you? We bet you do not have too many chances of getting acquainted with Korean women as you can have if you join an Asian dating platform. So, while you are thinking about what website or app to join, we suggest you read this review on Korean brides, their traits, and tips on how to conquer their hearts. Once you are done with comprehending it, you will be forearmed for dating Korean girls online. 

    The typical stereotype of Korean women 

    Charming korean girl

    Our society does have many stereotypes of other nationalities, including Koreans. Probably, you heard a lot about Korean women getting plastic surgeries from a young age. However, it’s not true. Today, the majority of Korean youth try to emphasize other aspects of their personalities than their appearance. Yet some girls wish to correct their faces or bodies with the help of a plastic surgeon. Usually, it comes from the desire to stand out from the crowd or recover from the inner insecurity. 

    Another stereotype about Korean ladies is their obsession with beauty products. It is said that Korean brides buy a lot of skincare items and cannot spend a day without whitening face topicals. This stereotype has little to do with reality. Although the Korean beauty industry is one of the most up-to-date and technologically developed in the world, young Korean girls do not spend half of the day putting their face masks and creams on. 

    Have you heard of Koreans eating only spicy food and having home refrigerators full of kimchi? Nevermind. Only a few Korean women eat kimchi often and a lot of men dislike it. Moreover, just a minority of Korean families have kimchi refrigerators at home, so if you do not like spicy dishes and are afraid of being pushed to eat them by your potential Korean wife, do not worry. 

    Finally, not every Korean woman admires BTS and K-pop although this music has brought Southern Korea much popularity lately. Modern Korean girls listen to the same hits that you do, so do not hesitate to ask them about their favorite bands and singers. 

    Tips for Dating a Korean Girl 

    Now, let’s see what else you should do to draw the attention of a Korean bride. Below, we collected some of the most effective tips for you to use. Keep in mind that they are relevant at any stage of your relationship, from getting acquainted to a few years of romance. 

    If You’re a Foreigner, You’re an Instant Playboy 

    Once you come to Korea to meet a woman, you will be hit by the stereotype that you are a womanizer (especially if you are a young white male). This is because of Korean dating culture that dictates local women to perceive foreigners like that. However, it does not mean that you will have no chance to introduce yourself to Korean brides; they just will be a bit more careful once you approach them. 

    What can you do about this issue? First of all, do not worry. You still have everything that it takes to start dating a Korean girl. Second, take action. Once you see a beautiful Korean bride, come up to her and start a small talk. If you like her, invite her on a date. She is likely to agree. 

    The only thing that can go wrong with meeting Korean women is your introduction part if you decide to use some pick-up lines or filthy jokes. Thus, Korean girls will think that you are a true playboy who just wants to hook up with as many girls as possible. As a result, you will have no luck in Korea, so be sincere and honest if you want to attract Korean brides. 

    They’re Worried About You Thinking They’re ‘Easy’ 

    The majority of Korean women do not want to be perceived as easy prey to other men, especially foreigners. That is the reason why they may look a bit reserved or unwilling to speed up your relationship at the start. They do it because they want to make sure that you are interested in them and do not look for a one-night stand with them. 

    To make your relationship with a Korean girl last, give her an assurance that you are treating her seriously: demonstrate your respect, do not cross her personal boundaries, and be consistent. Let her see that you are not going to speed up things and just want to enjoy your relationship, and she will open up to you. 

    Be Prepared To Pull Out Your Wallet 

    Long gone are those days when men needed to pay for everything on a date, from dinner and drinks to movie tickets and popcorn. Today, splitting the bill is a quite popular practice in Korea; however, it does not look the same as in Western countries. If a woman from Western Europe is likely to suggest splitting the bill into equal parts, a Korean lady will offer to pay in turn for each kind of food or fun that you have on the date (e.g. you pay for dinner, she pays for drinks, then you pay for dessert, etc.) 

    Of course, some ladies may not offer to pay for anything during the date and that is OK for Korean society. In such a case, you just need to accept that you will be the only one paying for the fun you have together from now on. 

    Korean Women Are Good At Dating 

    Korean girls

    That is, they know how to turn men’s heads and wrap guys around their fingers. Korean girls can be charming, detached, seductive, and nice at the same time, so beware. You are likely to fall under their spell quickly and for a long time. 

    Hence, we advise you to stay sane even if you feel that you fall in love too fast. Every new relationship is an exciting experience until you stop thinking clearly and crush on somebody. So if you want to find a partner for life, make sure your choice is deliberate. 

    Get Used to “Remote” Dates 

    Once you start dating Korean women, get ready to compete with all her friends, family, and other potential partners on social networks. This is because of the high popularity of social media in Korea: every step your girlfriend takes is published on various apps. Thus, once you take your lady to a restaurant, do not be surprised that she films every moment there, including your food. The same goes for flowers and gifts you bring. Can you imagine how many people you do not even know will evaluate your signs of attention to your date? 

    Due to such a pressure of being compared to others, only a few men can handle dating Korean brides. No one wants to be evaluated for the effort they put into making their loved ones happy through Instagram reactions and Facebook likes. Therefore, your task is to either accept it and go with the flow or refrain from starting relationships with Korean girls. 

    Korean Girls Are Educated And Expect You To Be The Same 

    Now it’s time to know at least one thing that Korean women expect of you as a partner. You should be intelligent and witty to be considered as a candidate for dating a Korean woman. So the best thing you can do before meeting girls from Korea is start widening your outlook every day. Read more books, visit the world’s renowned museums through online tours, watch award-winning movies to know what’s trending, and you will be an interesting person to talk to. 

    Also, knowledge of Korean language can help a lot. If you can handle a conversation in your beloved woman’s language, you will get some points in her eyes immediately. She will see that you are serious about dating her and respect her culture and country.

    Korean Dating Culture

    When talking about Korean women, it’s mainly common to talk about ladies from South Korea. Since North Korea is an isolated country, you won’t have any chance of dating in this country. South Korea is quite a different country with a different mindset. When looking at women like Shin Min Ah, Jisoo Kim, Lee Hanee, or Park Han Byul, it can be hard to resist such charm. Thus, you need to know about the following:

    • Modern dating. Korean women are liberal and independent. When dating, there’s almost no conservative hindrance that you can face, although there are some unique sides of their dating culture. But when it comes to sex, South Korea is open and free on this topic. So, you can expect intimacy before marriage. What’s more, marriage isn’t always their goal, as they can be interested in living together without the need for marriage.
    • Spending time together. What makes their dating culture interesting is their desire to spend more time together. They can ask you to wear an outfit of the same color to showcase that you’re a couple. They love taking photos while dating. They love showing their emotions by hugging. Interestingly, even if you’re apart, they love staying connected via messaging or calling.

    Women’s Role in Contemporary Korea

    From 1948, Korean women enjoyed the set of constitutional rights that were established to help girls get education and jobs in Korea. Women were allowed to participate in all spheres of life freely, and that was one of the engines of progress in the second part of the 20th century in the state. Women made a great impact on the economic growth of their motherland, started to pursue higher education and take the leading positions in business and public administration. 

    As you might have guessed, contemporary Korea has made even more steps towards ensuring gender equality for its citizens. Thus, the Ministry of Gender Equality was set up in 2001. This was done to help women find more opportunities for personal growth, education, employment, cooperation with other women from all over the world, etc.

    Yet Korean brides are not outspoken feminists who can’t stand being treated like ladies. They still consider family to be one of their top priorities and believe marriage is the best form of the relationship between men and women. They still want to have kids, care about them, and are ready to leave their work for some to nurse their babies. Over time, they learned to manage their jobs and personal life, so you will not be left alone by your Korean woman while she is building her career. 

    Here Are a Few Reasons Why You Should Think About Dating A Korean Girl 

    She will never discourage you

    Historically, Korean women were supportive partners to their men, they ensured their comfort and coziness of their homes. Despite emancipation, the majority of modern Korean girls stayed optimistic supporters of their boyfriends. These girls never doubt the skills and intellect of their partners, and always demonstrate how much they believe in their men’s talents. Hence, if you would like to have a girlfriend who genuinely admires your personality, pick a Korean girl for dating, and you will never regret your decision. 

    She can handle any topic 

    You will never get bored in the company of Korean brides since they can talk on any topic men usually talk about: politics, business, money, etc. There is no subject that a Korean woman does not have an opinion on. It is good not only for your tet-a-tet conversation but also for your business meetings and gatherings with your friends: your girlfriend will be comfortable around people from all walks of life due to her wide outlook and curious nature. Thus, apart from getting acquainted with a Korean girl, you also get a loving girlfriend and a smart partner at the same time. 

    She will not lie and cheat

    Another heavy plus of Korean brides personalities is their loyalty and honesty. They probably inherited those features from the previous generations of women who were caring housewives waiting for their husbands to surround them with their love. Korean women consider infidelity to be one of the worst sins that a girl can do, so they stick to their partners for a long time. If they believe it’s time to move on, they break up and sincerely admit that there is no joy in this relationship anymore. Finally, they expect the same conduct from you, so think twice whether you are ready to be that honest with them. 

    You will not take your eyes off her 

    Korean brides are very beautiful. They are some of the most charming ladies in Asia: lively dark eyes, wide smiles, glossy hair… Their outfits depend on the situation but are always to the point. Youth usually wears trendy clothes since young Korean girls love fashion and try to stick to it. Middle-aged women wear more classy outfits to emphasize their elegance and good taste. The older generation chooses things that reflect their state of mind and inner age. As you can see, Korean women are perfect and attractive at any age, so you will not manage to take your eyes off your beloved woman even after decades of being together. 

    Why Marry a Korean Woman?

    She is a caring partner

    Once you get married to one of the Korean women, you will be surprised by the load of care and love that she is going to give you. You will always have a shoulder to cry on, a tasty dinner after a long working day, and the idea to spend some time before sleep together. You can even expect to have home-made food to take to your workplace. All your clothes will be tidy and prepared for you to wear each morning. 

    Besides daily care, your woman will not leave you once you get a cold. She will go to work only after she is sure that you have all your drugs, hot tea, and a warm blanket in one place. She will call you to get to know whether you are OK during the day. Can you believe such a Wonder Woman exists? 

    She is an attentive mother

    The second trait that your Korean will reveal in marriage is love for kids. When it’s time to get married, Korean brides usually have thoughts of becoming mothers soon after the wedding. They dream of having a baby with their loved ones, breed them together, teach them new things, and enjoy their achievements. Oftentimes, Korean women want to have two or three kids so that the family could be big and strong. Although looking for equality in the relationship, they want their husbands to lead the family and be a major example for the children. If you are ready for such responsibility, do not hesitate to marry a Korean bride. 

    She keeps the house like a pro

    The last but not the least thing to mention is the Korean women’s ability to handle the housework with a snap of their fingers. They know how to keep their home clean and cozy so that any guests could come and stay for dinner and a board game session. Korean girls do not think that keeping the house is something extraordinary to do, so this duty is easy and pleasant to them. 

    Why Are Korean Women So Popular? 

    They are educated

    Korean women are getting a quality education nowadays. Starting from the end of the 20th century, over 99% of girls who entered schools graduated, and 61% of those who entered universities received their diplomas. Thus, Korea is one of the most literate Asian countries today, and its people are experts in all possible spheres. 

    High-quality education is a top priority for every Korean family today, so be ready for your wife willing to provide the best studying opportunities for your kids. If you share the values of knowledge and intellect, you will easily find a common language with Korean brides. 

    They are sexy

    The sex appeal of Korean girls is something that you will not be able to resist once you feel it. These ladies seem to know some secrets of seducing men just in the way they glimpse at you. Each of their moves is full of women’s energy and sexy vibes. That is the reason why you are likely to feel tempted to take her to your bed immediately, but do not rush. If you want to keep a Korean lady by your side, let her know you well first. Her seductive aura is the test for your ability to keep yourself together, and if you manage to do it, she will open up to you. 

    They are easy-going

    The third reason for Korean women’s popularity is their ability to support any fun you can offer. These women are not into the planning and boring process of making decisions for days. They can easily agree to any crazy idea you have to offer, like traveling to another country for a weekend or trying out some unusual food. As you might have guessed, your Korean girlfriend will not be afraid to meet your parents or friends. Instead, she will accept the invitation to a family dinner with joy. Already dating such a girl? Lucky you. 

    Where Can You Meet Korean Brides?

     To meet Korean brides, you can use one or all possible methods. Firstly, you can meet her in your country. Are you currently living in a culturally diverse area? Does your company have any cooperations with Korean businesses? If your answer is “yes”, you can try searching for a Korean date in your area. 

    Secondly, you can meet her during the trip to Korea. However, you can imagine how time-consuming, expensive, and hard to schedule such a journey can be. Plus, the global pandemic does not contribute to long-distance travel for tourism reasons. 

    Finally, you can always meet young Korean brides online. Do you remember that we mentioned the popularity of social media platforms in Korea? It’s time to make use of it. Choose a Korean dating app, sign up for an account there, and start liking and chatting with ladies. It is cheap, fast, and fun. What more can you ask for? Probably, only one thing: how to detect a proper dating platform and scammers’ website? Below, you can find the answer. 


    How To Find A Reliable Korean Mail Order Brides Website? 

    There are a few things that you need to check to conclude whether a certain website is trustworthy: 

    1. Positive reviews. First of all, check whether a dating app has many positive testimonials on the web. Use TrustPilot and SiteJabber for that. A perfect website for Korean dating should have over 90% five-star reviews and only a few negative ones. Also, pay attention to the way the dating site handles the latter; 
    2. Quality of profiles. Accounts of real Korean women contain many pictures, personal information, and sincere invitation to start dating them. Also, they have a clear vision of the person they’d like to meet, and you can easily find it on their pages. On the contrary, if you see empty profiles or suspicious pages that bomb you with messages right after your registration, do not trust them. They are probably scam;
    3. Usability. Are you comfortable with scrolling the website pages and navigating your account? It’s a good sign, while an outdated design and constant bugs demonstrate that a dating site was not updated for a long time. In such a case, it is not likely to have any real active users. There is nothing for you to do there; 
    4. Customer Support. Each decent dating platform offers constant Customer Support that handles every request fast and free of charge. You should be able to reach out to them anytime, and if there is no such option, the website is not trustworthy; 
    5. Prices. As we already pointed out, online dating is not something expensive in comparison to offline dates. Hence, the prices for premium access to the platform should not scare you: if you see that a monthly fee exceeds $25-30, think twice whether you agree to give away such a high price. Also, do not forget to check the way you will be charged each month. Scam websites often have an automatically renewed subscription that takes money from your card without your permission;
    6. Services. High-quality dating apps allow you to chat through instant messages, webcam, and voice calls, so that you could communicate with your date the way you like the most. If you have limited communication options even after purchasing the most expensive membership plan, you probably were robbed by fraud. 

    Summing Up: Korean Women VS American Women

    Now, we are eager to share with you a few final thoughts regarding Korean women. Below, you can find a short comparison of Korean brides vs American girls. Let’s see who is better for dating:

    • Korean women are more into social media than American girls. Can you imagine that scale of likes that they are craving for? American girls are far less interested in social networking websites than Korean girls. Yet it’s up to you to decide whether it is good for you or not;
    • Korean brides are more educated than American ladies. The latter are more likely to finish high school and some community college, while the majority of Korean brides have university degrees;
    • Korean women make better wives than American brides. This fact was talked about in detail earlier; feel free to reread it if necessary;
    • Korean girls are far more supportive than American girls. The former never judge or discourage their men, while the latter happen to do that occasionally;
    • Korean women have a better work-life balance than American women. They know how to handle housework, career, kids, and husband at the same time, while American wives prefer to delegate housework to other people. 
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