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    Canada is a vibrant country in North America full of snowy mountains and lake landscapes. A land of British and European descendants, it’s a comfortable place for people of different nationalities and beliefs. If you want to taste the life of a modern Canadian with British or French roots and date local women, consider spending your next vacation in this country. You may even want to move here after your journey, but we warned you.  One of the reasons why you’d also want to stay here is Canadian women: different from American and a bit similar to European ones, they are extraordinary personalities for American men. They look different, they are more open and attractive than the girls from your neighborhood, and that’s not even the full list of reasons why you should date them! Interested to find out more? Let’s see what dating a Canadian woman is like.  Canadian women

    Canadian Women Overview

    Genes: French Canadian, British Canadian, American Canadian

    Before you find out how to date Canadian girls, we want you to understand the key genetic differences between women of different origins living in Canada. Mostly, you can meet Canadian women of French, British, and American descent. All of them have a lot in common, yet some physical and behavioral peculiarities exist.  French Canadian girls are average in height, have mild facial features, and slim figures. These women inherited the ability to eat the food they like and stay fit and attractive from their French mothers and grandmothers. Their sense of style and timeless fashion seems to be inherited from their ancestors as well.  British Canadian women have another appearance: they have less memorable facial features and their outer beauty is not that prominent. They are slightly higher than French Canadian girls and have an average body type. Canadian women of British origin are more punctual and less emotional than French Canadians. They are also more conservative than Canadians of American and French origin; however, when it comes to political preferences, both French and British Canadian women appear to be equally conservative and demand their rights and freedoms to be guaranteed and protected.  American Canadian women are the most laid-back and liberal in the nation. Their appearance is pretty diverse since their parents are Americans of different ethnicities, e.g. Hispanic, Latino, Native Americans, etc. These women are more open to people than those we mentioned before, so if you want your girlfriend to be as democratic and free as you are, consider dating a Canadian woman of American origin. 


    As you already know, Canadian women come in different heights, weights, and body types. Their skin, eye, and hair colors vary from girl to girl, so whatever kind of beauty you are looking for – a short dark-haired fairy or a blonde model – you can find them all in Canada.  The common features of Canadian women include open smiles and kind facial expressions. These women attract foreigners with their enchanting vibe and the ability to look fabulous even in a training suit. Beautiful Canadian women know that their character makes them stand out from the crowd: you can make sure it’s true from the next sections of this review. 


    Canadian women are smart. This is the first thing that you will notice about Canadian girls after their beauty. These ladies work a lot on their self-development, widening their outlook, and becoming professionals in their fields of expertise. Canadian chicks can talk about a wide variety of issues, and they are not afraid to express their opinion since they know how to back them up. Therefore, you will never have to worry about the conduct of your girlfriend in an intelligent company, if you are dating a Canadian. Canadian women are ambitious and persistent. The second thing that makes Canadian women some of the most desired in the world is their striving for success. They do not wait for others to give them all they want, but instead, they work hard to achieve their goals. These ladies plan their lives and stick to their plans so that nothing could stop them.  Canadian women are straightforward. If you hate hypocrisy in people, you need to consider dating a Canadian woman. This is because Canadians are some of the most genuine and straightforward people in the world. Sometimes, they can be too outspoken about their feelings and thoughts: if they dislike someone, they will not hide behind their smiles. Thus, if you see a Canadian woman opening up to you and willing to date you, you can be sure of her sincerity.  Canadian women are loyal and reliable. Since they have a concrete image of their future family in mind, they will not deviate from that dream once they find a man who matches their expectations. Cheating is not for Canadian chicks. 


    Canadian girls are outgoing and friendly. If we were to say only one thing about Canadian women’s personalities, we’d say that they are friendly. This is because of a kind attitude they have towards other people: waiters, bosses, postmen, friends, and strangers. Canadian women do not pass by when they see that someone is asking for help or is in trouble. Their empathy towards other people is endless and worthy of respect. 


    Canadian women are positive. Over 80% of men are looking for optimistic partners to spend their lives together. They would not like to have a sad or cynical person by their side and start a family with them. The good news is that Canadian women are positive and caring. What else can you wish for?  Canadian girls are free from the judgment of others. They prefer to avoid gossip and judging the actions of their friends and relatives. Also, they consider all people to be equal and free to do what they are up to with their lives. Therefore, you will never hear any caustic comments from a Canadian woman’s mouth.  They are family-oriented but not eager to depend on men. Beautiful Canadian women have a positive attitude towards family life and want to start one as soon as they find their Mr. Right. Still, they are not ready to leave their job and hobbies for family responsibilities, and they don’t want to depend on their husbands financially. If you are looking for an equal partner rather than a housewife, consider dating a Canadian woman. 


    Canadian girls are often perceived as very polite. Yet, it’s only a stereotype: as we’ve already noted, Canadian brides will not stay silent if they don’t like something. At the same time, they are never rude to others. Both British and French Canadian girls have good manners and are well-educated, so you will hardly hear them swearing or saying anything disgusting about other people.  Another popular stereotype about Canadian women is that they are fond of fitness. Unfortunately, we cannot say that it is true for all Canadian chicks. The majority of them live in harmony with themselves in whatever shapes they have; however, some Canadian brides enjoy sports and go to the gym often. Although keeping fit is not one of the top priorities of Canadian women, they look gorgeous due to practicing outdoor games and active leisure. 

    Canadian women vs American women

    Now let’s take a look at the differences between Canadian and American ladies. We compared them to help you understand what Canadian women are like without meeting them:

    1. Canadians are calmer than Americans. Canadian girls do not like to party as much as Americans, so you will not have to worry about them drinking or meeting random guys at the parties. They prefer having fun outdoors without alcohol and banned substances;
    2. They are not looking for a Prince Charming to come and conquer them. Canadian chicks never lose the connection with reality, so they don’t expect any man to match them entirely. They’d rather look for a person who sees the world similarly and shares the same values as they have. Therefore, it is often easier for Canadian women to start a relationship than for American girls. The latter wait for a man to take the first step while Canadian girls don’t care much about it: they are comfortable coming up to a guy they like to start a small talk and then invite them on a date; 
    3. They are not interested in pursuing American Dream. Canadian women are not achieving career success to impress other people and buy luxury real estate to throw parties there. They do it rather because they love their jobs and want to be independent: oftentimes, Canadian girls start to work early to become independent from their parents, and then continue their career pursuit to reach a certain level of comfort in their lives. 

    Dating Canadian Women: What Are The Features?


    Canadian women are demanding. They don’t believe in miracles and Prince Charming: they believe that equal relationships where both partners are in charge of their feelings exist. Canadian chicks expect men to be respectful, romantic, and fun to spend time with. At the same time, they don’t need them to pay for everything in a relationship. This is because of the following feature that influences Canadian dating traditions; Canadian chicks are feminists. They are not too radical to show their dominance over men, but they still are oriented on equality and partnership in a relationship. They are okay with paying for dates in turn or splitting the bill and they don’t perceive men as walking ATMs to meet their needs and fulfill their whims. Have you worried about the money issues with Canadian brides? Now you don’t have to; They get turned on by unexpected things. Does your family own a cute house in Central Ontario? Do you enjoy watching boats floating in the lake waters? If you can relate to any of these questions, your hot Canadian woman will surely date you. 

    Dating culture

    1. Try to meet people everywhere. The first thing you need to do if you want to meet your partner in Canada and experience a true Canadian lifestyle is meeting people everywhere. Once you are in the country, don’t waste your time sitting in a hotel room and thinking about how to conquer beautiful Canadian women. Just come to a workshop, go to a hockey match, or visit the event that sounds intriguing to you, and you’ll see a lot of women that you’ll love there. 
    2. Start your relationship in the right season. Canadians dating habits include seasonal dating, meaning they start searching for a partner in certain months more than others. Usually, they become more socially active in September and October since the cold season is approaching and they want to have someone for cuddles near the fireplace and drinking mulled wine. The dating season continues until April and then couples who did not manage to build a strong bond split, while those who are in love get outdoors for more activities like hiking, kayaking, etc.;
    3. Wear sweatpants. Do you think that arriving on a date in sweatpants and a hoodie is a bad idea? It’s not if you date Canadians. These girls are very laid-back as we’ve already mentioned, so you’d rather need to buy a pair of sweatpants to match with your Canadian girlfriend and make her feel comfortable around you;
    4. Be creative in dating ideas. When dating a Canadian woman, no idea of active common pastime can be bad: you can suggest any kind of outdoor activity and your girlfriend will support you enthusiastically. Canadian girls are very nice to communicate and team up with, so you will not regret it if you propose anything from skiing to canoe riding and she will like it;
    5. Don’t be too masculine. Remember we pointed out that Canadians are feminists? You have to keep this in mind when you approach them. Showing off your masculinity is not the best idea when dating a Canadian woman, so consider just being yourself instead of trying to demonstrate men’s bravado.

    Where to meet Canadian Girls?


    If you are a single person considering moving to Canada to live there and find a partner too, think about the following cities: Quebec City, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Toronto, and St. John’s. Almost all of them are located in different provinces, so you have to understand which one fits your lifestyle best. The vibrant atmosphere of these places is what everyone is looking for these days, so you will manage to find your soulmate there. 

    Nightlife (Local bars, dances)

    Nightclubs are a very popular option for young people to spend their free time on Friday and weekends. Although Canadian women are not into organizing parties on their own, they love to go dancing on the most popular dance floors in Canada. The cities with the most impressive nightlife include Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Calgary, Halifax, and Victoria. The most popular nightclubs are Hugh’s Room and Second City (Toronto), Bar Le Lab and Upstairs Jazz Bar and Grill (Montreal), and Discobar Parent Ltee (Quebec City). 

    Daygame (Local bars, dances)

    During the day, we suggest that you meet girls at some sports events, workshops, or just at malls where they do shopping. If you’d like to get acquainted in bars, you can visit the top-rated ones in the cities we mentioned above. Here are some ideas for you to start with: Bar Raval, Barchef, Cocktail Bar (Toronto), Cloakroom Bar, The Coldroom (Montreal), Bar LeSacrilege, La Piazz (Quebec City). 

    Online Dating sites 

    The rising popularity of dating apps provides you a chance to meet your loved one online. Now, you don’t have to get out of your comfort zone to meet beautiful Canadian women. You only need to visit a dating platform of your liking and register there. Eventually, you’ll manage to find your soulmate and have a great time with her.  Canadian brides

    The final thoughts on dating Canadian women

    Now that you know a lot more about Canadian girls, you can start dating them immediately regardless of where you are. If you are already in Canada, you can search for offline events to attend if the quarantine measures allow that. In case there is no such possibility at the moment, we suggest that you use online dating apps and platforms for meeting Canadian brides. If you want to use Canadian websites, consider reading reviews first to find the one that meets your expectations in terms of prices and services offered. Then, sign up for a free account on the chosen website, and start chatting with Canadian chicks. Believe in your luck, and you’ll find what you are looking for. 

    The Mail Order Bride law in Canada is one of those delicate issues that walks a razor’s edge on contemporary morality. On the one hand it gives individuals the freedom to marry who they choose and, in the cases of foreign spouses, provide an opportunity for many young women to enter the country legally. The previous Mail Order Bride law in Canada was amended in March of last year, essentially putting foreign brides on matrimonial probation for two years.

    Canadian Mail Order Brides

    Every year as many as 30,000 foreign women come to the Canada on a fiance visa which allows them to become “mail order wives” and live in Canada. By 2023, many more brides coming to the Canada will be from Asia (up to 13,500), Latin America (up to 5,000), Europe (up to 2,500) and Africa (up to 2,500). Many of these brides have come to the Canada for an education and/or to have a better life. Many of them want to visit family and friends in the Canada.

    If the marriage doesn’t last the required two years, the young lady runs the risk of being deported. I say young, but mail order brides come in all ages from all over the world, primarily, however, Russia and Southeast Asia and Latin America.

    This new Mail Order Bride law in Canada was designed to crack down on legal loopholes to grant citizenship. Mail Order Bride law in Canada makes it harder for immigration fraud to occur, as immigrants seeking a back door entrance into the country via the institute of marriage will be hindered. Critics, however, see this Mail Order Bride law in Canada as a potential danger to women in abusive relationships.

    Women suffering from spousal abuse may feel caught between a rock and a hard place. They may feel obligated to stay with their abusive partner or run the risk of being deported.

    Mail Order Bride law in Canada have been around for some time in one form or another.Designed primarily for women from another country to establish the means to move abroad, Mail Order Bride law in Canada also allows Canadian men to legally gain companionship in the form of a foreign bride. Mail Order Bride law in Canada has never been without its controversy. It seems ripe for abuse on both ends of the aisle and leaves all semblance of romance at the door. Mail Order Bride law in Canada continues to generate controversy.

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