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    Best for Slavic Women

    Belarus was once a part of the USSR, and starting from the 90s, it has become an independent country. This country is mysterious to the majority of Western people since it does not stand out in the news feed and cannot be called a popular touristic spot. Still, it has become popular about a month ago due to the rough suppression of peaceful protests after the last Presidential elections. Alexander Lukashenko, the first and still the only President of Belarus, refused to step down from the position and used armed forces against Belarusians. Videos of protests and police attacking the participants went viral on Instagram and other social networks, as well as a video of a brave woman who covered up a man with her body to protect him from beating. 

    While such terrifying things are taking place in Minsk, local women have become known as fragile but strong personalities who support their men in their fight for democracy, freedom, and fair elections. If you want to know more about Belarus brides, their features that make them perfect girlfriends and wives, and the secrets of dating them, we invite you to read this guide. 

    Why Belarus women are so popular?

    They are intelligent

    First of all, Belarus brides are some of the smartest women in Eastern Europe. This is due to the Soviet past of the country, where good education was valued a lot, and children who studied well could hope for getting a decent job after graduation from the universities. At that time, the state determined where young specialists would work after they received their diploma, so students gave all their effort to get the best grades and get a good workplace. Now, these people are the parents of the Belarusian women and they are breeding their kids in the same way: instilling the love for studying and pursuing a good job after the study. 

    Belarus girls grow up reading a lot. They like spending their time after school at the family library with books. Also, they attend a few extracurricular activities to become well-rounded individuals by the time they enter colleges and universities. At school, they are good not only at liberal arts but also in sciences: many Belarus brides have degrees in engineering, physics, and math. 

    All these things have an impact on the personalities of Belarus women, and that’s why men admire them: these ladies have a curious mind and a wide outlook. They are very interesting to talk to and discuss different things from world affairs to modern literature, so you will never regret having such a partner by your side. 

    They are well-mannered

    Good manners are as important as education in Belarus. That is the reason why local parents teach their Belarusian girls to behave well from a young age. Even before arriving at school for the first time, girls know how to act in different situations and what conduct is appropriate in public places. They never shout and make noise at cafes and restaurants, they are calm and attentive while in class, they respect the elderly, and treat kids with kindness. Belarus brides are the kind of women that you will never be ashamed of dating. 

    They are attractive

    “True Slavic beauty” – these are the words that describe the appearance of women from Belarus the best. Mostly, these girls have blond or medium-dark hair and green or grey eyes. Their facial features are subtle and the looks they have are gentle and feminine. Bodies of Belarusian brides are usually slim and well-shaped; however, you can find curvy and full-figured women here too. Their heights are different, but they are usually of average height. 

    Women of Belarus have charming smiles and vibes that you will not forget once you meet them. They can surround you with an atmosphere of intelligence, humor, and a sophisticated bond that you want to feel again. As a foreigner, you may feel tempted to date your girlfriend from Belarus every day because she is nothing like an American girl. They have unusual ways of thinking and approaching life situations and challenges, so you will never get bored with such an outstanding lady by your side. The way they ask questions and keep the conversation will amaze you and make you want to spend as much time with them as possible. Belarus brides probably have some secret knowledge of making men fall for them immediately. 

    They are friendly

    Belarusian girls have a cheerful mood and friendly attitude towards the world and other people. They will help you with a smile if you need their assistance in locating some spot in Minsk, they know how to make friends with kids of their pals, and they are attentive and respectful to the older generation. 

    Belarus women for marriage are not envious even if they do not have something they want to get at the moment. They always concentrate on positive things in their lives and it helps them to achieve more. Maybe, this is due to their kind personality and ability to see the opportunity in every difficulty they face, or maybe it’s just luck, but they really do not seem to put too much effort into getting any material things. 

    They value family a lot

    Family is one of the most valuable things in the life of Belarusian society. Local people are serious about creating the family and they try to do their best to build up bonds of trust, mutual respect, and love. Belarus brides love and respect their parents, visit them often, and do it even years after they start their own families. Society of Belarus prescribes adult kids to care about their old parents and provide them with everything needed for a comfortable life. Hence, local women consider care after parents as important as care about their children. 

    Also, Belarus brides dedicate a lot of their time to their husbands. They support them in their aspirations and dreams, wait for them when they are on business trips, and ask advice on crucial family issues. If you are looking for the bride who will never overlook your wishes and opinion, choose a lady from Belarus for relationship and marriage. 

    They are hard-working

    Belarus wives are some of the most hard-working women in the world. They are humble and serious about their jobs, so they fulfill their duties with care and required persistence. At the same time, they do not try to step on other people’s toes in the pursuit of a higher position or salary. Unfortunately, wages in Belarus are not high to satisfy the needs even of the most scrupulous people, so local women are often underpaid even with all the effort they put in their work.

    The persistence of Belarus women also relates to their house duties and breeding of children. They do all things the best way they can and dedicate themselves to their family activities in full. Consequently, you can hardly say that a Belarus bride pays little attention to kids or does not care about spending quality time with their husband. 

    They are cooking aces

    Making dishes and creating new recipes are the hobbies of Belarus women that make them stand out from other European ladies. No woman can compare to the Belarusian in cooking and serving dishes. Belarus brides cook according to family traditions and their imagination, they collect recipes of their friends and relatives to impress all who come to their homes to party. A great thing about it is that they enjoy spending time in the kitchen, inventing new tastes and textures of food. 

    You might have thought something like ‘What do men in Belarus do if their women do all the work at home?’ The answer lies in the traditions of Belarusian society. Men are not used to cooking there, and they rarely participate in any housework, so if you express the desire to cook for your lady from Belarus, she will be amazed. Conquering a woman has never been that easy, right? 

    They are great home keepers

    From choosing the materials for the house renovation to regular room cleaning, Belarus brides do it all. These women have a very good taste so they can collect the most stylish pieces of furniture and decor for home on their own. They also like when their houses or flats are tidy and spacious, so they clean them and throw the rubbish out pretty often. They transmit the clothes that they do not need to charities, the dishes and plates become presents for family members if not used, and so on. Belarus girls can find a place for everything in their houses or make use of it. Have you ever thought of having such a wise wife? 

    They do not conflict

    Belarus women are peaceful and calm personalities (the same can be stated about all Belarusians). They prefer to leave the battlefield with grace than fight and demonstrate their disagreement with anything. Maybe, sometimes it is not the right strategy to use, but in general, it often pays off in the long run. Belarus brides rarely have enemies or friends who envy them. They keep their ties stable and sincere with others so you should not be worried about possible altercations with Belarusian girlfriend. 

    Even if a Belarusian girl does not like any of your traits, she will not say that straightforwardly  not to insult you. She will try to approach this issue politely and softly so that you will see her point of view and be willing to correct yourself. The influence that Belarus girls have on men is impressive. 


    They can multitask

    Finding a work-life balance is the thing that Belarus ladies do well. They achieve success by doing a lot of activities at the same time. Since they are stress-resistant, they can carry out a few tasks at work, talking over the phone with their kids’ teacher, and texting their husbands regarding dinner. While a lot of people do not like this approach to the daily routine, Belarus brides practice it daily and get good results. Of course, there are moments when they need to dedicate themselves to one task at a time, but usually, they mix their activities to get more things done in a shorter time. 

    Having a partner who carries our work by multitasking can broaden your view on a daily routine as well. You can take the example from your Belarus bride and become more effective in your job. Think about it if you are still hesitant to meet Belarus women. 

    They do not complain

    Although life in Belarus is not easy (especially in the last weeks), local girls do not complain. They face the challenges of life with dignity and inner strength that make men all over the world admire them. Belarus brides are not looking for immediate change in the life of their country but they are also not ready to give up their freedom and happy life for another few years of the current President’s dictatorship. Men and women of Belarus still go to work, send their kids to school, and take them back at night, but when it’s weekend, they go and protest against the abuse of power and breach of human rights. Such a commitment to democratic values deserves the respect of the whole world. 

    How to meet Belarus brides?

    Below, we outlined a few tips that will help you meet the best Belarusian women. Read them carefully and apply in the order of the list:

    • Register on the dating app. The first step towards your Belarusian love is picking an online dating spot and registering there. When choosing a dating app, check the reviews on the web, policies, and guarantees it offers, services, and, of course, prices. You will have to spend some time to do the research but it can save a lot of money in the long run;
    • Learn basic Russian. As we’ve already mentioned, Belarus brides are well-educated and intelligent, so they can speak English pretty well. However, if you study some Russian, you will be able to widen your social circle much more and communicate with any Belarusian girl. Hence, the chances that you’ll find your match among Belarus girls increase drastically;
    • Communicate with a few ladies at a time. If you are just starting to explore Belarus and its people through online dating, we advise you to chat with as many girls as you can simultaneously. By doing so, you will be able to create a portrait of an average Belarus woman and understand whether they are what you are looking for. Also, communication with numerous women will help you form a strategy of dating that is the most effective for conquering Belarus brides;
    • Do not set your expectations high. In Belarus, women are humble and sometimes even shy, so do not expect them to fall for you immediately just because you are a foreigner. Also, Belarus brides have high moral standards and they will hardly agree on having sex on the first date. They have no interest in one-night stands as well. In general, if you are not looking for a serious relationship and long-term commitment, Belarus women are not for you;
    • Travel to Minsk. Since it is the capital of the country that has a lot of universities, the most intelligent and attractive girls live there. Belarus brides study there and often stay for work in Minsk after they graduate so you are likely to find young, beautiful, and smart girls in this city. The other cities might be an option too, but keep in mind that you may not find an English-speaking beauty there;
    • Choose a girl you like the most and start seeing her offline. Once you have spent some time chatting online with Belarus women for marriage, pick the one who seems to be your true soulmate and go to Belarus to meet her. Expect to come for a few weeks to know her well, go on different dates, and see how the person acts in different situations. If you like what you see, consider traveling with her to your country to compare cultures, cuisines, and maybe even introducing her to your family. Once things get serious, do not hesitate to propose to her and start living together. 

    Belarus Dating Culture

    When it comes to dating Belarus women, you should know that they’re not interested in casual flings. Thus, their dating culture is quite different from the Western one. These women are ideal for Western men interested in committed relationships. Here are other things to keep in mind:

    • Dating should be interesting. Much attention is given to spending time together. The more engaging such an experience will be, the more successful your relationships will be. Belarus women love having fun, and you should be ready for that.
    • Dating should be honest. Women in Belarus don’t tolerate lies. You better be straightforward. No need for hints or implications. A relationship should be based on mutual trust, an important part of the Belarus dating culture.
    • Dating should be loyal. Simply put, fidelity is another aspect of their culture. You should be ready for commitment when dating Belarus women known for being jealous and territorial.
    • Dating should be intimate. Although Belarus women are conservative, premarital sex is quite a common part of their dating culture. You can expect passionate bonds. Belarus women are great when it comes to intimacy.

    Why do Belarus women become mail order brides?

    Different reasons drive Belarus women in their desire to get married to foreigners, but we will highlight the most popular ones below. Take a look:

    • Curiosity. First of all, Belarus brides are eager to meet new people, learn new languages, try out unusual dishes, and learn about new cultures. They see the marriage with a foreigner as a chance to dive deeply into different customs and traditions and start living the life they are not used to. They consider it to be intriguing and exciting;
    • The desire for self-development. Belarus brides constantly develop themselves to become well-rounded and flexible personalities so they think that a relationship with foreigners can contribute to their personal growth and outlook;
    • Striving for a better life. It’s not a secret that Belarus is not a highly-developed country with decent salaries and high living standards. In fact, an average salary in the country is around $400 and people cannot live well with this money. Therefore, local ladies look for a chance to move out of the country to continue their studies and get a well-paid job outside Belarus. 

    How are they different from Russian brides?

    They are less into fashion and brands

    Belarus brides are not interested in fashion very much and usually do not follow trends. They wear simple and comfortable clothes and do not hunt for brand outfits and fake Chanel bags as Russian women do. This is because of the low salaries and the inability to spend a lot of time shopping. 

    They are not looking for rich husbands

    It may look controversial at first sight, but Belarus brides do not look for wealthy men. They do not have high expectations of their husbands and do not think that they have to support them and buy them cars, apartments, and so on. Belarus women value simple things much more than money, so if you want to win their hearts, offer them your respect and love instead of a credit card. 


    They do not fake their personalities to make you like them

    Unlike Russian girls, Belarus brides do not pretend to be other people than they are to please men. These women act naturally and do not try to fit the expectations of others. They are sincere and value honesty a lot, so you don’t have to doubt their words when they say that they love you. 

    They do not forgive cheating and abuse

    While Russian girls often forgive the bad conduct of men, Belarus women never do that. They would not let their men abuse them or neglect their opinion and wishes. If you want to date a woman with a strong spirit and unswerving will, a Belarus bride is a perfect match for you. 


    As you can see, Belarus brides are unfairly underestimated by men from other countries. These women have a lot to offer to men who are looking for starting a family and creating a long-term bond. If you are looking for a relationship full of trust and mutual respect, do not hesitate to start dating Belarus women. To know even more about Belarus brides, feel free to read other reviews on our website.

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    Dating Coach
    James is an expert in international dating and helps many men navigate through the best choice, be it for dating or marriage. He conveys the real sense of how you can approach choosing the best match. He consistently helps our site get the best and up-to-date content to shed light on dating online and its perks. Besides, he’s a talented writer who makes it easy to understand the peculiarities of international women for dating and marriage.
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