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    Jamaica is a small island and a country of the same name with a population of under three million people. This land, located in the Caribbean, has countless attractions and paradise beaches. Jamaica offers entertainment for all tastes all year round, and connoisseurs of local cuisine can take part in culinary festivals there. Many people associate Jamaica with unlimited freedom, the azure sea, and, of course, Bob Marley’s songs. Such a friendly atmosphere can hardly be found in any other country in the world.

    Once this island, discovered by Christopher Columbus, was inhabited by Indians, but during the period of Spanish rule, they almost completely disappeared. The Spaniards brought slaves from Africa to this island, so more than 90% of the Jamaicans have an African origin; about 6% are mulattoes, and other nations make up about 4%. Jamaica is also home to some of the most attractive and sexy girls in the world. At the sight of Jamaican women, the hearts of many men begin to beat faster.

    What Do Jamaican Women Look Like?

    Jamaican Women

    Most Jamaican women do not feel embarrassed about their excess weight. They say that a Jamaican woman will never refuse a dessert for the sake of her figure. Of course, when local women get together, they measure up each other to find out who is bigger, and discuss ways to lose weight. In Jamaica, female fullness is considered a sign of health. Overweight women in Jamaica never hear insults or ridicule words in their address.

    Jamaican women are very self-confident and love themselves for who they are. Also, local men love overweight women, and you can rarely find Jamaican men who like skinny girls. However, the situation is somewhat different in the capital and big cities of the country. Many urban girls follow diets, calculate calories consumed, and even take drugs for losing weight. At the same time, Jamaican women know how to cook, but they do not like much. They prefer to be involved in other more interesting matters.


    Women living on this island are different in appearance and skin color. Thanks to predominantly African heritage, Jamaican women have luscious lips, expressive hazel eyes, chocolate-color skin, and curly black hair. In many ways, they look like the beauties from the Dominican Republic or Belize. Jamaican brides are sophisticated mulattos or sultry black-skinned goddesses who can skillfully display their beautiful bodies by wearing very revealing and skimpy outfits.

    In addition, Jamaican women, like no one else, have a passion for bright items. These beauties are distinguished by an aspiration to wear beautiful clothes, trendy shoes, and bright jewelry. However, this does not mean that they always wear only bright clothes. Among Jamaican women, you can find a lot of fashionistas, no matter if they are wealthy or not. Their major objects of expenditure are clothing, footwear, and jewelry. Be that as it may, these girls often serve as a decoration for their clothes, and not vice versa.


    Jamaican women have often won the Miss World title in international beauty pageants. Jamaica ranks third for this parameter in the world. Experts say that in Jamaica, there are more beautiful women per capita than in any other country. Indeed, many women living in Jamaica are incredibly beautiful and sexy. Like African wooden figurines, Jamaican women have slender and willowy bodies, pretty faces, as well as long legs and nice arms.

    In addition to the fact that Jamaican women have excellent properties from nature, they love to take care of themselves. These women know how to make their hair and skin look perfect. Besides, many men from other countries admire the feminine forms of Jamaican women. In turn, these women are very proud of their sexy bodies, especially their lower parts, and they like to catch admiring glances of men passing by.


    Despite their difficult historical past and actual poverty, they know how to enjoy life and regard everything easily and positively. At the same time, Jamaican women are modest and kind, despite their mini-shorts and tops. On nudist beaches, you will be able to see mostly foreign girls, but rarely local women. When going to the beach, Jamaican women will most likely wear regular shorts and T-shirts. That is not because they are too shy, but because they consider it indecent to be naked in front of strangers.

    Most Jamaican women are friendly, honest, and open-minded persons. They laugh and smile all the time. Mostly, these women consider themselves happy and self-sufficient persons. Moreover, Jamaican women can be called feminists, but very special ones. Being independent, they prefer to have their own money and do not depend on any man. However, they will not refuse any easy money and will consider that they do not owe anything to anybody.


    Jamaican women love themselves and do not want to tie their lives with losers. These women know how to help themselves and overcome life difficulties on their own. In Jamaica, the institution of marriage is completely undeveloped. Many couples live together, have children, and do not seek to formalize their relationships. Jamaican girls do not tend to get married early. Women’s clubs are common in this country, where local females gather to help each other.

    Thanks to the natural desire for freedom and independence, a Jamaican woman will never let any man put her down. She will never beg him, and even more, she will not tolerate humiliation. Rather, she will simply pack her things and leave. In addition, a Jamaican woman can arrange a loud scandal all over the street so that everyone knows what happened. Jamaican women do not hesitate to get things out in public.


    Mostly, Jamaican women spend time outside their homes. All meetings are on the street, and at home, they only eat and sleep. It is not customary to visit each other in Jamaica. On weekends and in the evenings of weekdays, crowds of people gather in some places to discuss actual news and important events. Moreover, not only adults but also children can crowd in the middle of the street. On holidays and weekends, locals love to hang out in clubs to chat and dance.

    Jamaican women can dance and move in such a way that it is difficult to look away. No wonder there are legends about their plasticity and sense of rhythm. It seems that their bodies and movements create the music rhythm and melody. Jamaican women are rarely in a hurry. They also sing all the time, no matter where they are. They talk and move slowly, and it seems that they try to enjoy every moment of their lives.

    Jamaican Dating Culture

    Jamaica is an exotic place to meet exotic women. Located in the Caribbean, it’s a small island country, and it’s quite a popular tourist destination. Dating ladies from this country is always a new experience for foreigners. If you’re interested in meeting and dating exotic ladies, you better know about Jamaican dating culture, and here’s what to keep in mind:

    • Dating and traveling. Jamaican women are known for being great travel buddies. They love traveling, and Jamaica offers a wide range to visit. Dating and traveling are what you expect when you plan to date Jamaican women. They believe that they can know more about the person when they travel together. Why not try it?
    • Delicious and funny dating. Besides being a part of an adventure, you can be sure that your partner will be a funny person with a great sense of humor. Besides, they love cooking, and homemade food offered to you is a sign that she starts liking you. Thus, the dating culture of Jamaica is about being a funny and delicious experience.
    • Great dancing culture. When you start dating Jamaican women, you’ll start learning more about dancing. Perhaps, you may know that Reggae and Dancehall are parts of Jamaican culture. So, be ready to be engaged in dancing.

    Stereotypes about Jamaican Women

    Jamaica, with its unique and distinctive culture, has become a significant global brand in the 20th century. Thanks to music, dreadlocks and athletic achievements, the inhabitants of this country are recognizable all over the world. Unfortunately, the human tendency to simplify facts has led to the emergence of many stereotypes about Jamaican women. Here are some of the most common stereotypes that do not correspond to reality:

    1. All Jamaican Women are Rastafarians Smoking Weed

    Rastafarians are practitioners of a particular religion and social movement that developed in this country during the 1930s. The most famous Rastafarian was musician and composer Bob Marley (1945-1981). You may have seen pictures of Bob Marley smoking marijuana. Statistics show that only 5% of the Jamaican population still consider themselves Rastafari. They live a corresponding lifestyle and use marijuana in their religious rituals.

    2. Jamaican Women Practice Voodoo

    The voodoo religion appeared in Haiti and is still practiced there. Voodoo has its roots in ancient African cults, while Rastafari has a lot in common with Christianity. Several Hollywood movies have fueled the stereotype that Jamaican women bring the dead to life and make them zombies. However, this is not true. Many years ago, Jamaicans had the Obeah belief system that was popular among slaves. At present, Obeah is outlawed, and you are unlikely to hear about it in Jamaica.

    3. Jamaican Women Are Always on the Beach

    Although Jamaica is an island, it is not small. Not everyone has access to the nearest beach in just a few minutes of walk. Many Jamaicans do not live near the beach. A lot of the local population lives inland, and they have to spend several hours getting to the beach. Even those Jamaican women who live and work close to tourist areas do not often visit the beaches because they have much more important daily concerns.

    Dating a Jamaican Woman

    Jamaican women often respond to the interest shown to them by white foreign men. However, everything should be natural and fun for these women. First of all, Jamaican brides need to feel fine and easy with a man. To gain your Jamaican girlfriend’s good favor, consider the following tips:

    1. Be Respectful and Show a Genuine Interest in Her

    When you date a Jamaican woman, try to behave like a gentleman. Also, you better show your cheerful disposition by telling funny stories and good jokes. You can engage her in intellectual discussion. However, be careful not to offend the customs and traditions of this country.

    2. Show Your Romantic Side

    Compliments and courtesy will help you conquer the heart of any Jamaican woman. Like girls from other countries, Jamaican women love flowers and small gifts. Also, find out more about her lifestyle and her family. A genuine interest in her personality will help you win her trust.

    3. Be Sincere

    Jamaican women can easily detect whether you are telling the truth or lying. If you lie to a Jamaican woman about your intentions, you can greatly hurt her feelings. These women love trustworthy men who speak openly about who they are and what they are going to do.

    Some Extra Tips You Need to Know

    The official language in Jamaica is English, and this fact makes it easier to communicate with local girls. However, the local dialect of English is specific. Over the years, Caribbean English has become noticeably different from English spoken in the UK and the US. Besides, Jamaican women also speak Creole, the local mix of languages.

    Before traveling to Jamaica, you can get acquainted with several Jamaican mail-order brides on different dating websites. Many Jamaican women often use these platforms to find amazing interlocutors, good friends, and even life partners. Like any other country of the world, Jamaica has areas that should not be visited at night, especially if you have expensive items and a lot of cash with you. In this way, you are recommended to keep tourist areas and not go to distant regions alone.

    Where to Meet Jamaican Women?

    Meet Jamaican Women

    If you are attracted by interesting facts about Jamaican brides, you will most likely want to come to this country and get to know them personally. Here, you will surely find many places to meet beautiful and unique Jamaican women. Each of the regions of Jamaica has its special atmosphere. Here, you can see rainforests, high mountains, grassy meadows, and impressive coastlines. However, beautiful Jamaican women can be found in cities too, so big localities should be your main destinations:


    The bustling capital of Jamaica, nestled at the foot of the Blue Mountains over the beautiful harbor, is the heart of the country and the largest English-speaking city south of Miami. Here are located not only administrative buildings and large shopping centers but also the main cultural and historical sights. Here, you can visit Bob Marley Museum, Peter Tosh Museum, Trench Town Cultural Court, and Devon House. With its urban spirit, living conditions there differ from the slow pace of the rest of the island.

    Montego Bay

    This is a very popular resort located on the northwest coast of Jamaica. Montego Bay or MoBay, as it is usually called, is famous for its beaches surrounded by green trees and palm-lined hills, which create a colorful landscape. You can snorkel and spend all day long sunbathing, listening to music, or cliff-diving in picturesque coves. A relaxing atmosphere and wonderful weather are the best conditions to meet gorgeous Jamaican women.


    In Kingston and Montego Bay, you can enjoy vibrant nightlife. Many pretty Jamaican brides never miss a chance to party and have fun. To meet them, visit numerous bars and restaurants, as well as several noisy nightclubs, such as:

    • Bronco NightClub (E Queen St, Kingston);
    • Fiction Nightlife and Entertainment (67, Constant Spring Rd, Kingston);
    • Haze Lounge (1-3 Jimmy Cliff Ave, Montego Bay);
    • Taboo Night Club (B32, Alice Eldemire Drive, Fairway Shopping Center, Montego Bay).

    Local Bars, Dances

    A great idea is to meet many nice Jamaican women in the bars, restaurants, and dances in Kingston and Montego Bay:

    • Aquamagoo Sports Bar and Lounge (14-16 Cinchona Ave, Kingston);
    • Club 88 (88 Molynes Rd, Kingston);
    • Auntie’s Bar (Orange St, Montego Bay);
    • Coral Cliff (165 Gloucester Ave, Montego Bay).


    Jamaican women are usually very friendly to foreign men. So, it is easy to approach them in public places during the day. The best places for meeting Jamaican brides in Kingston and Montego Bay include:

    • Central Plaza (17 Constant Spring Rd, Kingston);
    • Kingston Mall (8 Ocean Blvd, Kingston);
    • Rose Hall Great House (Rose Hall Road, Montego Bay).

    Final Thoughts on Dating Jamaican Brides

    Despite many stereotypes that you may have heard about Jamaican women, these females will surely seem prettier and more attractive to you. Jamaican brides are sweet, open-minded, and family-oriented. A Jamaican woman can become a good housewife because of the family values she has acquired. Thus, do not let untrue stories get you away from meeting a single Jamaican woman personally and becoming a happy person with her.

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