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    Chile is a relatively small country in South America with the population of 18 million people. Over the last decade, it has become a popular destination for Western men who are looking for attractive women. Well, there are more than enough options to choose from. Sexy Chilean women are known for their openness, hospitality, and modesty. They become passionate lovers and faithful wives. Moreover, they don’t mind dating and marrying foreigners. These creatures are open to the world.

    Haven’t you ever seen Chilean women? Then, make sure to check the images of Josefina Montane, Melen Montilla, or Constanza Piccoli. These female celebrities have everything to attract men. If you want to see one of such beauties by your side, you should start planning your trip to Chile. But before you go any further, make sure that you know what to expect from these Latin babes.

    Why Are Chilean Girls Considered to Look So Hot?

    Hot Chilean girls are desirable due to the ultimate traits and strong values. But there are many more things that make them so desirable for Western men. Let’s check them out!


    Chilean brides have a unique appearance that combines Latin and Western features. An average beauty has tanned skin, plump lips, black hair, and dark eyes. She usually has a slim yet slightly curvy figure. Moreover, she has a great sense of style by keeping up with the latest trends. She doesn’t need a mini skirt to look sexy. But even if she wears one, she won’t look vulgar.

    Most Chilean girls pay great attention to their appearance. They go to the gym and visit beauty centers for having a manicure, a pedicure, and some spa procedures. This allows them to look very young, even in their 50s.

    Physical features

    Chilean women are not as curvy as other Latinos, but their body lines are seductive enough to drive men crazy. Most of them have flat tummies, full breasts, and sexy hips, all wrapped up in a nice package. These things happen to be the result of wonderful genetics. It’s not a secret that Latinos have Spanish, Portuguese, British, and even German blood running through their veins. So, their physique is a result of a genetic miracle.

    Chilean women are very feminine, especially when they are walking. No wonder that many local babes become successful models as they have everything for this. Similar to Venezuela and Costa Rican women, they like dancing and doing sports. This is how to keep their bodies fit. Moreover, these activities bring them joy.


    Even the hottest Chilean women were brought up in a conservative environment with their father as a breadwinner. They usually come from big families, so they know how to take care of other people. They are good at cooking and dealing with domestic duties. But compared to their mothers, they now have an opportunity to choose their way of life themselves. They can choose to have a family or build up a career. Most of them want to have both. They obtain an academic degree, start working, and then marry the man they love. When learning how to date Chilean women, you should make your intentions clear at the very beginning. And don’t try to impress them with material things. They find it very annoying when men have nothing to offer but money.

    Once they start family life, Chilean girls become excellent wives and caring mothers. Their family becomes the center of their universe. They literally devote all their time to the people they love. Meanwhile, their husbands are supposed to take responsibility for financial aspects. But it doesn’t mean that Chilean women are going to sit at home all the time. Once their child becomes more independent, they are happy to go back to work. They don’t lose their spark. They remain cheerful and optimistic creatures for the rest of their lives.

    Popularity among men

    Western men love Chilean women for their traditional values and incredible sexuality. These beauties happen to be perfect marriage material as they know how to take care of their husbands and kids. Asian men have always liked exotic things. Well, Chilean women are an embodiment of exoticness for them. Generally, men love these Latin girls because they have endless charisma and charm that make them stand out from the crowd.

    Top 15 Hottest Chilean Girls

    To know what to expect from Chilean women, you should check the bright representatives of this country. The local actresses, singers, and models have great charm and charisma. If you don’t believe it, check their photos on the Internet. You won’t be disappointed with what you see on the screen. Let’s get it started!

    1.Belen Montilla

    24 June, 1983


    Belen Montilla is one of the most prominent beauty queens in Chile. She was crowned as Miss Universo Chile in 2006. Eventually, she kept this title for four years due to the absence of Chile in Miss Universe several years in a row. Her face appeared in multiple beauty magazines, from Chilean Vogue to Elle. Her name can often be found on the lists of the hottest celebrities in the country.


    2.Vanessa Ceruti

    Vanessa Ceruti

    11 May, 1986


    Vanessa Ceruti is a model and actress who has become an embodiment of Chilean beauty. She won the Elite Model Look Chile in 2004. After intensive training at the Agency Katie Pulidos, she managed to become Miss Universe Chile in 2011. At Miss Universe International, she finished in 17th place. Ceruti appeared in a great number of TV commercials and cooperated with local and international fashion brands. She also tried her acting skills in the films like El bluff, Dead Survivors, and Adiós mundo cruel. Thanks to a bright appearance, she often finds herself on the list of the most beautiful women in Chile. The cooperation with countless brands has turned her into one of the most admired female celebrities in Chile.


    3.Jocelyn Osorio

    27 January, 1983

    Model and actress

    Jocelyn Osorio started winning beauty competitions at a young age. At some point, she was even offered to participate in the Miss Chile pageant. She had to refuse this offer as she wanted to continue her studies at Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in the UK. After obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree, she started touring around Europe to perform the roles in classical and modern plays. Eventually, she was noticed by TV producers who started offering her small roles in films and TV commercials. After moving to Los Angeles, she starred in some episodes of popular TV series like New Girl, The Mentalist, How I Met Your Mother, and SAF3. She works for famous brands such as Herbal Essence, Hyundai, Lulu Guinness, Disaronno, and some others. After all, her image as a public personality has always relied on the combination of intelligence and sexuality.


    4.Constanza Piccoli

    Constanza Piccoli

    19 November, 1992

    Actress and singer

    Constanza Piccoli is known for her roles in the films like La Familia de al Lado, Aquí Mando Yo, and Dos por Uno. This beauty also has a great voice that she has demonstrated in her two albums. The songs Every time and Mozu malu have become great hits in Chile. They brought her the Best New Artist Award at the Latin American MTV.


    5.Josefina Montane

    16 April, 1988

    Model and television actress

    Josefina Montane was one of the candidates for the title of Miss Elite Chile. Even though she didn’t win, she received a great chance to start her modeling career. She has a contract with Elite Model Management Chile for nine years. This was when she became one of the most successful models in the country. Her face could be found on the covers of Vanidades, Look, Mustique, Harper’s Bazaar, Women’s Health, GQ, Vogue, and many other magazines.


    6. Kenita Larrain

    Kenita Larrain

    16 October, 1972

    Model, singer, and TV personality

    Kenita Larrain, known as Kenita Larraín, has a stunning appearance and inborn intelligence. Before she rose to fame, she graduated from the UNIACC University in 2003. Then, she decided to start her career on television. She appeared in multiple TV shows that include the Bailando por un Sueño and the Peloton VIP. Later on, she appeared in the music video of Evailo (“Moya E”). In 2011, she tried her skills in the music industry. Her first single Mi Mundo Sin Ti saw the world in 2011. A cover version of the song by Soraya Arnelas was a huge success in Chile. Although her music career didn’t last long, it still had a few memorable records.


    7. Gabriela Pulgar

    11 July, 1988

    Singer, songwriter, and model

    Gabriela Pulgar, also known as Gabigar, rose to fame after representing Chile in Miss World 2011. Later on, she participated in the Chilean talent program, Voice. Her singing talent received wide acclaim. Her career as Gabigar started in 2017 when her first single “Transparente” saw the world. With the song “Cobarde”, Pulgar participated in the international competition of the LIX International Song Festival of Viña del Mar 2018. She won the award for the best song. Her career is currently on the top. So, this girl seems to know what she is doing.


    8. Ignacia Allamand

    Ignacia Allamand

    29 August, 1981

    Film and television actress

    Ignacia Allamand rose to prominence through her appearance in Alberto Fuguet’s film Se arrienda. After the roles in Eloísa Solé’s Vivir con 10 and Nicolás López ‘s trilogy (Qué pena tu vida, Qué pena tu boda, and Qué pena tu familia), she became admired by the Chilean audience. Apart from the film industry, she conquered the fashion one as well. She was chosen as the brand face for París, the popular retail chain in Chile. Since her debut on the TV screen, her entire career was built up on the channel Chilevisión.


    9. Marie Ann Salas



    Marie Ann Salas Gorboi is mainly known as a beauty queen. She became Miss International Chile 2007, Miss Tourism Queen International Chile 2008, and Miss Continentes Unidos 2008. Her charming appearance and slim physical features allowed her to start working as a model while she was an architecture student. She also appeared on the cover of the local magazines. Later on, Chilean fashion brands became interested in their partnership with the model. Considering Sala’s prominent past, she is often invited as a member of the jury for beauty contests. After so many years, she remains one of the hottest Chilean girls.


    10.Mariana Loyola

    2 August, 1975

    Theater, film, and television actress

    Mariana Loyola initially positioned herself as a theater actress. Eventually, she decided to try her skills on TV. Her first role was in the telenovela Amores de mercado. Her first film debut was in Andrés Wood’s La fiebre del loco, Sub Terra, and Cachimba. Some of these roles brought her nominations for Altazor Award, Pedro Sienna Award, and Caleuche Award.


    11.Camila Stuardo

    Camila Stuardo

    Actress and model

    Camila Stuardo started her modeling career after being crowned as Miss Earth Chile 2011. She appeared on TV commercials and on the pages of beauty magazines. In 2012, she started pursuing a career on television by appearing in The Silent Earth, Agenda Fox Sports Chile, and Fox Fit. Her athletic body has become a serious motivator for women in Latin America. Meanwhile, men are just happy to observe her slim physique on TV. The status of the superstar turned her into one of the most powerful and influential women in the country.


    12.Constanza Silva


    Constanza Silva was born in an average Chilean family with the father working as a police officer. Despite having been brought up in a conservative family, she still decided to try her chances in modeling. Thanks to her striking appearance, Silva was chosen to represent Chile in Miss World 2006. Although she didn’t win the title, she became a famous personality around the world. Now, you can often see her face in advertising campaigns in Latin America and Asia. She also takes part in the fashion shows of international designers such as John Galliano and Valentino.


    13.Celine Reymond

    11 August, 1980


    Celine Reymond has her acting debut in the television series Uncartau. But it was the role in Daquién Te Mira de TVN that made her famous in Chile. Although she mainly focused on the TV career, she still had a couple of roles on a big screen. Thus, you can see Reymond in such films as Mandrill and Caleidoscopio. Her acting talent combined with unusual beauty determined her future as a Chilean icon.


    14.Leonor Varela

    29 December, 1972

    Actress and model

    Leonor Varela started her acting career by playing Anetter in Pony Trek. But her real success came with her appearance in the Chilean soap opera Tic Tac. She managed to become famous not only in Chile but also in Hollywood. Her roles in the TV film Cleopatra and Blade II brought her to the pedestal. She is now focused on her family, but she still appears on the covers of popular magazines from time to time. Her charming smile is nothing but the reflection of the Chilean sole.


    15.Renata Ruiz

    Renata Ruiz

    9 May, 1984


    Renata Ruiz is known as the winner of the Elite Model Look Chile and as the first runner-up of the Elite Model Look World in 2001. In 2005, she represented Chile in Miss Universe 2005. Successful performance in beauty contests allowed her to sign up a contract with the popular brands. She started appearing on the covers of fashion and health magazines. You could also see her as a guest star on Algo esta pasando and a voice of Ciudad Rock & Pop radio station. Her sweet facial features and absolute talent won the hearts of fans across Chile.

    Chile is a beautiful country in all possible aspects. Whether it comes to local nature, food, culture, or women, beauty is inevitable. The above list of the hottest female celebrities from Chile doesn’t reflect on the whole situation. In fact, you can find many more sexy Chilean girls while visiting the country or checking profiles on one of the dating sites. One thing is clear: there are plenty of fish in the sea. Be ready that one of the local beauties will win over your heart with her natural optimism and charism at a first glimpse.

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