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    Best for European Women

    Poles are the second largest Slavic nation after Russians. Poland is a European country with a population of about 37 million people. Besides, about 20 million ethnic Poles live in other countries. A few separate ethnographic groups, for example, Kashubs and Silesians, who have their own languages, also inhabit the territory of Poland. For a long time, this country has been famous for its charming and fine-looking women. One of them, Maria Walewska, even won the heart of Napoleon Bonaparte.

    Why Are Polish Girls Considered to Look So Hot?

    Sexy Polish women are very self-confident and ambitious. Also, they consider themselves highly irresistible and attractive. Their beautifully spread shoulders and straight back are eye-catching. Proud posture and smooth gait characterize Polish ladies. They always manage to look fantastic and natural at the same time. In a company of people belonging to different nationalities, hot Polish women stand out. In personal communication, they are able to present themselves in such a way that all their shortcomings turn into advantages in the eyes of present men.

    Young and hot Polish girls know what it means to be ladies since they are brought up in that way. Their sincere smiles, nice hair, sly looks, as well as short but apt phrases are able to conquer any man. Sexy Polish women also know how to show themselves using their tact and spontaneity to express emotions. But at the same time, they will never allow themselves any extras with strangers and will not put anyone in an unpleasant situation.


    Hot Polish brides are found in the top list of the most beautiful ladies among all Slavic peoples. Many consider their beauty to be unusual, unique, and charming. They feature natural beauty and consider themselves “femmes fatales.” In many aspects, Polish women are similar to Ukrainian, Russian, and Belarusian females. However, sexy Polish girls are a bit more elegant, exquisite, and sophisticated. Much more differences can be noticed in communication with them. Hot Polish women quickly make contact with other people and impress anybody with good manners.

    Among them, you can hardly find girls with aggressive makeup, Botox-pumped lips, thick artificial eyelashes, and provocative outfits. Hot Polish girls rarely go out without protecting their delicate light skin from an aggressive external environment. Moderate climate and humidity contribute to the fact that sexy Polish women have well-attended face and body skin. Both manicure and pedicure are their standard daily procedures. Their bathrooms and vanity tables are always stocked with various beauty products.

    Physical Features

    Sexy Polish women have regular facial features, a graceful curve of necks, and well-proportioned bodies. Their rounded but narrow hips and small breasts drive men crazy. Thanks to miniature cheekbones, the faces of Polish beauties seem very neat and attractive. Lip gloss is trendy among hot Polish girls, and it has almost completely substituted traditional lipstick. Delicate lips with such a shine create a feeling of freshness and naturalness. Modest makeup and subtle aroma of a good perfume distinguish hot Polish women from other females.

    Hot Polish women dress mostly discreetly, preferring comfortable everyday things. Shapeless sportswear is quite popular among young girls. However, it hides all the advantages of their female figures. Girls in high heels can rarely be seen in the streets. Older Polish women also know how to dress tastefully. They will never wear mismatched items, no matter how fashionable they are. Sexy Polish women wear the simplest things with such dignity that even fashionistas can envy them.

    Culture of Polish Women

    Deep religiosity is common to almost all Poles, and young people are no exception. In Poland, religion is a kind of national idea. Religious holidays are celebrated here everywhere and mandatory. Marriages are also mostly held in churches. You can often see young boys and hot Polish girls praying in Catholic churches or going to confess to a priest. If a Polish girl circumvents her obligations to the church, her neighbors can blow the whistle to the priest, which can lead to problems at work or at school.

    The current trend for hot Polish girls is outdoor activities. For this, an excellent infrastructure has been created in the country, and there are many special offers for every taste. Simply sunbathing on the beach is no longer popular in Poland. The favorite pastime for hot Polish women is skiing, mountaineering, and sailing. All this can be practiced without leaving the country. Active recreation centers, amusement parks, golf courses, landscape parks, as well as bike and horse trails can be found almost everywhere in the country.

    Hot Polish girls know how to dance and love tango, foxtrot, and polka most of all. How could it be otherwise in the country where the national anthem was initially composed for the famous mazurka dance? Many young people in Poland dance cheek to cheek at discos and in nightclubs. An ancient and elegant Polish tradition is when a man kisses a woman’s hand at the meeting. However, this habit is slowly disappearing now, and it is more convenient in the presence of older ladies to show respect.

    Popularity among men

    There has long been a saying that a Polish lady is the most desirable woman for every man. To understand why hot Polish women are so popular among men from other countries, you need to pay attention to three essential characteristics — their appearance, nature, and stylish look. Besides, Polish wives are great homemakers. They know how to create a warm atmosphere, comfort, and harmony in their homes. They also respect their husbands and adore children.

    Such qualities are not often found in women from other countries. Therefore, many single men, mainly from Western Europe, want to meet sexy Polish women. However, winning the favor of these proud, independent, and hot Polish women can be challenging. They are usually well educated and speak several languages, so they know their worth. Contrary to current trends, sexy Polish girls rarely agree to civil marriage. They are pretty traditional in this matter and prefer the official registration of relationships.

    Top 15 Hottest Polish Girls

    In contrast to Western society, careerists and workaholics are not very respected in Poland. Local men give preference to those women who are able to run the house, cook well, and raise children. However, sexy Polish women often become successful due to their immense abilities and striking appearance. Among these young ladies, you can find well-known actresses, models, politicians, and singers. Check out the list of the 15 hottest Polish women, regardless of their citizenship and place of birth.

    1. Agata Szewioła


    Agata Szewioła (born in 1989) is one of the hottest Polish girls. First, she became Miss Teenager of Lubuskie, her native region, in 2007. In the same year, she qualified for the Top 10 Miss Poland Teen 2007 pageant. In 2010, Agata was allowed to participate in the Miss Poland 2010 contest and was awarded the crown in it. Then, she represented her country in international beauty contests, including Miss World 2010 in China. Also, she got the title of Miss Poland according to Polsat TV viewers’ opinion in 2010.

    2. Anna Jamroz

    Anna Jamroz

    Anna Jamroz (born in 1988) is a Polish model who won Miss Poland 2009, Miss Pomerania 2009, and Miss Open Hair. Also, she entered the Top 16 at Miss World 2009 and the Top 10 at Miss Oriental Tourism 2012. In addition, she received the Ford Ka Grand Prix. Anna graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Gdansk University. In 2012, she started a political career. Thus, Anna became a councilor of the Wejherowo region and was re-elected in 2014 and 2018.

    3. Francys Sudnicka

    Francys Sudnicka (born in 1979) is a Venezuelan fashion model of Polish origin. She was born in Venezuela but spent her childhood and adolescence in Poland. At the beginning of her modeling career, Francys unsuccessfully participated in the Miss Venezuela pageant. Then, remembering her Polish roots, she took part in the Miss Poland 2006 pageant. She reached the semifinal and was honored to represent her country at the next Miss Universe and Miss Earth beauty pageants.

    4. Joanna Opozda

    Joanna Opozda

    Joanna Opozda (born in 1988) is a talented Polish actress and model. She graduated from the Krakow State Higher Theater School in 2015. Her role in the First Love series (2011–2014) brought her high popularity since she raised many social problems, such as drug addiction, miscarriage, cancer disease, and harassment of women. At present, Joanna works as a TV host and presenter, as well as participates in movie projects. Joanna has several accounts on social media and a personal website with thousands of subscribers.

    5. Karolina Wydra

    Karolina Wydra (born in 1981) is a fashion model and actress from Poland. When she was 11 years old, her family moved to the US. A few years later, one agent noticed Karolina and offered her to participate in a modeling casting. Then, she was invited to work in Japan. When she returned to the US, Karolina finished her studies and returned to the modeling business at 19. She worked in New York and advertised well-known brands, and appeared on the cover of the German version of ELLE magazine. As an actress, she is best known for her role in the Dr. House series.

    6. Katarzyna Krzeszowska

    Katarzyna Krzeszowska (born in 1990) is a gorgeous Polish model and winner of Miss Poland 2012 pageant. Therefore, she got the right to take part in Miss World 2013. Unfortunately, she did not perform well there, but she became the 4th Vice-Miss at the Miss Supranational 2014 pageant. At the Miss Poland 2020 competition, Katarzyna was on the jury along with other famous personalities. Now, this beautiful girl is still very active on social networks, operates her boutique in Warsaw, and participates in modeling business events.

     7. Katarzyna Maciąg

    Katarzyna Maciąg


    Katarzyna Maciąg (born in 1982) is a Polish theater, film, and TV series actress. She is a graduate of the Krakow Academy of Dramatic Arts and the Faculty of Modern Languages at Warsaw University. At that time, she played in many theater plays in Krakow’s Old Theatre and on national television. Her role in the Teraz Albo Nigdy TV series, broadcast in 2008-2009, brought her the most significant recognition. Recently, the actress took part in the 10th edition of the Your Face Sounds Familiar show. Katarzyna believes that her life should be in harmony with nature.

    8. Katarzyna Smutn

    Katarzyna Smutniak (born in 1979) is also known as Kasia Smutniak. She is a Polish-Italian film and TV actress. At the age of 15, she took second place in the Look of the Year competition in Warsaw. Then, she worked and studied modeling in Japan. However, she gained popularity as a model in Italy. Katarzyna is sometimes called the little sister of Monica Bellucci for her dramatic and comedy performances. Also, she is strongly committed to helping the people of Nepal. She founded the Pietro Taricone Foundation and initiated the construction of schools in this country.

    9. Marcelina Zawadzka

    Marcelina Zawadzka


    Marcelina Zawadzka (born in 1989) is a well-known Polish model who won Miss Poland 2011. Then, she represented the country at the Miss Universe 2012 pageant, where she entered the Top 16. It was the highest placement for participants from Poland since 1989. Also, Marcelina took part in the 15th season of Dancing with the Stars in Poland. In 2020, she debuted in the Africa Eco Race as a truck co-driver and finished 11th out of 41 total participants.

    10. Mia Wasikowska

    Mia Wasikowska (born in 1989) is an Australian actress with Polish roots. Her father is Australian, and her mother is Polish. Mia considers herself to be a Polish woman and bears her mother’s surname. She made her acting debut in the Australian TV drama All Saints (2004), followed by the Suburban Mayhem (2006) film. Mia was nominated for the Spirit Award in the Best Supporting Female Role category in the That Evening Sun movie (2009). Then, she gained international fame after the Alice in Wonderland movie (2010), in which she played a pivotal role.

    11. Monika Jagaciak

    Monika “Jac” Jagaciak (born in 1994) is a recognized Polish model. She started her career in 2007 when she signed a contract with IMG Models and appeared on the cover of the French magazine Jalouse. After that, Monika took part in an advertising campaign of Hermès and shot for the cover of Elle magazine. In 2008, her face appeared on the covers of Harper’s Bazaar and Japanese Spur. In 2013, 2014, and 2015, she was invited to participate in the final show of Victoria’s Secret. From 2015 to 2016, she was a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

    12. Monika Lewczuk

    Monika Lewczuk is a Polish singer and songwriter. As a model, she took part in many beauty contests, such as Miss Poland and Miss Globe International 2009. Monika is known as a winner of the Miss Supranational 2011 beauty pageant. In 2014, she took part in the 15th season of The Voice of Poland. Soon after, she signed a contract with Universal Music. Her songs became popular, and she released the first studio album in 2016. She was nominated for the Eska Music Award in the Best Radio Debut category. Then, her songs in cooperation with the Spanish singer Alvaro Soler were topped in Polish charts.

    13. Monika Mielnik

    Monika Mielnik

    Monika Mielnik (born in 1990) is a contemporary Polish actress who is still starring in movies and TV series. As a composer, she is known for such songs as Warsaw by Night (2015), Czulosc (2016), and Komisarz Alex (2012). In 2015, Monika attracted critics and the public after the film premiere of Warsaw by Night. At that time, she also started a modeling career. Fashion designers appreciated her impressive 178 cm height. Thus, she took part in many catwalks in front of the lens of fashion photographers. Her philosophy is to live among people, not judging them, but understanding them.

    14. Natalia Siwiec

    Natalia Siwiec (born in 1983) is a glamour model from Poland. She became widely known after the UEFA European Football Championship 2012 in Warsaw as she attracted the attention of photographers. Therefore, she got the title of Miss Euro 2012 and the sexiest Polish football fan. According to Google’s annual Zeitgeist Report, Natalia is considered one of the most promising Polish models with a height of 170 cm and body parameters of 87-59-89. As an actress, she started her career in 2019 and continues acting in TV series and feature films.

    15. Paulina Krupinska

    Paulina Krupinska (born in 1987) is a beautiful Polish model. She won the Photo Models Poland competition in 2004 and got the Miss Mazovia title in 2012. Then, Paulina became the winner in Miss Poland 2012 contest, thanks to which she got the right to represent her country at Miss Universe 2013 in Moscow. Although she was considered a favorite, she failed to win in the semifinal. However, she was nominated in the Miss Photogenic category. The girl’s height is 178 cm, and her body parameters are 86-63-91.

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