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    Thai women are among the most adored ones in the world. Coming from a country with many tourist attractions, hot Thai women are a delightful sight for sore eyes. And even though people are fascinated by Thailand’s sophisticated structures and diverse culture, the popularity of these hot women continues to rise over the years because of their beautiful and charming nature.

    Why Are Thai Girls Considered to Look So Hot?

    There are many reasons for rating hot Thai girls so highly when it comes to attractiveness. Let’s consider some of their outstanding features: 



    Thai women are attractive by default, having slim bodies and traditional Asian features that make people stare. Sexy Thai women do not need artificial enhancements or makeup as their natural appearance makes them look exquisite. For them, aging is a myth as they always look ever-youthful and pretty even after many decades. Without exaggeration, the average Thai woman is beautiful and a head-turner; everyone wants to be with her.


    Physical features

    When it comes to the beauty of sexy Thai brides, noticeable features include their silky black hair, glowing skin, and perfectly chiseled faces. A lot of effort is put into maintaining this exquisite look. Thai ladies have created a distinctive Asian beauty standard with their sophisticated and posh physical features. These women have surreal eyes. Thailand’s women are often petite, with long straight legs. Their healthy lifestyle enhances these gorgeous looks.



    Thailand’s culture is diverse. And while some are fascinating and exciting, others may seem a bit strange to some. But even the hottest Thai women are familiar with their culture and consistently seek to uphold it. In Thai culture, raising your voice is not cool, and the women are very soft-spoken and calm. The women respect older people just as culture demands. In their society, family is a priority, and women are expected to uphold these values and cherish them.

    Popularity among men

    Thai women have become reasonably known in different parts of the world. Due to globalization, they are aware of different customs other than theirs. Hence, men from the western, eastern, and European parts of the world love to be with them. 


    The ability of Thai women to adjust to new culture and tradition is commendable. This adaptability has won over the heart of Western men over time. Most men love it when their foreign girlfriends are smart and easy to understand their way of life. Thai women are pretty popular in the western world. In Europe, there exists a growing population of Thai-European transnational couples, especially among the wealthy. However, the same can not be said about the economically disadvantaged ones. 

    In general, some beautiful Thai women have made their mark and have become quite famous in their careers. 


    Top 15 Hottest Thai Girls

    Here’s our list of the top 15 hottest Thai girls famous for their charm in Thailand and globally.

    Mookda Narinrak

    Mookda Narinrak

    Mookda Narinak was born on the 26th of July 1996. She is a model, actress, and dancer who hails from Ranong Thailand, born to a family of treehouse merchants. Mookda’s beauty became evident when she started modeling at a young age and won Miss Teen Thailand in 2011.

    The 25-year-old goes by the nickname Mook and has a rare and appealing elegance seen in her photos. She carries herself artistically with her dancer’s body, winning several dance competitions like “To Be Number One Idol,” which she won in 2012.  

    Being one of Thai’s hottest women has not stopped her from being an innovative person. Mook bagged a BA in communication Arts BA from the University of Thai Chamber of Commerce and has made her mark as an actress. Interestingly too, Mookda has a flair for painting.


    Nuttanicha Dungwattanawanich (Nychaa Nuttanicha)

    Nuttanicha Dungwattanawanich was born on the 12th of April 1996. As a model and actress, she features in the TV drama Plerng Prang Tian, showing on Channel 3. Nychaa, as she is fondly called, is a sexy Thai girl who loves music, dancing, and painting. 

    Nychaa made her debut in Thailand’s entertainment industry in 2013 when she featured in the TV drama Thong Nuea Kao, which was a big hit at the time. Since then, she has taken on different supporting roles. From being the co-lead in Sam Bai Mai Thao, Cubic, Sam Bai Mai Thao, Luerad Mungkorn: Raed, to Sapai Jao.

    The first lead role she played was in the 2016 TV drama Nang Si. Nychaa’s familiar role is the girl next door, which matches her calm looks and sweet appearance. However, she has prospects of improving her range in the coming years.


    Namtan Tipnaree

    Namtan Tipnaree

    Tipnaree Weerawatnodom or Namtan was born in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province, Thailand, on the 1st of July, 1996, as Narumon Weerawatnodom. Namtan joined the entertainment industry as a co-host on a regular show, the Strawberry Krubcake, in 2013, where she partnered with fellow GMMTV artists Vachirawit Chiva-aree and Pronpiphat Pattanasettanon. After that, she made a star appearance in U-Prince Series (2016–2017), Slam Dance (2017), My Dear Loser (2017), Friend Zone (2018), and Love Beyond Frontier.

    Namtan’s recent movie roles include  Meen and Mind in Who Are You (2020) and repeated her role as Boom in Friend Zone 2: Dangerous Area (2020). It is expected that she plays the character Pon in an upcoming tv series Romantic Blue: The Series.

    Namtan holds a Fine Arts BA from the Srinakharinwirot University. Her fantastic performance Who Are You (2020) earned her a nomination at the 25th annual “Asian Television Awards” for “Best Actress in a Leading Role.” In addition to these, she has an online shop that sells fish chili paste known as Nam-Prik-Ta-Lood.


    Paweensuda Drouin

    Fahsai or Jennifer Paweensuda Saetan-Drouin was born on the 12th of October 1993 in Thailand as Jennifer Paweensuda Saetan-Drouin. Fahsai, as she is popularly referred to, is a TV host and DJ. She participated in beauty contests and went on to be part of the top five finalists at the 2019 Miss Universe pageant. Paweensuda won the Miss Universe Thailand in 2019, 

    Fahsai is born to a Thai mother and a Canadian father. She enjoys a diverse ethnicity consisting of Thai, French, English, and Chinese heritage. This 5’10 beauty still qualifies to be among the list of hot Thai women.

    This hot Thai lady finished high school and proceeded to the University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta, where she bagged a summa cum laude degree in kinesiology in 2017. After that, she returned to Bangkok to practice as a DJ.


    Khemanit Jamikorn

    Khemanit Jamikorn

    As she is popularly referred to, Pancake was born on the 27th of May 1988. She got her big break in the entertainment industry in 2004 when she won the Thai Supermodel Contest and Model Of The World in China.

    Her switch to professional acting began with a role in the Thai soap opera Thoe Kap Khao Lae Rak Khong Rao, which impressed viewers. She moved on to other TV shows like Tawnee Phop, Prik Gub Khur, and Rak Rae from that role. Since becoming an actress, she has won several awards, with the latest being the Best Rising Actress in 2006.


    Chalita Suansane

    Chalita was born on the 24th of December 1994 in Nonthaburi, Thailand. This beautiful lady is one of the hottest Thai women as she has won the Miss Universe Thailand 2016 and the fan vote for Miss Universe 2016. 

    Pageantry propelled her to a career in film and television. Chalita is featured in movies like Sarb Krasue, Pah Rak Chang, Preng Lap Lae, The Secret, and Tawan Tok Din. People admire her unadulterated beauty and charisma. She has good followership on Instagram, on which she is pretty active, having over 852 thousand fans.


    Praya Lundberg

    Nataya Lundberg is one of the hot Thai women with more than one alias, Praya Lundberg or Praya Suandokmai. Prayas fans call her Pu. She was born on the 28th of March 1989 to a Swedish father and a Thai mother. Pu went into show biz with a debut role in the famous show Rak Dai Mai Thar Hua Jai Mai Pean. In the comedy, she has also featured in Maa Kap Phra (2006) and another action movie Bangkok Adrenaline (2009). 

    Before she became an actress, she was a successful model and joined the lux brand at 15. Since then, she’s appeared on the cover of renowned magazines like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, L’Officiel, and Grazia. 


    Kimberley Anne Tiamsiri Woltemas

    Kimberley Anne Tiamsiri Woltemas

    Kimberley Anne Woltemas, who also goes by the name Kimmy, was born on the 22nd of January 1992. She has dual nationality being partly German. Kimmy joined the industry as an actress and model, starting with the series 4 Hua Jai Haeng Koon Kao, Nam, A Kind Doctor

    Since then, she has performed several other roles. Kimberley is not only one of Thai’s hottest women but also among the top Asian actresses. Kimmy has a calm personality, a cute smile, and a warm, kind heart.


    Woonsen Virithipa

    Woonsen Virithipa was born on the 1st of April, 1981. Woonsen participated in a Channel Thailand program known as the VN search contest, which led to her being a great entertainer.

    Woonsen has since appeared on different TV shows like Nang Tard, Waen Dok Mai, and Khun Por Jorm Sa. Besides her talent, she was also featured in the 2010 FHM list of the sexiest women in the world. Woonsen is Instagram famous with over 7 million followers. She makes posts detailing her food, travel, career, uploading various beautiful photos for her fans.


    Nittha Jirayungyurn

    Nittha Jirayungyurn was born on the 21st of September 1990 in Bangkok, Thailand, where she was raised. This hot Thai actress joined the entertainment industry in 2013, playing only minor roles at the time. In 2016, her big break came when she played the lead character in One Day. Acting has not limited Nittha as she has since moved on to do other things. 

    Nittha has bagged different nominations since 2013 for awards like the 25th Bangkok Critics Assembly Awards and the 6th Thailand Headlines Person of the Year Awards. Her busy schedule hasn’t hindered her from acting as she still has time from her tv shows and movies. As she is often called, Mew shares her activities on her Instagram with her over 3 million followers. 


    Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul

    Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul

    Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul was born on the 30th of September, 1992, in Thailand. The model and actress is one of the hottest Thai women and known for her classic beauty. People got to know about her when she featured in the movie Crazy Little Thing Called Love. That debut propelled her into other movies, tv shows, and music videos, all of these adding up to her fame.

    Pimchanok’s beauty is another reason people are attracted to her, hence her presence on the list of hot Thai women. Her Instagram account has about 4 million followers, where she posts feeds of her life and other exciting projects. 

    Even though she is an accomplished actress, many people might think she stumbled into the acting industry. But,

    Pimchanok graduated from the Srinakharinwirot University with a degree in acting. Hence, her success is attributed both to her talent and hard work.


    Supaksorn Chaimongkol

    Supaksorn Chaimongkol was born on the 2nd of December 1982 in Thailand. This hot woman is not a stranger on the list of hottest Thai women. Supaksom doubles as a model or actress and has been acting in the Thai movie industry since 2002. Although her fame is not global, many people in Thailand adore her for her exquisite looks and movie roles. 

    A face and figure like hers are not easily forgotten, and her fans call her Kratae. Supaksom bagged a degree in Journalism, and her hobbies include car racing. Quite remarkable, yeah. For someone so sexy and fragile-looking like she is, car racing might seem too tedious a task, but her fast driving skills are fantastic. Several magazines have showcased Supaksom’s beauty as she has appeared in FHM and MARS men’s magazines. 


    Farung Yuthithum

    Farung Yuthithum was born on the 6th of April 1987 and is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Farung started pageantry in the university pageant in 2006. After that, she became Miss Thailand Universe in 2007. That same year, Farung participated in the Miss Universe pageant and was one of the tallest participants. 

    At a stunning height of 5’11, her presence was quite noticeable. On reaching the finals, she became the second Thai contestant to reach the finals in the pageant. Apart from pageantry, she has done some work on TV and modeling. Farung is also a cover model for magazines like HUG and has also done some ads.


    Cindy Burbridge

    Cindy Burbridge

    Cindy Burbridge was born on the 30th of December 1978 to an American father and a British- Thai-Indian mother. Cindy started modeling by doing some ads for a diving equipment shop. The success she achieved soon propelled her into modeling. 

    Afterward, she was Thailand’s representative in the 1996 Miss World Pageant. Her appearance sparked controversy due to her mixed ethnicity. A lot of people were not comfortable with her Anglo-Saxon looks. Being a brave woman, Cindy does not shy away because her fair skin and blue eyes are not the same as traditional Thai women. Still, she maintains that she is eligible to contest because she is a Thai woman born and raised in Thailand.

     The controversy did not stop Cindy from modeling, acting, and being a VJ. She appeared in some movies and advertising campaigns. After a while in the limelight, she started a business, co-owning a Japanese restaurant running to date. This gorgeous actress is also a certified diver.


    Matika Arthakornsiripho

    Matika Arthakornsiripho was born on the 9th of May 1986. Nicknamed Bee, she started acting based on popular demand. Bee started working at a very young age, in 1995. Over a decade, she has featured in more than seven films. Bee began a career in modeling in 2006. She made her debut as a cover model for several magazines and is a favorite in Thailand. Despite not going global yet, the people of Thailand still love her. She remains one of the hottest Thai women in the country. Matika has since resumed her acting career.

    Thai women are unique, and a handful of them have graced the screens in Thailand and internationally. So you should always take the time to appreciate the resplendent beauty of these Asian damsels.

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