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    Mail Order Brides: How much do bride service cost?
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    For men who are confidently aimed at building a family abroad and want to weed out casual contacts, it is worth contacting an international russian mail order brides agency with a good reputation. The services of a marriage agency will provide not only a successful selection of Russian mail order wife but also reliable support at all stages of the development of relations with a foreigner up to their climax – a wedding.

    How to get a Russian mail order bride?

    In today’s world, communication and acquaintances between people are transferred from everyday life to the Internet. Increasingly, such acquaintances grow into strong friendships, and feelings arise. But is there any prospect of such a relationship in real life? Of course, there  is!

    Every day, more and more relationships are tied at a distance via the Internet. With the advent of technology, international dating has become available for both men and especially women who eventually become Russian mail order brides. Such a dating format is now becoming more relevant.

    The man who decided to find a foreign wife has two ways:

    • independently get acquainted with a Russian cutie via social networks;
    • use the services of a mail order bride Russia agency. 

    We would not recommend an independent search because there are too many pitfalls in getting acquainted with foreigners.

    As for the services of a Russian mail order bride agency, everything is much safer and more comfortable here, and the result is much better. In fact, if you decide to look for a Russian girl on your own, you get another bunch of troubles. You need to spend a lot of personal time and energy, and the result can be unsatisfactory.

    The Russian mail order wives agencies take superiority – their work is carried out on international dating sites. These sites are mainly used by wealthy foreign men who can and want to show signs of attention. 

    Indeed, Russian mail order brides websites earn on their services, and this is natural since any work must be paid. Also,  the girls do not pay the agency for services. And the agency, in turn, invests  a lot in its clients. If you look at the mail order Russian bride agency from the side, you will see what a great job it is doing to attract attention and search for a really good bride.

    If you take the matter seriously, such agencies will minimize the risks of getting caught in the pitfalls of international dating.

    The mail order Russian brides websites minimize the risks of getting into various negative situations and also fully provide help at all stages of meeting with foreigners.

    In fact, international dating on the Internet provides great opportunities to find a Russian bride and get positive, unforgettable life experience.

    How much do hot Russian women cost?

    For Russian women, the services of websites specializing in dating with foreigners are most often free. Even the photoshoots for mail order Russian wives are done by the agencies themselves – after all, men love with their eyes. 

    But how do such sites earn money? All expenses pay off with interest: foreigners eager to get mail order brides from Russia usually pay $3500—10 000. However, the number of marriage scams does not decrease, and the amounts VIP-persons pay to search for the second half reach $25,000.

    As a rule, the future groom pays for all-included services . Caring managers of the agency find him an apartment for $50-70 per day. Translation services from the agency start at $15-25 per hour. But of course, everything depends on the services you ordered.

    All legal marriage offices in Russia earn money in two ways. The first is by weekend dating tours. Usually, branches of international agencies do this. It looks like the following: a man pays from $3,500 for a trip that includes Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kazan, Sochi, or other cities. The price includes flight, accommodation, and participation in dating parties (grooms pay separately for a buffet). On large paid resources, grooms are more picky and wealthy. Therefore, their requirements are high. Indeed, an American traveling to Russia, for example, can pay $10,000.

    The second way is by posting profiles of women and girls on mail order Russian wifes marriage sites, where men from 20 to 80 years of age from all over the world are looking for family happiness. International dating sites even practice selling seasonal tickets for men at the cost of 50-60 euros per month.

    There are realiable offices among them, which have been on the market for 10–20 years. They value their reputation and strictly filter potential scammers. Hundreds of letters are sent to men from all over the planet daily. These letters are composed by specially trained translators, and each translation unit is supervised by a special manager. Chatting is provided by the agency. A foreigner pays 50-60 euros for one meeting with a lady selected on the questionnaire.

    At the same time, the site controls both sides: it requires a joint photo taken during a date, and if it turns out that the intermediary agency has hidden that the “bride” is married, a serious fine will be charged. 

    The age accepted on these sites is from 18 to 45 years. As an exception, they can take the profile of a lady 50+, but given that the woman looks good in the photo. Amateur pictures against the background of the carpet, alas, make even the cutiest beauty uncompetitive. Therefore, all the photos on the Russian mail order brides sites are made in a studio, and women are in high heels and even in swimsuits.

    Is it worth paying for real Russian mail order brides?

    The client database of the Russian mail order brides contains a significant number of profiles of successful, independent, and charming American and European gentlemen. They are distinguished by material well-being and a stable position in society, but for various reasons, they currently do not have a soulmate next to them. The male clients are sure of the seriousness of their intentions. They are attracted by the characteristic national features of Russians.

    The undoubted privilege of Russian mail order brides clients is the organization of the first meeting with the charming cuties by the efforts of the agency’s employees. The man is no longer responsible for choosing a meeting place, and a suitable atmosphere is created for this event. The participation of the director or representative of the company helps to smooth the exciting moment of the first personal contact of a potential bride and groom.

    The websites providing these services operate in accordance with international laws. So you can be sure that the costs paid wouldn’t be stolen.

    An important direction for them is the legal support of clients. The cost of the services of a marriage agency, which is paid by a man and not his chosen one, includes consultations of the legal adviser and immigration partner. They also provide assistance in the visa creation process.

    Marriage agency services include supporting the process of the Russian bride’s move to the groom’s country of living and legalization of marriage. After the move, the bride can contact the agency in order to correctly go through all the procedures for obtaining legal status in her new homeland.

    Marriage with a citizen of another country is a responsible and quite radical step in the life of a man. At the same time, it is important not only to be interested in how much do Russian mail order brides cost but also to choose a company with a good reputation that will help legitimize family relations and not only provide a search for a decent woman.

    Experts in the field of assistance in building strong relationships give valuable advice on filling out the questionnaire, selecting photos, preparing the first letter to the woman, and many other issues. The only thing you need to understand is that the key to a good relationship with a foreigner is openness and sociability. During correspondence, it is important to interest and inspire the chosen bride. 

    In the constantly updated catalog of models, which is accessible for viewing on the website, there are many profiles of very beautiful young girls – native Muscovites and Petersburgers from good families and visitors living in the regions of Russia, with experience in relationships with wealthy men and without. You can also find charming, well-groomed older women, many of whom have their own business projects and do not need maintenance, but simply are looking for a man of their level and above. 

    The Russian mail order brides websites work only with real girls who value their reputation, were not involved in the escort, so they could be a decent choice for a solid man.

    A Complete Guide on Meeting a Mail Order Bride in 2020

    Click to find out who mail order brides are, how to find them, why marry them, and how much they cost. Check how to avoid scams and unpleasant experiences.

    Who Are Mail Order Brides?

    Mail order brides are ladies searching for international relationships on the internet. Most of these women live in Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia. They register on online dating platforms or specialized mail order bride websites to marry foreigners. You may think that such services appeared during the internet era. However, mail order bride roots traced back to the early 1800s.

    Lone men and women used magazines, journals, and newspapers at that time. Ladies and gentlemen asked the publishers to post “dating profiles” in the magazines, describing their intentions, personalities and leaving contact information (postal address, for instance). Anyone interested could send these people letters and photos.

    Nothing has changed by now except for the environment: newspapers were replaced with digital dating apps, websites, and mail order bride companies.

    Additionally, international marriages, as a spread phenomenon, have always been incredibly popular. The US marriage statistics speak of themselves: 21% of American households had one foreign-born spouse in 2011. It was about 11 million families. Today, this trend significantly intensifies, and more American men marry traditional ladies from developing countries.

    What Makes Mail Order Brides So Popular?

    Since mail order brides are mostly women from second and third world states, they all share some features that attract Western men. These peculiarities are:

    • Femininity. In general, Russian, Latin American, and Asian women act and look much more femininely. They have long hair, use make-up, etc. It attracts Western men who can’t imagine their lives without gorgeous wives.
    • Traditional values. Women from developing countries tend to be more submissive in relationships and usually do all the housework while their men earn money. In post-Soviet countries, even working women do domestic work on their own, which is considered entirely acceptable. Being “unpaid housewives” is also typical for women in third world countries.
    • These women are less demanding and much easier to impress compared to Western European or American ladies.
    • Women from developing countries treat relationships more seriously. In Eastern European and Asian states, casual dating and premarital sex are often criticized. Besides, these women are more devoted and supportive. Thus, for many Western men, dating a mail order bride is the only solution for having a loving and dedicated partner.

    Why Women Become Mail Order Wives?

    A Matter of Preference

    For the most part, women from developing countries imagine Western men as incredibly handsome (looking like models from the magazines), more reliable, and more stable from a financial perspective.

    These women get an ideal American husband’s image generally from the media (most of them have never been to the US). Indeed, Americans take care of themselves better, look more athletic (the fitness and bodybuilding industries originated in the US) and more fashionable, own cars (often in college), etc.

    Besides, mail order brides believe Western men treat women with more love, care, and support. They believe domestic violence is less common in the US, and women have many more rights and financial freedom. At the same time, mail order brides feel disfavor towards men of their nationality for such reasons as infidelity, mental immaturity, lack of financial capabilities, etc. For instance, Italian men are known for cheating on their spouses the most. Over 50% of Italian guys cheated on their partners.

    Another example is the Russian obsession with spirits. Surveys report that the husband’s alcohol addiction causes over 40% of Russian divorces. Lack of financial capabilities in developing countries is another reason why local women prefer Western men. Very often, economic conditions in developing countries can allow the population to fulfill only the basic needs. Many things typically available for people from the Western world become an unaffordable luxury.

    Assuming all the aspects mentioned above, many women register on matrimonial websites simply because they find American men more attractive in all regards.

    Lack of Men in the Motherland

    Some women address matchmaking agencies because there are not enough men in her country. Post-Soviet nations have acute gender disproportion. For every 100 women, there are only 86.8 and 86.3 men in Russia and Ukraine, respectively. What should the remaining 14 women do? They find the solution in matrimonial services. In contrast, the US has 98.3 men per 100 women.

    There are lots of reasons for such a large gap in gender ratio in post-Soviet countries. First of all, mortality rates are very high among men in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and other post-Soviet states. Studies show that alcohol addiction-related complications become the main reasons for death among these men. Indeed, only 36% of men living in the post-Soviet area consider alcohol consumption unacceptable. Besides, studies and surveys show that Russian men drink 20 liters of vodka yearly.

    A sheer number of Soviet casualties during World War II is another reason for gender disproportion. According to the most popular estimations, 8-11 million Soviet soldiers died during World War II. To put things into perspective, Germany lost 4-5.3 million soldiers.

    Russian historians provide horrific numbers mentioning over 20 million Soviet casualties, including military and civil deaths. As a result, many Russian and Ukrainian mail order brides seek international relationships on the web due to higher competition.

    Family Pressure

    Very often, women are afraid of staying old maidens. It is a typical reason for Asian women to become mail order brides. They experience pressure from their family when their parents force them to marry someone as soon as possible. In many cases, arranged marriages take place, which is especially common in India. Parents choose a husband for their daughter, who is often much older than her. In this case, the daughter will prefer to become a mail order bride, fall in love with an American guy, and move in together.

    Unacceptable Environment

    Women from developing countries often search for international marriage because of a bunch of factors that make a living in their country unbearable. It might include gender inequality, overall financial instability, pressure, unacceptable society norms, etc. Many women dream of immigration, which is possible through marriage.

    How To Find Mail Order Brides

    Although the US is a multinational country, you might struggle to find foreign women in your state. Many brides from developing countries cannot afford to travel to the US. As a result, addressing online dating and mail order bride services would become an ideal option if you aimed to find a bride from another country.

    There are thousands of online dating and matrimonial companies. Thus, a wide selection of matchmaking platforms allows you to meet a mail order wife of any nationality. In some cases, it is better to address niche services. For instance, if you search for Russian brides, Russian and Ukrainian dating sites will help you the most, featuring thousands of ladies to choose from.

    If nationality does not play a huge role for you, you can address large international platforms. However, many Americans prefer niche matrimonial services to meet brides of a specific nationality. It is because niche matchmaking services don’t operate in other areas.

    Are mail order bride websites efficient? They are quite successful in matching people from different corners of the globe. Each year, over 6,000 Americans find their love on these platforms.

    Besides, the couples formed on mail order bride websites tend to have healthier and more stable relationships. The divorce rate in these couples is 10% lower than the national average. Thus, mail order bride companies really help Americans become happy husbands.

    How Do Mail Order Bride Services Work?

    Mail order bride services are matrimonial companies that operate websites where men and women create profiles, communicate, date, and eventually marry each other. Mail order bride companies usually provide plenty of communication options to help people find their love in a foreign country. These features include:

    • Translation service. It is especially helpful when you experience a language barrier. A company will provide you with a translator/interpreter upon your request.
    • Tour arrangement. Many mail order bride companies help men travel to the country of a bride’s residence. You can hire a tour guide and an interpreter, arrange a date, etc. Thus, matrimonial companies provide all-round support with offline dating experience.
    • Dating assistance. A mail order bride service will often provide you with a personal dating manager, helping you manage chats, payments, etc. You can also consult them on women.

    Mail Order Bride Service Costs

    As a rule, you can register, get acquainted with the company’s features, browse women profiles, and manage your profile for free. However, messaging someone always requires investments. Depending on a matrimonial company, you will be charged monthly or per action.

    You can expect to spend from as little as $100 per month if you prefer only chatting. Sure, if you consider courtesy and wooing important, you will probably spend much more money on delivering flowers, teddy bears, etc. Possible expenses include:

    • Offline date (travel) expenses. These include transportation tickets, accommodation, entertainment, Visa processing, etc.
    • Online communication.
    • Flowers, jewelry, and other gifts.
    • Relocation of a male order bride. The expenses depend on many factors, from your woman’s family contribution and the country of her residence to Visa policies and bureaucracy.
    • Wedding expenses.

    In general, Americans spend about $120,000 on dating in their lives. You can expect to pay a couple thousand dollars more, assuming traveling and relocation costs.

    The whole mail order bride adventure, starting from website sign-up and ending with the bride’s relocation, costs from $2,000 to $15,000 on average. Again, it depends on tons of factors, and it is impossible to come up with an exact price.

    Features To Consider When Choosing find a bride Service

    There are literally thousands of mail order wife companies on the web, and choosing one may become a bit complicated. You should focus on these features while selecting a mail order bride service:

    • Safety measures. It is crucial to register on a safe platform that features a valid SSL certificate and a digital security badge. As for anti-fraud measures, reliable mail order bride agencies apply identity verification, check users’ criminal background, monitor user content, etc.
    • Audience quality. You will want to browse thousands of brides, so aim at matrimonial services with broad audiences.
    • Range of communication options. Dating a bride who is thousands of miles away from you might be dull if you use only emails. So stick to mail order bride websites supporting video shows, call services, rich messaging, and gift delivery.
    • Pricing policy. It is better to choose companies that provide a refund if anything goes wrong. You may write to dozens of women but not get any response or a woman you have been messaging for several months appears to be a fake. Aim at companies that provide refunds for such issues.
    • Additional services like date arrangement and translation assistance will be useful, so prioritize companies that provide such options.

    Final Thoughts

    Mail order brides are girls who aim at international marriage and use specialized services for finding a foreign husband. These services really help people find their soulmates in foreign countries and produce thousands of marriages yearly. If you wish to marry a beautiful, caring, loving, and, most importantly, traditional woman, you have a very high chance of finding one by addressing mail order bride agencies.


    Are Mail Order Brides Real?

    Mail order brides are ladies who use online services to find a partner. They are real, and over 6,000 Americans marry women they meet on mail order bride websites each year.

    How Can I Protect Myself From Scammers?

    Follow these recommendations to protect yourself from scams:

    • Select reputable mail order bride companies that apply reliable digital security and anti-fraud measures (such as SSL data encryption, identity approval, content moderation, etc.)
    • Don’t trust women who ask for money. When you notice that a mail order bride wants to know your payment data or needs money for “her mom’s surgery,” report abuse.
    • Use video chats and call services and ask your woman for photos in different environments to make sure she is real.

    How to Get a Mail Order Bride?

    An American passport will not help you find a loving wife. You need to apply effort to win the heart of a mail order bride. Pay compliments and listen to her, act like a gentleman, buy gifts, etc. You need to invest love, attention, care, and time, just like with any woman.

    Can I Buy A Mail Order Bride?

    You cannot buy love. No woman will ever truly love you just for your money. You cannot buy a person as well. Technically, you can do it; however, you probably don’t want to serve a life sentence for human trafficking.

    How Much Does It Usually Cost To Find A Mail Order Bride?

    Usually, you will spend from $2,000 to $15,000 on finding, communicating, and relocating a mail order bride to your state.

    Do Mail Order Bride Services Guarantee That I Find A Wife?

    Mail order bride companies cannot guarantee that you’ll find love on their websites. They will provide you with all the necessary tools for finding a soulmate. But nobody and nothing on earth can force someone to love you.

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