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    Russian Mail Order Brides: How much do bride service cost?
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    Russian Mail Order Brides: How much do bride service cost?
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    Many men from all over the world have heard about the enchanting beauty and caring nature of Russian women. The majority of them wish they could find such partners to share their lives with. Still, only a few of them manage to meet a Russian partner for marriage. If you are one of those who does not know how and where to meet a Russian wife, this guide is for you. Below, you will find out why Russian brides are worth the money and effort and what makes them stand out from the crowd.

    How to get a Russian mail order bride?

    The first question that makes foreigners confused when they decide to start relationships with Russian brides is where to find them. This is an especially urgent question for those who live in the areas where there is no Russian diaspora and, consequently, no chance to meet a girl of Russian descent. In such case, we recommend you to revert to the following ways of meeting Russian wives:

    • Visit party places in the cities with large Russian emigrants’ number. This option goes for people who prefer traditional offline flirting and dating. If you don’t like communicating on social media, you can try your luck in getting acquainted with Russian brides in cities like New York, Miami, or Chicago; however, you will have to spend a lot of time there searching for women and no one knows how many attempts you will need to make before you meet your love;
    • Use speed-dating options for foreigners. This option is also a nice possibility to get acquainted with eight or ten women at a time. At the same time, you will never know how many girls will happen to be Russian women for marriage. Therefore, we advise you to not rely much on this opportunity;
    • Visit Russian-speaking clubs in your city. This may be an unexpected spot for meeting Russian ladies who speak both English and Russian well – isn’t it what you are looking for? With such a woman by your side, you will have no language barrier and no worries about the quality of your communication;
    • Register on Russian women dating websites and apps. This is the first online dating option that we highly recommend for all Western men to use. It is a fast, easy, and fun way to meet Russian brides for marriage: you just swipe profiles, add them to your favorites, or immediately text girls whom you like with no strings attached. After all, if you are looking for a serious bond to build, you can also find your partner there;
    • Use Russian mail order brides services. The second online dating opportunity for American, Canadian, Asian, and European men to meet Russian wives is using mail order brides services and agencies. Such companies have a large pool of Russian women’s profiles to provide you with. Besides, they will take care of your comfort during your meeting and dates.

    How much do Russian Mail Order Cost ?

    Russian Mail Order Cost

    Now that you know a few ways of finding contact with a Russian bride for sale, you probably are interested in prices for it. Let’s see how much money you have to be ready to pay for dating a hot Russian bride.

    If you’ve decided to search for a partner on your own, you will have to spend a lot on traveling to the cities with Russian districts in your country or directly to Russia. The accommodation and board costs will also be your business, as well as flights booking, expenditures on dates, shopping, etc. Besides this, you will have to generate ideas on where to go and how to surprise your bride.

    On the contrary, using online dating apps and websites to buy Russian bride can be much cheaper: all you need to pay for will be a membership fee according to the rates of your chosen dating platform. Also, this way of meeting Russian mail order brides is more beneficial since you can date Russian wives online on the go without traveling to their country of residence.

    Finally, if you hire a dating agency to find a Russian bride for you, you will have to pay more. The company will organize all travels and dates for you, but you will need to be ready to spend a few thousand dollars on your journey to Russia. Besides this, you will need to pay some fee to access profiles of Russian mail order brides provided by the dating company.

    At this point, we advise you to count all pros and cons of each dating option and understand your goals: if you are looking for a fast hookup or discreet affair, hiring a mail order bride agency is not reasonable, as well as traveling to Russia on your own. In this case, searching for a Russian wife online will be the best option. But if you are looking for a long-term Russian bride, consider using specific Russian dating platforms and mail order bride services to find your perfect match.

    Is it worth paying for real Russian mail order brides?

    Since you already know how to get a Russian bride, we’d like to let you know more about the advantages of hiring a professional mail order bride service for your needs. Take them into account if you are still unsure whether to ask their assistance or not:

    • The possibility of remote cooperation. The first thing that the majority of Western dating websites and mail order bride services customers value is the distant communication with brides and wedding agencies. Everything is done online, either on the app/website or by email. You don’t need to even get out of your house to get acquainted with a beautiful Russian wife and communicate with her;
    • A large pool of Russian mail order brides ready for marriage. Offline dating implies you have to go out regularly and meet women everywhere, but who knows how many of them will be eager to go on a date with you? Therefore, using a dating app or a Russian mail order brides agency is a wise decision: all women who cooperate with them are ready to start relationships with a foreigner and they will not refuse to meet you;
    • The entire organization of your dating process. If you are dating through a dating app, you have all tools to use for your goals: video chats, live chat, messenger, etc. The same is true for a mail order bride agency (its staff organizes your dates, travels, and takes care of your pastime with each other). All you do is paying for their services;
    • No need to search for Russian wives on your own. If you delegate the task of finding your match to a dating service, there is no need to spend time socializing with random women to seduce them. A dating company will find a Russian wife for you while you are busy with work, gym, family, and other stuff;
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee. No dating agency stops working on your request until you buy Russian wife who fits you 100%. Therefore, you should not be worried that your money will go to waste if you cannot find anyone for dating. Mail order bride services take their reputation and your satisfaction seriously, so all you need is time to meet the Russian lady of your dreams.

    A Complete Guide on Meeting a Mail Order Bride

    Below, you can find a comprehensive review of Russian mail order brides, their features, reasons for searching for a husband abroad, and a few tips on how to get a Russian wife and make your dating experience more successful.

    What Makes Russian Mail Order Brides So Popular?

    Russian Mail Order Brides

    Russian brides are extremely beautiful

    This is the first reason for foreigners’ desire to date or even get married to Russian mail order brides. Their attractiveness is known everywhere in the world, so there is no surprise that American, Asian, and Western European men want to have such girlfriends. Russian brides are very diverse in their appearances: they can be tall, small, and of average height. Also, they can be curvy, skinny or fit, blonde or brunette, light-skinned, and tanned. Since Russia is a multinational country with many nations living there, you can find a girlfriend with Slavic, Asian, and German roots and, therefore, exceptional outer beauty.

    They are hospitable and caring

    The second thing Russian mail order brides are famous for is their kindness, hospitality, and care for their close ones. They love inviting guests to their homes to party, hanging out with their friends and sometimes even colleagues with homemade food and drinks, and celebrate their birthdays with their loved ones eating abundant dishes.

    Many Russian wives find their happiness in caring about their families, that’s why there are so many housewives among them. In Russian culture, it is normal for women to give up their careers for the family and stay at home raising kids.

    They love kids and want to have many

    This is another reason for Russian wives to buy popularity. They love children and find happiness in nursing them. Thus, modern Russian families have at least two children. Children are considered the goal of women’s existence in Russia, so only women from big cities choose to postpone their maternity to their 30-s. The majority of Russian mail order brides have kids before they turn 20-25 years old.

    They are very family-oriented

    As you might have guessed from the previous paragraphs, every mail order Russian bride is a family-oriented lady who puts family on top of her priorities. Be it a family she was born to or the one she created herself, each Russian bride takes care of that. She will not stay away if her relatives are sick, in trouble, or just in a bad mood: she is always there to help them. If you are looking for a truly reliable partner who values family ties above all, consider choosing your wife among Russian mail order wives.

    Why Women Become Russian Mail Order Wives?

    Russian Mail Order Wives

    A Matter of Preference

    The first reason some women decide to become Russian wives to buy is just their desire to get married to foreigners. They prefer international surrounding instead of their countrymen and want to enrich their communication skills and contribute to their personality and happiness by dating men from overseas. Probably, this is the most popular reason for international men as well: they just want to try dating Russian mail order brides to find out whether they are as beautiful and hospitable as it is said about them.

    Lack of Men in the Motherland

    According to statistics, there are 10,5 million more women than men in Russia. Thus, there is no surprise local women start looking for potential husbands abroad. They travel to nearby countries to meet people, actively use social media and dating apps, and attend speed dating events to get acquainted with men from all over the world. In such cases, Russian brides do not pay attention to the background and nationality of their prospective husbands: they are just looking for happiness in their personal life.

    Family Pressure

    Since Russian society is pretty traditional and patriarchal, local women are pressured to get married fast and have children. Historically, it has been unusual for women to stay single till their 30-s or 40-s: they were encouraged to create their family and have a baby before 25 years old. Now, as the young population becomes slightly more career-oriented and thoughtful about marriage and family, young Russian women feel pressure from their relatives and older colleagues regarding their relationship status. Therefore, many of them start searching for a partner everywhere not only to have their personal life settled but also to look better in the eyes of their close ones.

    Unacceptable Environment

    Finally, the last reason for getting married to foreigners is the desire to leave Russia. As you might have heard in the world news, it is not the most democratic and people-friendly country in the world. The country’s president has been ruling directly or influencing the country’s policy since 2000 and oppressing the opposition ever since. That’s why Russian youth often feel uncertain about their future in this country; the most brave people emigrate with their families to have a safe and happy life outside Russia. Therefore, if you decide to find Russian wife, you probably will even save someone’s life.

    How To Find Russian Mail Order Brides

    Russian Brides

    How Do Mail Order Bride Services Work?

    The whole process of ordering Russian brides for marriage is done online. Once you find a company you want to trust with your personal life, you need to contact them or register on their website. After that, you will be provided a questionnaire to answer so that the company staff could match the women’s profiles with yours. If you are using a dating website for this purpose, matchmaking will be done automatically based on your interests, personality, appearance, and other details. After that, you will be provided your matchmaking results  – the women’s profiles you can interact with and start dating.

    The communication will be done online: either in live chat, video chat, or email. Dating websites have their own messaging systems so you will not need to use other social media platforms to date Russian wives. It is up to you to decide for how long to chat with a Russian bride online and where to meet her in real life.

    Russian Mail Order Bride Costs

    The prices for mail order brides services are different and depend on the kind of service you want to order. If you are dating via a dating website, it will charge you a monthly membership fee or encourage you to purchase credits that will be converted into minutes in video chat with your Russian wife.

    But if you order a service from a dating and wedding agency, you will have to pay for creating your profile in their database, matchmaking service that will be done for you, online communication, travels to Russia, and all associated expenses.

    Features To Consider When Choosing To Find A Bride Service

    Below, you will find out what you should pay attention to before you sign up for any dating website or hire a dating expert to find a bride for you:

    • Reviews. This is the first thing you have to check to make sure that a certain dating company is not a scam. Customer reviews contain a lot of information regarding the quality of service, pricing policy, refund guarantees, etc.;
    • Customer Support. You need to have someone to turn to if you have any technical troubles with a mail order bride service. Therefore, take a look at Customer Support working hours and ways to reach out to them. If a dating website does not have a Customer Support team, leave it immediately and do not create an account there;
    • Prices. Comparing prices beforehand is a wise decision since it helps to save a lot of your money. Please remember that buying a Russian wife is not very expensive, but the travels to Russia may cost a lot;
    • Services and features. Some companies offer more services than others, so you need to be careful before you pay a membership fee on a dating website. Also, be sure to search for special offers for new users: it may save you a few dozen dollars;
    • Usability. After all, using a certain website or dating agency should be convenient. It is great if a company of your choice has a mobile app to use on the go.

    Interesting Russian mail order brides statistics

    You can be sure that a Russian mail order bride is a person who can change your life for good. Life with the women like Anna Kournikova, Natalia Vodianova, Maria Sharapova, and Alina Kabaeva will be incredible. But what else do you know about Russian brides? Here are some Russian brides statistics and facts that you can find amazing to know:

    • Interest in American guys. It’s clear that Russian mail order brides are among the most popular candidates for marriage. More and more, Russian women are getting interested in foreign marriages, and the most popular choices of Russians are American guys. In recent years, there’s been an increase in Russian brides going to the US legally like marriage. Only in 2019, there were more than 800 registered marriages. This demonstrates that Russian women are more into international marriages.
    • Problems with local men. In a country where higher divorces rates are quite common, you can wonder what’s behind such a negative tendency. Among the main reasons, the problems with local men are among the most evident ones. More and more, ladies are dissatisfied with how local men treat them. What’s more, Russian women’s charm and beauty are quite often taken for granted. Actually, this is one of the main reasons why ladies in Russia are more interested in getting married abroad. They hope that their foreign husbands will be more caring and more considerate.
    • Younger women for marriage. Did you know that Russian women get married earlier than many European ladies? For now, the first marriage age of Russian ladies is about 22. So, as you see, they tend to marry young. That’s why it’s not surprising that when browsing the profiles of sexy Russian women on the sites of Russian mail order brides, you can see women with ages ranging from 18 to 25 on average. If you’re interested in getting married to a sexy and young woman who can be better than a Russian mail order bride?
    • No worries about the age gap. Unlike many other ladies from Europe, Russian women don’t focus on what you may look like. They’re keen on how good a person you can be. What’s more, the most interesting part is that they don’t care about the age gap. If you’re interested in marrying a younger lady but worrying if she minds your age gap, you have a solution which is Russian mail order brides. It’s common for Russian women to overlook the age difference, as they mainly focus on what you can offer as their future life partner.
    • An interesting case of divorces. Now it’s time to look at some interesting facts. Russia is among the countries with higher divorce rates, with about 5 divorces per 1K population. What’s more, almost half of the marriages in the USA end up in divorce. But interestingly, when it comes to marriages of Russian and US citizens, numbers are quite promising. So, it’s clear that men interested in foreign brides tend to find better wife candidates leading to a decrease in the failure of marriages. Besides, such a tendency proves that the practice of mail order brides is getting not only popular but also more successful.
    • Perspective in childbirth. Some Western guys think that Russian women get married early and have more than 3 kids. In Western families, having more than 2 kids might seem a bit more than usual. But when you look at the birth rate of Russian ladies, you can see that the average fertility rate among them is about 1.5 kids per woman. What’s more, Russian ladies don’t rush to have kids as they did during the Soviet Union. In short, Russian women are quite family-centred ladies but without a desire to have more than 2 kids on average.

    The mail order brides continue to become popular among Western guys, and ladies in Russia are among the top brides in demand nowadays. Russian brides are now popular among Australians, British, and Canadians. If you’re also interested in getting Russian wives, all you need is a good dating site with higher success rates. Don’t forget that numbers don’t lie.

    nature and russian bride

    About Russia

    It’s a known fact that Russia is the largest country in the world. It has a lot to offer you. There are many associations with countries, such as Vodka, Lake Baikal, the Red Square, Matryoshka dolls, the Hermitage, the popular Moscow metro, and advancements in space. The West of the country is the most amazing part of the country, and this is where 2 major cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg.

    Going to Russia

    Thankfully, there are plenty of airlines flying to Russia. You can book tickets from the Russian airlines Aeroflot or S7 Airlines. These airlines are the most popular and most reliable ones. The biggest airport in Russia is Sheremetyevo. Still, you can fly to other major cities with their large airports.

    Staying in Russia

    That’s not a big deal if you’re planning to stay in Russia. Mainly, you’ll have to choose from a wide range of hotels. Still, hostels are also among the most popular options. There are tours that offer camping trips.

    Major cities to visit

    While staying in Russia, you may wonder where to start your journey. If you’re new to Russia, here are the 6 main cities worth your time and attention:

    • Moscow;
    • St. Petersburg;
    • Sochi;
    • Kazan;
    • Novosibirsk;
    • Samara.

    If you’re interested in meeting Russian mail order brides, all you need is to get a ticket and plan your trip.

    Final Thoughts

    As you can see, buying Russian brides can be an exciting experience. All you need to do is to choose the right website for that and not be afraid to take action when your perfect partner arrives.


    Are Russian Mail Order Brides Real?

    Yes, they are. Russian mail order brides are women who have serious intentions about dating and getting married to foreigners. They have different reasons for it, but the main ones include the desire to run away from the negative experience of dating Russians, the lack of men there, and family pressure to get married.

    How Can I Protect Myself From Scammers?

    To protect yourself from fraud, be attentive when choosing a dating app or platform. Read terms of use, find the website policies on the website to see what guarantees you have. Also, check reviews on the web to make sure that recent users are satisfied with a mail order bride service quality.

    How to Get a Russian Mail Order Bride?

    To get a Russian mail order bride, consider cooperating with a dating app or mail order bride service. Imagine a girlfriend of your dreams and then start searching for them online or in the database of a mail order bride agency. Once you see someone similar to your dream woman, make contact and start dating.

    Can I Buy A Russian Mail Order Bride?

    Nowadays, you can buy a set of matchmaking services to find a Russian wife. You will need to pay beforehand for all services you want to receive but not for a person directly. Buying a Russian mail order bride has nothing to do with human trafficking.

    How Much Does It Usually Cost To Find A Mail Order Bride?

    The prices for a mail order bride service vary depending on what you are looking for: a long-term partner, a woman for a discreet affair, or just one-time sex. The latter you can find on online dating websites where you only pay for a membership package monthly.

    Do Russian Mail Order Bride Services Guarantee That I Find A Wife?

    Yes, they do. Russian mail order brides websites and companies have smart matchmaking tools and a large database of single women ready for dating and marriage. Therefore, your chances of meeting a perfect Russian woman are very high.

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